Exclusive | Jaguar Wright OPENS UP about her Mental Health, Finances, Marriage, CHILDHOOD, & more!


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    1. Lashes&Lipgloss !!


      1. Conscious Beauty

        She did pretty good , right ?

      2. Mocha Brown

        What in the hell did you see I missed it

      3. Lashes&Lipgloss !!

        @edajavoo nope im me.

      4. edajavoo

        @Lashes&Lipgloss !! Lol Tasha is lashes and lipgloss on here trying to fix the fuckery with a fake supporter rotflmao

      5. flxkzz FN


    2. Lolly

      Can anyone tell me how to stop KGup from recommending Tasha K’s content to me? I clicked on this video thinking I would find a button to do so, but since I clicked this crap they recommend her more 🤦🏽‍♀️

    3. Candy Camille

      If this woman life is in danger like she said then why ask her EVERY QUESTION that would put her in harms way. Almost, trying to see it through by forcing her to expose more than any sane person would. Her story matters, regardless of how anyone feels about it or her. This show was nice nasty and horrible. I think she deserved more respect. point blank

    4. ThatsSoTuri

      This interview was absolutely disgusting and clearly shows Tasha k will do anything for money and clout cause it’s clear as day Tasha was paid to make jaguar look some kinda way but what u didn’t know was jag was gonna hit u with that knowledge

    5. The Crab & The Fish

      Yea Tasha might have been aggressive with her interview style but her questions were valid. Jag and her husband not having a job or home makes her motives slightly questionable for wanting to drop all this tea in the media. Jaguar is an intelligent woman but she is clearly battling some real life issues right now. I wish her the best.

    6. Honey Axsthetic

      My question to Tasha is, you asking this woman how can she speak on things that she did not witness when Tasha does that all day everyday.....

    7. TaxProGirl 2016

      I don't normally watch Tasha K & not sure how I ended up here after listening to Neo soul music. This woman is sharing some very hurtful things & this interviewer is not sensitive to her at all. If I wasn't a licensed therapist I would've moved beyond the rape questions. I'm praying for this young woman's healing & Tasha I won't be watching you if this is how you exploit people's pain.

    8. K PATT

      Jaguar I don’t know you, but after this interview I can’t do anything but to have respect for you.

    9. Lou

      Everything J talks about that’s closed to her heart this cold bxxxx dismisses it even interrupting her!!! Cavy even carry on watching it after j described her uncle molesting her, and all this fvuker can say is how old is he, with her side eye!!!!!

    10. Lou

      Why are you screaming into the camera, and that’s before the interview????? chill tf out!!!!

    11. Conscious Beauty

      She seems to like younger men because they’re gullible and vulnerable to her stories.

    12. Conscious Beauty

      Tasha K did wonderful in this interview. People are mad because she asked sensitive yet vital questions that were needed to be asked in order to get the truth . ❤️

    13. Shaneia Pearson

      I like jag but a lot of double speak. If you even try to call jag on something she said. She sees it coming and she will over talk you and redirect the conversation. Some of her comments do require a hold up but earlier you said.

    14. Ernestine Walker

      Damn Tasha is real evil and hateful in this interview!! This is not funny at all

    15. Shaneia Pearson

      Anyone confused about the Chris brown part??

    16. Shaneia Pearson

      Cringy interview

    17. Shaneia Pearson

      Summer walker I agree it’s her story to tell. Mary personal life should be hers. Now everything else, where do I start . Tasha wow, you seemed you were out to discredit her for ms 🎹 🔑 keys

    18. Jazminne


    19. Sincere Presence

      Wholey shat!!! I thought I had a story. Tuh!

    20. Krystal Wilkerson

      Tasha messed up when she posted the clip at the beginning 1st off bc she told on herself when she said Alicia Keys contacted her....she said she wouldn’t do an interview until she had contacted her. She went into this interview or rather this interrogation all wrong and tried to make her look stupid but it only turned around on herself.

    21. Yolanda white

      I been done with Tasha k 3yrs ago for crap like this. She is something evil!

    22. Erika Finney

      Tasha K definitely looks like a clown in this interview.

