Tokyo Tales: Our Anniversary in Guam (Simon and Martina Podcast Episode 20)


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    For our 12 year wedding anniversary, we decided to celebrate in Guam. We're going to talk about what we did there, how I threatened a man with a knife, and why everyone is swimming in full clothing.
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    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Debbie Weiland

      If you can’t tell by now, Simon Martina, i’m binge watching Tokyo Tales. LOL 😋😄 My daughter and her husband were stationed in Guam for two years. According to them Guam is a destinations spot for Asian countries because it’s a taste of America without having to travel all the way to America. She said that tourists tend to go to all of the American restaurants the most. But I can see they might want a few local dishes in case all of that American food upset their tummy LOL

    2. Mairucha Mairucha

      Rewatching this while they’re living apart back in Canada breaks my heart 🥺

    3. Rin

      I hope they'll be able to work things out, not that they have to be together but I just want both of them to be happy.

    4. theveggiebasket

      A year late lol, I think it’s hard for people from heavily multicultural countries to empathize with the whole “I can only eat my country’s food abroad” idea, because I know at least in America (and probably Canada, too), pickiness is culturally frowned upon, and pickiness about “ethnic” food has a really bad connotation of racism or complacency. Here we lean the other way, seeking out the food of other cultures, because it makes us seem more worldly and open and respectful! From what I’ve seen on Korean reality shows and the like, the Shin ramen kind of behavior is praised as nationalistic, because they’re so Korean they can only eat Korean food.

    5. no pe

      Wow their views on bringing and craving food in new places changed from this video to the latest 😂

    6. DG Class

      I am looking for a different video about an egg flavoring from the frozen / microwave aisle that now that I’m in Japan I want to try, and then I see this!!!! I have been living in Guam since March!! 😱😩😩 I woulda love meeting you guys

    7. Glenn Mata

      Hello been watching u guys n I would like to know how the live stream work how to join u guys love ur show me n my wife god bless besafe

    8. Chris Contreraz

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who still says dope.

    9. Chris Fernandes

      Don't know, to me koreans seem scared to try new food or they assume it will be way too different and they won't like...every korean person that came to Brasil sticked to korean restaurants. It's a bit sad cause people are missing out on new experices

    10. J P

      I'm a local here... so next time you come to Guam, send me a message... I'll show you all the best local food!

    11. Revina Que

      Agreed on the whole idea of travel being about experiencing a new culture. But a lot of Filipinos do that as well, they'll pack a suitcase full of instant noodles, uncooked rice, and canned food, and stay in an AirBnB with a kitchenette so they can cook. It's partly to save on money, but also because some people have a very limited palate. They had only ever been exposed to the food of their own culture growing up, so foreign food is off-putting to them. They genuinely think it tastes bad, and they're unable to eat more than a few bites. Travel for them is more about seeing a new place, or spending time with loved ones who wanted to travel. Personally, I'm all about traveling to eat. There's no other point to traveling for me. 😄 I'd hit up maybe one or two historical sites, but I really go to other countries to experience the food and the feel of the place.

    12. Revina Que

      Spain gave away the Philippines after the Spanish-American War too! I'm so glad colonialism isn't too much of a thing anymore nowadays

    13. Joy Z

      Is that the cold brew drip machine in the back? Is this from the coffee shop you guys talked about in another one of your podcast?

    14. MAX2K14 671

      I’m glad you guys enjoyed your stay, Meskela in Agana, Proa, Pikas and a few other places off the top of my head. Some of the best local places on island. I hope you guys come back soon and get to meet your Guam fans 😁

    15. xAutumnTwilightx

      The right way to swim is naked. Sincerely, Finland

    16. Naika Rivera-Deutsch

      When I was young in Puerto Rico I never wore sunscreen. Now that I'm older (46) and many years now I only tan a little but I still wear a bikini with lots of sunscreen. lol

    17. Naika Rivera-Deutsch

      I don't travel much anymore. My dad was in the Air Force and my husband was in the Marine Corp. I loved trying new foods.

    18. Marie Hornung

      I love Applebee’s!!! It’s kinda trashy sometimes here in the US but it’s always got good wings and artichoke dip!!!

