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    How do planes brake(Autobrake System):
    Airplane Tire Profile:
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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    To be able to fly, an airplane has to accelerate to high speeds, in order to generate the necessary lift via its wings. This puts huge amounts of kinetic energy in the whole system. Now while being airborne, speed reduction is achieved solely by aerodynamic drag. Once the tires make contact with the runway, other devices such as thrust reversers and brakes mounted on the wheels, help decelerating the aircraft. To put the huge amounts of energy in
    perspective, imagine my 747-8 Freighter with an almost maxed out landing weight of 340t moving at around 155 knots or approximately 290 kph at the moment of touchdown. That’s over 1.1 billion Joule of energy within this moving system! Hard to imagine? That’s the amount of kinetic energy an average car has if it would be travelling at around 4300 kph. Well, good luck handling that one! But back to topic, this energy has then to be converted to
    achieve a speed reduction. The brakes are doing that in form of thermal energy simply known as heat. Modern brakes are packages containing multiple disc brakes made out of carbon fiber. They are mounted at the bottom of the main landing gear suspension. Every wheel has its own set of brakes. Some aircrafts have additional nose wheel braking. To
    activate the breaks, the pilot pushes the rudder pedals with his toes resulting in this tilt movement. The pilot’s input is then transmitted to hydraulic pumps, powering the brakes. The harder you push, the harder you’ll brake. The pedals themselves can tilt independently, allowing the so-called differential braking, which enables better
    steering and maneuvering. The whole process of braking after the touchdown can also be done fully automatic with no initial brake input by the pilot, but more about that in a future video. Let´s have a closer look on the wheel behavior while braking. The brake discs are separated by so called stator plates. While braking the whole assembly is hydraulically compressed, causing friction between the discs and the stators, resulting in a reduction of the wheels rotational speed. In theory, to minimize the braking distance, brake pressure is constantly increased while in return, the wheel speed decreases. In reality it doesn’t quite work like that. Wheel braking in general works in a way that incorporates slip in our
    movement. 10% slip for example means that while the airplane covers 10 meters, the wheels only roll off a distance of 9 meters. This result is braking action. When the brake pressure reaches its maximum the slip reaches 100%, causing the wheels to lock. The locked wheels don’t slip anymore, they start skidding. Because the tire isn’t spinning, braking is
    purely achieved by sliding friction between the runway surface and the rubber tire. This condition can lead to serious tire blow-outs which can then on the other hand lead to structural damage by hurled tire debris, sparks resulting in a possible fire or even a loss of control. To prevent this from happening, engineers came up with a system called the anti- skid system. It basically works just like your car´s ABS, the Antilock Braking System ...
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Malagoo

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    2. Matthew Groff

      The Brakes used in commercial Aircraft are comprised of Carbon Ceramics, the same ones used in Modern racing cars such as F1, NASCAR, INDY Car, etc. The Technology originated from the aerospace and rail industries then to auto racing and now down to commercially available automobiles.

    3. Eric Lees

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      Although I am a graduate of aeronautical engineering I am learning a lot more just watching Captain Joe's channel. Congratulations and thank you Captain Joe !

    6. Emil Heise

      Anti-Lock brakes were invented FOR planes! Jensen FF had a mechanical system, adapted from an aeroplane setup. In 1966 :-)


      Thanks for additional info

    8. Clee Elz

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      Basically ABS for flying planes

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      You are so awesome! I never thought a video about ANTI-SKID, would lead to a reference about the AirTransat landing in the Azores! Glider pilot yes! Hero, still in question.

    12. Dirk van den Berg

      Dear @captainjoe, when a plan like that has burnt out its tyres, how is that plane removed from the runway? How many cranes are used?

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      If there is lot of Kinetic energy while touch down on runway, how much percentage that wheel brakes contribute to brake the speed?

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    16. Orbital Potato

      Electromagnetic brakes? The faster the wheels spin, the stronger the braking is.

    17. MVPever

      I like the fact that Joe explained that braking incorporates slippage. Usually in high school they just tell you that static friction is greater than sliding friction and that, since the instantaneous speed of a rolling wheel relative to the ground is zero in the contact point, ABS will keep the wheels spinning so that they can transmit the maximum amount of power to the ground. Whereas, using more than one reliable source I've found out that the peak of the coefficient of friction happens when there is a certain amount of slippage. Surely the motion of the tyre in that condition will be closer to a rolling tyre than to a sliding one, but still it will be sliding; actually, when the slippage is zero, so will be the friction coefficient.

    18. r k

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      Long story short, yes, coded in RBCU are functions designed to report max & min speeds for each wheels. At least on the A350.

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      My comment will make obvious very quickly that I am neither a pilot nor an engineer. I envisioned a breaking assist system that would be embedded in the run way: a series of flaps that open up at a low angle (held by modified air shocks) as the tires role over the flaps, they force them to lay flat again (that would compress the air inside of the pistons holding them in the raised position. that compressed air could generate electricity as it is being released) the kinetic energy of the plane would be transferred to the air pistons of the runway flaps in the form of increased pressure. The flaps that start at the point where the plan stopped and end at the end of the runway would be laid down flat again by releasing the air from the pistons through a bypass valve (it could be the same one that is used as an inlet when the pistons are being filled to raise the flaps in preparation to an incoming landing plane).

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        The gear typically comes down on about a 5 mile final. Each airline has a “Stabilized Approach” policy that dictates when certain configurations must be met. Also, if the aircraft is faster than desired and descending, it can be difficult to slow down to the maximum flap speed for the next flap setting. The landing gear is one of the best drag devices on the aircraft, and can be used to slow the jet down quickly to the desired speed.

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        Stephen Hinkle the gates are usually randomized. But there are factors which determine the randomness. Eg some gates can handle only certain kinds of aircraft (some are for narrow bodies, some for wide bodies, and some for say the A380) And for gate from an aerobridge vs gate to a bus to go to the aircraft, the latter is usually cheaper, so some airlines prefer that. But mainly gates are assigned to maintain maximum efficiency.

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