Scott Martin

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    Lake Okeechobee has GIANT BASS and this trip in the backwaters of the Okeechobee Marsh was the best ever. Special thanks to Chad Vanslyke for taking Macoy out for a trip of a lifetime!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Macoy was pretty excited to catch his personal best! Let’s hear your personal best stories! 👊🏼

      1. Mike N Crew

        Mine is only 5# as of now. But I’m about to buy a John boat next year and try to change that

      2. Daniel Marshall

        7.2 large mouth

      3. Spiffy

        i don’t have a pb. i only got a pb trout probably only 11 inches bc i don’t get to go out a lot

      4. hockeyguy515

        My PB is a 5 lb 9 oz smallmouth out of Lake St. Clair. Not too many big largies up here in Michigan...but I have caught a 36 inch northern pike and 41 inch musky!

      5. Tony Latham III

        I live on a private pond and so i have a kayak am so I’m on the other side of the pond. Hook a 10lb largemouth an I didn’t know it was that big. I start to paddle back to my house and the fish starts to pull my kayak and when I landed it I was in shock

    2. Tim W

      C'mon time stamps if Ur Gunna fuck around with Ur title and put in all the other shit I didn't come here to see

    3. Bret Abrecht

      That was a nice big bass

    4. jdogg661420

      sick nice one bro. i dont even know my pb lol.. though i have caught some lunks here im pretty sure they arent my target from here yet.. though i think i might have hooked her once but she got off.. i have lost my two best fish from this area.. which is sad but hey it keeps me grinding. i want to get a 12 from here since i grew up here and never fished here and they have pulled tanks here.. top tiers and so i should get at least half of what the best are that have come from here.. im 3 years in.. its a grind.. but the hogs make it worth it. but seriously its a grind here so i love even the dinks lol.. nice vid i love how happy you got.. makes me want to go out now. though i cant get out for a bit since my motorcycle fuel pump took a dump and im waiting for it for 2 weeks and counting..... one thing i like about largemouth.. i can get them from the banks.. sick vids though gl out there on some dds. i thought this was gonna be scott though with a dd.. lol.. cya.i did measure my biggest one i got to hands though it was 25 inch by 16 girth i think it was holding just under a dd.. sadly.. it was after spawn .. for some reason all my lunks come post spawn.. for the past 3 years...and i am out grinding a ton after winter.. since when i get off work i can grind for 3-4 hours before it gets dark.. the winter kills me when i get off work its already dark so its hard for me to get out then.. cya..

    5. Terry Wright

      Ok Scott, I subscribed, my husband dared me. He said if you get a box ill have to wup ya. Lets have fun..... i want a box of old fishing tackle . Look me up.

    6. Casting_with_cal

      I I caught a nine pounder in Pennsylvania then was walking to my phone and accidentally DROPPED IT IN THE WATER😭

    7. Spear And outdoors


    8. Erik Larrison

      Omg Scott I would die to get ahold of some of those! The Big O might be a cheap little plug but if you change out the hooks there fantastic! Ive caught alot of fish on a Perch colored Big O!!

    9. Tiffany

      Where is spinner worm?

    10. Anthony Williams

      Great catch man, what a whopper!

    11. poker golf

      7 pound is not huge decent but not huge

    12. slayer 88

      Damn that thing isn’t THAT big. Nice catch but still....

    13. Mike Holbrook

      Congrats on your PB. Awesome fish. I have to say the Martin family has done so much for the fishing industry and the sport. I am a fan of your whole family. I am 54 yrs old and I will admit I am a huge fan of Hilary. She is a mini me version of you and pops combined. What an awesome angler she has become under your guidance. I am so proud of her as I know you are. I will never see all that she will accomplish but will remain a fan til the day I die. She is part of your legacy . So much love and respect for you and the Martin family. Love all your videos. Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with us " mere mortals"

    14. Ilie Baitan


    15. Go O


    16. Alex I

      What happened to spinner worm?

    17. Michelle Estep

      Those are Big Es, btw...

    18. Allen Estep

      Thanks for the shout out to my dad, Mike Estep on the vintage plugs. FYI - his version is the Big “E”.

    19. Ronnie Titgen

      Were is brandon been is he no longer working with you

    20. Evan Ozolins

      i caught my first fish the other day on a spinner bait it was only 1.8 pounds but i’m very proud of it :)

      1. Venice Mako

        Nice man!

    21. Toby Ledford

      When ya coming back up to Toho again. Ill buy yall a cold one out at Richardson fish camp.

    22. Austin Rohlfing

      What happened to Brandon?