    19. Kameran Metaxas

      Everyone is damn near naked in Texas 😂

    20. Haru

      Honestly, I've experienced the whole people not wanting to eat food they've never had and would rather eat a burger. Funny thing is we weren't even going to another country! We were literally going from a really small town to Minneapolis. Like wtf I don't want to eat something I can get back home! I was eating Indian food, Japanese, Thai or whatever I could find! Meanwhile, they were eating burgers and pizza -_-

    21. Jade Corvus

      Yes! Crispy bacon! I love that you mentioned that. 😂♥️

    22. Thomas Medina

      Just rock the trunks! (from the US) Noticed that in the US the shirts in the pool are mostly just among people who self conscious about their bodies Used to live in Korea too and the pool culture always surprised me! Also, a ton of my friends there were always amazed that I could swim haha.

    23. Thomas Medina

      Hafa Adai!~ Used to live in Guam as a little kid! So cool to hear you guys talk about it! (hoping to make a trip back at some point!)

    24. Helia Zakeri

      I’m from Iran 🇮🇷 and we have beaches on north and south parts of the country. The zones for men and women are different and they can’t go to the beach together because of the strict islamic rules (Which tbh I think it’s stupid). And on some beaches that are remote there are some families but the women are fully clothed if they wanna go to the sea.

    25. Viola Chu

      I think wearing a bikini or being shirtless is a western thing and wearing more clothes is an eastern thing, like wearing a t shirt over a bikini or swim suit is fairly common in Hong Kong. Except for onsens, cos Japanese people don't care about being butt naked in the same room as other butt naked people haha

    26. Malika Lim

      If I wanted comfort food I'd go find it. But I think I really want to try the food of the place I'm staying in? The whole point of me going to a country is to experience it :/

    27. Caryn Gibson

      I greatly prefer floppy bacon...

    28. unaanguila

      Thanks for sharing!

    29. Aleksandra Zubova

      Thank you for showing me your love. I'm going through a terrible break up and seeing you guys love each other the way you do gives me hope that I will find love again

    30. Katie H.

      I would love a coffee podcast!

    31. Felix Felicis

      Watching your videos is like self care for me 🥰

    32. Bobby McMillian

      I wish I wasn’t late to the party... Terry’s Local Comfort Food... It. Was. So. Good. For the next time you go. On my next adventure my Sara will be with me and we will be venturing to such places. I’m glad you all had a great trip!

    33. Pamela S.

      Late to the comments but I’m from Kentucky. Tanning or having a glow is seen as a good thing. When I was younger I felt a lot of pressure to get tan in the summer. I work now, so I don’t care as much lol and I don’t want to look like a raisin when I get old!

    34. happymonkey06

      Totally agree, I would never imagine bringing home food on my vacation. If I’m away for longer than a typical vacation then maybe but even then I’m tempted not to because I left my home country to experience something totally new.

    35. AriKari

      Simon is my spirit animal.

    36. DepecheMatt84

      Part deux

    37. Kerry Horton

      In North Queensland, we wear sunscreen all day every day, a broad brimmed hat and a sun shirt, can be long or short sleeved, any type of swimmers, but we do wear a full body Lycra suit if going into the ocean due to the jelly fish.

    38. EmmaVasNormandy

      I would listen to all topics mentioned in regards to another podcast lol. It looked like you had an amazing time in Guam, I never thought of that as a place to take a vacation to for some reason.

    39. Henchangclub

      The way you described people swimming completely covered up is something I noticed in the Philippines too

    40. Denise Smith

      I love the way you sit touching one another.

    41. Carla O'Connell

      When Irish people go to the beach, people generally wear as little clothing as the weather allows! Usually that means a tank top and shorts. As a country we're pretty terrible for sun safety. Except me, who works in oncology. I stay *very* covered up 🤣

    42. Tiffany Le

      PART 2! PART 2!!!!

    43. Tasha Swinney

      So, I think that when Westerners go to other countries, we often search for authenticity which is why we're usually so keen to try other food. But Westerners have also been traveling for a long time and we have a culture of searching for authenticity in other countries (I'm writing my MA thesis on travel literature). Also, in the United States at least, we're really self-aware about our food being a mix of other culture's contributions, and so we don't have as much nationalism about food as say Koreans or Chinese people. I also think there's less pressure in Korean culture to eat other food while traveling because Korean people know and believe that Korean food is the best! I'm connected to the Chinese community in Paris because my best friend is Chinese and lives there- Chinese people in Paris nearly ALWAYS eat at Chinese places and shop at Chinese stores. I had an adult Korean student travel to San Francisco and only eat hamburgers while he was in America because he was CONVINCED that was all there was to eat. He got back to Korea and told me he was SO TIRED of hamburgers and I was so mad at him! San Fran has an amazing food scene and he totally missed out because he could not let go of this stereotypical image he had of America! I'm glad you guys got good Korean food though, it's so expensive anywhere other than Korea!!

