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    1. (E) FRANCHISE / Travis Scott, Young Thug, M.I.A
    2. (E) Mr. Right Now / 21 Savage, Metro Boomin, Drake
    3. (E) Girls in the Hood / Megan Thee Stallion
    4. (E) Do It (Remix) / Chloe x Halle, Doja Cat, City Girls, Mulatto
    5. (E) Mood / 24kgoldn, Iann Dior
    6. (E) Lemonade (Remix) / Internet Money, Don Toliver, Roddy..
    7. (E) Laugh Now Cry Later / Drake, Lil Durk
    8. (E) Don’t Stop (feat. Young Thug) / Megan Thee Stallion, Yo.
    9. (E) Glock In My Lap / 21 Savage, Metro Boomin
    10. (E) Whole Lotta Choppas / Sada Baby
    11. (E) Race Car
    12. (E) Tap In (feat. Post Malone, DaBaby & Jack Harlow) / Saw...
    13. (E) Blood Walk / YG, D3szn, Lil Wayne
    14. (E) Something Special / Pop Smoke
    15. (E) Go Crazy / Chris Brown, Young Thug
    16. (E) Blastoff / Internet Money, Juice WRLD, Trippie Redd
    17. (E) Flood My Wrist (feat. Lil Uzi Vert) / A Boogie Wit da Hoo...
    18. (E) B*tch From Da Souf (Remix) [feat. Saweetie & Trina] / M...
    19. (E) Muwop / Mulatto, Gucci Mane
    20. (E) Runnin / 21 Savage, Metro Boomin
    21. (E) Too Blessed / Rich The Kid, Quavo, Takeoff
    22. (E) Wolves / Big Sean, Post Malone
    23. (E) Narrow Road (feat. Lil Baby) / NLE Choppa, Lil Baby
    24. (E) BLIND / DaBaby, Young Thug
    25. (E) Mood Swings / Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay
    26. (E) Mood Swings / Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay
    27. (E) Martin & Gina / Polo G
    28. Dinner Guest (feat. MoStack / AJ Tracey, Mo.
    29. (E) Out On Bail / YG
    30. Hit Different / SZA
    31. (E) For The Night / Pop Smoke, Lil Baby, DaBaby
    #rap2020 #hiphop2020 #hiphopmix

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      Da hora slk! 💀💪

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      MUITO BOM =)))) tHE BEST

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      VERY GOOD BRO!!!

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      ah thamk you this is so bomb

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      Ooh dear what happened to modern hiphop ? Guess I stick to the old school stuff ,-)

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      fuckin ad

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      .Saw you................................


      Where I get extended versions for free.... Please help me anyone

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      its lemonade for me!!!!!1

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      Ilove your

    32. Jesús Cruz

      Megan and cardi😍♥️

    33. Travis

      *2021* ❤ 👇

    34. Peter Griffinn

      Drake always ruins the track. Wtf


      Underagers listen to rap hiphop.

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      Best rap

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      I from Japan This music is Love

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        I am from Japan. I love this music. U wanna say like this,bro?

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      It's really dope

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      Am always here every 4:20 p.m



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      song at 19:04 ?

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      We’re can i purchase this cd

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    84. Brenda Sawyer

      When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.

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      Music is Life‼️💎

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        Music is Life‼️💎

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