    23. Gurthrie Thomas

      13LBS. Was my PB!!!!

    24. Bassman79

      Congratulations !!🎉 you are da man!!

    25. Dalton Hill

      PB 9 lbs.

    26. Drake Aamold

      God is good

    27. Robert Johnston

      Awesome !!!! BTW does your dad know that for all his old antique baits ??? Lol !!! Would love to go through some of his old tackle boxes ... Great video ...Keep'em coming ....

    28. Matthew Chartier

      Why is the boat still not fixed?😂

    29. Sprint Fishing

      When do you think you’ll be in sc?

    30. Fishing & Surfing Charleston, SC

      Badass as hell! Longtime subscriber here loving every second! Check us out for fly content and surfing !

    31. Jimmy Licea

      Yessir congratulations 🎉

    32. Steve Cole

      My son would love the frog

    33. Brittany Clark

      Who is this kid? I've been gone to long!

    34. Trent Roberts


    35. mark d

      Omg real talk no bullshit he said guys how much you think it weighs I said 7.65 before he got it in the scale and it weighted 7.67 wow I'm on point I usually am it's kinda crazy how I can tell

    36. 360 Fishing Adventures

      I'm more of a numbers guy. I never get the big ones. 2 to 3 pounders are my specialty. I catch tons though.

    37. J Funk

      Reach much... Fish never moved not even when released

    38. HalfMoon

      I've set the hook on big 'ol catfish that slam spinnerbaits. Big bass must feel different.

    39. Michael Thompson

      Nice fish, but when watching video you have to sit through 5 game apps, but when playing games you sit through 5 commercials wth

    40. J&C Rogers

      And this is why we fish right there

    41. Chase Tweedy

      New personal best, not MY personal best

    42. Penny Roberson

      How do you dislike this it is awesome

    43. CBAssassinTV

      When you pb is still bigger and caught in Indiana, 45 degree water 👉🏼👈🏼🥺

    44. Joel C

      That was a hawse!

    45. Scott Fishing

      Congrats man! I just caught my PB off a kayak and it was just a little bit lighter than yours at 7.25. Good catch!

    46. Mr Botts

      U TOTALLY threw a Curveball on that one my DUDE. LOL... I was expecting like an 11 POUNDER and I kinda Shat myself I bit after reading the title. U GOT ME! Anyways that's an excellent PR regardless and congrats to the youngski.

    47. Hunter Davidson

      So tired of click bait🤦🏻‍♂️

    48. Ayden Speight


    49. Bobby Johnson

      Very nice.

    50. Cbar65

      Figured it would've been Scott's PB but I'm definitely not mad haha

    51. Danny Hovater

      Congratulations on your new PB.

    52. F&F Fishing

      7 lbs from Michigan

    53. VitaminDee TV

      I want to break my PB! This just got me really excited. Nice catch brother!

    54. Adam Freeman

      grats on the pb!

    55. Ben Butler

      Out on Possum Kingdom I caught a 9.1 lb largemouth in a foot of water while it was raining. My mom was telling me I was not being that smart by taking my boat out their while it was raining and 15mph winds. I proved her wrong lol. My new pb for a largemouth bass was defiantly an experience I will never forget.

    56. Ernie Wiebe

      My PB is a 8lb

    57. Lindsay Turner

      My PB bass is a3

    58. Elijah Holt

      I was a kid, knew enough to fish on my own, last cast of the season in late August, thought I had a tree because I sent it back in some brush, had to hand line it in, 8.4 lbs in New Hampshire of all places

    59. Ronnie Rector

      Another great video Scott, and congratulations on his PB. You’re the best, but I’m gonna go ahead & say it ..... you guys seem to never wear your life jackets unless you are in a tournament. Please start wearing your life jackets to set the example for your young viewers, and for your own safety!

    60. Texas Gordon

      I was fishing for crappie with little straight tails on 4lb mono and a 9.33 decided to eat it for some reason and she pulled my little aluminum boat is circles, it was really incredible.

    61. Duane Doty

      I love you Scott but don’t clickbait us please and thank you

    62. 1961fireguy

      Macoy needs to get a little more excited!! LOL My PB is a 8.33 on Sam Rayburn! Good job!

    63. Weldon

      Scotty be breaking PB’s on a weekly basis these days! Great job, SM!

      1. Riley Rull

        Scott Martin what are the best bass baits to use right now

    64. Aaron Snatic

      Nice fish Macoy!