    44. A. Longoria

      I LITERALLY GASPED WHEN I SAW THIS!!!! i lived on guam for four years and LOVED IT i can still remember the the smells in chamorro village and getting those criss cross chorizo fries at kings!!!!! if you ever go back please please pleaseeeee look into those places that show you how to make coconut candy its the best thing ive ever had! and for anyone that knows chamorro.. Kao mamaolek ha' hao?

    45. Jensen 18

      Hi Simon and Martina, here in the Philippines we wear swimsuits and board trunks in beaches, cause its hot as balls here. However some people don't like to expose their skin too much and they don't want to get sun burned, so they wear long sleeved rash guards.

    46. Laura Lestaevel

      That's a Korean thing. I live in Da Nang Vietnam and it's one of the best spot for Korean tours, in 2 years Da Nang just became a Korean city. It's written in Korean everywhere, Koreans shops, Korean restaurants, even KOREAN PETSHOPS. So many families just moved here to work in DN and Korean people just wanna stay with other Koreans and eat Korean food :) I've been with my boyfriend(Korean) for 2 years now, and I think we've only ate Vietnamese food together like 3 times^^" The tours are only 3 days, but the tourists will still go to Korean restaurants :)

      1. Laura Lestaevel

        @simonandmartinabonus Oh really?? But when did you go? Maybe now it became like Guam, everyday it's becoming more and more Korean 😅

      2. simonandmartinabonus

        WE WENT TO DANANG AS WELL! I remember it being similar, but just not to the same extent, as Guam in terms of how much Korean is everywhere :D

    47. Terra Babauta

      I just want to say that I am chamorro my KGup channel is named lisåyo which means rosary in chamorro because the rosary is something that connects me to my culture. And I know this podcast is about your beautiful 12 year Anniversary congrats btw 💕 but, I do want say that it really makes me sad that you guys weren’t able to try any local cuisine 🤧 and what’s even more sad is that Guam has just thrown are culture down the drain and decided to hide are food and culture behind closed doors. I think this is because the chamorro people have never been independent sine our 300 year conquest from Spain to the American and Japanese occupation during ww2 and our islands are still territories of the US but if you asked an American where we were they wouldn’t know... I wish this was a more highlighted topic and I’m so grateful you brought it up. Much love you two 💞💞

    48. Crystal's Creativity ASMR

      I'm the same way, when I'm traveling I definitely have it in my plan to eat as much of their countries foods as possible

    49. some_donkus

      I’m glad you guys had a good time in Guam! It sounds like an amazing place that maybe a lot of people don’t know about. You asked us about bringing your own food/what you do when you’re on vacation somewhere new. I do want to say that sometimes it’s good to have some of your own stuff because maybe you have a sensitive tummy. The meal I have issue with most times is breakfast, so if I don’t bring something of my own to eat, I’d feel more comfortable at a chain restaurant or even in a hotel. Otherwise, I may end up spending the rest of the time in the bathroom, and that doesn’t sound fun. I feel like you probably didn’t mean for those kind of people/circumstances, but still wanted to put in my 2 cents worth :) I definitely try to get out and try local food, but I have to pay careful attention to my gut biome. I want to try local things, always. I love food and I hate that my stomach can be so dicey 😭

    50. Noa Joel

      A big yes to an episode on coffee!!

    51. Diana Chen

      In China, its like half of the people are dressed like koreans, all covered up. I think its usually women, coz they don't want to tan. The other half is shirtless or swimsuits out. Also I remember, when I lived in Shanghai, so many people didn't know how to swim.

    52. skyeeeeful


    53. Elysa Kawano-Gilbert

      As a half french / half japanese I've seen it all, bikini or one piece swim suit in France and a lot more of protection (especially for women) in Japan !

