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    The new season of "Star Trek: Discovery" coming late 2021, exclusively on Paramount+.
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    1. David Cole

      Wow I thought this show was done after last year? OK with that..

    2. Jason Buff

      Damn already I'm still watching season 3 on dvd. and the dvd was disappointing by the way no special features like the previous seasons and the footage was slow at times. It seemed rushed and unfinished probably because of the covid. Hope it won't happen with season 4

    3. Mr Robot

      I can't wait for 'Strange New Worlds' with Anson Mount as Cap't Pike!

    4. Metal Overlord

      I'm not watching this to see if the HUMANS survive. I'm watching this to make sure Saru and the cat survive.

    5. Alan Day

      Wow super vague and just whatever.

    6. Mark M

      Coming in 2021. Bulls**t. I want a date. Month and Day dammit. All my favorite shows that are coming in 2021 are doing the same thing. This is ridiculous and making me not care anymore about these shows. Wake up Hollywood! I know the pandemic is to blame but if your all ready in production, you should have some kind of idea when it will be ready to air. Your going to lose your audience with this non-sense.

    7. domiciliphile

      Very much looking forward to seeing more of Captain Burnham!

    8. Rional Gaming

      oh god.. please come up with something fucking new besides control 2.0

    9. Caesar Plasencia

      rebuilding the Federation. I like it!

    10. Gavan Baxley

      How could you not make this season about rebuilding the federation...

    11. Apollo Jack


    12. Carl Grogan


    13. Shiven patel

      Star Trek lower decks is more Star Trek then discovery and its a comedy cartoon

    14. Rich B

      The only captain that cries too freaking much.

    15. Ryan Schindler

      Oh joy, another season of "OMG the worlds gonna end" and "everyday something big blows up" and "we might not make it through this one, only to escape at the last second, again". This is just a Michael Bay sifi death defying explosion fest action series now, no real substance or story telling. The old ST series did it so so so much better, but I guess that was a different time :( Now Im even more excited to see what The Orville brings next cause that show is 1000 times more Star Trek than Discovery will ever be.

    16. mykyrox

      Watch it’s the Caretaker of their timeline! J/K😂‼️

    17. James Scott

      Meh! Female Space Ninja Michael Best;est evvar is on the case and she is totally in charge.. So she will save everybody including the Q from their toxic masculinity and they will finally wipe out the Klingon Empire because they won't use the Federation's preferred pronouns..........that is the real threat. Not some gravity thingy but not using proper pronouns......

    18. Brian Thomas

      Long time Trek fan but Discovery is well, awful. Especially season 3. They need writers who can realize the Michael Burnham is not the only character on the show. Looking forward to Strange New Worlds.

    19. Ivan Ooze

      time for some more dramatic whispering

    20. Jason V

      Ugh. I'm going to shit in my hand and rub it in my hair.

    21. Jose Glenn

      on second though I'm done with this i'm out canceling my sub.

    22. Jose Glenn

      the New Star Trek is getting Gayer and more Woke every year. I think it's time for Independant film makers to take over the franchinse.

    23. ElevenAce

      Lmao..... Can you please just explore the dam galaxy??? Every dam season it's some over the top michael bay shit! Like it's ok to have a season finale where there's some sort of life threatening event but you guys make it the whole dam plot for the season! So anyway when is Lower Decks coming out with a new season?

    24. x Matrocitus x

      Hail Doomcock!

    25. Alex

      Please cancel this garbage. Horrible

    26. Jake Meyer

      Whatever faults Discovery has, I can't get enough of Michael Burnham. I'm a middle-aged white hetero male that is pretty far removed from identity politics, and I'm aware that an African American woman starship captain is in of itself meaningful...but honestly I don't care. Sonequa Martin-Green's Michael Burnham is just awesome. Strange New Worlds will give me the old school exploratory things that made Star Trek so great, and it has the absolute perfect cast to do so...but I want Michael Burnham staring down apocalypses, chin high and fists clenched.

    27. chictownguy

      woke trek.... terrible .. bring back REAL star trek. this is complete garbage. who cares .

    28. MrRinoHunter

      STD.... The freaken genius who named this show. Where is captain Martha focker to top this off?

