Exclusive Look at Stealth and Combat in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (4K)

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    As part of our month-long coverage on Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, we're giving you an exclusive look at the web-slinger's abilities in combat and stealth. Join us as we watch how our titular hero utilizes his powers to confuse enemies and wreck them with his electric abilities!
    If you're wanting more coverage of Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, be sure to check out the playlist below featuring our cover trailer, a look at the game's first boss fight, and more: kgup.info/channel/PLoAFmgzYW18I1UFTzFYXceJFZy_7EnJb1.html

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    1. Mahendren Vathanan

      Is Miles Morales called Kid Arachnid eventhough the name is lame?

    2. lamar lockett

      Pete's the kicker miles is the puncher

    3. Alpha Gang

      Did I hear him right did he jus say “nap time bro”

    4. LucidNuggets

      Please tell me his fingers dont look weird when climbing

    5. DaBigDawg YT

      I'm gonna get that suit, bc my dad pre-ordered the game for me, and u can only get it by pre-ordering

      1. Raemonn Ramos

        No you don’t, the T.R.A.C.K Suit and Into The Spider-Verse Suit can be earned without pre ordering. This was the same case with the Spider-Punk Suit, MCU Iron Spider Armor, and Velocity Suit in the first Spider-Man Game.

    6. Infinite Is CAsua!

      This game looks so good and I’m glad you can now do wall takedowns and the 120fps looks great with the game it really shows the vibrance and the smooth movements really nicely

    7. GayStation 5

      Exclusive look at politically correct Spider-Man.

      1. GayStation 5

        @Internet surfer GG

      2. Internet surfer

        @GayStation 5 True. Anyway talk to you later!

      3. GayStation 5

        @Internet surfer Nah. I think he is dividing this country. He’s the whole reason everything has to be politically correct in 2020.

      4. Internet surfer

        @GayStation 5 No, are you?

      5. GayStation 5

        @Internet surfer My bad. Hey, you’re voting Trump this year, my dude?

    8. Tucker Bowen

      i've always wondered how Miles' camouflage works. his clothes turn invisible with him, but never anything he's holding.

    9. Jacob Gaming

      I don't want spoilers to anything but I can't help it!

    10. Kayne Anderson

      From the soundtrack To the graphics To the combat and stealth This is gonna be easily one of the best spider-man games

      1. Kayne Anderson

        @olen lopettnut Agreed

      2. olen lopettnut

        One of insomniac best games

    11. Justinfinity ꝏ

      To Insomniac: Release these games on PC already, you cowards! Just saying, if both games are gonna run that well on PS5 hardware, high quality and 60 FPS, there's no excuse they shouldn't make it on there so more people will play them.


      Finally they added take outs from walls hopefully they do ceilings because I really wanted that in Spider-Man PS4

    13. The Milk Man

      This spiderman would make criminals shit themselves more then having a staredown with batman

    14. Lagotron 1234

      So is Miles gonna have a different superhero name are there just gonna be 2 spider-men

    15. Glun - Murong

      damn i like the skin its pretty awesome!!

    16. nuno gomes

      What a game OMGG

    17. Escortz Plays

      How does he have access to this gameplay

    18. alexandro bimantara

      Did they make this game in unity or in unreal engine?

      1. vanthang pham

        @alexandro bimantara no, It's their technology secret, such big studios will have their own engine development team and that's their exclusive engine.

      2. alexandro bimantara

        @vanthang pham can we make game from insomniac engine And can we download insomniac engine?

      3. vanthang pham

        isomiac engine

    19. I_USE_AIMBOT

      Who ever disliked this plays xbox

    20. The Fox Kid 1000

      i'm playing the first game leading up to the release of Miles Morales (yes including the DLC's)

    21. timeless dust

      He used gachiin sugar

    22. DM - 09FR 718544 Turner Fenton SS

      Miles So Cool

    23. Tiresus

      Can the special forces stop being so retarded all the time. This is just red sable and they again right Spiderman because they are dumb just please insomniac make the allies at least somewhat aware of their sorroundings

    24. Nightwing Fury

      Damn what was that Camoflauge usage

      1. Nightwing Fury

        It depletes so fast

    25. Bally With The Blammy

      I'm finding it way too hard to stay away from gameplay and trailers, I've been playing PS1 Spider-man to occupy my time

    26. TooShade Jr

      Definitely and upgrade 😍😍

    27. Özgür G

      Looks like it is full of filler missions like the previous game.