    65. Jordan Smith

      How depressing, when I saw a new record and then someone setting the hook I thought it was Scott. And Scott's record is that 12 6 in Mexico. I was thinking hell yeah boy and then all of a sudden I realize it's not going to be him. Bummer however it is cool for someone to catch their PB. Also I would like to ask. There is a video of you fishing with a young boy and his father or grandfather white hair and he was flipping and pitching. And the whole time it was just music not really talking and this little boy caught a giant, I want to know how much it weighed

    66. Voltic_snipez

      Hey Scott I was wondering what's the best lure to use in really muddy lake water

    67. figueroa2191

      Is that your son?

    68. Noah

      I’m Cali that’s an every day catch

    69. T&EELITEK9

      Biggest fish is a 54lb blue cat. 2nd is a 47.3 shovel head... thats was a donk of a bass great catch.

    70. Hagen Hughes

      Chad put u on a chad fish

    71. Andres Rivas

      I know that feeling! Love catching a new PB! Can't stop shaking for like 20 mins lol

    72. David Villa

      I counted at least 2 orgasms

    73. Lenny Draper

      No life jacket or kill switch? Come on man! Bad example.

    74. Eugene Wall

      Not my personal best, but here goes. Fishing Lake Barkley in Kentucky with my cousin Jay, we always met at the same ramp, and fished the same coves every time. One cove in particular had a stick-up poking out of the water about 30 feet from shore on the point leading out from the southern side of the cove. I always told Jay we should cast at it, but he never would stop. He called me about 6 months after we last fished there and asked if I remembered the stick-up I always wanted to fish. I said yeah, and he told me he stopped there with a friend, threw once, and caught an 8lber. He told his friend that I would be mad, because he never stopped for me. To top it off, he used my idea for a mount that used a stump as a base for an end table.

    75. Howard Stout

      Cant wait to see uou win some tournament's . Getting close buddy let's go love googan baits

    76. Drew Flamig

      I live in Nebraska there is small chunky bass and my bigger sis a whopping 3.43

    77. J C

      What a catch... I love watching these videos when I can't make it to the lake... Chad is a great guide ...I've gone out with him the last few years and we always are able to get a 6+ in the boat.. check him out next time you want to go out on okeechobee!

    78. Andrew

      I remember that feeling. Always a good feeling catching your PB.. Mine came off of Lake Fork night fishing in the summer. Carolina Rig with a Gene Larew hog craw. 11.5lbs

    79. Hayden Finnigan

      12.8lbs is My PB

    80. Eddy Schonfield

      When is the first tournament

    81. Pat Jamieson

      7-4 Massachusetts

    82. Christopher Thurman

      nice reaction!!! basszialla

    83. silly guy

      I didnt weigh my pb. But it was closer to 20 than 10

    84. Daniel Messer

      My biggest fish is a 7 pounder

    85. rickybobbyfl

      Scott, diggin the videos man. Wife and I born raised on the Harris Chain in Leesburg. Raised bass fishin. Never fished the Big O. Might head down there today for the weekend. Leave our boat home though and book a guide. Chad available? Or any other good guide with a good attitude? We are serious dude.

    86. Jim Listerman

      QUESTION Where is Brandon ? Did you promote him to a different position ? So Asketh JimInCincy

    87. Redneck Ronny

      Large mouth bass 10 pounder is my pb

    88. Frederick Westberry

      Awesome fish catch bro. My pb is 8lbs 14 ounces

    89. Tory Sweatman

      @9:33 is my reaction when my wife says “come to the bedroom”

      1. James O.

        do you call it a bandito bug too?

    90. Robert Spurrier

      Nice thumbnail u had me thinkin I was gonna see a 14 pounder

    91. NASCARGamer489

      I tied my pb yesterday it was a 4.2 pound 19 inch bass

    92. State Line

      I know exactly how he feels....Best feeling ever!👏👏👏

    93. Tift Bassmaster

      Zebco 33 10 pound cajun line 12 years old red shad culprit worm texas rigged in my farm pond 11.2 but havent caught a double didgit since last summer

    94. Josh 11

      My friend caught a 8.53 pound bass out of a community pond

    95. Christopher Liotti

      Personal Best was 9.8 bass busters in the airport hole, Lake Okeechobee.

    96. Anthony Revels

      That moment you know you got your pb!!! Priceless

    97. Bobby Swain

      Spinnerworm......where you at?

    98. Anthony Smith

      Fish was really stressed. Big fish plus over stress. Is bad combo great catch though

    99. rmarc11

      Black bellied tree duck is the bird. Aka “squealers” lol. Common down here in LA.

    100. David Bourdelais

      i have the same reaction to a 3 pounder