    29. Morbo Kzzuta

      I see that Discovery is _still_ focused on overblown galactic threats and weepy melodrama, rather than... discovery. SMH.

    30. Josh Bittner

      I’ll say this - if they ended season 2 with a bit more finality to close the story off for good, then it would have been an uneven but mostly good show. But S3, oof on many levels. S4 looks to be a disaster. Cancelled my sub back in February and I see no reason to resubscribe lol

    31. Chefkey Boards

      Star Trek has been dead since the Next Generation

    32. RealityPoet

      Looks like a great plot for the premier/first big two-part episode. Excited to see what the rest of the season will be about.

    33. Gordon Gentry

      The Expanse is way cooler and you can binge it

    34. Robert Thompson

      Try all you like Paramount. You will never be as awesome as Prelude to Axanar

    35. Michael Busch

      This show is always geared to women's feelings, and woman's tears, and women's pain, and women can't do crap anymore, they shouldn't be in a dang spaceship!! this is stupid!! I will never watch this goofball show again, where is Captain Kirk or Jean Luke Picard when you need them!!.. watch the first three seasons, after the end of the third season, lost all its meaning and I just lost interest.. take it off the air, I wouldn't pay to watch this if u gave it to me!! Blow up the SHIP N END THIS PITIFUL BABY SHOW.

    36. Willy Wonka

      End me now, I can't take any more of this utter garbage. #shittrek

    37. No Reason

      Discovery is the worst of the franchise. SO DISAPOINTED. Bad shows like this make it so good shows never get made. Why can't they give the fans what they want? No one asked for this.

    38. Markus Patients

      Captain Michael Burnham is one of those Black Women that gets finer and finer as they get older. I will be watching but only after filming raps, so I can binge watch at my leisure.

      1. Markus Patients

        @BadWolf762 I won't argue whit that.

      2. BadWolf762

        She's the bestest EVAR!!!!!,

    39. Paul Bateman

      When Next Gen and DS9 launched - about 2 episodes in I not only knew every character's name, I knew the actors who played them too. Here we are hitting the 4th year of Discovery - I know maybe 3 character names, and I'm somehow left wishing that I didn't. This show is awful, HOW has it lasted this long?

    40. Robert Ladwig

      You aren't learning. Stop this "we are in this together" BS. Reeks of insecurities. I assume you will divert the entire season to what should be a 1 episode threat?

    41. Rooker

      Christ, let it die already... It's almost as bad Batwoman at this point.

    42. John Ochiltree

      Why are they continuing this nonsense. Please paramount, you killed Star Trek, just let it die already.

    43. Joe Joe

      As the Critical Drinker stated, "Discovery is the turd that just won't flush."

    44. kevin kirkby

      Can it end with a big bang - destroying this universe, taking em all out of the equation... Kurtzman has killed this franchise dead... it should no longer be associated with Gene Rudenberry's star trek.

    45. TheMajR Payne

      The revisionist, retcon STD infection has killed the whole franchise with it's non-canon poison. Fuck this bullshit!

