AMONG US FAIL, a Cartoon Parody of Among Us


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    How it actually feels to play Among Us- You always have 1 of each!
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    Director, Art, Animation, & Writing,
    Lime, Yellow, Coloring, & Writing
    Art & Animation
    Pavel Zuk
    Zombies Ate my Neighbors Music Arrangement
    Stephanos Rex
    Purple, Pink, Red, Blue
    Cyan, White, Orange, Enrique
    Ryan "Ryitus" C.
    B L A C K
    Big Green

    **LINK TO THE "Zombies ate my Neighbors" Arrangement on YT**

    Special Thanks:
    Mystery sound engineer, Everyone who helped in someway in making this production, and EVERYONE who SHARES this toon B-)
    lov yall
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    1. Gonzossm

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      1. Nugget Congelado'-'

        *black skin for toss the turtle?* and white

      2. Cecilia4 Cardenas

        @Gonzossm z

      3. elizia davis

        Oh I don't

      4. Mr meow

        ¡¡YOUR GAME IS COOL!!

      5. weston hamilton

        Do it but with a soldier

    2. Dorime

      How does this not get taken down for being so racist lol 😂

    3. Akil Durham

      Black black black black black black and black vs white white black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black black

    4. cadikill gaming

      Give us tom and gonzo!

    5. FuryFox 1000

      5:05 🎵I’m blue daba dee daba die🎵

    6. All Might

      Wow. The best among us parody i ve ever seen. Ty for the best work buddy. U got yourself a subscriber.

    7. Sheriff Myrine

      Damn, Trump really said: 👈👉👌👈👉👈👌👈👌👉👈👌👉👈👉👈👉👌👈👈👉👌👉👈👈👉👌👌👌👌

    8. Chad gamer 1232 acosta

      Is funny

    9. Nunya Biznuzz

      1:11 wait a minute.. is this what I think it is-

    10. Johnathan Newgreen


    11. Damgar ON FIRE

      "I was.... IN THE MIDDLE... *OF THE FUCKING WIRES AGAIN*" Then red proceeded to kill everyone

    12. White

      1:46 Best epic anime battles

    13. AwesomeStyles [GD]

      Orange man... B A D

    14. Kiersten Brigid

      The Danganronpa blood is a nice touch

    15. lasmin Jucas

      8:02 found my new lock screen

    16. lasmin Jucas

      Where is part 2?

    17. Tyris

      pink XD

    18. Victoria Emee Catedral

      Why pink is the only one has a strange pOtATo between his legs

    19. Sombra Studios Requiem

      I like how purple is in the server but he literally doesn't exist

    20. By the Mania

      Black and white seriously?

    21. alpha ruffrunner

      So yellow is lime's son & red is her husband cuz she in his room

    22. Rafael Jose


    23. Random Person

      So now it‘s confirmed that in any first round in among us you play, lime is a simp.

    24. Deez Nutsmane

      Does anyone else here a track from zombies ate my neighbors in the background?

    25. Enrique Molina Zambrano

      My name do be Enrique though 😳😳

    26. AHMADAZIZI izzani


    27. Asma Sunshine


    28. Bird yoda The Jedi

      Top ten fail of anime battles

    29. Nikolay Krastev

      Made my day.

    30. Lois Osorio

      "Welp.... NI-" *dead body reported*

    31. inFamousPlays YT

      The trump parts are the best

    32. Juan jp Gamer

      The pink blood is dangaronpa blood

    33. Noob

      Green/cyan is a simp simp alert

    34. Sunshine Moreno

      You need to make more of these these are funny

    35. Dwan Rizz


    36. Dwan Rizz

      Among Us 2

    37. Dwan Rizz


    38. Indonesia gamerzz

      9:01 the LOL scene aver 😂😂😂😂

    39. Nining Sriwahyuni

      Lol what blue green red u-u

    40. Dvyn S

      Bruh the ending hit

    41. Beakknive Monkey

      "ni-"**body found** he was asking for it

    42. leomel 123

      Jajajaja 2:54

    43. Kreskin1 Willis

      Pink is gay

    44. Kreskin1 Willis

      Lime is cool

    45. aljur Tizon

      Hwo is purple in this epesode he dosent talks

    46. sus

      if among us was an anime


      0:02, cyan DO BE LOOKIN THICC

    48. Team Ants

      This feels like something flashgitz would draw but it’s more detailed

    49. LADOYERS11

      Bro The Detail On This Video, And The Funny Animation. This Is My Favorite Among Us Animation.