      1. kellsy h

        don't matter her subs are going back up. ;^D

    23. Bernadette Wingate

      Hell no

    24. Bernadette Wingate

      Tasha no’s what your talking about

    25. Bernadette Wingate

      This Lady is the real 💯🙏😇❤️🌹🌹

    26. gbaby exploring with dried noodles

      Some questions are just not our business ands should not be asked🙁at this point I would have shut you down Tasha.... I love your show, but damn😠😠😠😠😠

    27. The Facts Machine

      I love your hair 😍

    28. LEEgirl#3

      I always read the comments before and while watching the videos. Tasha and Jag balanced each other, Tasha wasn’t disrespectful and those times Jag felt uncomfortable she addressed it. I love her Jag carried herself, but Tasha did her job.

    29. Darius H

      Wild! I actually like jaguar now! She is spitting real facts!

      1. Darius H

        Tasha gurl they already said it for me.

    30. lucille frazier

      She shouldn’t have done this interview

    31. Nosey Heaux Live

      She was on my channel today live spilling tea 🍵

    32. Toni Smith

      Tasha you are beyond disgusting with this interview!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    33. Tammy

      I have finally watched this!! Tasha K; soooo disappointed!! I will tell you this, if you are trying to trip her up she’s no dummy!! What profits a man to gain the world and lose his soul! I know you like money but don’t sell your soul!! Furthermore, you are speaking life over yourself when you say that you are crazy!!! Jaguar was absolutely correct when she says don’t say that!! You speak about Karma... don’t let it hit you love!

    34. Kearstan McKenzie

      I believe jag but the Chris Brown comment lost me. She did not recognize that Rihanna was attacked. She kept making excuses for Chris Brown.

    35. Wild Woman

      It's a skill to ask difficult questions respectfully. You are disrespectful. Is someone paying you to attempt to discredit this woman?

    36. Tiyaila C

      Wow, this is what it looks like when negative energy meets positive energy. Queen Jaguar knew how to shift everything in her favor. What a gorgeous powerful woman 🌻🌻❤️❤️❤️🌻🌻 much respect to you Queen xo

    37. Tyeisha Taylor

      “You gotta defer to my G” I love Jaguar ❤️

    38. Veronica Cooper

      This interview is cringey as hell. Unsubscribed

    39. Quediantter Kids

      Uhhhhmm Tash Lady ...this interview was painful to watch for both sides 👎

    40. Sepp246

      No empathy on Latasha’s end whatsoever.... you literally asked this woman a million times how many times she got gang raped to see it she was lying. The intent clearly was to discredit, gas light, and attempt to destroy Jaguar’s character and I’m glad she came correct. How can you have empathy for Summer Walker’s anxiety, when Jaguar just shared the trauma she’s experienced and you didn’t even pretend to care.

    41. Prince Rara

      Yo jag talks mad trash 🤣

    42. Cam Williams

      I love Tasha but this is def not a good interview. She should stick to blogging because this is def not a journalistic skill.

    43. Deja Reed

      I love Jaguar’s energy

    44. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, you are the worst. Your interviewing skills are lacking!!!!

    45. Dwuana Cunningham

      T a s h a, DUH? SILENT LISTEN pay attention to the SPELLing. It will help you.

    46. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, did you sell your brain? You sound like those who sold their heart and mind (soul).

    47. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, I refused to think you are that stupid. Were you there to see him beat her? Who said he did it? YOU?

    48. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, Were you there?

    49. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, you are beyond sad!!! You have NO listening skills!! He didn't beat her. You don't know anything!!!!

    50. Goddess Great

      damn Tasha; you're soul shone bright in this one smh

    51. Dwuana Cunningham

      Tasha, are you special ed? Are you that slow for real???

    52. Katrina Johnson

      Now Tasha she said she had received threats and you then asked her where she is? Things that make you say hmmmm. I do not think you had this sisters best interest at heart. Have some compassion for the sister. We all have some growing to do. We need to love one another. No hidden agendas. Tasha you have made me laugh a lot and thanks for that; however this right here was NOT funny! You and Jaguar are alright with me.

    53. Katrina Johnson

      This sounds like an interrogation. Some things are left better unsaid. I have actually listened to both sisters. I can only hope at the end of the day both sisters realize that we BETTER stick together as a people. We have been put against each other up until this very day! Look for a reason to love your sister. To have no fear of death speaks volumes!

    54. Satina Reyes

      Jaguar needs her own platform

    55. Satina Reyes

      She is speaking truth, I believe every word. I’m from the tristate area and remember these rumors from back in the day in my younger years. Tasha, you not looking so good in this interview. I feel like you were trying to make her look crazy when Jaguar was telling you the real “tea” or “wine” from the “streets”

    56. Satina Reyes

      She right about Alicia Keys, I remember that rumor a loooooong time ago from the streets before she blew up.

