Reacting to Demi Lovato's New Song, 'Commander in Chief'

Ben Shapiro

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    1. turleyite

      She's lining her pockets. She is disgusting.

    2. Perchy Jackson

      I wanted to dislike Demi but realized I have to go to her video for that. Thumbs up 👍🏼 for Ben.

    3. Rod King

      Looks like she's doing good with her weight problem.

    4. M Romero

      This song is not going to ruin her career, her drug usage is doing that all on its own.

    5. Jakeus G.

      46 thousandth like holy shit

    6. Obenauf

      How can you make a whole song about the leader of the free world and not do any research into what he has actually done first?

    7. Cecilia Leyba

      How many of these people who voted Biden sent back Trumps stimulus checks? I’m guessing no one.

      1. David Alvarez

        That’s because it wasn’t from Trump it was from the United States government

    8. Joe Rice

      You know you’ve made it to the top, when everyone tries to tear you down. I’m sorry many Americans have given up their duties in respecting our President and country. I never saw President Trump looting.

    9. Quinlan Noelle

      Hahah this is so good

    10. Vjynz Cagas

      This is so entertaining!

    11. Emily Hensel

      The comments about them all having the same voice 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    12. Tayah Hager

      The stunning amount of lowkey disrespect towards her political beliefs when it’s not really any of your business

    13. Toby Schmidt

      This song should be for Sleepy Joe😂😂

    14. The People's Thieves

      Lol who cares😂 out of everything you could talk about

    15. HaveAniceForever

      Demi’s revolving love affair with addiction should give you a clue as to her life’s direction. No one should take her opinion seriously as she circles the drain. I think it will end in a tragic OD. Maybe get off the drugs before you try to score virtual signal points by singing from your perpetual stoned perspective.

    16. Frosting Blight

      Did he sped up his voice or sum I still don’t understand how this is real

    17. Ronin Elenion

      "People are dying while you line your pockets" So... she's talking about Barack Obama?

    18. Abby Carriere

      So brave of Demi. That took so much courage 😫

    19. Floyd’s attitude

      This video is so underrated

    20. Brandon K

      I wish I could like this video more than once

    21. Jennifer P

      Lol demi is only hispanic when its convenient for her. Lol so brave

    22. musika4all


    23. Putang Ina

      Before she focus on her political views, she must focus on her personal life first. She's toxic as fuck.

    24. Gaple

      Demi Lovato is fake deep and has absolutely nothing of value to say.

    25. Gavin Frederick

      Biden's new theme song. Conservatives need to use this as Biden's song.

    26. Abby Romero

      “Varies weights”🤣🤣🤣

    27. Abby Romero

      😂Ben is awesome

    28. Jake Morris

      While she writes a cheesy, pandering song to line her own pockets. Ironic.

    29. Sula Rogers

      I’m bawling 😂 😂 😂

    30. Friend of Yeshua Heart

      Anyone feel like we are right back to the Patriots versus the Loyalists? Todays' Loyalists are loyal to the media, the Democratic agenda, and big tech narrative. The sad thing is, they don't seem to realize most of it. If you look at this song without audio, all the people are mean-looking, aggressive, and scary and yet they are supposed to be victims. Hey, there is a lot of power in being a victim, right?

    31. CMDHacker_

      please react to "people so stupid"

    32. Janelle Lewis

      Hollywood made her do it 🤭

    33. Katie W

      I think you should react to Clouds on Disney+ i know it’s not political but its beautiful

    34. NetiNeti_Inquire

      Sad day for all Lovatics.

    35. Martin Smith

      Get used to it... the shallow plastic people will be pumping out this bilge for four years unchecked.

    36. The Cove

      So, this woman (of whom I gladly know nothing), doesn’t care and is ungrateful for a fan that is complimentary, doesn’t care if she loses popularity or money (since she’s already made her millions, no doubt), and has a very mediocre and hackneyed voice and style thinks she’s doing something significant? Incredible. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is such a sad mental disease to publicly witness. 😞

    37. Avila Dauvin

      Ben: Demi Lovato is ALL of us! Also loved Ben's comparison to the Matrix.

    38. Siouxanne Buehrer

      Ben, do not acknowledge haters. Gray Rock them.

    39. Baobhan

      The use of similar sounding words in a row is called Assonance... it's its own thing aside from rhyming. Assonance isn't almost rhyming... it's assonance. XD This bugged me more than it should have.

