Reacting to Demi Lovato's New Song, 'Commander in Chief'

Ben Shapiro

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    1. mike

      Shut up and eat something Demi

    2. Nightsky Smith

      People listen to that s***??

    3. E RON

      Just shows how far the selfishness goes... she does think she's Godlike... disgusts me

    4. Andrea Mosier

      Dumb song

    5. Rudy M

      Cringiest music video ever 🤣🤣

    6. El Guapo

      Didn’t she smoke crack?

    7. D Love

      She claims shes an addict just to seem more edgy and deep. Too bad her music is factory manufactured like a box of kiddy cereal.

    8. Robert Rayner

      Ben, were was I? White, straight, male with a job paying taxes?

    9. Atmos Valor

      What a beautiful song for Biden... she nailed it. I mean her commander in chief is Biden sooooooo.....🤷‍♀️ Did I get the message right???

    10. Amy H

      She's mad if he gets his way with the wall she might have a hard time getting her fix. Either that or she knew this was the only way of getting anyone to listen to one of her songs🤔 Actually both🤮🤮🤣🤣🤣

    11. MrNo Nayme

      Ben is the perfect mix of mind blowing intellect, perfectly timed comedy and realistic societal expectations.

    12. Thomas Vain

      Donald Trump has no idea who Demi Lovato is. Lol.

    13. Thomas Vain

      Demi sounds really angry and arrogant all the time. She is always mad about something. She needs to go to a Wellness Center and take Yoga. She needs to chill out.

    14. Hannah Hook

      Ben is so fast paced his slow clap is just a clap🤣

    15. Robin Dulin

      🤣🤣🤣she is crazy as hell!

    16. Luke Portell

      bens comments are more entertaining than this music video 😆😆. never change ben 👍

    17. Alexis Blazek

      Ben never fails to make me laugh,🤣🤣🤣🤣. Maybe Demi should have waited a little longer to write this song and song it for Joe Biden🤣. Biden is ruining everything that Trump has done for our country.

    18. Gustavo rocque

      Shes still on the drugs

    19. digitalx

      she is so special so fucking special

    20. CallMeMichael

      I hope she watched this video😅

    21. Lizanne van Biljon

      Hope she is cancelled now! We should all just stop watching and listening to these idiots

    22. Sean Knight

      Sarcasm police: "Nothing to see here"

    23. Sean Knight

      At this point, "risking" your career by criticising trump is like playing Russian roulette with an empty water pistol.

    24. The Ultimate Covers

      THE FACT THAT THIS WASNT JUST ABOUT DONALD TRUMP! It was a song to help create conversation on real lives.

    25. Pamela Laub

      I love your sarcasm. It goes right over most liberals heads. It's a really weird video.

    26. Blue Fox

      That thumbnail though 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    27. Ian Wiltshire

      1:40 STUNNING BRAVERY 🤣🤣

    28. C Miller

      The music video didn't have one normal white woman (not trying to offend, but you know they only included that white woman because she was obese). So brave 😒

    29. Nancy Haley

      A beautiful song and doesn’t only depict America but also many other countries going through hardships 💖💖 It’s actually really annoying that people can’t just see that 🤷🏻‍♀️

    30. Angelica Luce

      I forgot to tell YOU Ben - I think YOU are great. That's why I landed here to see you for a while. God Bless Ya brother.

    31. Angelica Luce

      I WISH SHE'D WRITE A 'COMPELLING' SONG ABOUT THE COMMUNIST CHINESE - and THEIR ENSLAVEMENT OF THE WORLD - you know, like GET YOUR F---ING PRIORITIES IN ORDER!, dude! I forgot - my bank balance is less than a thousand bucks - care to tell me YOURS? dude! and Ms. Lovato's ? dude.