    46. Nuclearsimian

      What's going to be the threat to the entire universe in this season? Bad guys from within the Federation, secretly coming out of the woodwork with the plan to ensure human dominance in the galaxy? You guys ripped off Mass Effect 3 for your galaxy-threatening bad guys in Star Trek Picard, so why not just keep ripping off Mass Effect? Make this one about Cerberus. We know how it'll end though, Micheal Burnham will save the day, not Tilly, not Stamets, and not Culber, and certainly not Saru. Micheal Burnham to the rescue! You guys seriously need to go back and watch TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9 and VOY again. Figure out that Trek is about humanity's potential once it has put its petty issues aside, how there's no poverty, no disease, no drug addiction, no mental health issues on Earth, because it is a utopia. Not this bargain basement dystopia schlock. When a video game understands Trek better than its writers for TV do, something is seriously screwed up. Trek is not fucking Star Wars. Its not about the absolute evil bad guyz for this movie or series to be defeated and thats all that people are expecting to see. The fandom wants writing on the quality of Measure of a Man back, not "Hello, Plastic People!" Hamfisted racism in Trek is not the right way to do it. Ever-escalating stakes is not the way to handle it. Galaxy wide threats with people that we aren't invested in are the wrong way to handle it. One person being the sole answer to every problem is the wrong way to handle it. KurtzTrek is about as philosophical as saying "Red bad, Green good." And that's it. Meanwhile, TNG had episodes with a diplomat that couldn't speak managing to teach Deanna how to communicate with him, and speak in his stead. DS9 had an episode where a Cardassian file clerk changed himself with plastic surgery in order to take responsibility for war crimes because he had nightmares. TOS had an asteroid ship full of people that believed it was a planet, and that they were being guided by a god until Kirk showed them how to think for themselves. ENT had an alliance of sapient races be manipulated into attacking Earth, only for Archer to negotiate peace with them instead of attacking. Discovery? Lets see...wrapped up a mostly offscreen war in Season 1, most of which happened offscreen anyway, in the span of five episodes. They wrapped it up by bringing a psychotic madwoman back from the mirror universe, someone directly responsible for the deaths of millions, just so she could create a superbomb and threaten the entire Klingon homeworld with a WMD to force them to stand down. Season 2, it had an AI that threatened to turn all tech against organic life. Oh, and dead people can just be brought back to life. Season 3, it had all dilithium be destroyed by a kid screaming because he missed his mom. Then Picard...had the Federation act like it was insane, or pants on head stupid. They were attacked by an army of Synths (nice barely-not-racist codeword for them,) who murdered millions, and then vanished into space, never to be followed up on again. It had previously incredibly intelligent characters get easily manipulated, and Game of Thrones level torture, ripping an eye out of someone's head and leaving him for dead, only to be mercy killed. It had _all of Starfleet_ get manipulated by the most ineffective double agent in the history of double agents, and also, she was a Commodore with more authority than a four star Admiral. Oh, and this is all before the boogeyman Zhat Vash, a brand new branch of the Tal Shiar (the Tal Shiar were virtually wiped out in DS9, good memory that you caught that timeline error,) who *HATES* AI because...AI brings the Reapers from Dark Space--oh whoops, wrong franchise. Oh, and magic plot device items that let you "create anything you want." And a CGI, sloppy, identical, C&P fleet on both sides, with no variations in ships whatsoever, which serve no purpose aside from plot device. Then the Reapers--oh, sorry, unnamed hyperintelligent, hyperaggressive, murderous AI get defeated by a few button presses. No coming through the Citadel for your buddies, Sovereign! You guys are somehow doing worse than JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson did with the Star Wars sequels, except unlike with Star Wars, we don't have a Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau to safeguard the parts of canon that people love. We have Alex Kurtzman, "I don't know why anyone would watch Star Trek," Micheal Chabon, "If you read bulletin boards in the 90's, you see that people hated Voyager and DS9 when they were first airing!" and of course, JJ Abrams, who said to Chris Pine on the filming of Star Trek 2009 when Pine took him aside to ask for help with dialogue to say to Pike, Bruce Greenwood, "*It doesn't matter,* you just run on, you just run on and say it as fast and as earnestly as possible, the audience won't care, *all they'll think is 'something's happening! something's happening!'"* So fuck off with Discovery Season 4. If I want to watch the story of a main character that saves the day all the time, I'll watch DBZ and get rewarded with what I expect; Goku doing cool shit. If I want to watch Star Trek, I'll watch TNG. Or DS9. Or TOS. Or VOY. Or ENT. Because this shit isn't Star Trek. This is a nostalgiafest that isn't even rewarding to watch the first time.

    47. Donald Luszczewski

      Oh yay...another season of Michael Bernal whispering to her woke crew. 🥱

    48. Jefferson Holland

      For those wondering about the music. Dauntless by Audiomachine. YW.

    49. Bat Potatoes

      I don't get why all these new star treks have to be anxiety trains, we can just read the news if we want violence and disaster. Can't we just have one new series with homey mess halls, witty dialogue over coffee, thoughtfully written social commentary relevant to our time? Seems like all subscription-based series are that way now, they want to keep you gripped onto cliffhangers so that you don't cancel your subscription. I'm surprised I made it through 3 seasons of discovery because I don't want to go back to watch any of it. It was also spoiled for me that they brutally kill a character from Voyager in Picard so I don't even want to give that series a chance now.

