Dash For The Camaro is HERE! (NO MORE LAPTOP)

Cooper Bogetti

136 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

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    1. Cooper Bogetti

      Just took it on a street test! It rips!

      1. St een

        Good work. I'd suggest you get the correct crimping tool. Makes a huge difference, and the crimp will be reliable.

      2. chris vance

        Video? I love Mexican scenery reminds me of home LOL

      3. JOKEST393RW

        kgup.info/get/poB2qKO5np2Ofns/video 🦔 George

      4. james dalton

        Haltech dashes are sick

      5. Ajs garage

        Hell yeah brother

    2. Bob Ross

      Where did you get tom kennys glasses from

    3. Patman Performance

      "just to get it kinda perfect" lol

    4. Adam Kopiske

      Alro = candy store for welding junkies!

    5. Alana Olivia

      That giraffe in the window shit me up! I was like why’s cleetus in the workshop

    6. BushkillRider

      The giraffe got me at first lmao

    7. Dennis Keener

      "It's not massive but it's all you need" that's what coop says lol

    8. Bob Mal

      You need a torch set for bending steel rod like that. Makes your life a lot easier when fabricating.

    9. James Plotkin

      After you clean up and vacuum, do like 'ol Cleet and throw a few bolts on the floor. Never know when you need them ;-)

    10. Parker Ross

      Coop!! Build DIY door cards!!!!

    11. Adrian Berryhill

      @2:22 that’s what she said

    12. Adrian Berryhill

      @0:56 twss

    13. John Becker

      The screen is panel mount dude.

    14. Austin Koch

      Did the giraffe get anyone else😂😂😂

    15. 4dshow

      That giraffe in the window scared the shit out of me

    16. Autonut

      “It’s not massive but man is it great”. 🤣 A classic ‘that’s what she said’.

    17. Nick Matthews

      it's cool seeing you learn on your projects dude. Keeps ya humble and its a reminder that all of us can learn something no matter how much we know.

    18. Leroy R53

      Those safety glasses are nice Cooper

    19. Jay Moore

      Loving the videos, but there is something with the sound, it sounds like pops, kinda weird

    20. Jaben Ross

      That bracket and cockroaches will be the only thing left if a nuclear war breaks out. Looks great, good job.

    21. unicyclingistheshit

      Cooper trying to pick up a snake: "So I've got this welding wire..." Don't be telling me you live in Florida and are scared of snakes lol

    22. mje19D

      Be smart and throw some little gauge pods in the center stereo area. You only need a few important ones there. You don't have the screen real-estate to watch it all in the middle of an intense drag race. Especially the panic you get lol.

    23. hagerhog118

      You got this coop!!!!!

    24. Boosted Lexus

      The giraffe 🦒 looking through the window at 6:23 had me 😂. Unexpected... Guess that's Cleet watching you work...

    25. David Windsor

      We you leart something. That awesome. 🤔😉👍

    26. johnny rains custom rc

      Nice job on the installation bro you really need a pick of Jack stand jimmy to go next to the tall giraffe 🤣😂

    27. Nte 35050

      Need a "keep it saucy my friends" t shirts haha

    28. Russell Notestine

      Dude... Don't post so much.. Followers are going to get bored living every step of your life with you.. Slow down

    29. Adam Spencer

      Do your own thing cooper You got this 👍👍👍👍

    30. Ronald Hash

      I like the giraffe looking in

    31. L Loomis

      Go get them coop. I'm glad you started your own channel. I always loved your little side comments on the CM channel. Keep your family involved in your channel most guys don't and that says a lot about you and how you guys are trying to help and give back.

    32. Mike K

      this video was painful to watch 😳

    33. Oxidation Nation Crusty Rusty Customs

      Cleater out back being all creepy peeking through the window

    34. Remington Owens

      "He's on his A game and I'm giving him B+ effort" quote of the year coop😂

    35. Sneaky V

      Just pick the snake up Florida-man X'D

    36. Sneaky V

      That giraffe looking through the window though XD

    37. Lui and King the pug!!

      Omg, Cleetus at 6:23 scared the hell out of me!! 🤣🤣

    38. Matthew Taylor

      You should collaborate with Nik Blackhurst on some of those brackets...

    39. Scott Sigmon

      If something is not working correctly during the run, test it in the pits when you get back!!!!

    40. MissionRestomod

      New shirt on idea: Going fast on B+ effort. Maybe B-...

    41. John S. Negron

      @6:31 is that Ol' Cleet in the window checkin' in on the build?

    42. Mikel Ellsaesser

      I see u have ur coworker looking through the window. I didn't know u had a zoo in ur backyard lol. Cleetus know u took he's graffiti from his zoo. Lmao dude it's just a little snake.

    43. Nick Knap

      Don’t be afraid to throw some time lapse clips of you cleaning up the shop!!!

    44. Jacob Hansel

      Garage tour

    45. Red Beard

      Anyone else notice ol cleetur creeping on coop through the window @6:31

    46. niyash sookra


    47. Propps Productions

      Did anybody else notice the giraffe in the window????

    48. Shomei

      that fucking giraffe

    49. Adrian ABG

      Don't forget coolant pressure, it's nice to see a spike in that after you lift the head

    50. ThatoneGuy

      Did anybody else see Cleetus standing outside his garage window at 6:23 or just me?

