Corey & Crawford

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    Crawford & I did a smash or pass for some stupid reason and this what we said!!
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    1. Sammy

      I was having such a bad day and watching this made me 100x happier

    2. jaden love

      trevi is out now it feels weird

    3. ALANOUD Alotaibi 4

      I never realized how funny they are

    4. Dot Dot

      What it do baby 😍

    5. Aracely Valentin

      Corey 🥺💙 We miss you!

    6. Waseema Khan

      We miss you Corey😭💙💖💙💖

    7. Waseema Khan

      I miss you Corey😔💙❤💙❤

    8. Yasmin Lopez

      This popped up in my recommendations today 😔 Happy thanksgiving Corey❤️

    9. maddie maryanne

      I miss you so much corey I think about u so much ! Such a beautiful soul 💙🖤💙🖤

    10. elicia

      man miss you so much corey

    11. kyleigh britt

      we miss you..

    12. best_of_all_ celebrities

      Yes I'm crying.

    13. ❻ • B L V C K ❻ C V L T • ❻

      Accepted - Corey la barrie May 10th 2020

    14. Mags

      Poor Dani😂😂

    15. I Love You

      She be looking like a great friend 😂 I love this guy, rip Corey 💛

    16. kaylee rivera

      i miss you so much corey you meant so much to me crawford and everyone else

    17. Aditi Vergs

      Okay so I'm watching the videos back, and crawf looks so carefree. I miss this stupid things they do..

    18. I Love You

      Oh she be looking like a great friend 😂

    19. YG

      I miss Corey 💔💔

    20. Jen ram

      them talking about porn hub had me ded but its 1 a and ppl are sleeping

    21. Alba Talie Phillips

      Their banter in the beginning just made me smile. They are so happy here ❤️

    22. Camryn

      the intro is basically the best thing in the vlogs 😂😂

    23. Danica Samson

      Anyone else see that part 2 is private

    24. Danica Samson

      Nobody: Crawford: ITS A JOOOOOOOOKE

    25. Lexi M

      It’s 1am when I’m watching this 💗

    26. Lesly Robledo

      i miss you so much!

    27. sheva F

      This popped up on my recommendations and I had to watch it🥺

    28. Tana

      corey: 11:14 this is for you daniel *does the handshake* me: starts crying* rip King

    29. Anna Grace Goldenberg

      im watching this now and im crying cause i miss corey

    30. Jana Du Piesanie

      where is part 2

    31. Sydney Reed

      Rewatching old videos. I miss Corey 😕😕

    32. morgan a

      i miss you

    33. Kaydence Lockhart

      I’ve been watching all their videos for corey . I’ll miss his laugh it is amazing. I’ll miss you corey I love you💙 Crawford if you ever see this comment I know this video was awhile ago but I want to tell you that corey would be so proud of you and is probably so happy that you decided to continue this channel 🕊💙💙

    34. Lucy Whitfield

      I miss you Corey

    35. Amy Jones

      Corey’s laugh 🥺 10:25

    36. Amelia Baur

      i can’t stop watching these. i miss you corey. 💙

    37. Krissy Kat

      It’s so sad Corey was taken to soon and won’t get to make a girl happy and make a family :(

    38. Krissy Kat

      First girl got a boyfriend haha

    39. Lola Unwin

      Wow Corey was in a MOOD in this Vidio 😂😂😂😂

    40. yoongi's-seesaw\

      When oscar farted their reactions 😂

    41. persephy

      missing you extra today. i love you corey

    42. Veronika Bonifacy

      This was so fucking funny omg 😂

    43. yanitsa duh

      one of my fav videos, miss you angel

    44. Jordana Ricci

      this popped up in my recommended. taken too soon. we miss u corey :(

    45. drina k

      can someone explain the house thing corey said for kristen💙

    46. Natalie Löwen


    47. Shannon BOGGIE

      this popped up in my recommended today. fuck I miss you Corey

    48. Savannah Renne

      rest in paradise, angel

    49. Demitrival

      Gosh their bond was strong): hope Crawford’s doing while

    50. Megan Sharma

      yeah but honestly. Crawford and Sydney would be such a cute couple... opposites attract right? ;))

    51. Katie Collins

      I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry watching this. So much laughter and joy in this video, but we won’t get to see it again 😭💙