    50. infinightsky

      Not sure what this is but it’s not Star Trek

    51. Cory Radebaugh

      For three seasons I waited for them to write interesting stories and characters, or at least, sci-fi that didn't feel like fantasy magic with no rooting in science at all (like the spore drive). Instead, I got a pandering "them/they" message for a character I actually thought was interesting until they cornered her (or whatever) character into the poster child for that virtue-signalling nonsense, as if that was relevant to the story. I'm so over this show and won't be watching season 4. If they haven't learned in 3 years, I doubt they will now. You need more than good special effects. Star Trek died with Gene Roddenberry and his ideas.

    52. Chicagoguy84

      Discovery+ info says season 4 premieres "Late 2021".........Well shit

    53. Todd Anderson

      I was so excited season 1, but it gradually went down hill from there, add the fact that the show is now “woke”, I don’t think I can struggle through another season of this wokeness...

      1. Robert Thompson

        It went woke from the beginning

    54. Shawn Daniels

      This show is so formulaic of current times. There is nothing long lasting about it. It is not fully inclusive and it is manipulative, especially when it touts it's inclusiveness. A "platform" is not entertainment and this show has never been worthy of the name Star Trek. I can't believe it was sanctioned for a fourth season with it's 3rd season ratings in the dumpster with Picard, and with 2,600 likes at the time I write it and 906 dislikes it just confirms the blinders Hollywood has towards it's audience.

    55. edrick1976

      I dont know what this is but this does not look like Star Trek at all.

    56. Bilal

      This whole series is an abomination of Star Trek.

    57. Thomas Rushin

      Jesus fucking Christ, Paramount, fucking stop. You've already murdered and butchered this franchise. At least stop fucking its corpse.

    58. DogFacedPonySolder

      The Orville is better.

    59. Rogues Ranger

      Oh, Space Jesus please save our universe..... for the fourth season in a row.

    60. Sunhawk

      It STINKS!

    61. Oldasstruckdriver

      Do the writers no how much a light year is.

    62. Oldasstruckdriver

      Threat is 5 light years across????????? are you serious.

    63. Тим Вилсон

      The plot of what season 4 should have been about is rebuilding the writer's room with competent staff in order to flesh out a logical and sensical storyline that doesn't insult the intelligence of the show's viewers. I think most people with a mental capacity greater than that of a flea would be glad to see them cut the SFX budget a bit so they can afford to pay some competent writers.

    64. Dustin 2112

      Woke Trek... To boldly over represent minorities and cultures like no one has done before.

    65. damasviews

      I hope they ease up on the over dramatic speeches. PLEASE!

    66. Ted Bates

      Discovery has the highest production values of any Star Trek series, movie or otherwise. That is the beauty of a streaming service. Budgetary restraints largely don't exist. The writing is stellar. I can do without the man on man thing, but everything else is fabulous. What people fail to understand is that the original series barely made it three seasons. They had to beg to get the third season green lit, and it took Star Wars to get TMP made, and it wasn't loved and Wrath or Khan had a small budget as a result. People view Star Trek through rose colored glasses. It it the same thing in Star Wars where people had no problem with Ewoks, but they hated Jar-Jar, WHY? Because they were kids when the Ewoks came out, and adults when Jar Jar came out. Everyone loves what they grow up with and crap on things they see as an adult. The material hasn't changed, You have. People need to get the hell over themselves. Discovery is a wonderful show, and whining about it won't change anything. Go watch Doctor Who if you hate it so much. Don't let the door slam on your nerdy asses on the way out.

    67. David

      What kind of futuristic space guy has a pet cat? It should be a beagle.

    68. Leif

      Why cant it PREMIERE NOW OR SOONER PLEASE ..and where is Picard??

    69. Grandpa D

      Galactic threat!! An Space STD that causes an undo amount of crying........creating a space sea of tears 5 light years diameter!!! Threatens everyone!!

    70. Aaron Kuehmichel

      The best-looking terrible show on television. They spend all of the money on producers and special effects and nothing on good writers.

