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    An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

      1. Flinki Klug

        @The BookLovers Pizza 1

      2. French Profile

        Dustin, I heard the word meat servo and I still can't get it out of my head hahha.

      3. 1488NowGetOutAndMate

        "The robot is not your kid. We talked about this." I'm dying.

      4. When Pigs Fly

        A meat servo XD

      5. G5

        meat servo! Hilarious

    2. D A

      Pound it G 😂😂

    3. Andrew_Owens

      Honestly, I don't see any way to militarize this in order to ethnically cleanse people with different economic systems and religious beliefs. What's the value in that?

    4. NoeElse

      n e r d

    5. brandon horwath

      "I want to enjoy the game of pool, the way that it was meant to be played." [drags cord of robotic cue across table] ...?

    6. Cripp Ninja

      Do you have anything that can play darts?

    7. TelFiRE

      Can you just calculate a perfect break and win on the break every time?

    8. Zorbache

      How are robots better than us we made them


      Fucking yessssss man!

    10. Marco Ventura

      So smart but you don't know it's called cue. Kids are so stupid lol

    11. Matt White

      Good lord, I wish I had just a little bit of that technical talent. GREAT job at the production of the video too!

    12. Andreas Grubhofer

      love you guys. your wifes hilarious af n youre a gah damn genius! :D

    13. Tam Messina

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    14. Jenny Radcliffe

      this is the funniest cack i have ever seen. missing guile brother. good luck..

    15. studio.prevision

      I dont feel stupid that often, but when I do its when I watch this guys channel.

    16. Putin’s Gay Twin

      “I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played” Sure

    17. 3DPrinting Creative

      Awesome work!! Very nice video!

    18. Kenneth Moesgaard

      Please make this machine 🤞

    19. Republika Dugave

      Still Efren would toast it

    20. Keshav Reedoye

      Okaaayy Didn't know people like you existed on this planet😅

    21. PaperCranexz

      What if we scale up whatever he was doing with the overhead camera to have a bird eye view of a football field. And then use it for VAR reviews? Feels like it would be much better than the current camera angles VAR is using.

    22. Niels Sahl

      Hi i will say i can beat your robot at any time because my skill set is higher i dont sink the cue ball i allways read the table and deside the mace i have to run before i win with spin , speed bang shot in count i think the robot are only able to do what your skill are at , and differens is its a slight easy'er to play with a skilled player because the skilled player try to put the cue ball in save spots "blind" but beginner player dont think that long and shoot and mess the mace so you have to calulate everytime you miss a shot round and make it harder , do the robot calulate that , then i have a aponrent if not ill say im better then the robot.

    23. Jarrett Dixon

      Are you using python for your programming?

    24. Krzysztof Czochra

      this is amazing, i was like WOW :D

    25. Woudjee

      Hooooooly shit, this is FREAKING AMAAAAAZING!

    26. epiclyawesomesauce

      Just woke up from a nap, how'd I get here?

    27. Andrew Galloway

      yeah ... fuck you and yer determenistic ...deterministic ...... Universe....

    28. Nick

      Next step needs to be the cue vs a pool professional.

    29. Andrew Galloway

      computers are great at computation ...

    30. blamthekaboom

      lol long hard sticks and magic tips

    31. Abhishek Saikia

      Love how honest he is about the promotion. 🙏🏼

    32. Adrien Pinard

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    33. Kingly


    34. yakir11114

      can you make a mechanical Fourier analysis machine? like this one ?v=6dW6VYXp9HM .

    35. The Card Czar

      I love that Micro Center sponsored you, that gives me a great excuse to make the 400-mile drive to get to my nearest. Glad to be supporting this amazing content and hard work, keep it up mate!

    36. Christopher Pham

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    39. Sean Moran

      8:49 hate when my hand goes into the wrong physician

    40. johnriech bertos

      Can i call you guys a couple of few words 😂😂😂

    41. Nordic

      I'd say try to make the perfect shot where all balls go in, in one strike

    42. Blake Kokal

      Anyone know what iPad software that is for drawing?

    43. Wolf Bastian Jumao-as

      Build an iron man suit HAHAHAHAH

    44. bhop

      When you play csgo and download aimbot then youre cheater. I think its something like this because robot play instead you in real life.

    45. Kartik Subramaniam

      One thing that’s missing in your pool stick is Bluetooth data transfer for commands for wireless communication

    46. Ali Yasin

      This guy is smart

    47. David Augustine

      I'd love for this guy to build something with Michael Reeves and watch him slowly have a meltdown as he deals with Michael's insanity.

    48. Blue Ocean

      "If you have any thoughts or ideas let me know I'd love to hear them" Me: I want you to make a baby :D so everyone will be more excited, it's nice to play with your kids and teach them and play with your toys that would be an awesome family :)

    49. pRahvi0

      7:18.5 "I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played." says the guy who built a computer controlled pool stick. :D

    50. Moses Lamar

      This guy is like an anime character in real life.

    51. Jacob Mead

      Adam Savage would love this

    52. Its-abit-Fishy Raver

      WOW never seen pool this complicated

    53. Kenneth Butler

      Usually I would side with how labor is harder having watched my wife deliver our kids, but this looked PAINFUL to do! Way to go man

    54. Abd

      Dude this is absolutely incredible

    55. *iTs STill ME* V-i-P

      id still beat you with a real cue

    56. Lafeo 007

      hey I've always been interested in making things like this. But not everything can be learnt from scratch, you need to begin somewhere. Im currently studying electrical engineering but am also interested in design and an array of other things. However, I'd like to know more about who you are! what you studied? How you learn and your process behind being so well equipped with knowledge.