    28. Özgür G

      Video title: ... (4K) Video: 1440p

    29. Final_FlashYT Flash

      I think the suit power is when he goes invisible

      1. Internet surfer

        No that's just a part of his powers no "suit power"

    30. Potato Waffles

      Will this be coming to PS4 Aswell??

      1. GwynieBoy


    31. BlueFeral

      Feel like spiderman

    32. Dracogame

      Damn this looks smooth.

    33. JockeyHunter

      Miles' takedowns are brutal

    34. Mert Ugur

      I‘m just wondering if Venom and green goblin already released for this game because of the cliffhanger from the last game.

    35. SoNeyt Boom

      Awesome gameplay!! Great content!! Smashed the like!!! Have a nice day from SoNeyt Boom!

    36. Amey Parab

      60fps looks so dope

    37. Unique Ideaz


    38. Adensk_Gamer


    39. Hellcatte27

      I like the first spiderman game's fighting style. Looks more real and have a huge respect to physics than this one. but I can't argue coz i also like this one.

    40. Mustafa Iqbal

      It's the same

    41. Mustafa Iqbal

      It's the same thing as marvel Spiderman

      1. Internet surfer

        Care to explain why? Also I don't remember going invisible, having electricity powers, New York covered in snow, having different swinging/combat animations, and new gadgets in the last game.

    42. Muhammad

      This ost though

    43. Soulist

      Some things just got downgraded 0:17 like that one, the enemy just sticked to the wall instantly, and idk if the ps4 parker version got a weird web too or not in his cutscene like, in the first frame the web slightly tilted and the next frame with different angle it went straight.

    44. shiz money215

      His suit look so insane

    45. Brad Long

      So, the PS4 game but with new animations and trap music? I am very okay with this.

      1. African Logic

        game looks way better

    46. Joe Vibe

      Damn I want a game console soo bad

    47. Sunnex

      If your webs show up when shot when in stealth mode then why doesn’t it show the webs in the cartridge

    48. Sunnex

      Miles seems way too overpowered

    49. Sunnex

      I know one thing: I will not be wearing that suit

      1. LOL Get Distracted


    50. StuartTheMadLad

      Still can’t get over his frog toes

    51. Nathan Ostrowski

      Why does rhino look smaller in this game in the first one he look huge

    52. Krazy Kurtis


    53. Ghost Taco

      If your not excited for this game then you gotta be racist just gonna leave it here

    54. bloop

      that soundtrack tho

    55. Merika Johnson

      IGN is the quickest to run their mouth about a game but Game Informer actually takes the time to make sure the information is valid

    56. K.O.U.

      That final tho

    57. Muhammad Yaqoob

      The white suit looks dope

    58. King Slayer

      Imagine being an Xbox player

      1. cosmic byte

        @Internet surfer yep Xbox lineup didn't excite me much except Hellblade 2

      2. Internet surfer

        Yeah I feel bad for them, it must suck not having a lot of good games on Xbox

    59. Melissa Vergara


    60. Melissa Vergara


    61. Christian Ramirez

      I’m really hoping you can actually stealth the entire hideout. I didnt like how you could take down all enemies just for there to still be enemies who come on waves after. But aside from that I’m loving Mile’s combat and hope they evolve Peter’s in the sequel

      1. GwynieBoy

        @Christian Ramirez I meant to say trophies btw it autocorrected for some reason

      2. Christian Ramirez

        GwynieBoy so happy to hear that. Thank you

      3. GwynieBoy

        You can stealth the entire hideout in this game, they announced a bunch of trophies and stealthing a base was one of them

    62. black rose

      Can't wait to play!!!!