    71. Ray Chargle

      Imagine continuing watching a show you don’t like... Has to be miserable 😖 😩 can’t wait for this

    72. Jim Costich

      Vulcan, surviving Romulans in Unification and both of them now healed with the Federation just in time to finally join together to make Vulcan's orig. dream of a Unified, peaceful Alpha Quadrant at LEAST a reality after only 2,000 years but NO. Instead the whole Galaxy will blow up. You can't build in a constant state of being torn down. This is getting tiresome. We have fantastic actors and writers and a whole lot to finally flesh out and all these people to watch tell their stories of... the final frontier isn't Space. It is all of us building lives and adventures across species. One more fucking war... whether it's xenophobic monsters, terrified people from another dimension or time clawing us to death as they drown, or some fascist monster from within... it's been exhausted.

    73. Mr. Ian

      Weak sauce

    74. Karen Pickett

      Does Grudge get Her own Quarters?

    75. Jamie Chandley

      OMG, chills and goosebumps and a deep, aching anticipation for what’s to come. I’m so looking forward to this next season. When I was 12 yo in 1966 ST:TOS first aired. After that my excitement for each new episode was barely contained week after week. I was enraptured as I watched the adventures of my Star Fleet friends. However, that emotional experience pales in comparison to the depth of my feelings for the most recent forays into the Star Trek universe. Over the last 55 years my love and appreciation for all things Star Trek has aged and matured like a fine wine. My nascent fandom at 12 has became an enduring passion at 66. Eeee! 🥰

    76. jcs1025

      I like the new (yet again) uniforms.

    77. itsahobbee Useurwords

      Good. Glad to have another season.

    78. St Eve

      No longer is it Space “Balls”, having morphed into Space “Ta-Ta’s” engaged in the rapping of the Universe .... I guess man-kind has retired to the man-caves.

    79. Piano By PC

      Fake views, fake likes.

    80. Ryan Anderson

      You used the same song from the legendary mass effect edition trailer. Come on. .

    81. Jason Edwards

      Please no more crying in this season

    82. blockmasterscott

      Ugh, it looks like too much like a group hug than an action show.

    83. Cheuk Ma

      any idea as to when they will releaae the new season?

    84. Cookie Monster

      I'm really disappointed. I thought this show was canceled like it should have been.

    85. Draco

      At least they got the red yellow and blue uniforms now...

    86. Clint K

      Terrible characters, terrible actors, terrible show, can’t wait. 🤦🏻

    87. Barbara Dolleschal

      wohoooo so much looking forward to this! Loved the seasons so far! VERY MUCH

    88. Chris Frank

      Star Trek Discovery for the radical feminist movement

    89. Ellis Z

      I just hope that this time the "Galaxy Threatening Event" isn't caused by a child's temper tantrum.

      1. Anthony Barnes

        Lol, it was still good tho

    90. Dave Katzin

      I like the return to bright bold color coded uniforms. Not sure if I like the cut, but that could just be familiarity bias.

    91. The Hijabi Gamer

      Why won't this show just end?

    92. KonigGustavAdolph

      Keeping comments and likes open, I see. A bold choice. But they are probably just counting on people not caring anymore.

    93. Wister Crimson

      Just cancel this garbage already.. Paramount just cant take a hint can they. Don't know a single person who has enjoyed STD, and the ratings/reviews online seem to make that clear with just about everyone. How the fuck are they still moving this forward? Very dumb.. Very lame...

    94. Adam Lenhardt

      Based on this trailer I'm very excited to go back and watch the original Star Trek series again.

    95. Martin Dougherty

      Cut and paste, cliche quotes and plot elements repackaged as “thrilling science-fiction”. Nothing new here at all...

    96. TheSixthSola

      Holy crap this looks terrible.

    97. Lou Ferrao

      FInally, Discovery gets destroyed for the good of Star Trek. And that constant whispering by Burnham is nerve-racking!

    98. Tim Soules

      This show is terrible...I couldn't finish season 3.

    99. Zarnold Donkey Punch

      Trek being produced by people who dont like trek for people who dont like trek.. 😻 oh look a kitty

    100. RC Slyman

      huh... armor. So, full on STO now? Cool, I can get on board with that.

      1. Nuclearsimian

        No its not, STO has a better story and more respect for canon.