    40. Bree Black

      Her “career” is Not relevant enough to survive alienating part of her audience.

    41. Karen Hutchinson


    42. Tayter Tot

      I was going to say that I guess no one died before Trump became President but then I realized 120 year olds voted for Biden

    43. Paige Bartram

      "Line your pockets" is this broad serious ? Just proves how stupid and ignorant that girl is.

    44. franzabananza

      This guy is such a character lol

    45. Preternatural Artist

      Entertainers aren't here to entertain us? Wait. What?

    46. saima houqe

      I agree with him sometimes. But other times like this he blows things out of proportion. It was so vague and generally govt > people which is true in many places. Not about orange man bad.

    47. P Dawe

      Please do debate with pastor Martin Ssempa

    48. steph

      I never thought it was lov-addict. I thought lovatic was pronounced lov-aw-tic.

    49. Carl Wheezer

      Ben might as well become a leftist now seeing as how stunning brave and compelling this song was

    50. Amelia Sielski

      You're genious Ben😂😂🧡🧡🧡

    51. Caitlin Gibson

      Wap was more moving

    52. Rebekah Rae

      “Im gonna try to not be sarcastic” Literally first half of video is Shapiro sarcasm gold 😂✌🏻 love it

    53. Joshua Adams

      White straight male. 😂🤣 enough said lmfao

    54. Joshua Adams

      Orange man lost move on 😇

    55. Genna Cyde

      She literally doesn't care if her song ruins her career? Guess what .... She is NOT Buffy Sainte-Marie and her song is NOT 'Universal Soldier' She needs to get over herself.

    56. Anna Schubert

      I think I counted at least 4 Shakespeare references, can anyone confirm?

    57. Benny Silber

      7:58 is she seriously crying?!

      1. Benny Silber

        Or fake crying for that matter

    58. chloe Dinwiddie

      Trump is a bad leader it has nothing to do with politics... he makes the Republican Party look bad

    59. Noriet Mumanyi

      Wait your voice??

    60. Jewii

      a celebrity bashing Trump, wow SUCH BRAVERY!!

    61. The Darkest Knight

      When did Shapiro start getting so triggered?

    62. April 2089

      Hmm lefty weird wokeism or fake right smallhat merchants, don't know how I feel about this video

    63. Sunni

      She says he's lining his pockets she does realize he doesn't even take a paycheck he's the only president at least in my life time his net worth has go down not up during he's presidency

    64. Zac Portelli

      So Ben's against someone expressing their opinion, ok I guess....

    65. Ashley Lanier

      Demi lovato needs to stick to her sobriety

    66. Kai Kapur

      Trump doesn’t waste his time on her vids, he is too good for her songs.

    67. Frolic&Cavort

      Did you start in stand up? Man I'm suffocating w/ laughing 😄

      1. BeardyAirways

        This ain't your usual "reaction" video - it's a 10-minute roast of Demi's new single! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the vid, since the masterful sarcasm here is just too strong! Ben's also correct to point out that Demi's statement about being a "queer latina woman" is nothing but an attention-grabbing remark, since it certainly doesn't (even begin to) equate to having a PhD in Genetics from Cornell or Harvard.

    68. Corll

      I’m on the left and I always watch your videos because I think youre hilarious Demi’s next single ‘racism is bad’ 😂😂

    69. cinema tv

      I hope nobody calls it brave. Its only brave when talking truth to power is not trendy lol.

    70. Christopher Lucas

      Hilariously commentated. "HAVENT THEY SUFFERED ENOUGH?!!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. The JayMan Official

      I may be nitpicking here, but I love "political language", especially from people like Ben Shapiro and Tucker Carlson that might as well both be wearing cheerleader outfits with Trump's name on them. Little things like "she will say 'I love gay marriage'" as opposed to "I support gay marriage". The word love can be used so loosely to flip a sentence from being unbiased, to being political propaganda.

    72. Chicklet Sushi

      I kept on wondering, which of these people are Demi Levovo.

    73. Ananya Guhabiswas

      Maybe she’s back on drugs??? Who knows with her track record

    74. Brad Sims

      Commander in chief or commander and chief ?

    75. spacesphinx 117

      The front screen..

