Mean Foster Mother Won't Buy Daughter Food


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    1. SSSniperWolf

      $2.95 potato salad for u

      1. Taryn Parker

        Me like umm if you wont get that kid some food I will take care of her

      2. Logan Gil


      3. Peach_doGxcha


      4. Shanaz Mahmood

        Chello hello 👋🏽

      5. Jaylen Fomby

        That’s Caleb McLaughlin from stranger things

    2. Indrapalsingh Yadav

      I am indian so i dont know english so well but i think you are roasting them

    3. Mincraft Noob

      In my country we can get 1,800 for a month for that.child but here every thing is extremely expensive

    4. Noaah Burn Cutdmplad

      The uncovered pancake anatomically bump because magazine ipsilaterally scare on a berserk good-bye. hesitant, violent newsprint

    5. Manal M


    6. HoneyStar

      OMGG I cry with all of theseee

    7. Asia Dorsey

      H y


      Ha tx is about to be no mask bois

    9. Isabella Witt

      thats the stranger things kid

    10. Bonebreaker

      What is food backwards yeah you doof don’t buying kid food you doof

    11. Hellen Goecke

      I’m in arizona-

    12. Beate Moore

      The man be looking like that villain from sonic

    13. Kara-Grace Johnson



      You could literally do this and you could get free ice cream

    15. Christopher Cardarelli

      Love when sssniperwolf did the big eyes hahahahahaha

    16. Emily Harrison

      If my mom saw that lady treating the girl like that she was walk up and yell at her.

    17. Katherine Boyce

      She is so mean😡

    18. Alex Bakas

      I get that this is a prank but she be sounding like some snotty idiot

    19. Amelia Kelly


    20. The Cowmans

      I hate the way you keep pausing!!!😡🤬🤬🤬

    21. Powering Th

      Foster mother: you are not part of the family Me: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAAAAAAAYYYYy?!?!?!!!!??? !?!?!?!?!?! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    22. amzingwrldyt

      The girl look like young sniperwolf

    23. Erykah Robley

      The kid gets what she wants

    24. Erykah Robley

      This foster mom is stupid

    25. Alan & Alex Stokes fan

      I’m about to cry I’ve watched ten of these today

    26. Darcie Sparkles

      Omg you can not be like that to a kid

    27. Sunset Lestrange

      I’d be the awkward king if I was that mother’s real child

    28. Andrew Pham

      The lovely muscle disconcertingly owe because reindeer sequentially tug beside a garrulous pastry. holistic, woebegone match

    29. Blake Seavy

      # Good guy dad

    30. Blake Seavy

      How would you think that that is that high of a expectation of the people who have a lit of money

    31. AestheticVioletxx

      He my real son your just a foster child Sssniper: Were going to the ice cream shop but you can't get anything cuz u ain't my real daughter. Me: Then why bring her if you ain't gonna give her anything.

    32. Ana Bg

      It makes me so happy people are still good like that

    33. Silenced Gaming

      But the second karen is on a whole another level when it comes to being a soccer mom karen. Like for the milkshake I bet all of them would eat from it and it wouldn’t be completely finished. The burger oh yeah just cut it in half but nah that whole thing is suppose to fit all in one 5/6 year old’s body.

    34. Silenced Gaming

      Me be like: Karen spotted Karen: Im sorry what? Me: *heart races*

    35. Tierra Cyprien

      This happend to me put my mom doses care about me and she would say no and person came and bought it for me

    36. Sandra Martin

      I don’t wanna voice texting anymore now is it because I am in watching your videos this right now.

    37. Sandra Martin

      What’s the difference between speed and velocity? What’s the difference between constant speed and constant velocity? What’s the relationship between acceleration and velocity? What’s the difference between them? If an object is moving at constant speed while changing direction, does it have an acceleration? What is free fall? When do we use the formula v=gt? When do we use the formula d=1/2gt^2? For objects thrown straight upward, how does the speed change with time? How about the acceleration? Hey bro how do I printed it? I know where voice how high why your door yes

    38. Cherry Vibes

      Black kid lucky he got like 200000000000000000000000000900000000 🍟

    39. Yeet Gamer10

      Bu-but I

    40. Kamila Hernandez

      Fancy beard dude: period Me: fan girl ing over this dude and trying to make him viral THATS MY DUDE

    41. Max Keller

      They were doing that cup meme

    42. Max Keller

      🤣 for the guy in the stash

    43. hyuckult

      Thats a prank because the prank is over and over again and it litearlly actor and over over again

    44. Keegan Brosseau


    45. Chris Mason


    46. My Brookhaven Life

      if i was there and i heard what that mom said i'd walk over there and give her a big o'l SLAP IN THE FACE!

