That’s a WRAP & New Addition to Team SMC

Scott Martin

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    We did it! We qualified for the 2021 Bassmaster Elite Series so stay tuned for that content starting very very soon.
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    1. E S

      Spinnerworm decal on the hood 🤘🏼

    2. Anthony Clark

      I think you should flip your wrap black in front blue in back. And put a air ride kit on your new truck

    3. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Merry Christmas to you as well Scott! Congrats on making the elites! Next year’s tournament season will be 🔥!

    4. Gen9 FISHIN Tv

      Enjoy your videos. Good luck on the upcoming Bass-Master Elite season!

    5. Wyatt Dietrich

      Congratulations and Looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing with the air boat. For your awesome new truck I'd recommend some Hydraulics so your Mom can get in!!...I liked your Take Your Momma Fishing Video.

    6. Adam Crandall

      No problem grinding, from you. Keep it up! I look forward to seeing you grow and continue to flourish!

    7. hosemann6

      Congrats on making the elites . I remember when I was a young kid watching my dad fish in the NBAD and meeting the greats like your dad, Mr Wood, Jimmy, Bill. Now I get to watch all your videos and try to learn and see what I can do here with it in Nebraska totally different than fishing in my hometown of Jacksonville Florida. Keep up the awesomeness and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    8. Pink Pond Princess

      Hey!! Great video 😀 New Female KGup Fishing Video Out. 💖😀🎣👸 “Pink Pond Princess “ Stopped By

    9. Bassassin

      Man you need to get away from Googan and Favorite. You're better than that. I get it, $$$ and all...but man..

    10. Rodney Rowe

      What happened to Brandon? Does anyone know? Haven't been able to watch in a while

    11. GetSomeKyle

      Kelderman can hook you up front to back with front and rear bumpers, front suspension lift rear air ride system, wheels/tires and lighting, all custom build at their shop in Iowa. Top notch performance, quality and world class customer service

    12. Ryan Beck

      Keep up the great work! Looking forward to the SMC videos too! Merry Bristmas to you and yours - God Bless! Peace on Earth - good will to all the people!

    13. Leighton Danley

      where is trash talking James wanna see another vid


      light blue camo wrap smc theme

    15. Coty Higgins

      Just take it to zack Birge and let him do it right. That man is a wizard on tow rigs.

    16. Scott O,Donahoe

      Go back to basics and end the big tech . instinct is better than tech . A real fisherman goes with his gut and will win over all others ! Step up your game and get back to the basics !

    17. Tyler Evans

      I'd defiantly delete it and tune it do some exhaust 5 inch preferably level it out and some forces on it

    18. brian gentry

      Is it true about you going to skeeter?👏🏾👏🏾

    19. Charles Mayberry

      Sale it on line

    20. profbill77

      Will you fish only the Elites schedule or will you fish some Opens, to give you more opportunities to qualify for the Classic?

    21. Anthony Taylor

      Ranch Hand bumpers

    22. Brody Worley

      Led lights

    23. Cody Bieker

      Great choice on the chevy! Chevy uses a bowtie for a reason. Fab fours matrix bumpers and side steps. Love a prerunner look and they just look killer on the new chevys. Congrats on the elite series.

    24. David Bourdelais

      when you're dumb and read that a wap in the title of your video lol

      1. Scott Martin


    25. Patrick Schaefer

      You almost had me. Thought maybe you were getting away from Chevrolet lol.

    26. shane edwards

      i have watched all season, this weird and wacky season. my daughter became a high school bass team member this year and we have watched all year. Very happy that you got to finish and achieve a goal you set a year ago it helped me teach my daughter to stick with it and have a goal. Want to thank you Scott for doing what you do, The kids coming up are watching and you are a great role model. again thank you and good luck next year.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you I’m glad I can be a inspiration in there lives

    27. Alan Schuler

      Hi Scott Martin I watch our videos very day and marry Christmas to our family and friends from Alan Schuler

    28. Matt's Red Beard

      Method wheels. That is all

    29. James Cantrell

      Put retractable steps that light up. 360° light on top of cab for when you back down ramp.

    30. S Dun

      Us army multi cam pattern for boat and truck

    31. Gooseman Outdoors

      You should do an episode on ky lake with Matthew Robinson... On Em baby!!!! He got that wojo!!!!

    32. Jim Saelee

      Is Trokar going to be wrapped on your new truck or is Eagle Claw out of the picture?

