Boeing 737 Roof blown away!! Aloha Airlines flight 243

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    On the 28th of April 1988 an Aloha Airlines Boeing 737-200 took of from Hilo Airport in Hawaii for a routine short flight over to Honolulu. This flight turned out to be anything but normal. As the aircraft reached its cruising altitude of 24000 feet, the entire front section of the roof in the aircraft passenger cabin suddenly broke loose.
    In this episode I will give you a full synopsis of the accident, including my own view as a pilot on how the crew handled it and in the second half of the video I will explain why it happened and all technical aspects of this incident.
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    Below you will find the links to videos and sources used in this episode. Enjoy checking them out!
    Final accident report:
    TheFlightchannel: Aloha Airlines flight 243

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    1. Dee R

      I think 'like' is pushing it a bit. I keep listening, although in sheer terror, as I'm interested in what can go wrong & how it's prevented. What a horrendous incident. I can't fly now, too many people have been sucked into the air!! Even one is too many, but we know its more! Pessimistic, I know, but with that knowledge I just can't

    2. Andreas Klostermann

      That voyage was a rip-off...

    3. The Workshy Bolshevik

      'In an emergency, oxygen masks will drop down from the roof...Oh wait a minute...'

    4. -DWM-

      There was a tv drama movie made of this. 'Miracle Landing', also known as 'Panic in the Open Sky'.

    5. Taja Ricketts

      Just noticed how both dogs took a nap when he started talking. He has a soothing pilot voice. I totally get it.

    6. CanadianOwl

      The episode Mayday/Air Crash Investigation did on this accident is the very first episode I watched, and it got me so hard that I became very interested in planes and plane crashes (that, and probably Air France 358 being a recent event that locked into my mind)

    7. sara andrews

      Fascinating story, delivered well. But what was especially riveting was 'where were the dogs going to be after each scene break'! Snoozing to the left, snoozing to the right, on the couch back, what position!!!? I couldnt look away. :)

    8. LunchBox0311

      That's really interesting. Everything I had seen before only mentioned that the fatigue cracking was due to the extremely high cycle time of the Aloha aircraft. Making many more flights than most other operators of the airframe, and so the recommended maintenance wasn't really adequate. They were "aging" the airframes much faster, so to speak.

    9. BRI336 ALBANY

      "Includes paid promotion" tells you what's coming. Skip the video.

    10. Wandren GT

      Whoooo lives in a pineapple under the seaaaa? Aloha Airlines 243!!

    11. msmirandagirl

      Great explanation of this accident sequence. It is used to this day to train mechanics about the consequences of metal fatigue. It's important to note that due to the nature of inter-island flying in Hawaii aircraft can accumulate a high number of cycles quite rapidly. A cycle being one pressurization and depressurization as an airplane takes off, climbs to altitude, descends, and lands. It also recalls the accidents with the early version of the DeHavilland Comet, the world's first jetliner in the 1950s. They were found to be caused by stress cracking that started at the corners of that aircraft's square passenger windows, again a result of the repeated pressurization cycles. By updating the design to oval windows the cracking was prevented. Another fine video Captain. Fly safely! And you have a second dog!! What are their names?

    12. Jill Louise

      Did the climate of Hawaii affect the adhesives used in the structure? Would flying to a colder climate every once in awhile prevent this from happening?

    13. John H.

      It would be benefitial if you ended the video with how many aircraft had similar fatigue and were grounded or decomissioned due to this.

    14. Andy T

      Did this become a movie. Probably made for tv? I remember seeing a movie with this plot in my childhood that proceeded to give me nightmares every time I flew for the next 30 years.

      1. JediLadyMisty

        Yes it was. I think someone said that it’s called the Miracle Landing or something like that

    15. Brian Bates

      Fly first class they said, it will be relaxing they said

    16. Steven Russell

      How did this air liner not completed break up is what I want to know !??

    17. Galileo Chiu

      Luckiest unlucky flight

    18. Justin Schultz

      Final reports don't mean jack when airlines are often given YEARS to reach compliance... Take Swissair 111, crashed due to insulation catching fire, and iirc airlines were given some FIVE YEARS to remove said insulation...

    19. Rob Fowler

      I'll bet if you're in the market to buy used planes, you look very carefully at anything that looks like a patch job on the paint.

    20. Gloria

      Love your wee doggies!

    21. Chinnam Praveenkumar

      Now ur gem in making documentary ❤️🔥

    22. redchic

      I'm so happy for these pre flight inspections before every flight now. I was 38, had only flown 3 times in in my life, and I was already onboard a 737 in Hilo (complete coincidence )going to be heading back to the mainland on the last flight of the day. We'd been sitting on the tarmac for on hour and half when they had is disboard. Our plane hadn't passed that inspection due to a malfunctioning landing gear. So many people on the plane were so pissy about having to go the trouble of staying overnight and finding a new flight. Myself and logical thinking people there that night, were thinking we were so happy to trying to sleep in the airport that night rather than on a plane that crash lands at LAX. I thanked the crew for being thorough in their job as I got off the plane. I had no idea I had this accident to thank for that between flight inspection.