    52. Mia Kathleen

      Crawford is literally gorgeous

    53. Brooke Forrest

      I can’t stop smiling the whole time, these boys were something different 😔💙💞

    54. Javiera Salgado

      10:13 #dorey

    55. Kayla Flasha

      this is my favourite video to come back too, makes me laugh every time. Specially now🥺🥺 wish prt2 was still public. Wishing u all the best crawford

    56. Emma Mingie

      there was never a part 2😂😭

    57. Songbird43

      Miss you Corey

    58. Kyle Vehnise Catolico

      Im rewatching all of their videos, and this one made me cry cause im tryna fool myself that corey was still alive but his shirt says paradise. Rest in paradise Corey. Gone but never forgotten💙

    59. Emily Kate

      research and development 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. Aya Hamad

      Lmao why not taking that thing off your head if ur sweating 😂😂

    61. Ka’Meya Ingram


    62. Laura F

      When Oscar said Emily Tosta -She be looking -Crawford kills him with the eyes -Like a great friend I can’t 😂

    63. amie carter

      Miss you Corey 😭💙🇦🇺

    64. no name

      Why can’t I see part 2?

    65. melancholic

      miss you so much corey, rest peacefully angel 🕊

    66. Neishka Marie

      Their smiles >>>

    67. hanabiirax


    68. YU Creations

      Who’s here after Corey died 💔

    69. Nicki Pierre

      Literally one of my favorite videos ever I laughed nonstop 😂💙

    70. k

      corey la barrie you are so loved. so appreciated. so needed. he was the best thing that ever happened to so many. he is a Rockstar 💙💙💙💙💙

    71. Chelsey Douglass

      I miss you Corey 💙

    72. Erin Lozada

      This is great ❤️

    73. Erin Lozada


    74. Bristolforever7

      I love this video, Corey looks so happy🥺 we miss you so much man

    75. E. A.

      Corey's shirt saying "PARADISE". RIP buddy 💙

    76. noe lani

      "We're not home wreckers bro. We tryna keep those homes in tact" 🥺

    77. Brie Lentz

      um amanda cerny has a bf too😂😂😂😂 i miss corey!

    78. Veronica Terzi

      Gonna miss them laughing every 2 seconds together 💙💙💙 love youuuuuu

    79. Wendy Garcia

      thank you for the laughs 🥺🥰🥰

    80. Lilliana Da Fre

      i am scared from the daniel seavey part

    81. Rayna Tyaga

      im binge watching their video rn, i cried for 4 hours straight but what's new 💙

    82. breona fung

      oscar’s laugh makes this 10x funnier

    83. devrox1234


    84. Sailor Seok⟭⟬

      Rip corey 1995-2020 your memory will forever stay with us🕊

    85. ᴋᴇʟsᴇʏ

      The Daniel part had me DEAD

      1. ᴋᴇʟsᴇʏ

        @Avery Lay 10:10

      2. Avery Lay


    86. Angelica Campbell

      Rip 🖤

    87. Danielle Vella

      "I think there's literal shit in my love sac" I CRIED

    88. Kayla Perkins

      i miss him so much 😣😣 these next few days i’ll definitely be binging corey footage 💙

    89. Margaret O'Brien

      When Corey said he would take daniel out on a date Me:I thought you already did😟😂

    90. Aishah Hassan


    91. Laila Hatcher

      This popped up in my recommended today. I miss u

      1. Jahnyah Learmond

        Me too wth

      2. Simran Bhalla


      3. Nicol 2104

        Same... It's hard to watch and think that he is not here anymore... I miss him so much! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    92. Abby Childs


    93. L B


    94. Madison Brown

      Oscar: Daniel Seavey Corey: fUcKiNg SmAsH!!! Crawford: yeah Run it Daniel + Limelights: *DYING lmao*

    95. Jemi Schmidt

      Crwaf talking 'bout syd😍

    96. Panda Sunflower

      Corey would you go on a date with Jenna now after reality house?

    97. ava

      nobody: absolutely no one: not even corey: crawford: I wish that many people would jerk off to me shaking my a- wAiT

    98. ava

      I'm on my period and was crying. I watched this and laughed and.. uhm.. yeah.. rip my white shorts.

    99. Lallis Xit

      10:20 😂😂😂😂😂

    100. ani

      the energy in this video is unmatched 😂😂