    50. Legacy Studio’s


    51. Lubens Pierre

      What ever happened to red

    52. bxfb bxcbxc

      Dude, this was actually amazing.

    53. Astor Williams

      "Now I'm a racist"

    54. LazyGirlMiranda

      Lol my name is Brooklyn

    55. MrCheese

      Black is amazing

    56. MrCheese

      *what the fuck-*

    57. Sodium Chloride

      I think you just ended racism. Big mcthankies from mcspankies

    58. Borislav Jordanov

      We found a simp boys

    59. Don Horn


    60. Matheuw Muller

      What is the beef between white and black like seriously and why is trump in the air could have put anyone else but him I despise Trump

    61. r3ddjk

      Anyone who’s plays this game needs to watch this because everyone is quick to vote someone off when a name is dropped and I got pretty much all the stereotypes involving in this game minus the black-and-white thing but that shits funny keep up the good work Gonzossm I would like to see another video of this game because there’s more to make fun of

    62. D̥ͦO̥ͦI̥ͦ B̥ͦO̥ͦY̥ͦシ

      2:10 OMG YOU PUT IN TUMP 😂😂😂

    63. alpha ruffrunner

      IDK why did I laugh at purple at 0:12 lmao

    64. ParticalMass

      Zombies ate my neighbors ending theme. Nice.

    65. Vince Reister Garcia

      Idk what am I watchingXD

    66. White

      Haha *now I'm a racist*

    67. its me mario

      wait did this guy make toss the turtle?

    68. Super Pen

      1:06 the first thing I'ma go if I met a cop in my dreams

      1. Rainbow Art_queen

        The dream police

    69. Gia Hân

      Black lời funny look like black Ricardo

    70. Gia Hân

      Pink !!!

    71. Gia Hân

      Blue Ricardo

    72. Gia Hân

      Holly shit

    73. Minecraft Steve

      Black:If you vote me you're rasict. Everyone:Da**e dont wanna be rasit

    74. Ralph Alo


    75. holy #### bro! that's insane but

      *YEEHAW IM A COWBOY!* *now im a racist*

    76. Tinaco Rotoplas

      que acabo de ver .__________________________-.

    77. dylan banks

      Pffffftt hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha but the racist part make me mad put it’s funny hhahahahhahahahhaahahahahahahah sad

    78. MOHMD ๛〖M24〗


    79. Campbell Warwick

      Yo when white was a army guy he sounded like dempsy

    80. Currently Begging for Death

      Dude why are they all thicc?

    81. Karuki toto

      4:53 blue kinda sus man

    82. Gacha Tea UwUz

      Purple got that d major and 2 racist people

    83. Gacha Tea UwUz

      Limes a simp and purples gay

    84. Daniel Avendano

      Among us with emotions. Pink do be looking kinda sus. Me : ...

    85. Liberty Prime

      0:43 great imitation of Tank Dempsey

    86. Cake surprise Plays

      Blue: oh hay ornage Orange:kills blue Orange:that will teach you to vote for blue Me:bro YOU KILLED BLUE HOW ACN HE VOTE FOR BLUE OH YEA LET HIM VOTE HIMSLEF BRUH

    87. Cake surprise Plays

      Why is this called a fail when I watch this every single time I love it! Pls make more :D

    88. Iker Delgado Perez

      gir is yea boi

    89. King Creeper

      3:48 ahhh well if its gonna be that way.... ni- *dead body reported*

    90. ImPos tor ออโต้1252


    91. Wolfie Borkbork

      2:47 woof as red Glizzyman as lime

    92. Ejdin Velagic

      Why is white hitting black!?!?!

    93. Sonic Gabriel Gamer

      The art style remember of Yoshi's Island

    94. -Efdawed-

      6:20 blue clone

    95. 🎀Shopkins Pesky🎀

      1:58 a pokemon go advertisement started playing exactly after he said “hi friend”

    96. cheetah boi djjdd


    97. GreenMean Machine

      White: cop stereotype Black: black stereotype Red: average amoung us player Blue: the sad slow talker Yellow: toddler Cyan: simp Green: extra Pink: sus Lime: thot Purple: is just there to fill a slot Orange: Mexican stereotype Donald Trump: Donald Trump

    98. Rowell Balangatan

      1:22 what is that sound

    99. Error Deep

      Такое в врчате всегда