    76. Ninja 167

      Songs have many meanings in one that spread across boundaries of all and not all of them would be agree upon no matter the message it gives out, I just want to say I don't think this was good criticism at all. Just to say I didn't get this man words that's all. I was confused and felt like he was making some statements of over strange exaggerations that it didn't seem realistic even in a sarcastic way.

      1. Ninja 167

        Mind my gammars but I hope you know what I meant. It was my opinions.

    77. Crystal Gets glam

      who told him he’s funny

    78. Crystal Gets glam

      was i supposed to laugh😐

    79. deathly free

      I used to be a lovatic... she is so pathetic and fake and "woke" its honestly cringe

    80. Katie MacDonald

      I love you and I’m a liberal

    81. Dark Scorpion

      I've never before seen Ben be sarcastic like this. The idea, that a man so intelligent, one who can destroy anyone in a debate using only mere facts, that couldn't exhibit an exceptional sense of sarcasm, is just ridiculous, ok folks....

    82. Ainsley

      Sounds more like she’s talking about Biden with the “lining your pockets” line😂 Trump has lost money in presidency

    83. FishingDude

      I would not say demi looks too pretty with that chubby face.

    84. chrisinator13

      I love it. Keep doing these.

    85. TheRealBridget

      I love it when people with millions of dollars say they don't care if they ruin their jumping on the same bandwagon as the majority of the people in the same career. Maybe they could worry a little bit about the people who don't have millions of dollars whose careers are ruined because they committed the crime of being declared non-essential by the government.

    86. TheRealBridget

      Huh. I didn't even know this existed.

    87. Merry Marthlamb

      Ben, Ben, Ben. You are so unfair. These emptyheaded, drivel snorting, propaganda vomiting wretches are no match for your wit and intellect. I doubt they even understand a fourth of what you say. And since they have evidenced no sense of humor at all, they have no way to understand the humor you display. They just don't see it, and probably believe the half of your commentary. It is too easy for you to flay them to the quick and they don't even know they have been cut. So unfair, but very funny.

    88. Ta Sunko

      President Trump should have used this song during his campaign. It would have angered the left, and might have won the election for him.

    89. karie ward

      Poor mistreated cry babies.. She doesn't care if it ruins her career.. oh really.. They don't know what to do with themselves without all the attention! To get ahead in Hollywood is to all have the same demented brain.

    90. bakoziel

      Politics or not... You are a mean man.

    91. Grub o

      1:47 fr

    92. Sam. [샘]

      You are seriously so fucking childish it’s absurd. You’re just another proponent of partisan division and the “red vs blue” mentality. What she said wasn’t wrong, and it goes beyond Trump. It goes to our nation’s government and our whole system in general. Everything is corrupt and the impoverished get the worst of it, all while the top 1% sleep soundly in there lavish homes profiting off of their suffering. Everything in our nation’s system is rigged to benefit the 1%, from the political system, to the federal reserve, the economy, education, healthcare, and so much more. But no, let’s ignore this all and make fun of Demi’s song because ew, she’s on the blue team! You try to present as some intellectual, but it’s quite the opposite. You’re just a childish Republican extremist with tunnel vision, very similar to Democratic extremists who share the same trait of having tunnel vision. Gosh, you’re so smart and able to think for yourself! A king of critical thinking. 😒

    93. Alyssa Fenton

      THIS HAS ME FUCKING DYINGGG OF LAUGHTER 😂😂😩 why Ben Shapiro so damn funny 😂

    94. Cameron

      She’s a wonderful vocalist, sad to see that she is so ill informed.

    95. Alisson Diaz

      He’s too dumb I couldn’t even finish watching it ew

    96. Alisson Diaz

      He sounds like those weird awkward unpopular kids you see in movies lmaoo

    97. Cameron Mehrdad

      It's funny because my dad is muslim which is a minority here. The left love to make it seem like Trump is seriously affecting muslims when they have no idea. My dad immigrated here but legally. He's been here fore 30 years and has been fine. He's done better than ever under Trump. We've made a lot more money in these 4 years than ever under Obama. And my family lives in Iran and say Biden and the left is affecting their country more than Trump. The media and these rich celebrities love doing this but a lot of the times they are flat out lying.

    98. Robert Efremov

      Me searching on google: how to put 1000 dislikes on one song without opening the video at all

    99. Jesse Goshorn

      You had me rolling man.

    100. Edward

      Baby huey's weight challenged big sister, she can't even finish what she started, next time...consult the web before trying to exit life.