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    Join a team of marine scientists as they embark on an unprecedented journey across the Great Southern Ocean and beyond to Antarctica.
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    From Expedition Antarctica
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    1. Alejandro Felix

      Everything about this was absolutely fascinating. It was heartbreaking that woman lost her husband during the expedition. The thimble-like styrofoam cups from the pressure were so cool! Such a roller coaster of a show. Marine Biologist are during some really awesome and vital work.

    2. jojo justme

      Yeah great documentary and all. Yet what have you done was very disturbing for sea creatures. Never even bothered by the glass bottle found on sea bed.

    3. GooglG FaceF

      China has entered the chat. Lets cook them

    4. heather rippy

      wow... am i the only one who sees all the killing of these poor fish/animals. usually the scientists want the animals alive. they drudged the sea floor red flag, then killed all the animals? never seen this on any exploration and i research. jus sayn

    5. Harley Grower

      My grandfather was one of the first Americans to ever set foot there. He was chief on one of the icebreakers under Admiral Byrd


      here were covid 19 came from

    7. Steakduboeuff

      Operation High Jump unravels the REAL secret.

    8. Aidan McCamish

      who else now thinks the cod zombies noise comes from penguins

    9. BeSearching ForWisdom

      Excellent production

    10. Enes Imsirovic

      They will fall from the egde!

    11. ryzy1983

      Poor fish...

    12. uditt lamba

      what a nice bunch of passionate people. Great documentary.

    13. Tim Rijnbeek

      Studying life but killing it ... makes sense ......

    14. hc43v3r

      the last 'untouched' continent and species in the world, SO LET'S KILL 'EM ALL QUICK!!!

    15. Swagboyking

      1:40 so is global warming melting our ice or is it the u kno who ppl

    16. Swagboyking

      Woah u guys seen dat giant wall of ice it almost look as if it was going str8 for thousands of miles

    17. Uncle JD

      Great video

    18. Bill Buehner

      the only one ever caught in the Ross Sea yaaay, we killed it

    19. Tony Michaud

      Global warming is a super scam.

    20. Br Talk

      Do they talk about the Antarctic treaty

    21. Hallands

      The scientists are »thrilled« and the catch is sent down to the lab, dead or dying - probably somewhat less »thrilled«? But they’re there to »help the ecosystem survive«, right? Right!

    22. Hallands

      »Through the worst ice condition in years« and »is global warming causing bla-bla-bla«... There _is_ no global warming, only natural climate changes!

    23. Wilhelmus Kool

      Why must these documentairys always be so dramatic?

    24. John Altenburg

      Please stop LOL 44:14

    25. Betsy S

      I wonder why they didn't throw the sea bass back? I can't imagine they need to study it. Maybe they ate it??

    26. J K

      26:56 nifty seeing the sea freezing

    27. Graham Dougherty

      It's not okay for commercial fishers but don't mind if we do.

    28. indigenous Aboriginal

      Andrew is a nail biter InTouching a new discoveries without gloves on🤦🏾

    29. indigenous Aboriginal

      So cold but never seen smoke out there 👄🤦🏾

    30. Cocainepeach

      Never been on the moon quit lying. This is the realist its gonna get

    31. 5555H

      ....nothing short of "incredible"....!!!

    32. Mark Wallace

      Music is WAY over the top. Really cheapens the whole thing.Patronizing voice over. Is this for kindergarten? it SUCKS!!!!! SHAME ON YOU!

    33. Dennis LoDolce

      GLOBAL WARMING MY A$$ the narrator said "the most icy conditions in years" then mentions Global warming ... BullSh*t The Earth is its own ECO SYSTEM it will regulate its self like it has for MILLIONS of years. NO MAN or Government can control the weather or climate. When the wealthy politicians are on their Yachats enjoying sun shine food and drinks they don't care about Global warming...

    34. Her Peeze

      Long live Shackelton!

    35. R S

      This is the life of a sailor, everything is Frozen, including Us...that's a good one...ide give anything to be on that ship 🚢..

    36. Patrick Coghlan

      Amazing voyage!!! Congratulations to all the team, specially for captain and for Julie Hall. No words to describe her commitment . Please make this research a contribution to preserving marine life and hopefully not to benefit the horrible greed and interests of businessmen who profit from under water minning and indiscriminate fishing industry.

    37. thebentley71

      The first thing they say is how the animals somehow live at the edge of our planet.