    23. Janet Williams

      The more I listen to this guy's videos, the more I'm afraid to fly. I never realized before just how much can go wrong on any particular flight.

    24. Cristian Chioseaua

      That was the real 1st class.. with panoramic view.

    25. BuddhaBoy'smom

      These videos are very interesting. How sad that the flight attendant lost her life; and how heroic of the one who crawled up and down the aisle way to help the passengers. So glad that the seat belts are actually strong enough to keep people inside the plane even after decompression takes place, with air velocity going into the plane. After watching 60 Minutes expose one airline's poor maintenance of their planes, i've decided that flying is NOT for me. This was in additon to the fact that my last job that i had while i was still working had me flying 3 weeks out of the month. I have come to hate flying. Hated having to make sure that nothing liquid or paste was over 3 or so oz in your carry-on, came to hate the security checks. I just came to hate flying; and i used to be one that liked it. Besides, i don't care to provide all the documents that you need just so that you can get a driver's license ID just to fly. They can FORGET ME!!! My tirade is over. 😆lols

    26. AaronShenghao

      I remember there is a theory saying the initial tear was arrested by tear strap, but unfortunately the flight attendant was right under the hole. She got sucked into it and momentary plugged the hole, causing a water hammer effect which put extra stress on the already weakened hull, which ripped it apart...

    27. AdurianJ

      This is very similar to what caused those three Comet 1's to disintegrate in mid air. One of the tear strips must have held in the 727, in the comet the cracks went all the way down the cabin.

      1. Speedbird

        The crack probably went to the butt joint (to the end of the section skin plate)🤔 The Comet 1 had square widows and probably a lot of cracks.

    28. Mike Evans

      This would have been a good time for texting although it would have been pretty difficult in the mid 90s.🤔🆘👍

    29. Rick Estabrook

      Superb Petter. Keep 'em coming.

    30. 757 simmer

      24:34 THEY DO WHAT NOW? 🤣

    31. Katie london

      I watch this aloha cadilac dozens of times, still amazed

    32. Effective Reading Instruction

      you've got a remember this accident was also a great example of Boeing trying to cover up design floors in there manufacturing.

    33. Krissy 1687

      Great video.I kept wanting to pet the dogs!

    34. Karen Lovett

      I swear, I heard every word you said.........God dude, those are the cutest dog's 😁😁😁😁😁

    35. Ann

      Thank you for that explanation. I always wondered how this incident could happen. I will keep my seat belt on from now on, it really save lives.

    36. DorrisGonnaWreckyou

      Holy shit imagine beind sucked out of a plane in a second.. poor woman.

    37. Lee Williams

      After the accident Boeing and Aloha airlines added patches riveted to the outside of the fuselage around the front door of their entire fleet of 727s I flew on these airplanes many times and wondered how much extra drag these crude looking patches were causing ?

    38. arnau burguera

      Great video!!

    39. stephen connell

      Great explanation but I think your two couch co pilots are on auto pilot

    40. Melissa Reiman

      sweet doggies

    41. Dave Horch

      Capt. K. I love your videos. We need you to introduce your doggies to us! Please. Thanks, -Dave

    42. Vitaliy Juterbog

      Dog on the couch: "Yeah, you keep singing that sweet accident report shit, Imma report on on this couch."

    43. Jochen Demnitz

      left side?

    44. Romulan Spy

      Puts engine to flight, dog wakes up. Sorry. They're just too cute.

    45. expls

      Yo Adrian! The roof blew off!

    46. R Nies

      you are funny: "imagine a jeans torn apart" I have never in my life heard the sound of a jeans torn apart. In which community/culture is this a practise or tradition? Are there any videos about "jeans torn apart"? I wonder if anybody on the plane witnessed the sound of the plane torn apart and thinking: "wow, this sounds like a jeans torn apart!" although, this might have helped...

    47. Shenzhen 深圳

      The root cause is the same with the Japan Airline 123, frequent take offs and lanidngs will accelerate matal fatigue.

    48. Claudia Bulla

      Excellent presentation and we love your fur babies

    49. Q Q

      I believe the plane probably would have broken apart if they were up in the 30's.

    50. ThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuy

      I’ve only been to Hawaii once. I flew on a C130 on a space A flight. It was a free flight. It was about 6-7 hours from McChord AFB and there was about 7 others on the flight including my spouse. It was my first time on a C130 and sitting sideways while not being able to see outside was weird and we went in March so it was FREEZING in WA, so it was nice to be able to come into HI where it was super nice. I can’t imagine being on this flight and having the roof blown off. Thoughts and condolences for the flight attendant who lost her life. She’s a hero and so are all of the crew who put the passengers above their own life and safety.

