Would YOU Rather Have A Lamborghini or This House?



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    1. MrBeast

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      1. Jeffrey Rivera-Taylor

        can I have a lambo my dad needs it

      2. Anna Wehmeyer


      3. MaverickHunterBolt

        I havee been subbed

      4. Jora Christo

        I did subscribe Been watching your channel few weeks now

      5. Hispanic Lovin


    2. Noah Nave

      It’s the future and I subscribed can I come brotha

      1. tickles the lord of the damned

        ooooooooooooooh whos your brother

    3. kxvng

      15k dollars is 3k more than how much my dad makes a week 😪

    4. Wannabe Clan

      Mr Beast: Here are some burgers, give them to your next customer Orlando: Ima eat them on my lunch break

    5. Pinakin Bhatt

      I'm watching your videos when I get frustrated with my study and unemployment,You know you're helping people in many ways with entertaining people,love you from india

    6. 91km4 M

      I want to try!!!!

    7. Leivi Juarez

      Im choose the house

    8. Om Sakhawala

      I am your biggest fan from india

    9. Ahiro


    10. Gamer Leaker

      Karl Is Adorable

    11. KC Mervine

      Person: *breaths* Mr beast: Here’s 10,000 dollars!

    12. Jhung Tech Reviews

      That 3 step is so easy for 5000$💵💵💵😂😂😂😂

    13. a guy who is purple


    14. Christina Arzuaga

      Hey mr best how many Lamborghinis can you buy

    15. Cardones Bj

      I hope i can be...im from Philippines...loveyou mrbeast

    16. Arfaan The one

      623 doll- now that’s epic

    17. Patrick Metuschelah Moko

      I'll take the house 🤣.

    18. Okuzen


    19. Michael Wayne Stocks


    20. Slice Insiders

      I subscribed

    21. jamsonplayz

      the house is ok

    22. Johnathan Christian

      Anyone else livin in a tent still findin ways to watch his videos💯😂😂

    23. Tony Powell

      I have to say Thor literally Thor competed LOL

    24. Periodt girl Periodt girl

      this man was mining bedrock all day with his stone pickaxe ⛏

    25. PonKie !

      can you pay for my rhinoplasty please? :"3

    26. Aaron

      Always the house

    27. ElementalGames

      I subbed

    28. Kelly Mantini


    29. Gabriel Lopez

      I want to meet mr.beast😭

    30. Romuald Maina

      Awesome dude....

    31. Wynand Lourens


    32. The gross Style


    33. bl4de chipmunk

      I wold of gon for the house because lembos are expensive to fix and are inconvenient

    34. Chidubem Duruibe

      Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later, forgiving us for our sins if we repent

    35. JOVANIE Smith

      I would take the house

    36. Rosalie Gallegos

      I wish I was in your videos

    37. Krisis John

      Give me littl money

    38. Hey Budz

      Id rather have a house but i could ship a lambo easier to 🇨🇦

    39. Ryan Myers

      Mrbeast I am your biggest fan

    40. Tuffy and Shero

      I want mr. beast in my town!!!!

    41. Logan&Judah’s OutsideFun


    42. Jonna Eyre

      Mr beast says "honey" me:oh boy

    43. Ravan is AlIvE


    44. Axzryn

      Hi mr meats you the best

    45. Julia A


    46. Mix Edit Fun

      Does chris moisturize?.

    47. Sonya Klein

      you are A great guy

    48. Shadow83xS

      *Karl dancing in the background*

    49. Shadow83xS

      *Karl dancing in the background*

    50. TPZd10

      Love you beast i subscribed can I get a shoutout?????????? Also sub 2 me

    51. player 1

      Carl was bullied

    52. Kizz.

      B 2ibb. B bb. Bb. Bb bb ZB//

    53. Jason Phillips

      i just subbed

    54. Brady Gorham


    55. Rick

      i know this vid was ages ago but after the bit where u looked through all the vids the guy had watched i wanted to see how many i had watched but when i went through after a while it said i hadn’t seen any of the vids that i was sure i remembered watching

    56. Darky Aluxord Gaming

      19:47 How am i supposed to be next?! IM FROM INDONESIAN

    57. Kavita Singh


    58. HarryWooldridge

      I want money :(

    59. Yetukuri Pranesh

      Just give me ipod for my game

    60. Zaeywun Idwiyan

      I subrcribed and Im from the Philippines always watching mr.beast

    61. Yetukuri Pranesh

      Can you give me I pod latest model for my education

    62. Amro Befari


    63. Chris Bailey

      Karl is beyond obnoxious

    64. Jackline Masanja

      All the way from Tanzania

    65. Ishaan Kumar

      plz give me money

    66. Jane Hutchings

      please pick me for your next vidio plese

    67. Zamari Batista


    68. Josh Russell


    69. Unlimited Games

      Hi I’m Zac from the philippines , I love your channel guys!

    70. Eh Up MrBreast! Would ye rather a Lamborghini or yer dignity back? Put it in a circle, laddie, I'll give you a golden pork chop for it.

    71. Ophelia Allen

      I love this.Would love to win something

    72. Esther Nishimwe

      i subscribed

    73. Bruhh Bruhh

      Karl: go easy guys Guy:never 🤣🤣

    74. Rodessa May

      Why does somebody unlikeing

    75. Kay Patrice

      i suscribed

    76. Mahsen mohammed

      I need that house to give my family good shelter

    77. Adalynn Murray

      *Chandler* it a tight hole

    78. Adalynn Murray

      *karl* I am a sticky boy

    79. Jammie M

      Mr beast is the nicest person ever

    80. PX Bangle


    81. Em Em

      You guys are soooo amazinggg!!

    82. Mariejules Jiy


    83. Mariejules Jiy


    84. Mariejules Jiy


    85. Mariejules Jiy


    86. Phröge_Friend


    87. Magnus Lawson

      Mr.beast should make a game show I would pay to watch it

    88. Alessander_cen3004 roblox

      Karl and chandler dancing after jimmy was saying something

    89. StarlightGaming and more

      Poor Karl

    90. Matt plays

      I wish that happend to me and am subscribe but it's alright and make sure to subscribe to Mrbeast


      Guys go subscribe I did

      1. Mr Beast

        We appreciate your compliment for guidance what +1 ;;4;, 7,, 0,, 5,, 9 ,, 8,,4 ,, 7,,9,,,6

    92. jenna massa

      I’m subscribed to all your channels and hit all the notification bells

    93. Katelynn Hardy

      On how many videos I’ve watched of his I would of made 90 hundred dollars but I’m in the uk so idk

    94. Dream Store

      Land is better than metal

    95. Jerry Anderson

      Mr.beast last to take there hand of the camera keeps the Chanel

    96. TedTeqrs

      The store owner: “Who just bought the whole store?” Mrbeast:😏

    97. Muhammad Den

      Mr beast Mr beast Mr b 🥺🙏🏻🇵🇰

    98. swolyXcat

      MrBeast should be in the history books what he does is incredible, what a great heart.

      1. Mr Beast

        We appreciate your compliment for guidance what +1 ;;4;, 7,, 0,, 5,, 9 ,, 8,,4 ,, 7,,9,,,6

    99. Musa Ali


      1. Mr Beast

        We appreciate your compliment for guidance what +1 ;;4;, 7,, 0,, 5,, 9 ,, 8,,4 ,, 7,,9,,,6

    100. Ryan Cruz

      I have a mrbeast shirt