    38. capnumericka

      Man could never over fish the oceans and there is no such thing as global warming. Only God has the power to change the atmosphere. Man is so arrogant to think we are capable of altering the earths weather unnaturally or naturally. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! You are a Godless person if you believe in this garbage.

    39. Warren Rodgers

      Jesus is the only way to heaven humble your selves and ask Jesus he will answer you

      1. Landon Rankin

        Shut up stupid

      2. prakash chettri



      funy part is in this video is what they are walking in dining area..

    41. Donaldo Cordero Xímenez


    42. Jean-Luc Merle One Pixel

      Let’s hope that these scientific investigations are not funded by oil drilling companies, mining cies etc... scientisrs are always happy to receive funds for research and they sometimes stands zillion miles away from what and who will benefit from their findings. Mostly behind their backs.

    43. chris kostecki

      Giving half the information, is imagination minus two, Just an observation

    44. Yvan Daniel

      Imagine being an octopus taken to the lab....

    45. Conrad Gonzales III

      Did he really ask if over fishing is an issue?!

    46. Muhd Harith

      the ice collapsed an fill entire ocean


      20:20 - 21:00 That's the most interesting part of this documentry video🤣🤣

    48. MrCrabbing

      She looks like a ex trawler

    49. momotaro

      Very interesting. Still a lot to learn about the ocean, especially Antarctica.

    50. Juan Tejeda

      Antarctica goes all around circunference of earth

    51. Brentcolo

      What brand of parka are they using?

    52. YourNatureBoy27

      In 50 days how many got laid?

    53. YourNatureBoy27


      1. YourNatureBoy27

        That fish parasite looked like it was from 'Alien Vs. Predator'

      2. YourNatureBoy27

        The world's biggest mammal eats the smallest crustacean.

      3. YourNatureBoy27

        Why didn't they let that little red squid live?

      4. YourNatureBoy27

        Imagine how devastating it would be if Polar bears were released in the Antarctic?

      5. YourNatureBoy27

        Let the octopuses go free. We are going to need them to fight the Chinese Communist Party.

    54. Mack Darwinian

      I love that they found stuff on the sea floor they haven't seen before. Wow! Lets kill them by scooping them up.

      1. Brice Macaluso

        I'm sure Japan will find some way to cook and/or eat these new species

    55. YourNatureBoy27

      Who funds all this?

    56. Ryan Hughes

      well what ever you pull up will die

    57. im1who84u

      32:23 Are we still talking about squid and octopi here?

    58. im1who84u

      7:58 There must be two ships traveling together, otherwise how could they get these shots.

      1. Will H

        probably b-roll footage

    59. im1who84u

      3:47 That must be another boat that is in the water. Otherwise how could they have gotten this shot?

    60. Jerry Steele

      That's why know one believes nothing what people say about history you see how it keeps changing. Plus when you see it's round they say it's square are you see and know it is blue that will say it is red. Look what is happening to us right now lies on every thing and every one.

    61. Pilbo Mags

      I Global warming effecting the Earth more? these are the questions this team of Globalist paid scientists will answer.

    62. robsycko

      Yea all that extra ice just proves global ignorance 🤷‍♀️

    63. Zoes Dada

      If icing was "the worst its been in years" what happened to "global warming"?

    64. L pattenaude

      Polar circle, most secretive place on earth. Probably trying to hide domes edge.

    65. Ock SILENCER

      Why do scientist have to kill the fish

    66. Tracy Branch

      I totally agree with LA's take on the Great Deception!!!! All the pieces fit perfectly.

    67. Tracy Branch

      FYI. The comments listed here having nothing to do with the topics discussed

    68. Kingfrey Musaka

      what aliens broke the trall and cut the video to avoid being discovered. would a human being be miniaturized as well?

    69. 4AP Music

      this man said echo system.... its ecosystem

    70. Platinum LLC

      That was a crazy looking mini sea-dragon. Scary.

    71. Tim McGee

      SSssshhh! They're secrets.

    72. Hasoon! Macaroon

      They better have eaten every single one of those Chilean Sea Bass 🤤

    73. Hasoon! Macaroon

      If my wife got killed in an accident and I decided not to go home to her funeral her ghost would be like, WHAT'S THE BITCH'S NAME!?

    74. Amar Correia

      49:40 😂 One of the best documentary

    75. Kenny Moore

      As they probe the depths of the oceans that have been frozen for millennium it is inevitable that viruses will emerge

    76. zilly online

      I spoke to professor of marine biology/ecology from James Cook University in the Solomon Islands in 2017, he concluded the fukishima nuclear plant in japan was still leaking radiation into the pacifici ocean killing the plankton and kril as it cirulates the oceans belt currents effecting the food chain and depleting fish stock in the pacific ocean.