    57. Ms OhSoSolo

      I see what everyone was talking about but I’m actually not at all surprised coming from Tasha K. NOT surprised at all.🤨

    58. La Gata Negra

      Tasha is evil.

    59. 1234gerber

      Omg look at Tasha eyes!!! She looked like the devil 👿 at every turn this woman cut u off and made u look like an absolute fool! She spoke with so much intelligence and wisdom❤️I was speechless at the way she kept her peaceful spirit and composure during this atttack dressed up to be an interview! Form your weapons devil they will not prosper! Go Jaquar ❤️

    60. James Bullock

      TashaK=SELLOUT 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    61. Rosealee CJ

      Your hairstyle sort you

    62. Lala Monroe

      I loved that Jaguar addressed Tasha K when she was in the wrong but also uplifted her in the same breath..it shows there’s no hate..you can believe what others think if you want to but you will respect me..and people talk about Tasha K too but Jaguar showed her strength in this interview..her mind is beyond what most can even understand!! I can’t wait to get to that level!!

    63. edajavoo

      The questions are hard to listen too.

    64. edajavoo

      Tasha are you falling asleep🤣🤦‍♂️👀Wake up bunny ask good questions please

    65. edajavoo

      Tasha this was not good for you bunny. You need some type of training on interviewing . You aren't making sense with your so called questions that make it seem like you don't understand what she's saying about summer. And then when she break it down to you in kindergarten terms then you want to cut her off from finishing her explanation. When in fact, there are other people out there that are just as clueless as you act and they need to hear the whole explanation. Stop arguing with her and listen to what she saying or stop asking questions. She has a lot of knowledge to drop and it won't come out right if she doesn't have a great interviewer.

    66. edajavoo

      Jaguar husband is the bomb

    67. edajavoo

      I love your hair

    68. tillman david

      BTW, I Just Thumbs Down And Flagged Your Video!!!



    69. Understand this Today

      Wow!!!! I was searching for boosie and this popped up!!! I remember this sister. She was about to blow up as a singer but disappeared. As a straight man I’ve heard this story before. My ex wife had the same story. She laid it all out on the line to me and we stayed up all night and talked. I HAD NO IDEA. Ladies!!! If YOU ALL DONT TALK MEN HAVE NO IDEA!!! PLEASE START TALKING TO YOUR MAN ABOUT YOUR LIFE!!! The mental issues from the abuse doesn’t get better with just talking to your friends. It gets better from sharing with your MAN who loves you. And us men need this transparency and we know it’s there. And ladies please stop attacking the interviewer. She was brilliant!!! I didn’t see the problem in her style. The style she used bring out the reality of what’s happening. That may be the problem. That sister is in a good place and at peace with herself so she can be that open. This is a great interview!!!

    70. Lala Monroe

      Jag I just want to say “I FEEL YOU”❤️🌹💯 you’re so strong🙏🏽🌹 I got the most DEEPEST RESPECT FOR YOU🌹💯 Tasha I watch you all the time I’m sure you don’t care about my opinion but I can understand why she had to address you I hope you learned something from this or at least took something from this💯

    71. Shan B.

      Jaguar is smart as hell I mean she does have a rage problem considering the pain that woman has had to withstand but that doesn’t define her character or the person she is the woman is very intelligent and I think she really knows something, ijs but what do I know??? I’m just the audience like the rest of us. I think she really knows something tho.

    72. LaToya Terry

      This interview is disgusting. Tasha K was very condescending, ignorant, didn't listen, and sounds like a moron faking concern😐 ....And shout-out to Jaguar for speaking a word of encouragement EVEN after Tasha was tastless.

    73. LaTonya Merritt

      Her story has me in tears... she have been through a lot at an early age. God bless her 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    74. Stephanie Bridges

      Jaguar and husband, thank you for your time and truth she's seasoned..what I love about the truth is you can't shake nor stir it because you lived it and no one has slapped her w/a lawsuit yet..even still it's her path, her pain,her life..

    75. Lucky Mae

      No, it's not "SAFE" to diagnose someone with a diagnosis WITHOUT an assessment. It's unethical to do so. The statement," Your mother being that way maybe you got some of it." 👀 That's the most ignorant thing that I've ever heard in my life. What about YOUR mother? This video made me physically sick to my stomach. You hate this woman. It showed. That's all I'm going to say. You will have to deal with the consequences of the countenance of your heart and your mind.