    54. Alan C.

      Every time someone mentions Japan, I never cease the opportunity to rant and warn people about how their bacon is just ham and sausage is just dry ham sticks. Guam’s food is fusion food, the traditional food is a mix of Filipino, Spanish, and a little Mexican food. Guam has also adopted American food like potato salad and Korean food like cucumber and daikon salad in kimchee base. You can find it everywhere, but it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

    55. Jupunzel

      Super late but wanted to inform you: I just got an ad of 11 minutes as in one one, eleven minutes!!! on this video and I’m sorry. I would love to watch ads on your videos, as I usually do, but I want to hear you talk not an ad for 11 minutes.

    56. LisaNovak95

      What was the coffee channel? I WANNA SEEEEE!!!!! And so much yes to a podcast just about coffee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    57. RhiiRhiBee

      We have some designated beaches in Europe and UK for topless bathing or completely nude! 😂 Most people generally expose as much skin AS POSSIBLE in the sun in most of Mediterranean Europe and UK. But we'll still avoid midday sun because of the heat!

    58. Danielle Miller

      Had a roommate once (in Los Angeles, we have good food and variety) who was korean and stuffed our living room and her room hoarder style with packaged foods from home. I dont think she went to a grocery store ever except for milk occasionally. Weird to me because when I was an expat somewhere I'd avoid food I'm used to..but thought whatever. Then one day her younger sister visited from Korea for a school break, and we became friends. One day she outright said she wanted to go out and eat a bunch of american food because whenever she visits her sister her sister only has korean food. I didnt realize it was a very Korean thing to go somewhere and not try local food. Her sister liked Californian food and street tacos...she hated root beer 😂

    59. Ellen Chu

      I went to Milan with my BF and he insisted on going to their china town and to have a meal there... I was not happy as I love Italian food and being chinese myself eating chinese food EVERY SINGLE DAY can be monotonous. Whenever I go to another country I have to eat local cuisines as It won't be as good when I have it back home so I make the most of it! I would bring eat instant noodles if I'm having cravings at night or I arrive at the hotel late and all the restaurants are closed.

    60. Gala

      I'm getting war flashbacks of Yoongi wearing long black leggings and black sleeve shirts under the 50° c burning sun of Malta. I got sun poisoning just from seeing that 😂😂😂

    61. Tiwa E

      Ill listen to a basketball podcast!

    62. Jessica

      I have a friend who always eats at chains when she goes on holiday, and she says it's because she has such a limited time to explore, she doesn't want to risk getting the poops. Personally I believe eating the local food is part of 'exploring' but I can sort of see her rationale.

    63. Liane van Dongen

      Netherlands we wear swimsuits/ trunks. Little kids are put in t-shirts though. But every outfit is acceptable

    64. Eric F

      Honestly I usually dislike listening to podcasts but you guys add this wonderful atmosphere. I love you guys! Honestly Simon is who I want to be more like.

    65. Cristina

      God. I love you guys. It is always so nice to listen to your chats. Thanks for the company

    66. Taro Bun

      I wonder also if travel is more daunting for someone who isn't white or maybe more importantly someone who doesn't speak English. At least English speakers know there's probably going to be someone who understands a little English pretty much anywhere they go. Imagine how much more stressful it'd be if you didn't have that. If there were no signs at airports and major tourist attractions in your language. If you weren't confident going into a small shop and buying something. I dunno. It could be a factor.

    67. Taro Bun

      It's not just you. If I'm going to travel, I'm travelling FOR THE FOOD. I guarantee you I will go to more supermarkets and convenience stores and pharmacies than I will proper tourist attractions. If I were to travel to a country where they don't drink black tea I would probably bring some tea bags and a tube of condensed milk to have in my hotel room, because it's inevitable that my health will turn to shit 2-3 days into any holiday and I'll be stuck in the room and that bit of routine from home might be the only thing that comforts me (because for me the "comfort" part isn't the food or items I bring, it's the familiar routine associated with them). That said, not everyone is a foodie. Some people can't eat the local food in other countries because they have food intolerances (like salicylate sensitivity) or allergies and have know way of knowing what the exact ingredients in anything are, other people have conditioned taste aversions where they have a restricted diet and will literally gag on unfamiliar foods, and sometimes I guess you just don't like a certain type of cuisine (I went to Bali recently and I'm really not a fan of Indonesian food. I still ate it and found things I enjoy, and I didn't bring any food with me from home, but I AM a foodie and let's face it I could have just had banana fritters for every meal if all else failed haha)

    68. 52max

      I think when I'm traveling, 80% of the fun is trying different food.

