This Jumbo Jet CRASHED just after Takeoff, WHY?! Korean Air Cargo flight 8509

Mentour Pilot

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    A Boeing 747-200 falls out of the sky only 2 minutes after takeoff from London Stansted Airport runway 23, what has caused this?
    In todays video I will trace the story of Korean Airlines flight 8509. The story will cover a long chain of events leading up to the crash.
    Make sure to follow the whole video to get the full pictured of what transpired on that late December evening of 1999.
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    00:00 - Intro
    00:59 - Chapter 1: Overview
    07:10 - Chapter 2: Stansted Maintenance
    12:51 - Chapter 3: The Crew
    20:48 - Chapter 4: Cleared For Takeoff
    27:03 - Chapter 5: Impact
    28:05 - Chapter 6: The Final Report
    32:14 - Exclusive Offer from Blinkist
    33:27 - Chapter 7: Full Simulation
    35:38 - Outro

    Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
    Final Report:
    Korean Air Cargo 747 Photo: @Michel Gilliand,_Korean_Air_Cargo_AN1625192.jpg

    Crash Site Image: @Aircraft Enthusiast

    Images of Crash Area:

    Korean Air Cargo 747 taking off: @Urs Zimmermann

    Flight 801 Crash: @Rex B. Cordell

    Follow me car: @Maurtis Vink

    Maintenance Photo:

    Mechanic Photo: @Jack Stratten

    Cockpit maintenance: @Sabena Technics

    Wire Image: @dsportmag

    ADI images: @WorthPoint

    B747-200 Cockpit Photo: @Kevin Bietri

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    1. JazzMac36251

      Videos are great, big fan of the channel. However, I don't like these thumbnails. I just think it's in poor taste for a real pilot to be using thumbnails of planes crashing violently like this. I understand they're photoshopped, sure. I understand it's an algorithm thing, sure. I know no disrespect is intended, of course. The videos are always very insightful, well presented, and highly respectful. It's just every time I scroll by a video in my feed of a passenger jet turned at some kind of preternatural angle and engulfed in a horrendous ball of fire, I can't help but think, "...yeeeeshhhh, Mentour..." I mean, there were presumably real people meeting their makers in that cartoonish fireball, at least conceptually. I dunno, just my perspective, for what it's worth.

    2. Michael Irwin

      Something easily missed in your description, when banking an aircraft with a 1g turn in the clouds, you most likely won't feel it. Since you can't see the horizon, you have no indication you are actually in a bank attitude other than the controls in your hand. You end up in a situation where your body and instruments are lying to you. You want to trust your instruments, but that warning buzzer should have been enough to tell everyone something is horribly wrong and to correct it.

    3. david weston

      I find it very odd that the captain didn't look out the window or feel the bank or look at the other instruments. First thing I do when an instrument doesn't move as expected, is I look outside to see what the world is indicating. It is as if he has no front or side windows, or as if he is over water in pitch darkness. But still... why not look at backup instruments when the primary doesn't indicate as expected?

    4. Shane's Queen Site

      Excellent video and analysis.

    5. Barry Porteous

      I am a bit horrified at the limitation of the self-test. I assumed it would have involved an external calibrated test signal which is so common on all sorts of instrumentation.

    6. Luigi Cesaro

      I have watched all air crash investigation on tv but find these videos much more explanatory and clear about what happened very professionally 👍 also I believe in always speaking up in any situation you could prevent something serious from happening.

    7. Fabio Rezzonico

      I see a lot of parallels with the incident of Alitalia AZ404 that happened here in Zurich about 30 years ago. One faulty instrument (glide slope) on the PIC side and poor CRM lead to the aircraft to undershoot the ILS path and crash into a mountain. On that instance the co-pilot even initiated a go-around that was interrupted by the pilot...

    8. michael pinchot

      great channel for public info.

    9. NeedMoreDakka

      Weren't the faults of this kind of cockpit authority a factor behind Tenerife airport disaster?