    57. Wes G

      Make it clear the table on the first hit every time

    58. Humanoid Typhoon

      EFREN "BATA" REYES leave the group... if you don't know him, he is the best billiard player in the world from Philippines

    59. John Gamble

      Ok just found this on tiktok so who came up with the idea first?

    60. Shashank Sagar

      You are the Stephen Hawking of programming

    61. Beech Production

      Sick stuff! But funny thing is I will go straight to wide angle distortion first, I knew it will screw things

    62. Roice Economos

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    63. greyreynyn

      i get like, mr-robot-but-nice vibes from this guy i dig it

    64. Eldrich Botor

      When he draws/writes on the iPad, what app is he using? I can’t tell besides the “pro” at the top of it

      1. Alvaro Fuentes

        That is not an iPad. Off-camera he took a 20 minute break from the project to build a custom tablet from scratch.

    65. Nica Bogdan Marian

      You're crazy man, nice job! 👍

    66. Adrien Carré

      Does your wife and you matched because smiling is a painfull exercise for both of you ? :p Congrats, this is very impressive and after the video with Dustin, you got my subscription ! :)

    67. JENNIE HAN

      “I want to enjoy the game of the pool the way that it was meant to be played”...

    68. Mthokozisi Mkhize

      20:28 Had me dying😂😂😂

    69. Flex Tape Clear

      “I wanna enjoy the game as it was meant to be played “ Bruh

    70. Barkin yiğitbaşı

      YOU ARE AWESOME, keep up the hardwork sir

    71. Honda NTV 650

      I would like to see it playing snooker... against RoS (o:

    72. Canuckiwi

      I swear this guy could wake up anyday, decide to take over the world, and do it. And probably make a vid explaining how he did it.

    73. Jabu Mutezo

      this dude has big brain energy!!!

    74. Nguyen Van Thanh

      or u can build a robot for plays it with u !!

    75. Nguyen Van Thanh

      have u try to use zonepoint

    76. CITH Valentine

      20:34 actually building that is harder than labor.. giving birth isn’t hard.. 1) you have sex 2)you wait 3) you give birth.. you can rape a brain dead female, and she can get pregnant, and give birth.. building that is/was WAY HARDER THAN LABOR

    77. nickunderpar

      I fucking laughed so hard when you screwed into that cable 😂😂😂😂 waiting for it to happen to me one day but ive yet to be that unlucky. I like how you drilled in the dead centre of it too 😂😂😂

    78. C1

      ”It’s also very easy solving this mathematically using linear algebra.” Yes, ofcourse. **cries internally*

      1. Rodrigo

        I’m taking linear algebra in college this semester and I’m really crying lol

    79. Ryan Tidwell

      Ok so I know this is totally unfair but I gotta say it. There are too many people like you with amazing brains doing this super cool crap, but why don't you use those super smarts to make something that actually makes the world a better place? Nobody really needs a robot pool que. The world is broken and people like me are too dumb to fix it. "With great brains comes great responsibility" Its up to people like you guys. Lol. Great video. I clicked the link and entered my email address for microcenter even though I had already google it and there is not a store anywhere near me. I live near Salt Lake City. Tell them to build me a store will ya? :D

    80. Ding Bat

      Mind job. Definitely a mind job! 🤯

    81. Muhammad Rangga

      11:34 no no idiot can make things like that

    82. salvosports

      You have created a learning tool to train someone to beat the likes of Stephen Mizerak. Obviously you are going to manufacture a retailed packaged system and sell it to train ordinary people become master pool players!!!! When you see those customers on TV win an APA championship you can say, "There is my kid, I win too!" Then you can ask them for half the purse! You're rich Biatch!

    83. Dave Nezra Pappas

      Whoot! My man! Hehe look, Dustin had to comment on this one *wink wink.

    84. bobi chung

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    85. Snivel Snovel

      Could you make a water bottle that when you drink it it play music?

    86. Jonathan Vandagriff

      You joined KGup one year ago today. Keep up the amazing work! I look forward to your next projects!

    87. Liz Presser

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    88. znuoy 33

      Lets talk about balls and sticks

    89. Lucas Peterson

      I’m building a pc, and I want to know where or how I can get a decent motherboard and a decent video card for ok prices if you can tell me that would be great :)

    90. Zeb Culture

      I like your Funny words magic man. However I do not understand them and am going into existential despair.

    91. Origins .0000

      Who watched this whole video. Not me. Boring.zzzzzzz. that ending was hard to watch friend zone. Lame how about making a robot to be your wing man.

    92. matt10342

      Dude this is incredible. Years of knowledge and weeks of hard work all summed up into 20 minutes of KGup video. You deserve the sub man!

    93. gramos

      "wich implies tha i am an idiot" :/

    94. mike christian

      I had the same problem one night when I was really drunk, too bulky, my day job problem, and, that night, no way I could get it stiff enough.

    95. Anime brobro

      imaging doing this to the stock market

    96. Matthew Foxx

      Well... I watched this whole video through without skipping anything. I just leveled up to super nerd. Lol

    97. Fast Physics

      Absolutely incredible “proof of concept”. It could be in a museum.

    98. Richard Chen

      Let Chandler try this, he will lose

    99. Francisco

      Amazing content.

    100. Issac Oh

      the redemption arc in this anime is beautiful