    33. Steve Hogan

      Scott you're a good man.. unless you're making noise in the mornings... Probably did not do anything wrong at Lay. Sometimes it's just not in the plans. I had a bad Fall Season and decided not to get a GoPRO, you had a bad season and had to cut back on carpet for the Air Boat... Nothing we could do. lol Stay positive and safe... Love you and your family.. Keep giving me fun videos Sir.

    34. Rogbass

      Sorry for a minute I thought it was my first pickup. Lol.

    35. Fred Arant

      You need to add electric slide out running boards fer sho

    36. Clinton M

      Blue/black vinyl with kick ass. Bright bright blue!

    37. Mikki Sprenkle

      Falkin WILDPEAK A/T3W TIREs or Cooper AT3’s, way to hang tough in 2020

    38. Preston Mire

      You got to add a train horn

    39. Preston Mire

      Need to add some kickers speakers in the new truck

    40. Logan Mcateer

      6 inch lift 35 or 37s on 20’s. Full wrap. Amp steps.

    41. Eric Sandoval

      I need a truck gettin old having to pull the boat with a old explorer

    42. Kane Fishing

      Also, keep up the good work. You look great

    43. Kane Fishing

      What are your plans for the old truck? I have a fantastic idea, and no I don't want it. If your interested in hearing it DM me @kanefishing (Insta)

    44. lebron kames

      Get an after market exhaust

    45. Zach Sears

      “What should we do to trick this one out” TAKE IT BACK and BUY a CUMMINS or a 6.7 power stroke

      1. Daniel Ishmael

        And I do have power stroke all the way

    46. Braden Tucker

      nitto ridgegraplers is what i run on my truck and they've lasted almost four years and im always driving

    47. Sam Montgomery

      Tune and delete it with a straight pipe

    48. Joshua Pondwalker

      22” American force 611s 35” ATs (whoever sponsors you, if not then the toyo AT2s IMO) 3” supreme suspension leveling kit Rigid Bar on top and in the bumper LED heads and fog lights Wrapped with a battle worn look and “battle wagon” across it

    49. Joel

      Oh.... and I would like to see some MERICA theme incorporated. We all need to unite... damn fine country to be separated. One nation under god, United by fishing... with liberty and justice for all!

    50. Joel

      Fold up side steps.. keep it looking as high as it can! And whatever tire choice.... better be at least curb height. And any bumpers accessories need to be tough. Your cameraman is kind of accident prone. Just sayn.

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes he

    51. Michael Brown

      Def put steps on the truck and give it a lift

    52. Collin Bartel

      A big light bar on top

    53. Christopher Selig

      Need to look at some AMP Research power steps, loving mine!

    54. DaneDrippy 2k

      Have a bless dau today Scott

    55. DaneDrippy 2k

      That's a beast my Dad has a 2500 LTZ 2500 2020 it's amazing truck. Cant wait to go snowmobiling see how amazing the truck pulls it.

    56. MotoMadness

      Change the front end . That’s one ugly baby mama can’t love ooooooooweeeeeee dang that thing going to scare the fish out the water with ugly

    57. Brad5050

      6inch lift, 22inch American forces custom wheels, iron cross bumpers.

    58. USN_Ret 84-05

      Cummins swap it. :)

    59. bent rodguy

      first i would sell it or return it chevy has major electrical problems, i bought mine new in 2007, lots of electrical problems, never again, toyota tundra is best, not to mention the large payout, they give for fishing bass tournaments, toyota tundra will be my next truck for sure!

    60. Backbreaker 1

      Merry Christmas to the pro angler that got me hooked on bass fishing. I wish you the best in your Elite Tourney, God bless you and yours brother

    61. Bobby Jacobs

      That's good Scott just stay Positive and don't get in a hurry fishing slow down.

    62. PeterParkerFishing

      Can you put the boxing kangaroo on the battle wagon for the Aussie fans

    63. Matthew Mitchell

      Take a look a Shin Fukae’s truck

    64. Okiefisherman1

      Big metal bumper

    65. Jerimy Deloach

      Enjoyed the videos this year! I'm curious about lay lake myself, my 9 yr old stepson fishes in school bass tournaments and we will have a tournament there in March of 2021 if there is any thing you could share about lay and fishing that time of the year I would appreciate it When it will be our first time fishing there!

