Fish Like These Areas The BEST! (Catch More Fish)

Scott Martin

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    I show you how to find the best spots to fish and what to look for to increase your chances to catch big fish.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you for all the continued support! Let me know what fishing tips you want me to cover 👊🏼

      1. Eric Stowe

        And THANK YOU for the content! I love it man. My daughter and i watch your vid everyday together after she finishes her homework. She learns allot from do i. Then we go to the lake and put it to work. Thank you..... GOT TO GO MAN!!!!

      2. Kevin Mckinney

        Popping frogs in grassy areas and lily pads

      3. Jack Trahan

        @Edward Wacasey Suwanee, Withlacoochee, Ocklawaha Rivers....

      4. Jack Trahan

        Catching summertime bass on Orange Lake, Gainesville, Florida...patterns, baits, tips...keep the content rolling! Bam!

      5. Lucy

        You should do a video on what lures to match with what line and when to use each line and lure

    2. reno4x4

      Find a bird. Find a bass.

    3. Adam Holliday

      I loved your drop shot video. That first fish of the season was a beast. I'd love to see a fishing with a frog video, both hallow body and soft plastic frogs.

    4. ctcooper87

      Scott, I would like to see a video on how to distinguish the bite and hook sets for different lures.

    5. Dillon Elrod

      Bank fishing summer fishing tips! It usually about 90 degrees everyday in OHIO water temp probably about 75! I use Texas rigs and ned rigs and jigs and catch fish all day but haven't caught any big fish like I was able to in the spring. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!

    6. Adrian Kidd

      Offshore fishing tips please

    7. Lloyd Elliott

      I'd like to know when to throw what bait during the day.

    8. Eli Banks

      Offshore summer fishing

    9. Brock Johnson

      Amazing tips man! Thanks for another great video! I’d like to know where you start on a fishery you’ve never been too? Do you just get online first and check out maps and water depths first? Thanks man

    10. Maverick Williamson

      You should Fish more in Oklahoma

    11. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Scott I have been purchasing AFTCO shirts and shorts and there the best fishing clothes out there

    12. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Please do some videos on jig baits in shallow water on rivers

    13. Llamahouse2

      Hey Scott! Great to see you make adjustments and move up for some valuable points! Tight lines 🎣

    14. nathan morin

      Bank fishing tips , your opinion on high percentage spots depending on weather, temperature, time of day. What to throw, colors.

    15. LakeAnnaFishing

      When to fish deep water over shallow water post spawn???

    16. way 20k

      Top 5 best lures to throw in cover

    17. Michael Cobb

      Please do a video of off shore fishing

    18. Eddie Butler

      I was raised on the Arkansas River I have fished it from Dardanelle to Kerr some days it can be the best thing going other days it ain’t fit for nothing but barge traffic

    19. Jason Summers

      Deep fishing would be great for summer

    20. Jakob Karlson

      Favorite bait to use

    21. C216 WARRIORS

      I have not Caught a bad in 4days

    22. Smithvegas BassAssassin

      Another awesome video Scott! Thanks for all the tips and information about different areas on the river! Living near several good sized rivers I can fish in VA, it’s been a big help! Would love to see you do a episode about locating and fishing the incoming and outgoing tides! Tight Lines my man and keep up the amazing work! 💯

    23. Armando Rodriguez

      I don’t have any fishing experience, but I want to go fishing, what I should do?

      1. Green Mtn Bass

        Step 1: Buy a fishing pole. Start with a medium action 6'6" spinning combo. You can get something totally decent at Dick's Sporting Good's or Walmart for like 50-75$. Step 2: Buy some fishing line to put on your reel. 10-12 lb test monofilament or 12-15 lb braid is good for beginners. Step 3: Buy some basic tackle. I'd recommend starting with some Gamakatsu circle hooks, 3/0 EWG hooks, and some 1/8 oz bullet weights. Step 4: Buy some lures. Some good ones to start with - 5" STICK BAIT: Yum Dinger, Gary Yamamoto Senko, or Googan Baits Lunker Log are all good options. CRAW: I like the Srike King Rage Craw. Some others that also work well are Berkely Chigger Craw, Net Bait Paca Craw or Zoom Super Speed Craw. SPINNER BAIT: I like the Strike King KVDs but just about any spinner bait will do as long as the blades spin good. SQUAREBILL CRANK BAIT: KVD 1.5 is a good one. Step 5: Learn how to spool line onto your spinning reel. You can look this up on KGup. Step 6: Learn some basic fishing knots. The improved clinch knot, fisherman's knot, Trilene knot, or palomar knot are good, strong knots that are relatively easy to tie. You can also look these up online. Step 6: Learn some basic rigs. For the stick bait you can just wacky rig (circle hook straight through the middle) or weedless Texas rig (look this one up as well) with or without a bullet weight. For the craw just a basic Texas rig WITH a bullet weight is good. The Spinner bait and crank bait do not require any special rigging, just tie one on, chuck it out there and reel in, but experiment with your retrieve. Step 7: look up some local ponds, lakes or rivers that are known to have largemouth, smallmouth or spotted bass in them that have decent shore access or better yet if you have access to a boat all you need is a suitable public boat launch. Step 8: Get fishin! Good luck.