    10. starving artist

      I apologise man , i was in a bad way when i said that, i like all ur video, ive learned a lot from them.

    11. Jay Multiply

      couldn't the captain tell the plane was turning normally by just looking out the window?

    12. jane doe

      I have always been terrified of flying. To the point where I have nightmares about death the night or two before I'm schedules to board an airplane. It actually keeps me from flying unless push comes to shove and because of that fear I have kept my flying experience to half a dozen times (that includes both ways-so 3 times) I started watching these kinds of videos and my choices were ones that reaffirmed my fear. Not too bright, I guess,, but then I stumbled across Mentour Pilot and became intrigued about why crashes happened fully expecting that would be the extent of it. Come to find out there are many, many different things that can be done and the combinations of those things are too numerous to count, to avert a crash or at least lessen the impact. I always assumed that once something went wrong, that was it. Just throw up your hands and assume the position. My fear, though still there, has been cut in half at the very least, something I never thought was possible. Thanks Mr Mentour Pilot.

    13. Pierre DeCine

      Wow, a Jet Blue ad during an aircraft crash video = lol ! I don't think I would advertise my airline on crash videos ... however. the World is ate up with Greed lately ... I spent 3 yrs in a USAF Follow-Me Truck ...

    14. Shana Scontrino

      i curious but since your so good at explaining from a pilots point of view i ask during 9/11 when all fellow pilots began hearing of the hyjaking what were your initial reaction? next question is when united states airspace was completely shut down and pilots ordered to stay out i sure you heard from other pilots who were either stranded or rerouted what was the general consensus among pilots?

    15. Bellasie

      Fantastic video! As an ex-flight attendant with an East Asian carrier, I really appreciate the explanation on the dynamics at play in terms of hierarchy between crew members and employees, which are a recurrent problem due to culture. Also and more generally, I really love learning more about the flying and that this channel makes it accessible to all.

    16. Bhavsar Aniket

      Very sad..

    17. P P

      So well researched and beautifully presented. You know what I love the most? The in-game in-cockpit visuals. And overall visuals. I don't know how long your videos take to make but they are of superb quality, really amazing work!

    18. Ben Ghazi

      It's certainly a cultural problem, but let's not forget that colonel came from the armed forces of a dictatorship. Following authority is kind of their thing..

    19. nit ac

      So informative. Good content and an engaging narration. Great job.

    20. Mohamed Osama

      it's a great video really nice work there I really appreciate the amount of work you put in this videos great work keep it up.

    21. benliu0528

      No big deal but so you know your animation shows 747-8F model

    22. A.J.

      05:10 Altitude (Not attitude :) )

    23. Mur OfNZ

      I wonder if the cultural authority gradient factor gets overstated somewhat in this incident. Many accidents in the takeoff/climb phase have occurred when a distraction occurs at just the wrong moment, eg the frequency change. Then when attention is refocused there is a period of disbelief as the brain cannot reconcile what it sees compared with what it expected to see. In extreme cases this can lead to “freezing up” for long enough (a matter of seconds) for the situation to become unrecoverable. It seems unlikely that even in culturally challenged CRM environments that an FO would just ride it in if he correctly perceived the situation.

    24. michelgravelle

      This is a pod cast , " NOT ' a video

    25. Alessandro Gallo

      How is it possible that a so experienced pilot makes such a mistake? I don't think that the faulty instrumentation is a reason good enough, not with that kind of experience.

    26. Justin Reagan

      The medical profession is taking lessons from the aviation profession and it’s so interesting to think of parallels between aviation and medical mishaps.

    27. HappyQuails

      Thank you for the swiss cheese diagram. I had seen that before, but I didn't recall it's purpose in using. Your demonstration clarified it for me.