    32. Angelica Luce

      You should try not to TALK YOUR HEAD OFF while we're trying to HEAR HER BRILLIANCE

    33. James Cline

      She never would have done it if it put her job at risk she ain’t brave

    34. James Cline

      People are dying while Trump lined his pockets really Lady

    35. James Cline

      Wasn’t a maga hat said make America United again that the left ain’t doing with this very song

    36. Claudz

      Wait, she's Latin American? LOL

    37. Mink Mink

      Ben Shapiro is like the perfect mix between factual politics and absolute comedy

    38. Carlos Gutierrez

      Hispanic?? Isn't her last name Italian.........

    39. That Chicken Chick

      I don't know how you can diss such a powerful wonderful artist. Entertainers get to have opinions. She didn't make this song for you. You don't make any points in this.

    40. Cheeto

      I never realized how manly she looks lmao

    41. TheOne&OnlyACGamer

      This would have had the same effect if it was an SNL sketch.

    42. Jack Allen

      Lol heroine girl

    43. Marko R

      "do you get off on suffering?" yes but only for radical progressivist scum

    44. E eh pq eh memo

      OF various weights had me

    45. David Padilla

      Please do a video on her froyo meltdown

    46. Shelby LeAnn

      Why should I listen to the woes of a drug addicted million air actor/singer?

    47. Bee Mel

      I love how she thinks she did something really original in writing a song directed at the president, when lots of artists have done that before. One example that immediately springs to mind is P!nk's "Dear Mr. President", but I'm sure there were songs long before her that addressed the president directly. Maybe even as early as the Vietnam war. We get it, he sucks. Now put a band aid on your bleeding heart and move on with your damn life.

    48. Rosemary Farias


    49. Vermis

      Where's Jarvis Cocker when you need him?

    50. jugger naught

      Benjamin you spicy motzo ball

    51. Joshua Madero

      I think the video is okay tbh ...

    52. Jason Parker

      This is my new favorite Ben Shapiro video. Fucking hilarious.

    53. Matthew Wilkinson

      Gold medal for sarcasm😊

    54. Alex Gildea

      Sounds like she could be talking about Biden 😂

    55. Team Quinton

      I think she is just trying to share her opinion

    56. Hunfrith Galuth

      "....the land of the REEEEEE, and the hooooome of the depraved...."

    57. xepher æther world ヅ

      ben...bestie since you react also to music, when you have the chance , pls react to purge the poison by marina. its more toxic than a song full of hating on the "color orange"😩👉👈 pls and ty . you might not see this comment buttt oh well bestiee .

      1. xepher æther world ヅ

        @electra heart ya

      2. electra heart

        the lyrics are so cheesy but i love the chorus 💀

    58. Shanth Narayanan

      That took four writers! 😆

    59. Sara Rose

      I want to understand how one can line their pockets with negative $1,600,000 🤯🤔🤨🧐

    60. Berfin Hacyusuf

      People like Demi are so privileged but so ungrateful they are so weak anything offend them they have their own first world problems and love to play the victim, they try so hard to look “deep”

    61. Berfin Hacyusuf

      People LOVE to be the victim, harden the f up

    62. gustiable

      He is feeling very comfortable because he is not overdosing on opiods

    63. gustiable

      I don't think she likes Mexican people I didn't see any Latino in there

    64. gustiable

      She forgot Mexican construction worker in there or a gardener in there you're welcome Demi 😉

    65. Whatever_ Studios

      Wait a minute... DEMI LAVATOS QUEER? SINCE WHEN?!

      1. Irenes Welt

        ...since it's in to be queer...

    66. Shery Shery

      I am from another country, in central Asia. I am 26, and till approximately 2 weeks ago, i thought that democrats are so good, working for greater good and etc. I knew about republicans but (due to my own lack of awarenesses) didn't get deep in what are they standing for. Now I understand that education is truly so essentiall, because, from what i saw, it seems that democrats, various activis and feminists (radical) only shouting without understanding of what they are supposed to do (not all ofcourse)...Soooo may be my understanding is wrong at that point, but I just got acquainted with the fact that all this staff is so deep and difficult. Thanks Ben

    67. K.O.L28

      The sarcasm in this video is Golden😅😅😅

    68. Lane Whittington

      I genuinely worry about my white, straight brother and his progression in the professional world because of garbage propaganda like this. Scary times.