    69. Alys Lim

      HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EEEE you guys are so cute ☺️ and yes a part 2 would be great!

    70. Alewynn

      Congratulations! I’m so happy you guys had a lovely time ^,^ I enjoy trying local food but depending on who I’m with depends if I get to try it xD I’d listen to probably any podcast/show you guys did ;p Also! I’m from south Florida and I know a lot of locals that have started wearing swim shirts. I myself have always worn (at least) shirts while swimming because I’m so friggin white! xD But it’s pretty easy to spot the difference between locals and tourists these days. I don’t see many ppl with swim leggings yet tho!

    71. CadavErica

      I like high waisted bikinis and on italian beaches I feel overdressed, so yeah

    72. amber J

      My husband is famous for morning dumps You MUST HAVE 2 bathrooms to live with him 😅

    73. Eric Pierre Allen

      Your anniversary is my half birthday!! Hahah I know I’m lame But I love my half birthday (My actual birthday is December 16) YAAYY

    74. fartzinwind

      I'm from Washington State, we don't swim in our ocean, it's fucking cold. When River swimming we just go in trunks for guys, and whatever ladies prefer between bikini or one peace. Sunblock if needed, but most preferred swimming locations are in shaded woods areas.

    75. humblebumble

      Ahhhhhhhhh my sister and I are huge fans and she lives in saipan! You should visit there too! It's beautiful!

    76. z b

      please do a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!

    77. z b

      My family and I would love to show you the great local spots if you ever decide to come back to Guam!!! All our love ❤️

    78. RedDragon8998

      Hey Martina, sorry to bother you or anyone else who knows. Did you buy that wrist support on Amazon or in a pharmacy? I live in Scotland and I can’t find anything like that. I’ve got hyper mobility syndrome and have major issues with my wrists and fingers - that is perfect and exactly what I need. If anyone has any idea please let me know 🙈

    79. Martina Hirner

      On the topic of swimming, I think it's a cultural thing. Living in New Zealand we are surrounded by the ocean and we are taught how to swim from a very early age as there is a high death rate from drownings. We don't really cover up here either, just sunscreen. If you do water sports you might wear a wetsuit to keep warm and protected from wind or water burn.

    80. Claudia Turruviartes

      In America so much skin... Since I’m Muslim now I’m fully covered when swimming except my face, it does get sunburn at times 😢 Now I want to try wearing a hat. Congratulations 🎉 on your anniversary 💝💖 Love watching you guys!

    81. Anna M

      That sounds like a wonderful vacation. Good job! I would have loved the hotel. We went to Hawaii for our honeymoon 3 years ago (from Italy, so it was like a TON of flight hours, argh) and we also had problem finding real Hawaiian food. In fact, we didn't find any. It was kinda sad to see locals employed in the hotels and the agencies as "hawaiians" so this thing about the food really bummed me out. But Hawaii are wonderful and worth the journey! AnD I also started to wear shirts after seeing americans do so 'cause I'm very pale and at least my skin won't burn

    82. Coffee&Ducktape

      How did you guys miss Chamorro Village? Also In-N-Out BBQ at the airport is delish. We lived on island for 4 years and my kids were born there. Part of my heart will always be in Guam

    83. Raven Tinker

      Question (it may have been asked before, so sorry), but what sunscreen brands do you use? I know here in America we're kinda limited in the components we can use, to the point where many of my skin-care loving friends buy sunscreen from Korea or France for a better-feeling texture. Especially when it's for face application. Any thoughts? I love listening to your podcasts. You both have kept me in good company for many long drives. Thank you so much for that.

    84. Catherine Nguyen

      I truly don't understand bringing your own food on a trip because I'm traveling to get new experiences and food is the best way to do that! Although, after going anywhere for an extended period of time, I admit that the food I missed from home tastes a little better after not having it for a couple weeks.

    85. Marine

      Eating local food and even more shopping into grocery stores are my favorite things to do when travelling! I can't imagine visiting a place without trying some unknown food. Concerning beach bodies, if I rely on all people with severely burnt reddish skin I can watch every summer, I guess french people are generally not really concerned about sun damages (even if we know the risks). As a non sun-lover ghost though, I'm impressed with the korean level of prevention!