      I had a wonderful trip with in this video. Truly there are a lot more to discover in the ocean deep before they are gone by illegal fishing. Cobgratulations for your hardwork.

    78. Vic Rattlehead

      I trust that Andrew Stewart guy with every fiber of my being

    79. Jamal Hamzah

      - no day without learning what you want life around you for your generations to survive - thank you for your amazing team's hard work, and struggle for us.

      1. Jamal Hamzah

        everyone on the ship is a team ' - from the crew - even if they are sweepers to the scientists are an amazing team - and we respect them' and u too my friend -

      2. Dublin Ireland Dublin Ireland

        What ur comment got to do with a ship kid

    80. Allen Moses

      Worst icing conditions in years? What happened to global warming?

    81. Buggy Man

      Im not even a scientist but i myself would be excited to see what those nets would catch.

    82. trespire

      Better hurry up & document the oceans, before China fishes it all dry.

    83. Penta Comstat

      Weather doesn't conspire!!! Unless it's antarctic weather with unique personality skills.

    84. Tom Winchel


    85. Chesterfield The 3rd


    86. Andrew Aguilar

      They dropped that bog rock and I thought best of luck to the starfish in that spot.. 😛

    87. Paul Buskie

      All they seem to do is kill 1000s of fish for glory,nothing else.

    88. Emilia's world

      I want to be a marine biologist. This was a great mission everyone is nice like me. I belong with this team.

      1. Emilia's world

        @Synthesizer Patel I know I can do this. Thank you

      2. Emilia's world

        @Washington Johnson Iii thanks alot

      3. Emilia's world

        @Love & Live thank you so much. I will pursue my career

      4. Force Ghost Anakin Skywalker

        @Flemingsofcolorado Thank you! I thought to myself "Why limit myself to just one building, when I can design a whole city?"

      5. Flemingsofcolorado

        I’m sure you’ll be one of the best!

    89. Anne* 411

      Global warming is not causing a temperature change in the ocean. The Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan is

    90. Emilia's world

      i remember the story of shakelton. he left and came back for his crew. shakelton was a hero.

    91. Emilia's world

      i want to go.......gosh i dont think it will happen. i love research

    92. Greg's Gramophones, Hi-Fi and Music

      They were showing her deceased husband, and youtube slotted an advertisement in.

      1. JustKeith

        ADBlocker . Dang.

    93. The Dude

      Safe to say there were NO secrets in this documentary.

    94. #MarysiaDab

      *Wow !!!*

    95. EL ROBO

      just before covid I was in Antarctica and while there were times of concern (walking at different angles) we had a few days of completely still waters. Thank you for showing what was below us.

    96. Eric stubing

      The scientist are damagingthe ocean floor by dragging.

    97. Az

      25 years in mining as a career, and I now detest ever being in the industry when I watch this.

      1. Az

        @VRBL !NSLT Your not bringing anything to me. Most jobs are not as destructive as mining and do not suffer from the ecological damage. You only have to google mining disasters and you will get my basic point (including oil and gas and fishing as Brandon Smith highlighted ). Extra point, I simply would have choses a different path if given the chance again - something more fulfilling and beneficial to the planet.

      2. VRBL !NSLT

        @Az hate to bring it to you but that unfortunatly goes for most jobs.. its the essence of kapitalism.. profit over everything..

      3. Az

        @Brandon Smith What you say is true. Although I was referring to mining in the way most people recognise it (excavating rock/ore). Mining is a very destructive, polluting industry where the public and the workforce(s) are constantly deceived and lied to. Mining companies care only about one thing, and one thing only, and that is profit. After what I have seen within the industry, I will/would never recommend it as a career or profession to anyone, particularly if you have a conscience. Then again, those with a conscience know that already.

      4. Brandon Smith

        Although if it isn’t grown, it’s there’s only so much we can do as a new species on earth...Unless we work together to develop space mining for minerals and resources...Then we could have the opportunity to better ourselves and earth if we choose.

    98. john finn

      guys who are in deadliest catch see this as another day in the office lol

    99. Stargazer

      destroyed a ocean floor using net for research purposes.

    100. Tuan Le

      The trashy revolver perinatally enter because steam intrahepatically decide beside a pointless iraq. eminent, damaging beetle