FULL MATCH - 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match: Royal Rumble 2020


24 млн көрүүлөр10 520

    Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntyre, Edge and more throw down in one of the most stacked Royal Rumble Matches of all time: Courtesy of WWE Network.
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    1. A L 5 A L YT


    2. FN_Mati_ Fortnite

      oh, a new thing Keith lee have a beard! :O xd

    3. Abanob Remon

      The best royal rumble ever ❤️🔥

    4. Kyle Curtis

      Lesnar still the Beast, has had that billing his whole career. Second coming of the Undertaker in terms of just heavyweight intimidation. Not near as charismatic, but definitely that level of threatening.

    5. Mabelle Predovic

      It's too cool

    6. Salamat Murad Pendaliday

      brock got claymored :(

    7. Mar kus

      23:39 Lesnar's Pog

    8. Bukit Barisan

      Fake sport

    9. Richard F. Doss II

      About dam time drew 🤘

    10. zimzam

      best and amazing

    11. Yuliana Cornejo

      Pakalan Teryy

    12. Yuliana Cornejo

      Soy el unico mexicano

    13. Andrea Gutiérrez


    14. ITMeCE

      This is one of the best royal rumbles ever.

    15. ITMeCE

      Is it wrong to say I miss Lesnar? He added such entertainment to the shows.

    16. Levi Ackerman

      brock lesnar very overated rey Mysterio real legend

    17. Weifeng Xu

      go to 0:45 and you can see that 2 people from smosh are watching wwe in the top right corner

    18. Pavi Maris

      The top Royal Rumble match in recent years!

    19. Hady Baskoro

      Super claymore by drew mcIntyre to lesnar perfect

    20. Matt Lipnick

      Why does lesnar’s F5 look like it doesn’t really hurt like I get it it’s mostly theatrics but it’s not like that looks badge

    21. Mister Foot

      We miss punk and the legend jhon cena

    22. 耿沐阳


    23. Rick James

      59:07 you definitely feel a commercial coming haha. I know there are none but that lead up though..

    24. ٩٠٠ مالك


    25. Ethan Reynolds

      start from your 3 point stance for more strength.

    26. Ethan Reynolds

      Jesus loves all people no matter what. He will love all people forever. 2021 years ago he was risen from the grave.

    27. Ethan Reynolds

      maybe Big Show will win

    28. Ethan Reynolds

      who will win ?

    29. road cards

      Jesus christ is the messiah and the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except by him

    30. Shadowavenger567

      Corey graves prediction was answer

    31. BLACK MASS

      Here is the winner Drew Mcintyre ★★★

    32. Loknaz

      I wonder how many galons Lesnar sweated this match.

    33. Benji Jaquez

      Edge vs. Roman Reigns is so Legendary... King of the Spear... even though it'll always be Edge

    34. Samuel Ventura Heredia

      Broo lete

    35. Emil Əhmədov

      Edge is back


      Drew Mcintyre is the perfect man to broke steve austins record

    37. Agung

      Jonsena is back

    38. T Dub

      this rumble was garbage let's be real

    39. Tyler Mattingly

      Watching all these wrestlers try to fight Lesner is like watching the avengers try and fight Thanos

    40. himalya yeti

      steroid effect can be seen on these wrestlers...

    41. Gabrieloban_

      A UFC fighter cannot fight on WWE, he Can? I want to see it

    42. Krishna Rana

      Roman reigns

    43. mayank platform

      Brock Lesnar 13 super star elimination

    44. Nicole Smith

      no way drew mcintyre win the 2020 royal rumbe match

    45. Eren Subaşı

      31:30 adam uçmayı öğrendi

    46. Edft D tvrf


    47. NikkiLust💋

      So happy brock was gone lol. I screamed at the tv when this happened

    48. Rahime Murray

      No I don't like Drew McIntyre I hate him Roman reigns I want to win

    49. Rechmond and Bebenth

      Men I would like to see brock being a Face

    50. Simply Garbage

      I miss Samoa Joe


      MMooii ebiolae nj

    52. Rechmond and Bebenth

      Hey guys how did Hhh Win the Championship in Royal rumble???????but why did Drew didn't?

    53. Lynn Bailey


    54. Devinder Kaur

      The big dog. He s the strong one

    55. Afghan Boy

      Am i the only one that hoped The Rock showed up

    56. J Say

      All I watch in this whole think is Drew’s Claymore to Brock I didn’t like Drew until after this performance

    57. Sakti Ari W

      Sebelum pandemi menyerang

    58. Blyad G

      Thanks to the communist country that screw up EVERY one in the world.may God screw them up one day to the country

    59. Dopeyy’s VLOGS

      His theme song is just heat.

    60. Noice

      Just saying when I was going against aliester black he was litterally impossible to pin

    61. Paulo Duarte

      2020 was a good year and a good start for drew mcintyre

    62. Sebastian Muñoz

      45:00 Undertaker

    63. Hayden Forbes

      Hello guys today is my birthday pls which me a happy birthday it will mean a lot to me and pls like my comment it will mean a lot to me

      1. MontanaBlack

        Happy Deathday 😊

    64. Спартак Алиев

      Wtf new wrestlers are sow low level, Brock like Goro, mortal kombat champion. Old wwe much better with best characters like Goldberg, Triple H, Sting, Stone Cold, Undertaker and others.