    69. Mr Nice guy

      Whats stunning and brave is to say you believe in God and his morals.

    70. Neve O

      It’s disgusting when people try to exploit awful experiences for their own gain. Demi is gross, she is just manipulating everyone for her own gain. Everything she has been doing screams conniving money grabber.

    71. JRAG

      8:10 Ben Straight slaying

    72. JahaTheButt

      I must be some kind of monster because i rally dont get any good vibes from that song... Worst after like 30 seconds i really felt i was about to puke...


      Donald Trump is mean fat orange man who is mean fat orange and mean

    74. lily wood

      anyone else dying of laughter

    75. Happy Joe

      There wasn’t a single middle aged white man. Very racist

      1. Happy Joe

        @That Chicken Chick she also forgot the most oppressed group of all...gamers

      2. That Chicken Chick

        wow she didn't include the privileged part of the population in a video for people who are oppressed!!! wow so rude my poor little republican snowflake heart is offended. (btw in the literal begining of the video there's a white man literally in a maga hat)

    76. AlexLeizerovich

      wow the blowback the blowback lol

    77. Алина Алгебраистова

      I can imagine Trump listening to this immortal piece of writing, crying his eyes out.

    78. Алина Алгебраистова

      Ahhahahahaaaaaaaphaaaaahaahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaa, omg this is sooo funny in its seriousness

    79. Aleksandar Tasic

      Starling 😁

    80. Riley Lippincott

      Can we nuke Hollywood

    81. DaBaby

      7:48 i guess you could call her a demigod

    82. Mad Dog

      Demi who?

    83. Mad Dog

      The sarcasm is epic.

    84. Younes Zreika

      enough internet for today

    85. Ashes 3lizabeth

      Of course she's out of touch with reality. She's an addict celebrity. Her brain is a bit damaged after her OD

    86. SevenWhitfield65

      I will Demi one thing...If she gets her information from CNN or MSDNC, then I'm sure she would feel that all of this true. Most of those people cry themselves to sleep every night.

    87. SevenWhitfield65

      I have to say that Demi should speak and sing for herself and her views only. I don't agree with putting all of these people of color and obviously gay people in as if her voice speaks(sings) for them. She does not know that. Some agree with her, many others do not. This is what the left does. They constantly propagate the narrative that ALL minorities think the same way and that Trump and all who support him IN ANY WAY are the enemy. Yet, I can name sooooo many minority individuals who like Trump, and who are conservative or moderate. I don't feel that Demi has the right to cast anyone but herself into the role of sad victim. I'm a gay male, and she doesn't speak for me at all.

      1. SevenWhitfield65

        @That Chicken Chick They're getting paid, sweetie.

      2. That Chicken Chick

        I mean if the people are willing to be a part of her video odds are they agree with her

    88. grape juice

      I hate liberals

    89. シ

      Trump was an idiot for president, but easily better than anyone on the left. BEN SHAPIRO should run he"d win all debates and would be great a rational person who represents the majority of people

    90. Michael Santini

      First time i heard this song but a lot of it paired up with the current president

    91. Rene

      Ha! Lavato can't even speak Spanish.

    92. Trumped TO


    93. After 11 Band

      I love how he mentions the amount of chords in this garbage pop song. Shows he must have some musical background.

    94. Akristia Widdig

      Yea biden how do u sleep?

    95. flash of Light

      I love you Ben shapiro

      1. flash of Light

        Especially after a hard day, your smart ASS lol

    96. Tony Joe Roach

      Who the hell is Demi Lovato? Is she as great as Cardi B?

    97. Hemalatha S

      My Plumber's a Conservative & a True American Working Class Patriot, So Yeah I am definitely going to take political advice from him XD

    98. SuperFireTurtle14

      Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to

    99. David Smith

      Ben Shapiro is hotter than a spoon at Demi Lovato'$ house!

    100. a.for.ayoossz

      I’m not gonna agree with him on everything but i can respect his opinions