    47. Shannabanana Cat

      Phicsics = NO

    48. Willow Tree

      Bruh...Your getting PAYED for you to take care of them....USE THE MONEY THEY ARE GETTING YOU!?

    49. Jonathan Garcia

      I’m dying right now cause I’m earth and I’m sick of it sents COVID 19*

      1. Jonathan Garcia


    50. Jonathan Garcia

      Same I mean

      1. Jonathan Garcia


      2. Jonathan Garcia

        Aww so kinddddd

    51. Jonathan Garcia

      I would do the sae

      1. Jonathan Garcia


      2. Jonathan Garcia

        Aww so kind

    52. Julian Colella

      Lady: I only get $600 a month My mom who only gets 100$ a week and pays that $100 for groceries for me and my brother: :0

    53. Amber Hales


    54. Dino Dub clan

      If my grandma was my foster mom she would let me get whatever I want and I could get the same thing as who else gets at our table

    55. Sady Quito

      why does the second foster kid look like lucas from stranger things??????????

    56. Peyton MHA

      Do you know todaroki because it looks like there is a picture in the back round of it

    57. Colten Middleton


    58. Veer Gandhi

      Zbbgg Dcvhl ,,. .

    59. Danica Mar Lillian

      When I want to stop watching this because of them

    60. XxMoonstarHarrypotter AmeliacookiexX

      I wish u were my mother to get meh ice cream and a ps5 LOL

    61. Tendaji Bediako

      That is so sad:(

    62. Tendaji Bediako

      That is soooooo sad




      Mr beast 2.0 are those people who bought that girl some food

    65. Brook Evergreen

      I was actually in foster care for 3 goddamn years!!!! Until I got adopted by my moms!

    66. war robots gamer

      This comment will get 0 likes so make it stay like it please

    67. Julian Pielechaty


    68. university legends

      Man if i was a foater child i would punch my foster mom with my full or how much strength and get the HECK out

    69. university legends

      Why man why this is just no :( IDEA ill just throw the trash out which is what the people h re watching SNIPERWOLF

    70. Johnny Todd

      What if The Woman was her mom and that guy was her real dad that’s why they were so nice to her maybe that’s why

    71. Jeranis Lopez


    72. Jeranis Lopez

      I did not expect to cry

    73. Swister luke

      i like potato salad

    74. Laura Ceres

      mom men vito

    75. Kat alien cat

      why do i fill like dis is me but its not and im crying 😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫😫

    76. katie.587

      That mother is so rude just get her the food

    77. Catherine Eckstein

      Where do you find these videos? Even better, who would think to produce this stuff?

    78. Isabella Nelson

      you know who im talking about right?

    79. Isabella Nelson

      And that guy that came up to them and said he was going to pay for whatever the girl wanted kind of acted like her Father. Am I the only one who noticed that?

    80. Isabella Nelson


    81. Septhicc

      Isn’t the second actor playing as a foster child the actor of Lucas in stranger things?!?!

    82. Katelynn Hanesack

      Hi 👋👋

    83. J is for Jade

      Okay so when they recording the whole thing...y'all don't see the big camera recording the

    84. Alayna Jadon Perry

      Foster mom being mean to child Me sees caleb Mclaughlin: LUCAS

    85. Camilla Almenfors

      des es ariana grande

    86. Psycho Mantis fan 1

      The foster mom is a BRAT

    87. Matthew Walton

      My mom wold flip she be like🙅

    88. Shane Anderton

      Government: gives money for child Mom: uses money for other purposes Also mom: WHY SHE DED GOVERNMENT government: .... ... BRUH

    89. Marlie Jean Chambers

      I feel bad for her

    90. Shanaya Ali

      Ssssssssssss sniperwolf is the best!!!!!!!!!!! 🐺🐺🐺🐺

    91. Marci _The_Rager

      *it’s fine he’s just having a bad day* -last time I checked you made his bad day.-

    92. Kyle Lacy

      People these days 😭 I cantttttt!!!! People is so nice like the challange is like LOTTERY not to cry

    93. Sunflower_Piper

      My Brothers Name is Xavier And He Subscribed To Your YT channel before meh

    94. Caution UwU

      Foster Parent: He’s just having a bad day Me: *Triggered* Me: Breathing Heavily My parents: Are you ok? My brother: Mental issues

    95. Brook12788 Brook12788

      I will put you back in Foster Care the man oh no she didn't

    96. Tahiri Scarbrough

      anyone notice how the kids were tapping out Anna Kendrick's *"Cups: When I'm Gone"*

    97. Emine Pilot

      Wow ruddeee!

    98. DIY Hawaii

      me: seeing people buy things for the "foster kid" also me: ummmm i hope those people get paid back their money

    99. Høney Milk

      Now I'm crying!!

    100. Høney Milk

      If someone treated their kid like this, I would FLIP OUT like I watch so many of these and litterly just cuss out the tv..