    28. Kimberly B

      This is very difficult to watch and follow. I think it would help to have actors, re-enactments, original black box recordings (with translation if necessary) etc., instead of one narrator and generic visual aides or clips, telling the story. It was difficult for me to stay engaged and understand/follow the story as a result. The story is a good one, no doubt. Anyway, I hope this feedback helps with your creation of future videos.

    29. Emma Blake

      Korean culture is very age related. The older you are the more power you have. Its never considered appropriate to challenge someone older than you.

    30. paintsplatta99

      Something I don’t understand is how any pilot could make this mistake. Mentour said that because the artificial horizon was broken, the pilot thought the plane wasn’t responding to the roll so he kept turning further. I understand it was dark and cloudy and that’s definitely a factor. However, any average Joe (much less, a decorated pilot) in an airplane can feel a turn - especially a steep turn. So there is no way the pilot just kept turning just because he didn’t know the plane was turning. I’m no conspiracy theorist at all but there has to be more to it than that explanation.

      1. lancelot1953

        Hi Paintsplatta99, military pilot here, the "average Joe" who flies by sensory inputs, i.e. "by the seat of the pants" is likely going to kill himself or others sooner or later. If a turn is coordinated and the transition into the turn "smooth" enough, you may not be able to feel that you are turning or worse, you may have the feeling that you are turning the other way (hence, accentuating the wrong turn). This is known as "vestibular/somatogyral illusion" (there are several variations under the same chapter) - instrument-rated pilots are taught to discard their "physical sensations" and trust their instruments. If the main instrument fails (the ADI in this case), the pilot double-checks (scan) secondary instruments that will confirm or invalidate the primary instrument (ADI/artificial horizon) indications. These are powerful illusions that require all one's training to overcome. Ciao, L

    31. 44_to_852

      It's not even "Korean" anyone who's Asian and working in an Asian environment is going to have these situations happening, it's about seniority and shutting up if you're junior.

    32. Camila Garcia

      The abuse of power in korean seniority relationships is very serious

    33. P L

      Excellent video one of the best I have watched concise and very factual

    34. Jesse 1437

      Captain, this really is one of the better accident explanations I’ve seen and heard. Great walk-through and animations for the novice like me to comprehend! 👌🏻

    35. Davey R

      It reminds me of Tenerife with Van Zanten's annoyance at diversion and delay somehow. A highly experienced captain intimidates everyone else even when they know they are going to die they won't speak up. CRM is there for a purpose but interpersonal relationships between crewmembers can make this very, very difficult.

    36. Malevolence

      1:15 cheese

    37. gnshapiro

      Three of the scariest words in the English language: "He just heard...."

    38. Joseph Cameron

      Excellent evaluation and always.

    39. Alessandro Grissino

      To be shown in all "standard" offices... where Managers have no idea how work env. must be... ^_^

    40. A M

      Good Morning! Yes, I should be sleep, but have found your video's both intriguing & informative. 1st: Forgive me if this question has been asked & answered. 2nd: I'm a Nurse & one of our mottos is "Please ask, b/c there are no stupid questions" Now, Y'all be nice in the responses to my question lol. Working in Critical Care, We are often taught to rely on the data (Monitors, Lab work, History, etc..) & also what can you SEE (the patient). Now, while I understand it was dark, Should there have been an "internal" warning when the pilot's visualized the red flags when looking out the window(lights appearing closer than usual)? Or a particular "sensation" that the aircraft was banking to much to the left? Sincerely asking

      1. A M

        @Mentour Pilot Ahh ok I see & understand now....Thank you so much for your time & I really appreciate you responding 🙏🏾

      2. Mentour Pilot

        Hi! No, as pilots we are taught to trust our instruments and not what we can see/feel because the senses can be easily deceived by g-forces etc. on top of that the pilots were in cloud when this started to happens Great question

    41. Victor Kash

      Love his videos, so detailed and explained so well

    42. Joseph J

      Thank goodness it didn’t crash into a crowded residential area. 😳

    43. King Pesoz

      Love the visuals

    44. Albin Andersson

      feels like the captain wanted to end it. Do you really continue to bank if your instrument is stuck? Also, wouldnt you feel/see that you were banking that much?