    51. Kathleen Salvatore

      I dont fly but am interested in what causes crashes/failures and you explain it all to a T!!Great stuff and sweet little pups!Getting a kick out of watching them sleep!Sweet!!

    52. Susan Young

      These are wonderfully detailed videos which I really enjoy. I’m able to follow you and understand. It’s criminal that airline maintenance (and their seniors) don’t seem to treat risk seriously and they put money first. Makes me wonder how many aircraft are really safe.

    53. Jonathan Peel

      When I was much younger I saw a movie about this. I don't know how accurite the movie was, I just remember their being a child pointing out a small hole to the flight attendant. Before long it was a big hole.

    54. blondy2061h

      Imagine being on this flight as part of your Hawaiian vacation, then needing to get on a 12 hour flight home a few days later

      1. ThatLooksWhiteBut_IsBlackHispanicGuy

        I’d be permanently moving to Hawaii and whoever didn’t like it would just have to get over it.

    55. jakolu

      6:21 Hawaiian peninsula?

      1. Mentour Pilot


    56. Mark II

      A little less conversation.

      1. Speedbird

        A little more action?😆

    57. kev4241

      at least the safety strap further back kept the rest of the roof on

    58. CrimsonSnow

      I just realized it was FSX as I saw the default traffic in the background of one the pictures.

    59. jim stephens

      Someone else may have observe this, but the term "cycles" was not a common term across the general public who paid attention to this sort thing. It had to be explained to the public, and affected no only Boeing, but all aircraft that had short high cycle times. No need to explain the term in this forum, but it was a big part of what was reported on for this incident. The number on these aircraft were extraordinarily high and along with all the excellent points in the video very well explained ganged up to make this happen.

    60. simon malin

      your videos are very informative .Good on you Mentor Pilot.

    61. A Fatal Attraction

      I got my private pilot certificate at age 17. Haven't flown in almost 8 years... man I miss it

    62. riotintheair

      I was 7 years old when this happened and it's one of the first news stories I can remember.

    63. Sam Rose

      I am a very nervous flyer, but this video actually made me feel better, that so many things went wrong and they still landed the plane with only one casualty.

    64. Misskeeleyt

      I’m sure you sedate those dogs pre video🤣 I’ve watched a lot of these now (big fan) but I don’t think I’ve seen the doggos awake, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen the brown cutie move!! I need your secret, I’ve got a mental choc lab, and I’d love to know how to stop her being so hyper and slightly crazed sometimes!! (Love her, my beautiful fur baby, unless she farts, that’s a whole different comment I’ll get into later!) Much love!!

    65. Charlie Irvin

      I don't know what to say . i don't want to say something stupid. But It some how is like the Hindenburg when the Cable snapped and went through the canvas . and then it exploded .

    66. DawnUSNvet

      I flew Aloha a couple years before that incident. Honolulu to Maui and back.

    67. Trevor J O'Neill

      just one thing on your vids. you talk about knots, whats that in KPH's?

    68. Andrew Taylor

      Just a minor point of clarification. The ground emergency services have their own protocols. As soon as Airport Fire Rescue is alerted, EMS is dispatched to a “close but safe” standby point automatically. Neither the Captain nor ATC have to make that request. Nor do they have much control over it. Beyond informing the ground that there are already known casualties on the plane, before it lands. Which will increase the number of initial EMS units dispatched. EMS can be requested without Fire, such as for a medical emergency on the flight. Requesting Fire pretty much automatically triggers an EMS and PD response. At least in the US. You may or may not see it, as the ambulances will typically be directed to a pre-planned staging point, often near the airport fire station, or at an access gate. External emergency responders, such as City Fire and EMS units are not really part of the carefully managed and choreographed dance of airport ground traffic. They don’t enter the tarmac until everything else has stopped moving.

    69. Turbo's and Gaming PC's

      Imagine the wind the passengers felt during this flight. Also it was be horrific as a passenger to have the roof just get ripped off out of the blue.

    70. Арман Баев

      Whats the name of a video flight simulator?

    71. Elizabeth Conversano

      You are an excellent teacher , keep up the great work

    72. general rodcocker

      glad, the vertical stabilizer wasn't ripped off by the debris

    73. Xiaofeng Zhang

      This is what the Sichuan broken window exactly like.