    86. andrea Sovan

      I'M from Romania, Europe and at the beach everybody is nearly naked. Tanning is a must have on summer. I sometimes think I'm the only one in the country who doesn't like to tan. My grandma is 85 and still goes to the pool to get some tan . It's her favourite thing to do in summer :))

    87. lightweaver 18

      Ya 12 years! Glad u had a great Anniversary.

    88. Carissa B.

      I am from the Philippines and it has a bikini/shirts off culture at the beach (if you can afford them). Their are only 2 seasons in the Philippines, either rainy or sunny, so people are used to exposing their skin to the sun. However, many Filipino do not use sunscreen. There are people who try to have a whiter complexion, who uses special lotions, drink pills for skin whitening, or stay away from the sun, but most do not use sunscreen.

    89. Diala

      Dubai, for beaches and public pools, exposed skin. and then there are beaches that are reserved for women only .for people who wear the hijab can uncover and wear what they want with no men around.

    90. DarkNightSleeper

      Hey all!, I'm from New Zealand. In my country swimming is a necessity because we are an island in the pacific so our beaches can very rough. Therefore the majority of the our population know how to swim but we don't have strict rules in regards to what is considered 'appropriate' swim wear, at either the beach or pool as long as you are safe, and having fun. Some pools do require specific attire but that is usually because it is a thermal pool other than that we're pretty casual towards what people wear. Also my partner and I don't go swimming at the beach until much later in the afternoon too since the UV rays are much more potent in NZ. It's because we are on the edge of the broken ozone layer but as long as you slip slap slop (put on sunscreen) you're sweet as (^.^)

    91. Anthea Hui

      Happy Anniversary!! Glad you guys are back! Also would loooove to hear you guys talk about coffee

    92. Ti N

      I bring instant food on holidays just in case I’m short on money.. you know, emergencies.. hehe

    93. Tina Bee

      I need to try local foods if Im in other countries. But my dad he hates it! Everywhere we go he would always end up at KFC!!! And one time my mother made the mistake of booking an "apartel" when he saw we had our own kitchen he got excited to go to a local market. He got ingredients that he needed to cook my country's local food.

    94. Yvonne Mitake

      Congratulations for 12 years Anniversary. Wow! Mahalo for 11 amazing years. When I travel, I tried to try as much local food.

    95. RIXRADvidz

      if you travel to a foreign country and don't eat local food, you might as well have stayed home. it's fun to eat American Food in England and Finland And Russia and other places, but it's the local cuisine that makes your experience complete. although, THEE Best Italian food I've ever had was in St Petersburg Russia, don't ask, it was To Die For!! so good.

    96. RIXRADvidz

      15 years together, 12 years married, my partner and I have 2 anniversaries, the day we moved in together and the day we declared our love for each other, it happened to be February 14. we'll be celebrating 20 years together in December. Congrats to Your Wonderful Life, and thanks for sharing it all. We Love You.

    97. Joanne Cohen

      If you swim in the Guam Trench, which is the deepest ocean in the world, then you must be a very good swimmer because it is almost seven miles way down there. There! There!

    98. Joanne Cohen

      My Father was born on Guam. My Mother was born in Germany. Usually anyone visiting would be invited and have a meal with them. My Father use to bring foreigners to our home. You can eat and join them in their home. I was not born in Guam but my family own many businesses. I hope you return again. I will invite you to my home there. You are welcome. I will make Guamainian food for you. Cheers! Happy Anniversary.

    99. Raquel Khan Ali

      Concerning the swimming in full clothing discussion: In Trinidad here in the Caribbean, it really is personal preference. Some people bathe in bikinis and swim shorts, others may wear a rash guard and shorts, others wear leggings and tops, etc. It really boils down personal preference but one common factor is that everyone uses sunscreen and you will see people seeking shade during the hottest hours of the day. However this practice isn't limited to the beach as the sun in the city, while driving or working outdoors is insane. People will also get a decent amount of sun but cases of sun burn are pretty uncommon. Also, Happy Anniversary to you and here's to many more

    100. Peter Joseph O'Brien

      Hi Simon and Martina. On the question of beachwear, on the east coast of the US, I see a lot of kids wearing thinner than wetsuit type one-piece outfits that are long sleeved and do down to their knees. Cheers.