    63. JasperTube

      Suit spoiler i guess

    64. simon Padilla yt

      lo mas hermoso que haya visto

    65. Wasif Amin

      Miles morales's combats are way cooler than Peter Parkers

    66. VanilinGame


    67. David Olohikowoicho Ogiji

      I love this suit

    68. Duckem with Bleach

      1:07 notice the pieces coming off the soldiers suit🔥🔥🔥

    69. Rasheed

      Miles responds to the enemies in this game? that is too much attention to detail 1:13

    70. Fredis Sura

      Soundtracks gonna be 🔥🔥🔥

    71. MiloChip

      No one: Literally No One: Kira & Killer Queen: 0:54

    72. Shikido San

      Oooo! Miles gets a new suit!?

      1. Shikido San

        @Internet surfer Oooo! That's cool!

      2. Internet surfer

        It's one of the costumes you can wear.

    73. Jacob Maz

      Says 4K but it’s only 1440 P max...

    74. #BLACKBOOKT.V Channel

      Let's thank boi wonder for making the beats for the game

    75. S2WaveyUnah h


    76. okinvwa

      Roxxon is the new sable

    77. Futuristic

      " another bites the dust😂" I'm going to love this game

    78. saboor heath

      Combat & visuals looking smooth

    79. ast yoil

      Omg fps

    80. Erine Jager

      The beat in nice

    81. Vrushabh Bhavsar

      Is this iron man game

      1. Salim Sadoune

        It's all biological

      2. Internet surfer

        @Vrushabh Bhavsar LOL okay

      3. Vrushabh Bhavsar

        surfer yes I am joking there is so many powers than previous game

      4. Internet surfer

        Are you joking?

    82. EMegaRockPlays

      I really hope this game isn't short, the original one was a long and amazing game. Have the same expectations for this!

    83. AM Review

      YOOOO that version of the music at the end is so fire

    84. Alvin Chua_Saturn

      “Nap time bro”

    85. Lunden Reid

      Does anyone know if the ps5 will restock around Christmas time? Because I rlly want one and idk if I’m going to get it i means it’s ok if I don’t I have a ps4 but I still wanna know

      1. Lunden Reid

        @Creed Of Tsushima thx

      2. Creed Of Tsushima

        yes they will.

    86. Jesse_Ama

      This is amazing...esp the combat moves

    87. 汪辰恩

      Assassin's creed:spider man

    88. T.

      Man, i do not like Miles Morales voice. Too kiddy.

      1. T.

        @Internet surfer true, but I still don't like it

      2. Internet surfer

        I mean he's only 16 in this game soooo.

    89. Dick Batsy

      This is watch dogs Miles Morales

    90. Isaiah

      Did they just make trap remixes of the Spider-Man PS4 soundtrack and use them in this game

    91. Kelvin Vazquez Lopez

      Same s...

    92. Nisaiah Campbell

      I was going to say, that can't be Miles' stealth suit because he has stealth built right in, but still love the suit

    93. Bigmoe gaming

      “Alright people lets do this one more time fr this time”

    94. Nahuel Ramon

      Miles: Another one Bite the Dust Me: *REMEMBER QUEEN SONG

    95. Gabriel Bush

      Yoooooo! This game is STUPID COOL!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this game. I wish Avengers game was this good


      0:59 yes,yes,that was very stealth

    97. Cameron Poellnitz

      how will this game look on ps4 though

    98. Brawlhalian

      What happened to classic spider man? Now we have this guy who can be transparent and electrify people and can shoot fire like wtf happend to good old spider man power

      1. Internet surfer

        @Brawlhalian Yeah don't worry Peter is still here.

      2. Brawlhalian

        @Internet surfer oof that's nice i guess I'm just gonna have to play and enjoy

      3. Internet surfer

        Miles is a different Spidey. Also he just has invisibility and electric powers no fire powers LOL.

    99. VALEN

      Have you realized that there is no way to regenerate life, will it appear in the final game or is it like this for the beta?

    100. Michael Galban

      It’s been 3 days since you put up a Spider-Man video, what’s up with that ?

      1. joshua botchway