WizKid - No Stress (Official Video)


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    Music video by WizKid performing No Stress (Official Video). (C) 2020 Starboy Entertainment Ltd., under exclusive license to RCA Records

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    1. JA L

      80 minutes into my 90 min workout...feeling #NoStress Wiz&Burna Ginger my workouts

    2. Teddi

      My anthem all year round and round 💚

    3. Chide Brown

      It's off to wiz kid for not just sticking with these light skin and white models in your videos For the #melanin

    4. Roy Cuffee

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 BANGER

    5. BLK Diamond

      I love that he adorns black women...

    6. Aaliyah Vuttion


    7. OfficialCaroBoy

      This is the best I song in town now No Stress #Wizkid

    8. Edwin Macharia

      No stress _ Kutesa tu!!!

    9. HAVE A DREAM Music

      woow !🔥🔥🔥

    10. Josh

      Wizkid Ma Pa Mi O!!!

    11. Lynn

      Song for the Stress-free ❤️❤️❤️

    12. Pope Smoke

      TRACE CHANNEL and TRACE AFRICA loves this song

    13. Christopher Boyce

      Big big tunee!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    14. Denaeasia Richards

      Love and respect 🙏🏾🇯🇲😍🔥🔥

    15. L F

      whewwww the girl with the green lipstick...STUNNING. i love how simple the video set was. 🔥

    16. Anthony Gonzalez

      Amerie Interpolation ... So good

    17. Bosschick Chîna

      My baby 😭💓

    18. Joya Chapman

      Idc, I'll give it up for Wiz!😩

    19. Th Th

      ❤️اتابعك من المملكه العربيه السعوديه🇸🇦

    20. Deen Elhadj Ibrahim 224

      It’s 2021 no stress 😎

    21. Ocean 785

      This is always on repeat 🔂🔥🔥🔥

    22. Samuel Lord

      I just listened and them this song is dope as fuck


      je me suis abonne à ta chaine

    24. franklin offordile


    25. Mark Mulcaire

      This tune bad no MC

    26. Uchenna Victor

      I swear this music is one of the best, from wizkid

    27. prince destino


    28. prince destino


    29. Trevontney Holden

      Wiz kid keeps coming with the bangers.. hit after hit!!!

    30. Cassiem raymond

      Yeh @wizkid Big up my #JamaicanGirls

    31. Adventurer Simone

      Love love love😍

    32. smuni?


    33. Lynn

      Streamed today ✔️

    34. James Stanley

      Nice song of the year

    35. James Stanley


    36. Ayush Ghildiyal

      Just a INDIAN guy listening some jamaican stuff 🔥🔥

      1. Ayush Ghildiyal

        @Oreoluwa Simire my bad dear ❤

      2. Oreoluwa Simire

        Hes Nigerian

    37. Pemb Jeff


    38. Hey LuCky 143

      Divine 🔥

    39. Dickson Friday

      Wizkid loves ❤️ is Melanie gals dem 💉💉🔥🔥

    40. General Liles

      I can't understand shit in this song but ifwy the flow so i replay it alot😂💯

    41. Manlikealoy

      My favorite

    42. chastity neal

      That's bae!!!

    43. oloyede daniel

      Much love wixxy

    44. Abdulateef olanrewaju Habeeb

      Star boy 1

    45. Gachalife Hams

      I can’t believe I’m saying this I really like wizkid a lot a lot a lot I have little crush on him he so cute I’m just so I love he makes blush and make me happy I love you so munch wizkid I love love love you so munch I LOVE YOU SO MUNch❤️

    46. Jessica Henry

      does walmart sell the house at work today so I'm going to make a payment

    47. Kitty Cruz

      I love how wizkid manages to sample other songs and make it his own ✨✨✨ the fit is perfect swear

    48. ehismanj ehis

      No stress

    49. Golden Sharon

      Omo wis get big tin ooo

    50. samotu aderemi

      Ma Jam Fi Life 🦅

    51. Élodie V

      MY GOSH ! From Martinique, I am fascinated by this man ! His charisma at the same time his simplicity. JUST WOOW.

    52. O.S.A


      1. O.S.A

        Go check it out is a song call African way

    53. Iisha Sherrill

      I love how you show us as Beautiful Black Queens❤...so much respect for that..

    54. Omo iya OG

      Wizkid always delivers !!!

    55. Jessica Henry

      does walmart sell them for a place to live and I don't know how long it will last week of March to

    56. Jessica Henry

      jason momoa to be there tomorrow at your convenience please contact me at work today so I won't be at school today so I'm just trying to get an hour ago and it was good to me to have a credit card to verify my account but the kids are looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday and we can get together

    57. karangwa Eugene

      this guy is trying to sing like him

    58. karangwa Eugene

      this guy is amazing



    60. Fred Long

      This song is just underrated. Fuck.. so weird. My first true gyal says she was talkin about me 2 days ago. Just messaged her with this tune on my story. Need sum luvv 🖤❤

    61. Âgâ tînô Officiel


    62. Jessica Henry

      black man and I don't know if I should go out of business to be together soon for a while I have to be there by mail to you for a few hours and will send it over to you for a place at school tomorrow and see if you can get together

    63. Ibrahim Sanni


    64. Joss Bokelo

      Wizzy bby

    65. Katty Smith


    66. Jessica Henry

      for sale in texas roadhouse menu and I don't have a credit card to verify my account is

    67. Jessica Henry

      why do a call at school today so we could get a copy of your Lifestyle you about my account but I don't have a meeting in a few days to have a credit

    68. Starboy rwanda


    69. sami 4real

      Baba when this kind love go drop nah ?..

    70. Barcelona simba

      Wiz habari mbaya🙌

    71. Eddy Murphy

      High star for star boy one love

    72. MAILYHK 974


    73. Richard Subi

      The song make me feel like a billionaire.....

    74. Ajayi Femi

      Eleniyan ✔️✔️✔️

    75. Kelly Cruz

      This song such a vibe 😌

    76. Coco Cure

      🤤❤️🇳🇬 Wiz


      j'aime bien le son bro


      wizzy boy

    79. Samuel Lawani

      Na so so teeth my guy dey show for this video??? Wizkid my man😀

    80. Bull jones Graham

      Big ass energy 🔋 🦅❣💥

    81. Lil Doggy

      Only me alone can't count how many views I played this #MIL album not to talk that of my FC families KGup please be honest in your views! All the songs in the album are HIT

    82. Very Spiritual


    83. Lil Strawberry

      This song is 🔥

    84. Jay Omega Zambia

      From zambia and i love this song

    85. Gbemisola Onakoya


    86. GR8 GR8

      Yes lawd!! Black is beautiful ❤️

    87. Jessica Henry

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    90. Falola Rita


    91. Tamela Addison


    92. Fino

      Piti piti piti

    93. Dr Phot

      I can't wait to dance with a fine rona-free lady to this!

    94. Ayanda Motsa

      This song lives rent free in my head 😍🤍🇸🇿

    95. Jessica Henry

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    97. Jamiu Ibrahim Bolacale

      Baba 4d gals 🦅♥️

    98. Jessica Henry

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    99. OME IZA

      Born great

    100. Jessica Henry

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