    74. Top OfTheLine

      Your dogs in this video look like they just have a horrible life . walking around all day trying to look cute. Laying there waiting to get belly rubs and they don't get any .they just look exhausted. poor dogs . /Sarcasm off 🙄

    75. kassa zulu

      Hello I am very interested on accident incident investigation report how experts conduct the situations please share more reports on my email because I am an expert

    76. Deneen Sakugawa

      Such a detailed dive into your incident! I had to subscribe ! I really enjoy your level of incredible fact researching! Have heard many takes on the accidents you research and your expertise and detailed descriptions go to a whole other level. Mahalo for your report!

    77. tatiana kerina tarp

      I love your swedish accent, Mentour

    78. pulpopelirojo68

      There seems to be a recurring story here on of lack of oversight, predominately by FAA.... slightly concerning.

    79. Mr Winters

      Amazing. Thanks, Mentour. Great work.

    80. Bertie Pimplebum

      There was a time when only the supreme best people worked in the aircraft industry

    81. Tom Lont

      Glad there are wireless cameras on all the landing gear right now, so that the pilots do know they can land the aircraft. /s

    82. jack ass


    83. Constable Dodo

      Imagine one second your standing in an airplane, the next you hear a bang and you're falling to your death outside.

      1. JediLadyMisty

        There’s a theory that she hit her head as she was sucked out; hopefully knocking her out. I know that I’d rather lose consciousness than fall through the sky; knowing that I’m going to die.

      2. Rob Fowler

        At least if you're lucky, you will be unconscious for most of it. Imagine you groggily wake up and discover you are skydiving without a parachute.

    84. luvondarox

      I want to thank you for how you present these cases and walk us through not only what happened, but why, and in such a way that the images you use in the video serve to accentuate what you are talking about instead of you relying upon them completely. I listen to these primarily while I'm working outside, and your ability to verbally paint a picture while maintaining calm professionalism is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    85. Lupo Ch

      Thank you! Good Luck!

    86. NotaVampyre 111

      At the time of this accident, I was stationed at Pearl Harbor. I remember seeing this plane parked at Hickam AFB, right next door. I remember how amazed I was that it didn't turn out much worse than it did. Ok now I am confused. I have a very strong memory of seeing this plane on the ground after the accident and I was never on Maui.

    87. Hunter Of Liars

      If that happened to me and I was sitting on one of those seats, I would have died instantly with a heart attack..... O..........M..........G

    88. James Edwards

      There Was A Made For TV Drama Based On Aloha 243, MIRACLE LANDING. It Doesn't Actually Use The Name ALOHA AIRLINES, Instead Using The Fictional PARADISE AIRLINES!!

    89. Zizhdizza Bagus

      so boeing was fucking up at everything since long time ago? honestly, airbus is 100% a plane to pick every time i fly. yeah yeah) boeing and its famous fail safe principles.

    90. Zizhdizza Bagus

      also some of poor passengers have to look for their luggage somewhere in the sea. terrible!

    91. Mohammed Ammar


    92. Rob M

      the wind in the back was 333 MPH ! omg. if that was airspeed and not ground speed ( all assumptions

    93. Melinda

      Loved the video! Right after this happened, the Department of Defense had a contract with this Airline carrier for flights from US to Middle East, specifically to Bahrain for all 4 Branches of the military. So, I was on this flight that took off from Philly, to Shannon, Ireland, we disembarked for refueling, then the flight continued to France, some personnel got off, on to Italy, again some got off, then on to Bahrain. Now, we were all in civilian close, guys had all types of facial hair w/no hair cuts. This was during Persian Gulf War, the 1st time. We weren't allowed to keep our Military ID Cards in our pockets billfold, purses, most had them in our socks with our shoes on. this whole 24 hour period, I was sitting in a window seat that constantly was dripping water from around the top of the window. MY SEAT BELT WAS FASTENED, I DIDN'T GET UP FOR NOTHING. THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS WERE AWARE AS WAS THE CAPTAIN BC HE CAME BACK TO LOOK. THEY KEPT BRINGING ME FRESH BLANKETS TO PUT OVER THE WINDOW TO COLLECT THE WATER. AND THE PLANE WAS AT CAPACITY SO I COULDN'T MOVE!! THE MOST MISERABLE SCARRY FLIGHT UNTIL THAT TIME!! NEEDLESS TO SAY, NO SLEEP FOR ME!!!

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      Your videos are great and your dogs are adorable!!

    95. anthony geden

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    96. Phoenixspin

      Yes, I am sensitive to loss of life.

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      I love your four-legged babies. I miss my boy. I enjoy your videos; thank you for uploading them. They have excellent content.

    99. Evan Finch

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    100. Verdayne Smith

      Hi Captain MP. Was ona flight the other day and the plane had some issues with the toilets flushing. Before we took off they were aware of the issue but said once we we airborned we would have the pressure required for the toilets to flush. Half hour into the flight at 25000 ft we had to turn back to our origin. Could you give an explanation as to how the toilets work with regards to pressure. Thanks. Love your videos. Keep up the great work.