    65. GerJuan Jacob

      I was actually hoping Lesnar would win this LOL

    66. Roberto Pineda

      47:34 welp someone unleashed the big dog

    67. Martha Jauregui

      Erick rowan 5:41

    68. XtronerGamer

      the shield :C

    69. Henry Stanely

      Wwe did a mistake when they released Samoa joe

    70. Duy Hưng Nguyễn

      I'm from Vietnam 🇻🇳,hello everybody

    71. Daan pro

      4 persons roman reigns the big dog edge the rated r superstar randy orton the viper and drew mcintire. hmmmm how should win ithink drew mcintire have no chanche to win.

    72. Garrett1974


    73. Love Thyself Know Thyself


    74. Draven Kristofer Lamb

      8:01 MMMM"

    75. OFF CH


    76. paklong punklaman

      Edge 🔥 🔥 🔥

    77. Henry M

      Whoa. 33:30. Is that Matt Raub from Smosh?

    78. anthonny yabut

      Great Royal Rumble event where monstrous gladiators Edge, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre reached the final four, and the calling for McIntyre's rise too. 1:01:21- a classic line: "strike the viper before he strikes you."

    79. arash 4

      Even brock buried 13 man superstar.. But this royal rumble is so amazing

    80. Daniel

      Is it just me or are wwe trying to turn Dolph Ziggler into HBK 2.0?


      He spoiled his chance again 😂 Lost by lashley...

    82. YaBoiDanny02

      I like how everyone huddles up when one of the biggest legends hits the WWE again, I know it’s late but welcome back, Edge.

    83. حارث احمد

      Why HFCS if juffv

    84. terry papworth

      How did b rock get eliminated by them two damn it I'm not watching no more

    85. Nigel Pascua

      UFC-business department-SAc,TNt,dlex

    86. Tanner Smith

      Brock Iesner

    87. 궁qwer

      EDGE 진짜 이때 개소름...

    88. Yvonne Kennedy

      Lesnar is big but it the brain that helps him 😉😉😉

    89. ADNAN ARI

      j2ff hardy th bst

    90. BBBMC


    91. Charolina Moses

      Fake sports

    92. Zmaj06

      58:11 nemugu vise hahahahah

    93. Ducky Curry

      Randy Orton entered No. 23 in 2017, No. 24 in 2018 and number 25 in 2020 🤣

    94. Jeremy Sipes

      I really wish brock won this. Just to see him eliminate everybody from spot 1 would've been next level. A lot of hate from people but he's definitely top tier. Super great episode I enjoyed the whole play out.

    95. True Gadite

      What UP EDGE 🏆🔥

    96. yusri 4

      Bengek anjing

    97. 宋知阙


    98. neonsnake26

      2:10 happy birth day

    99. Sanlly Estrella

      #01 0:04 Brock Lesnar *(eliminado 14)* #02 1:38 Elias *(eliminado 01)* 03:57 *Empieza la acción* #03 05:43 Erick Rowan *(eliminado 02)* #04 07:11 Robert Roode *(eliminado 03)* #05 09:03 John Morrison *(eliminado 04)* #06 10:55 Kofi Kingston *(eliminado 07)* #07 12:25 *Rey Misterio* 🥰 *(eliminado 05)* #08 14:05 Big E *(eliminado 06)* #09 16:41 Cesaro *(eliminado 08)* #10 18:18 Shelton Benjamín *(eliminado 09)* #11 20:00 Shinsuke Nakamura *(eliminado 10)* #12 21:45 MVP *(eliminado 11)* #13 23:35 Keith Lee *(eliminado 12)* #14 25:40 Braun Strowman *(eliminado 13)* #15 28:10 Ricochet *(eliminado 15)* #16 29:29 *Drew McIntyre* 🥰 30:28 *Mejor momento* 🥰🥰 #17 32:06 The Miz *(eliminado 16)* #18 34:02 Aj Styles *(eliminado 17 )* #19 35:48 Dolph Ziggler *(eliminado 22)* #20 37:14 Karl Anderson *( eliminado 20)* #21 38:52 Edge *(eliminado 28)* #22 41:10 King Corbin *(eliminado 19)* #23 42:55 Matt Riddle *(eliminado 18)* #24 44:43 Luke Gallows *(eliminado 21)* #25 46:18 Randy Orton *(eliminado 27)* #26 47:34 Roman Reing 🥰🥰🥰 *(eliminado 29)* #27 49:03 Kevin Owen *(eliminado 24)* #28 50:23 Aleister Black *(eliminado 23)* #29 51:56 Samoa Joe *(eliminado 25)* #30 53:25 Seth Rollings *(eliminado 26)* 54:09 comienza el juego

    100. George Jaymes

      Pretty fat stomach brock has...looks funny.