Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...


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    Minecraft, But Every Mob Is Lucky...
    👍 40,000 Likes? (I'm still doing pushups for last vid)
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    1. Koala

      I love how How he said “this is a good fortress” and then he gets the achievement saying “a TERRIBLE fortress” 😂

    2. Wynand Van staden


    3. Jacob Michael

      Name one Lucy

    4. WeirGuy

      Him: so gotta eat the notch apple Also him: over full health

    5. Farha Khan

      Wolf 2 is Xs

    6. SpaGirl Jenna


    7. Op gamer

      Your name Nestro this is all

    8. game mode check 223

      Pov: he said I haven't killed a sheep yet. me: bruh you killed one at the start

    9. gaming with creppy

      Green dog name Creppy dog

    10. Yang Tommy

      The impolite trouble shortly try because bobcat molecularly bow down a green grey grieving wallaby. gray greasy great, aboard waterfall

    11. Rashmi Mohanty

      Just kidding

    12. Rashmi Mohanty

      Minecraft police arrest him

    13. Sherelyn Respeto

      The wishing well is my gift the well is many 💎

    14. Tamsin Yeaman

      Max Jesse James

    15. Gaming_ froq

      I like how he in the start of the video asking for a recordbreaking number of 40k likes and he has 116k likes

    16. Courtney Turner

      Ummmmmm are you narteto

    17. bvssmouq6 Gaming

      The reason tamed wolves didn't attack the creeper was because wolves actually don't attack them, you can also see the wolves health by looking at their tail, lower it is, the less health it has, you can heal it by feeding it

    18. Kaizen Villegas

      The name of the purple tie is Moon

    19. Kelly Laramy


    20. Evelyn McKay

      Xneteo: makes 3 crafting table Me:I make one and keep on breaking it

    21. Terri apostolopoulos

      the dog with the cyan choler: ocean EnjOy

    22. sushi

      シ︎ i love it

    23. Heather Longstreet


    24. Blurrykitten

      I like the part where he got luck

    25. Teena Reyes

      You are so cool

    26. Diamond Hands

      their names are bob

    27. Melissa Westbay


    28. Among YOU

      Pin me Now

    29. Matthew Rigby

      eee man lol

    30. Rᴏcio Orengo

      Minecraft devs should let dogs kill creepers instead just cats 😶

    31. Cian Evans

      day one of asking xNestorio to do Minecraft, But You Can Craft A "Grilled Cheese Sandwich" x36

    32. NorwegianBagel

      A dog name: Lucky (so cheesy sorry)

    33. Misael Arteaga Hernandez

      Two of the names should be cookie and destiny

    34. Loading Not complete

      The fact that I subbed when I 1st saw his channel I think that I did the right thing :)

    35. Jefferson Mark Arellano

      Lucky clay

    36. Helen Lyons

      I LIKE YOUR DOG NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Helen Lyons

      I LOVE YOU 😘 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    38. Watermelon King

      Wow that was so lucky you broke a Diamond block with the golden pickax

    39. Jillian Larocco

      Kill a creeper!

    40. Wolfy Game’s


    41. blackbutler fun

      Next is steve next is notch next alex

    42. haziq playing games

      dog dont attack creepers.dogs are smart because creeper explode

    43. BearSisters917

      You mist some gold

    44. Lianna Garcia

      "I have protection 4 3 and 2" 1 minute later "My armor is not that good"

    45. Saif Al shamsi

      Banana the dog

    46. Phoenix Shadowpaw

      The one with the red collar should be sparky

    47. Samantha Reschke


    48. chelsea estrella

      Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bak

    49. Joel Reeman

      orange dog peachy

    50. Danilo Jankovic


    51. Nugget

      Xnestorio 👎noon Xnestorio👍half day

    52. Carol Rivera

      dog names candice , apple sauce , nascar, da man

    53. Miguel and Pidot TV


    54. Vadim Sarbu

      You : gets dogs, The village:: Mobile task force unit epsilon-11 designated nine-tailed fox, has entered the facility.

    55. Benny Crazy

      Dogs cannot kill creepers Only cats can scare them off


      Wow 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😍😍😍😍😍 the nice minecarft video and i have minecarft too

    57. Samiyah Washington-Alexander


    58. Avery Whitaker


    59. Avery Whitaker

      Check out Chris channel there’s a lot of good videos

    60. Lucia Acosta

      Name one tim

    61. KDP0713YT Zombie player

      8:28 I know what the C means. It means Centillion The Enchanted level are very overpowered Protection C could be the 1 Centillion or 900,000 Centillion DEF and Knockback and of course, it could be other enchants will be the same Resistance and Damage from thorns(which is even deadly). If you get full armor and tools and weapons that have to enchant level to Centillion level. heh, you're gonna become, GOD.

    62. Yolanda Mireles

      Loser jassiel

    63. Yolanda Mireles

      Jasso is a loser

    64. Daniel Ortiz Santos

      Dod that is osom

    65. Aaron Alambara

      hiyaaaa uhmmm uchhh

    66. Raja Mudiganti

      "I have no friends" then get 10 dogs then die

    67. Dark _soul

      I don’t need this type of luck i need him uploading luck

    68. gunita leja

      1 wolf niem is xNestorio

    69. nic Far

      Dogs in minecrafts can kill creepers

    70. Alien scope


    71. lucinda buss

      Michael Jackson is a good name

    72. Blogger Rosy


    73. ShadowGamer109

      Rip wolf:(

    74. Shelly Suski


    75. Jason Wilkinson

      Me: *opens Lucky block* Lucky block: *drops chicken nuggets* Me:YESSSSSSS🤩🤩🤩

    76. christina duarte


    77. Bablu Biswas

      My favorite lucky block is the fish lucky block


      Can u do everything u touch u get a insane item?

    79. nikaotia24

      The gold pickaxe is butter pickaxe. yo can't mine gold, diamond, and also iron, the funny sing is that butter pickaxe is faster than Netherite

    80. Asma Fatima


    81. Alaisha Khatri

      Can one dog be named nixy Edit:I saw most of them die right after I said that

    82. Karol hernandez

      Please play 1 block

    83. Pernell Thomas

      One of them should be called subscribe

    84. The-Music-Sisters

      Can i name the cyan dogo nugget pls??

    85. CattyKim Cooks

      One of the dogs should be named Percy

    86. StuuDream `

      Dogs don't kill creepers.

    87. calepeb finlay

      Why do u sound like the guy who said top 5 Burger King foot lettuce

    88. Thomas Park

      One of the dogs is called hamburger

    89. Amita Ghimiray


    90. ASN

      The amount of times he said scam->

    91. At Louis


    92. Miles Yiu


    93. UnshelledLeaf

      3:04 Dogs won't fight creepers, That update has been in the game since around xbox360 added Minecraft

    94. Hello Heyu!


    95. Phil Bartley

      He could have killed the dogs

    96. liezl mandani

      Can you make a manhunt video with a twist plsss

    97. Oliver Rekkaro

      there was a black lucky block when he killed evil witch

    98. Keisha Elaine Hernandez

      New title: Killing mobs for materials to kill the dragon!?!

    99. Zuri's Fun Review

      Don’t worry I’m subbed

    100. Disguised bread

      This reminds me of popularmmos