    45. Gerry Depp

      So Aircraft are not tested after repair? In such an important area as Avionics?? That was obviously a big miss, not pointing that out. I had a Motorcycle workshop for 30 years and I never gave out a bike without test driving it first - I would have felt irresponsible - and that was not even (hopefully) going to leave the ground. I love planes but the Airline Industry is a joke - Air Ships are the future. Great video's tho!

    46. Chishannicon

      I've never been in an airplane because I'm too afraid of them. There is a morbid part of me that looks up airplane crashes on KGup out of sheer fascination, so at some point, I found your "accident explanation" videos, and I'm so glad I did. My phobia aside, your explanations are not only technically informative, but super interesting. I've gone from being someone who was only looking to see scary footage to someone who is now deeply interested in learning about the reasons for such accidents. In my opinion, there's no better channel when it comes to details and insight. Somehow I'm less afraid of flying now that I've listened to you. Thanks for all that you do.

    47. B. Wo

      I can see the copilots artificial horizon indicator, keeping cultural bias out, should not the pilot, In keeping with his will to live, and keep people alive, for funnzies glanced over at the the copilots artificial horizon indicator?

    48. Jonas Pettersson

      du you haw merge

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Yes! Check below the video

    49. Tradition

      Killed by assumption and culture.

    50. Hanna Söderström

      It's interesting how culture affects these things. Strictly hierarchical cultures must suffer much worse from these kinds of scenarios than a less strictly hierarchical culture would. I cannot see this happening with a Scandinavian crew where hierarchies are usually quite flat and the expected autonomy from every individual is high. It might be different in this specific domain, but it recognise this pattern from my experience as a developer, with Asian colleagues not asking questions openly, not daring to take initiatives the way I would as a Swede. I would likely do horrible in an Asian company as I would probably be seen as being disrespectful and questioning authority.

    51. Wade Mullis

      Very good narration and animation. I guess what can be said about this horrible tragedy is maintenance and communication. Also if your life and safety are in jeopardy SPEAK UP!!!

    52. Andrew Skow

      0:22 Tree crewmembers? I wonder if they know Groot ;)

    53. Greg Shaw

      I like these analysis videos but please be cognizant of the video inserts. The video shows a 747-800 not the 747-200 that is the accident aircraft.

    54. Connie Thomas

      It’s as if the universe conspires to save them all the lack of flight plan/delays/break down of push back....

    55. oldy0960

      A cockpit of 3 personnel should always work as a team! Been too authoritative is not going to make flight safe. Modern aircraft that has only two flight crew, helping and understand each other is indeed important!

    56. chase evans

      The glider accordantly shock because love correlatively heap beside a abiding lily. bustling, decisive bear

    57. Tandeka Mudamburi

      I don’t know I kinda miss having the dramatics

    58. Bill y

      Have to say. You nailed it. That was excellent.👌✅

    59. Dave Murray

      Was there any ptoblems with the plane per say?? Or did I missed that part

    60. cooliverson allen

      The zany kilogram broadly drop because root actually spell since a black leopard. magnificent, serious canada

    61. HDSME

      Excellant! You style is very concise and easy to follow

      1. Mentour Pilot

        Thank you! Glad you liked it!

    62. wxmyjnsn

      How in the hell do you not feel the amount of bank also not see the lights are on top instead of out front?

    63. PharmaGiles

      I really hope that photo at 10:10 wasn't actually from an aircraft!!