    66. Beau Adams

      I say you wrap the truck in a midnight blue and black color with all the sponsors and putting trokar battle wagon on it as well

    67. Joey Senn

      Should have gone GMC, literally premium chevy’s

    68. Joseph Law

      6 inch BDS kit Amp Power steps Ranch hand front and rear bumper replacement Tis 544 wheels with Nitto trail grapplers Led cube lights up front and led rock lights

    69. Rui Valentim

      Greetings for South Africa Scott and congrats on making the Elites. Looking forward to seeing it as I do with all your vids. For the new 'Battle Wagon', Automated Rock Sliders, Front bull bar with winch, Protection plate for lower transmission with 'SMC' cut out, Matt Black 37's, Blue LED's under the Wheel Wells, Air Horn like a freight train, 10W Flood LED's on the rear and sides, Roof Rack for all the extras you keep jamming in the, internal WiFi with blistering speeds, brighter down lighting on the side, I can go on. Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Looking forward to the Discovery videos and to meet you again when your'e back in South Africa.....and Macoy, your'e a legend dude, keep up the great work and Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

    70. wmandolin1

      Step rails and bumpers....would look great

    71. Nelson Lima

      What's going on with you daughter you're not going to post no more??????? I like her videos she has a lot of energy 😁 God bless 🙏

    72. Robert Riggan

      Information on the Battle Wagon?? PLEASE!!!!

    73. Scott Frost

      That’s right! Fishing on instincts and running patterns! That’s what you do best Scotty!

    74. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott 👍👊.


      6.5 inch lift 26 by 14s and 35s get tis wheels 547 black and milled and nitto ridge grapplers amp retractable running boards and heavy duty bumper and rock lights

    76. Doug Schneller

      change the grill... the only thing I don't like on the 2500

    77. William Cook

      Amen Scott bro and congrats on the elite

    78. Jayden Neal

      get american forces

    79. Brock Rogers

      You need to get rocker lights for it

    80. Dustin Wilburn

      Awesome truck man!! I’m a sales manager at a Chevy dealership in Beaumont Tx! You’re gonna love it!!! We have lifted a couple 2500 and they look sweet when they’re done!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Can’t wait

    81. Russell Thompson

      Great job Scott looking for more tips on what you use for during each tournament and can you take a minute or two next year to video them as well. It would great if you state why you choose a particular bait based on the current conditions you run across during the competition. Of course this would be after each event. Good luck in 2021. Will be cheering for you and your family .

    82. Steven Wilkens

      Yes!!! I’ve had several lifts on several trucks and BDS was by far the best! Great call out! Thanks for all your content and best luck to 2021!

    83. Zac Pearson

      Go with the black ops diamond plate bumper and I love the 90s Ford style single steps instead of running bosrds

    84. Jake Green

      Flog color matched off road bumpers

    85. Jon Steege

      Congrats on a tough season. Have learned a lot throughout. God bless you and yours

    86. Larry Warfield

      If it's not broke don't fix it. Use the same skeems and decals just maybe use a more solid blue.on the truck and boat wrap.

    87. Bryan Low

      Play like jacob wheeler and keep a truck and boat blacked out for the opens!! Real time he is #1

    88. BBBassing

      Ranch Hand front and rear bumpers! I would like to buy the old truck as well if you are going to sell it.

    89. Richard O'connor

      That smell is a bad head gasket on the motor

    90. Eric Mullins

      Hammerhead bumpers

    91. Jeremiah Stanley

      Power steps. Level with some rims. Light upgrades. Color match bumpers. Tint. Subs. And bed tray

    92. Nelson Cobb

      Bodygaurd bumpers! 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    93. 90 Model Chevy

      Can’t wait to see you in Palatka on the St. John’s river

    94. Travis Shinaberry

      Its been awesome watching the vids this year Scott! Looking forward to 2021 bro!!

    95. Creed Gabbard

      Very nice truck

    96. Casting with kelton

      Blue and orange camo rap

    97. Jason Sanders

      Kelderman Air lift system with 37’s. You won’t believe the ride you’ll get with Kelderman on air 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    98. Noah Housley

      Put bumpers front and back. Put lights all over it

    99. rob uens

      First off congrats on the Elites and Merry Christmas! One thing thats pretty cool is your loyalty to the people and companies that support you. Chevy Duramax👊💥. Keep your signature colours with the 6 1/2” lift. Couple things that’s are pretty sweet check out Venom Rims and RLD Design Truck Caps. The cap options are cool especially when carting around your Traeger.

    100. Eric Keller