    24. GrumpyRed

      Fishing post front condition

    25. John Milligan

      Hey Scott , I would like to see what baits you reach for when fishing a new lake , what helps find the patterns the fastest ? Thanks keep up the great work !

    26. Largemouth Paradise

      Fishing my waters Scott! I live in Fort Gibson. From a local who fishes that river. Use Pumpkin seed worms and black and blue jigs! Good luck on the Arkansas river!

    27. Willie J. Allen Jr.

      Hey Scott, I live in Orlando and fish the Harris chain, Kissimmee as well as other local lakes. Can you show us your strategy for fishing topped out grasses on the lakes. How do you fish a chatterbait, worms and creature baits. It’s that time of year and I’d like to see how you fish topped out grass in the local lakes.

    28. Bob Lillard

      GPS coordinates on Arbuckle.... LOL

    29. Batchhitt

      What made you go from 10 foot blades to 8 foots

    30. Joseph Caballero

      ON BANK fishing tips

    31. Calvin Shim

      This is a great Video. Useful instead of just entertaining

    32. Living Life Outdoors TV

      Tips on weather patterns would be a great topic.

    33. Savannah daniel

      do favorite lures

    34. BassGeek

      Great tips. Don't try to fish it all fish those good looking spots. Bass will be there.

    35. Steven T

      Scott look forward to seeing you at Bass Pro shop on the third day. Good luck!!!

    36. cbailey1275

      How to fish high percentage grass. Such as lake Seminole.

    37. SpankyMcBee

      No Hot Foot? Or am I missing it?

    38. clay mabry

      Just wanting to see if you actually read all the comments. If so will you reply to me?? If not it's cool. But it would be better if scott martin himself says hey or anything really. I was just reading your description witch I never do on videos. Just so happen to read Scott's sometimes. It said it in the description and it's what it said he reads all comments. Also the videos are perfect nothing to be changed there. Atleast to me there amazing. I'm doing what you wanted and commenting and all. So let's see if you do what I want or need. Anyways stay great man. Keep up the great fishing. Also I dont want you to think I'm coming off as a dick and demanding you reply to me and all this other. I'm just seeing if I can get a huge KGupr, such as yourself to reply to me for once. So please dont think I'm trying to come off that way. Also how do we really know its scott that is replying and not brandon or someone else. I guess that's were we just gotta trust in Scott there. And know he wouldnt actually do us like that. Anyways have a great day scott.

    39. Anderson Hassell612

      What is you name on fishbrain

    40. Cr80kid 69

      You should try to fish Osage river in Warsaw mo it’s pretty hard

    41. Cory Dillon

      Great info just started tournament fishing definitely am gonna apply these tips !

    42. Nik Zamora

      hard swim bait tips. not many people have put those out.

    43. John newman

      A completely covered pond with weeds and algae

    44. Robert Wolfe

      Flippin and punching video

    45. Tj Sheppard

      Scott Martin "Da Man" mad respect could you do a creature bait episode

    46. Bobby Swain

      Looked like the mouth of the Canadian River there SM....that area can be dynamite.....especially in a jet boat

    47. The Dawsonian

      How much $$ you think a guy like Scott has tied up in rods/reels/tackle? All in? ...$40-$50k?

    48. Dustin Weinberg

      So I just noticed that you don’t use a hot foot. Is there a specific reason why?

    49. Joey Lucas

      Bass fishing tips for river tournament anglers

    50. RLM Fishing

      What is your go to bait for big big bass, just asking for myself use lol

    51. RLM Fishing

      I really enjoy your videos and tips, it helps one to really evolve and break through to big big hidden bass of Michigan

    52. Jeremy Huffman

      What happen Billy Got Bass

    53. Tylor Clark

      I fish there fairly regularly so the river tips is great for me

    54. Justin Cain

      Commentary killed me on this video. Thanks for the humor today Scott!

    55. Jordan Parker

      PLEASE SCOTT MARTIN!!! Do a deep summertime fishing guide to finding and determining what humps, flats, ledges, and structure to fish. Explain what makes one point better than the next for schooled up fish!

    56. Jeff Pauli

      I got a lake where the fish school in 18 to 25 foot of water and have thrown everything I can think of, how can I trigger these fish to bite what I'm throwing?

    57. Blake Horton

      Fishing offshore! Please!

    58. Lorrin Willden

      Really enjoy the videos. It does kinda feel like I'm hanging out with you. All your videos are put together very well. You inspire me to be a better angler every day. Thanks Scott!

    59. James Stroup

      Jump a sandbar and no life jackets 👌

    60. nooby fishing

      Do you have any flats red fishing tips??

    61. Live Death Live

      Bank fishing tips please. Ive been trying to catch my first bass for the past 3 years off the bank here in georgia from lake oconee, turner lake, lake varner, and black shoals lake and have had no success.

    62. Chad Taylor

      What are high percentage spots on shore

    63. Chase Vestal

      Wish I could meet ya while your in Oklahoma that’s be cool! Good luck have fun at the classic.