    64. Valerie Marrs

      Great review! Thank you

    65. Frankie Teo

      There is a human condition that affects all of us over 45 years old. It is the fact that, there are times (rare but you can spot it if you are sharp enough) where the brain runs way faster than the body. It can affect the fact that when you handle a switch (for example) quickly, your fingers went to flick it. But actually MISSED it and your brain REALLY believes, you have set the switch. But in fact has NOT!!!. So the co-pilot confirmation tends to catch this. But in hurried times such as in an emergency, one can get CAUGHT OUT and not know about it!. It is thus, very helpful, not to rush things, take short pauses to verify before proceeding to the next step. It gets WORSE when one thinks is is already an expert in it!. Remember, every crew members lives are at stake here as this video shows!. {My take, is that the brain "over compensates" the body's slowness, it substitutes a remembered image of the setting rather than process the realtime eye's image. It is almost as if the brain does a shortcut in order to process subsequent queued inputs. Such events tends to happen with queued inputs over 5 levels deep while you might remember up to 8 or 10 levels of queued input!.}

    66. perockus

      These air crash videos you have been doing are very informative and well put together.

    67. Relly Pizanty

      Well done ? How about making the story of the "Golf" 747-200F 4X-AXG ? ( TEAR OFF THE SKY OF AMSTERDAM)

    68. Felipe Dromundo

      Seems like something was actually trying to hold them from flying with all those situations prior to takeoff

    69. Archie Macfarlane

      Ive never been on a plane so i cannot say for sure, but surely you would feel the airplane bank?

    70. Igor Katsman

      They were getting signals: 1st missing flight-plan, then the push-vehicle... The Force was saying something!

    71. Зонирап

      No Korean🇰🇷 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺

    72. Don Bino

      Do one on 9/11

    73. Andrei Ionescu

      Hi, make a video about Air France flight 447, which crash into the Atlantic due to pilot error and miscomunication between the pilots

    74. pops wrench

      dang & wow

    75. David Zita

      here is a advice to your future videios mention the accident first then narrate what caused the accident. you are talking what was the problem with the aircraft, the pilots first before the accident ...that's not how it works.

    76. Scott Rogan

      I understand perfectly what happened due to the excellent description of the problem. Very clear, concise explanation. As a non-pilot, I have one question. Considering the Captain's experience and the low altitude of the aircraft, wouldn't the Captain still be able to feel the angle of the aircraft or still have the ground as a visual reference that something was wrong? It just seems to me, speaking as a frequent passenger, that I could feel the angle was above 30 degrees with the window shade closed and no outside visual reference. I must be assuming something incorrectly regarding the status of the plane as the problem manifested.

    77. Jageera45

      A great video....Very similar to the Air India Ashoka crash in 1977 but sadly more people perished.

    78. Lisa Mo

      Thank you for the simulation at the end. When you describe all the details it seems so obvious and like there is so much time while the simulation really drives home how quickly you need to remedy such a situation before it's too late and how much other stuff there is going on. Very sad.

    79. Laz 001

      @mentour - who does your graphics (animations, not flight graphics) - its really good!

    80. Fawwaz Mohd Nasir

      The accident analyses in this channel are way better than in the Air Crash Investigation / Mayday series.

    81. Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile

      Im always amazed how many Asians crash heavy aircraft. They always seem to have serious difficulties operating motorized vehicles without making something go seriously wrong!

    82. Bad Pharma

      I feel certain that medicine, especially inpatient care is altered to allow proper management. Nurses often know much, much more than a doctor who sees the patient once a day BUT do not have the power to disagree. Right now, people die because nurses are given so little control over patient management.

    83. Bruno Marchal

      This video illustrates the universal, and very widespread mistake which could be called "the boss is right". It is the argument per authority. Invalid, of course. It is useful in urgent condition, like in the Military, or when being a prey. If the politicians, and academicians could learn as quickly as the pilots, to avoid that mistake, we would already have explored the entire galaxy (so to speak). The democratic system is still a progress in that direction, when it is not to much rotten and that the separation of power leaks.

    84. Sideshow Bob's Fan Club

      I live just a few miles to the East of Stansted and I remember it happening with the wreckage being scattered across Hatfield Forest, which is a very popular local recreation area.