    51. paulinator216

      $50 bucks, that doesnt look like 1000lbs of metal right there, current scrap price is $.0525 /lb

    52. Emory

      we can see clearly how absolutely excited you are

    53. Dean Nestman

      Are you growing a stash coop.

    54. 2jacks_fast Customs

      Very fancy! Love the trailer park 2jz ! #2jacks_fast

    55. Rille högberg

      cooper the master fabricator! car looks sick!

    56. Tim Green

      Killing it Coop!

    57. Slaytanic454

      0:56 That's what she said 😁

    58. wilcoh3

      Brontes commentary is awesome

    59. 2595cjp

      That’s just a baby garden snake pick it up you can’t hurt you

    60. D G

      No need to be scared of that wee thing. Was just a plain old noodle, not a danger noodle. 🐍

    61. Bryan Schwinn

      Not tube bro. Called round stock

    62. Nate 104

      Just grab the shovel and chop that no legged devil in half next time. Lol

    63. Ken Bengtson

      I like that good old Cleetus is keeping an eye his buddy Cooper through the window.

    64. Johnny Street Sign

      Cooper I don't know if you watch any other youtubers? Taylor Ray has a camera function where he snaps his fingers and messes on the floor are cleaned up and another where parts are installed. I'm not sure if it's a custom firmware download for GoPro but the same function might save you some time.

    65. Steven-o g

      Boghetti getting his “ spaghetti” organized

    66. Paul Easterbrook

      Getm Coop Australia cheers 🍻👍

    67. Dakota Harbert

      I learn more and I learn more until suddenly i am making nice stuff. Learn by doing. Hell yeah man.

    68. Lsg0

      Why did I actually think you had a giraffe looking through your window 🤣🤣

    69. Timmothy Ketchell

      Anyone else see Ol’ Cleeter peeking through the side window?

    70. Jarryd Lancaster

      I don't know if it's just me, but it's the audio on all of coops videos crackling here and there?

    71. 750brutelg

      Lol on the giraffe peeking in the window.

    72. Andrew McDonald

      Not gunna lie, Giraffe in the window made me jump..

    73. Joel Tolley

      Did anyone else think cousin Vinny the two utes lol. Love that Italian heritage

    74. Joel Michotjr

      Cooper,get some nemesis safty glasses they'll protect you a lot better than the ones you have. They're also a lot more comfortable

    75. Jerry Garcia

      Love how henrys in the intro

    76. Curtis B

      I seen Cleetus spying on you through the window you make him stay out side 😆😆 I'm with you on wiring I'm not a fan of it

    77. Fn Jonesy

      I legit thought the giraffe sticker on the window was a real one at first glance

    78. Evo Guy 603

      Not gonna lie coop, was skeptical about your channel and away from the bois but im really liking what you put out. You’re genuinely funny dude and the pasta drive is such an awesome act of kindness. My hat is off to you good sir.

    79. Matt Campeau

      Two Yutes.

    80. Roberto Ramos

      Who else notice the jiraffe on the back 😂😂😂😂

    81. Tigerspike

      That giraffe in the window is freeking me out.

    82. Richard Harris

      Listen to the engine to shift, you don't necessarily need a tach

    83. Justin Robbins

      There for a minute I thought you had a giraffe lol.

    84. Peter Houston

      Every aussie at the moment: just pick the fuckin thing up ffs 😂😂 stay away from the bitey end 😂

    85. Kieron Moore

      Love how we went from "remind me to set up my laptop to log" to "I got a permanent logger bro!"

    86. brian siler

      is that girafe ten foot? it doesnt look like he is much more then 4 foot and stuffed.

    87. ashley richards

      How good is that window giraffe. Came back to comment again, holy hell that spraypaint technique lol

    88. robby frederick

      Future would love to see better lighting brother but other then that keep it ripping brother hell yeah !!!

    89. Almost Serious

      @10:00 look in the window hahaha! Thx for the video Coop!

    90. Steve's Shed

      Way to go Coop !! You're killing it bud ! So glad you've taken off on you're own channel. That Camaro is amazing !

    91. gullreefclub

      The Giraffe looking in the window (06:21) is funny as F! If you want to be fabricobbling little brackets and other do-dads you should seriously consider buying an Oxcy/Acetylene torch set. Not only can you heat stuff up with one but you can braze, cut, solder, and weld with one and personally I think it is one of the cornerstone sho tools to have. StaySafe, StayHealty

    92. Andrew Collins

      Can't you log on the ecu without a laptop?

    93. Nick Shimer

      Where is the mystery burnout van?

    94. Elusive Turtle92

      Got my shirt. Can say I feel like they make my boggin skill 5x better

    95. Jimmy St-Jean

      Coop is looking more and more comfortable with the camera! 🤘love watching him build his own projects! ❤️💪

    96. angel casillas

      Who else freaked out with the giraffe on the window?! Lmao

    97. Mat Michalke

      You need some me heat for bending metal! Just a little oxy/acetylene torch

    98. Sand King

      6:23 scared me there

    99. Squarebody Passion

      Where’s the mystery machine but loving the content

    100. Morgan Weast

      Nice Giraffe in the window.