    76. Angela Rain

      Tasha has to be on that wine....she obviously can't hear bc she continued to ask the same questions over and over like she couldn't hear the answer the first time.....wt.....interviewer should LISTEN

    77. Treasure Washington

      Great interview Tasha

      1. Michelle EJA

        another minion of the industry inserting themselves on this platform to distract from truth! That interview was disgusting and the MAJORITY knows it.

    78. METE AND I

      It’s a UNSUBSCRIBE for me. This interview is disrespectful! JW I salute you!

    79. honeydip james

      Omg not even I'm sorry for your loss 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    80. honeydip james

      Tasha k reminded me of that friends who is sent by other friends to find out information about you and the look says all, I'm disappointed Tasha .

    81. Vanessa Martinez

      Tasha 😭

    82. Peyton Donna

      Jaguar is a very intelligent and spiritual woman

    83. RedPill BlackPill Knowledge

      The Tasha K female is a master at triggering people 😂

    84. Thrill Will Entertainment

      Like Chappelle said, they call ppl crazy & mentally ill to be DISMISSIVE or to DISMISS them...

    85. Thrill Will Entertainment

      Omg. Was Tasha drunk or something?? She had 1 thing to do, ask Why Did Chris Brown Beat Rihanna??!! and she just sat there... 🤦🏽‍♂️

    86. Victoria White

      Say what u want but jaguar is smart she not bout to say where her money or anything cause she know ppl gonna try to sue her lol she ain't that crazy

    87. Latayvia Manning-Woodard

      I enjoyed the interview and I loooove listening to jaguar. I find her perspective extremely interesting!

    88. Pnuttbuttaluva XD

      As a mental health professional who has treated hundreds of ppl with varying illnesses and traumas i just wanna applaud Jaguar bc she OWNED this interview! I'm a Tasha K fan but even I thought she was coming for Jaguar but she is clearly not Tashas "TYPICAL" guest. Tasha wasn't ready lol

      1. Lucky Mae

        She did. Tasha doesn't know what she's talking about. She had an agenda for the interview. Tasha failed to understand that mentally ill doesn't mean that they're not intelligent. Most patients are highly intelligent people. Tasha clearly isn't at that level of intellect. Unfortunately this interview could've broke the bonds of silence, ignorance of the abuse and trauma of Black women. This could have made a huge impact. Clearly, Tasha doesn't realize that the way she entreated Jaguar will lead to people being silent about abuse. She fit the stereotype that many victims envision when thinking of reporting their abuse. Tasha playing dumb about tracking IP address information. 🙄 She's been doing it for years. 🙄😔

    89. Dindie Donelson

      I've been a WINO for years now and I gotta say I expected so much more from you, Tasha. You know exactly how to conduct an interview with compassion which is why I was uncomfortable with how you came for JAG. Please have more respect when it comes to ABUSE, even though you are not a stranger to it. Your TONE and LANGUAGE are paramount. You are not a licensed psychiatrist/psychologist. It is not your job to assess someone's mental health on live. Just get the story. Love

    90. Ty Moncere


    91. Kedi Trauma LLC

      Yasssss Jaguar! Strength

    92. Phillip Lawson

      I think she did a wonderful job in this interview, she asked her questions that Jaguar has been claiming and been open about.

    93. Phillip Lawson

      I can't discuss it, but I will talk about it, but I won't talk about it, she claims at 12 she told the therapist she was raped. If that is the case at 12-14 the authorities WOULD HAVE BEEN CALLED!

    94. LuvingMewhole Unapologetically

      Tasha you’re gonna get the same energy your putting out back 10x worse! I used to love your energy, but it seems you lost your way.

    95. Marquita Shiver

      Ohhhhh!!!! I love this ending! Jaguar talking about using her son's death and mental illness in the same sentence and how they like to call people crazy when they're really brilliant. Also when u know more than what they want you to know they call u crazy.

    96. Unique Fierce

      Ughhhhhh this interview is Killin me softly...really....

    97. Marquita Shiver

      Now what was the point of this interview? I'm being serious. Does anyone know?

    98. Unique Fierce

      Tasha k is irri fareal she wrong......

    99. B_Side Cocoa _

      This lady can’t be serious..... you can’t make assumptions or out an alleged rape victim

    100. Nia Rose

      Some ppl will not want to see the truth of the industry...just let them be