    85. Ronnie Delahoussaye Chauvin

      I never flew out of the USA❤️🇺🇸❤️

    86. Oschi Baby

      Great video, albeit very sad. I am not a pilot, but, even without functioning instruments, would I not "feel" the 90° bank? Best regards from Munich, Germany

    87. Norm Hurst

      Korean/Confucian culture makes it so the first officer would rather die than live with the shame of having corrected an elder.

    88. Andi S

      I love aircraft investigation video, watched all of them. Now, I love your analysis video as well, they are AWESOME !!!

    89. jSkrat Nyarlathotep

      Is no one gonna talk about bank angle being feeled with the vestibular apparatus? How come the captain valued visual indication of a faulty display more than the gravity feeling? Don't you instantly feel the bank angle is at least some unusual and look into a window?


      Hey, where is your doggie on this video??? Also, your plant could do with a bit of TLC (water)

    91. Nigel Depledge

      I agree. I'm not a pilot, and know very little about aviation generally, but it seems to me (having watched a few dozen videos) that CRM (or failures thereof) has been either a contributory factor or a prime cause of many aviation accidents. For example, I believe poor CRM was a significant factor in the accident at Tenerife in, I think, 1973, where a KLM 747 started its takeoff run without being cleared. I don't know if you've recorded your analysis of this incident, but it's a clear example of several things in a row being miscommunicated.

    92. Dada's Movies

      it would have been more people killed if this is a passenger flight

    93. Neil Pimento

      So very Similar to 1977 AIr India 747....Emperor Asoka

    94. XB10001

      I've seen all these on Mayday years ago. Now I watch them again because your explanation and descriptions are EXCELLENT!

    95. Chuck Adams

      I'm really enjoying this new series. Very well done. The Chapter format works exceptionally well, and the detailed "inside baseball" perspective as an ATP pilot is wonderfully informative.

    96. Huzzir Zakaria

      Got here from watching Danzel Washington's Flight movie the day before... The pre crash scenes were intense and the final seconds before impact was truly hair raising... My prayers to the crew of Korean's flight and every single souls that ever perished from air crashes n related... Hearing the final moments from number of flight's CVR (since yesterday) gives me goosebumps. May they forgives and be forgiven, and Rest-in-Peace... 😢 🌹

    97. Leon Hostad

      "If neither of these approaches is practicable..." Almost every time, they give these companies an out.

    98. Rodney J

      Having never flown such an airplane I really cannot comment, but the blind faith put on instruments is a little unnerving . Surely ones own sense of balance should have told the captain that something wasn't right.

    99. Mandy B

      Your points about the cockpit culture and general swap of information are so right, and sadly, it's taken far too long for it to be picked up internationally. I remember seeing the TV episode about this, and they made a very pertinent point connected to your own. The beginnings of this specific accident started hundreds of years ago during the start of the military culture in Korea, and the way it affected all of Korean society after it became far less militaristic. IIRC there was something about the captain having higher social ranking in a similar way that an absolute monarchy would have, but I might be wrong in this instance (though the outcome would be much the same). It's not only in Korea that the problem has shown up in aviation. There have been some other East Asian & Arab countries in particular (and European ones early in aviation history) where the captain was ex-military and often looked down on the younger pilots and engineers who've gone straight into aviation without joining up in the first place. There's one from the 60s I think that happened near London. A particularly detested ex-WWII RAF pilot was really nasty to his subordinates in the cockpit, to the point where had he not been coming up for retirement (on health grounds iirc - again!), the chances are everyone would have refused to work with him. Unfortunately, he was pilot flying during that accident - though it is possible he had a heart attack. People like that have basically refused to take any advice from the younger, often better pilots and have belittled them and their abilities. I only hope that attitude's finally been got shot of everywhere. To have another accident ascribed to bad cockpit culture would be beyond unnecessary.

    100. Jonas Tamaliunas

      Do some repairs (like in this event), where ground crew cannot test correctly, need to be confirmed by a pilot?