    64. Evan Shillcox

      Where to find fish post spawn late June early August 100 degree weather shallow or deep what to use. Thanks Scott!

    65. Steve Z

      I like seeing how you put in your boat in 'off the beating path' boat ramps....allah any spot you can get your trailer into.

    66. Bradley Hines

      Scott martin I have a question. I just bought my step dad the 2020 lews tournment pro lfs for fathers day and need the best all around favorite rod to put it on. What would u recomemd preferably $150ish for budget? He normaly bass fishes with a spinning real so I dont know what luers u he would use for his first casting rig. He has baitcasters for catfishing but not bass fishing. Hopeing to get him more into the bass

    67. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Yes. More like this. Awesome knowledge thank you.

    68. Hilljack Outdoors

      Bring Brandon back in the videos


      Scott could you make a video on flipping and pitching? Or flipping docks? thats were im getting beat at the moment, I fish Clark Hill,Russell, Greenwood, And Hartwell. or do a Carolina rig video. i slam them in the summer on a Carolina rig or a shaky head but really need to improve my dock flipping. thank you so much for the time you take away from your family to do this, i know family and fishing is a fine line, i spend 10 hours a day on my boat every chance i get and balancing that and family can be tough.

    70. James mason

      Summer Cranking. Areas and water depth.

    71. Weekend Dangler

      I find rivers more simple cause your can rally find fish in more common sense areas if that makes much sense at all lol

    72. Chad Heck

      Offshore fishing for summer time in super clear water.

    73. Troy Roach

      I’d love to see a tips video on how you determine when to use a frog vs a punch jig when you’re around heavy vegetation

    74. Reeves

      How to decide if bass are spawning or not and when to fish shallower banks or deeper water.

    75. Kennan Stoker

      Would love a video on when do you flip, when do you use a moving bait, and does water clarity matter

    76. Twood 03

      Go to kerr and hit up tamaha when you can

    77. Joe Vanscoy

      doing a public meet up? I'm in northeast Oklahoma and would love to meet you.

    78. Morgan Hood

      Love to see night fishing tips, offshore structure tips, and deep ledge tips/tricks. Always great vids and info from you boss!

    79. PBoutdoorTV

      I'd like to see how you would go after slot redfish or speckled trout!

    80. Jackson Williams

      1. I loved this video being in Arkansas we have so many rivers to fish this helps a lot 2. How to fish deep clear water

    81. Webb A lisa

      Thanks Mr. Martin, my PB was back in the 70’s not that big just a in right spot , right time, did not know what was doing thing! Now days , thanks to you some others fishing more than , dig some worms let’s go fishing ! Did hit a streak , same lure same lay out , one was a river other a lake, 2 bass, both small but fishing of the banks, got look at the the “Bird in the hand not the 2 in the bushes”!

    82. joseph lassiter

      Show tips on fishing deep water like 25' plus and tips on keeping bass alive after they have been pulled from deep water

    83. Douglas Enzor

      Does the spot lock trolling motors work like it sounds by holding your boat in a location or just save that location in memory or both?

    84. Douglas Enzor

      Hey nice to see the pro struggle a little too

    85. Logan C Outdoors

      Could you do fishing offshore. I think some people would like to fish offshore but dont know how to break offshore down. I love the fishing videos and thanks for the tips

    86. Guts

      Here in Northeast Oklahoma, when I was a little kid I saw a buck swimming across the middle of a lake when we were on the boat. When I got a little older, we saw another one swim across. I think it was a doe.. Crazy to think that they do that. I wonder what would make them look across the lake and be compelled to do it. Lol

    87. Kyle Barn

      Anyone catch the big jug of oil on the boat at 11:30 good ole Evinrude

    88. JD

      I would love any tips on flippin with a baitcaster.

    89. 박종윤

      감사합니다! Thank you!

    90. Jake Schisler

      When the Shad are running in schools that's a great place to cast and it doesn't matter what you toss in there for Bass to strike

    91. Craig Stevens

      Big pressure tip

    92. Edward English

      So basically a person can run and gunn those H% spots and do better in less time.

    93. Brad Hester

      I’d love to see a video on skipping with a baitcaster no one does them.

    94. Phil Ralston Fishing

      Lake break down before a ledge event. Lets say event is a TN River and at Kentucky Lake.

    95. Fishin' With TinyBassN

      How about tips on of shore fishing since all I've ever done is beat the bank fishing.

    96. Ched Burton

      Scott love your videos. They are a great combo of education and entertainment. My question is-I’m new to serious fishing but I would call Lay Lake in Alabama my home lake. As you know Lay is part of the Coosa chain and is “country tidal”, in other words the depth and current can change drastically in a matter of minutes. Could you discuss how the impact of dam generators/turbines impacts fishing as it relates to water level and drawing of water in and our of creeks and the main channel.

    97. James Fox

      Do you always fish throwing up current? Or is there a situation where you throw against the current?

    98. Christian Tyree

      How to pitch a lure I’d love to learn how to pitch in a small spot.

    99. Bass Raider

      Finesse summer fishing! We can’t wait for the next tournament videos!

    100. Braden Key

      Need to pull out the shakey head!