Conquering the DEVILS RIVER - An Original Film

Jon B.

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    WELCOME to the LEGENDARY DEVILS RIVER! In April 2019, my cameraman Alex and I set out to discover what the fabled DEVILS RIVER had to offer. This Film is a full-length compilation of the Fan Favorite DEVILS RIVER series, all neatly packed into one video for your viewing pleasure. So Sit back, Relax, and Grab the Popcorn Weiners - Let's Flashback to these epic 4 days on the DEVILS.
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    Filmed & Edited by Alex Blackwell (@xblackwell)
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    1. Jon B.

      So what do you think about the Movie Format? Thinking about doing these for ALL MY SERIES! Which one should we release next? NS1? On The Rocks? Australia?

      1. Ben Parkhurst

        Y'all stole that tiger stripe design on your shirt from Tiger Army LP.

      2. carl gwizdala

        Hey Jon B. I thought your intro of the Devil's River was TOTALY EPIC! One day MY Son and I would like to embark upon a adventurious journeny such as yours! Keep tight lines my FRIEND and as you say :"Never STOP FISHING!" :-) GOD BLESS YOU JON and Yout collegeses.

      3. Jonathon Ray

        Plz do not go to Australia massive crocs there

      4. Johnboy70

        @TheRealJacob NS2 also

      5. David Kearns

        Plymouth ma. 360+ bodies of water in this municipality alone + the ocean.

    2. Taylor Speer

      Yo i know this is so random but does anyone know what kind of water shoes he’s wearing?

    3. Brandon Forrester

      You guys need to come to Oklahoma and float and fish the Illinois river

    4. Kobe Isaac

      59:41 jon had a big one following the bait right when he cast again

    5. Buck Shots

      This video is awesome, not to be critical, but this is not southern Texas. This is considered West Texas.

    6. Jacob Godfrey

      You've taken a very passionate platform an absolutely rewrote the book great videos as always don't ever stop this is amazing to experience even it is second hand

    7. Jacob Godfrey

      Man I've wanted to do this so bad just gotta find someone who is wild enough to roll with

    8. jordan reed

      V. V. V vV. V V v v. V Scav dad said daac V. V v

    9. Mondo Mitch

      Man, how much better this film would be if Alex didn't lose the SD card containing amazing underwater footage

      1. Jon B.

        I mean - it was only shot 😤

    10. Creative Life Skills

      Supppppppperbbbb browser❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    11. jarzadon05

      The natural position family approve because sidewalk specially untidy without a true damage. creepy, clever parallelogram

    12. GoneFishingStories

      Is it a giant at 59:39 that you just didn't see Jon??? It comes up just as you lift the lure before casting...

    13. B Johnson

      Jon, take a look at 59:40...under your left wrist. What was that giant in the water?

    14. David Kearns

      Try Plymouth ma. 360+ bodies of water in this municipality alone,+ the ocean.

    15. David Kearns

      Good camera work. Well done with the editing.

    16. Steve Potts

      That was an amazing video. I bought my first kayak last year and it's a Bonafide SS127 as well. Watching you stand on your hook sets gives me more motivation to try it more often. I'm not the best swimmer in the world, but I love fishing so I need to work on my confidence in standing in the yak. Thanks for the video bud and keep 'em comin'.

    17. Jackson Campbell

      This is why this man deserves more subs

    18. Victoria Lee Creates

      🤘😎🔥Awesome post. Really enyoing the experience😃

      1. Johnboy70

        he should do "on the Rocks", different editor, but really dope series. His first australia trip. u should watch it, on his JonB playlist

    19. podrumz

      I’m from there. Black/chartreuse worms in the pads. At dawn use torpedo baits for small mouth. That or some kind of crawdad type rig. Fish from the shore to the middle in that scenario. You can use spinners and spoons from the bank later in the day.

    20. Justin Barrett

      Uh my guy Jon.b just thrown an entire movie out all of a sudden, classic 😂

    21. RAYRod001

      Good to see you fishing a place literally an hr from me. Good stuff!!

    22. Brendan Spangle

      I cant get over Jon B’s tan line

    23. Tobyn Hare

      Anyone see huge fish the swimbait in at 59:40!! Check it out

    24. Charles Hoy

      Nice bunch of small mouth bass caught Jon crazy river to kayak down though pity about the 2 monsters that kept following but never took the lure and a mixed striped bass to finish it off

    25. Caleb Thompson

      Just bought a bonafide ss107 in camo today, was fishing all day best kayak I've fished in by far, can only imagine yours or a hobie PA

    26. The Zerflex

      1:02:41 There was some big fish near the kayak ;`)

    27. Rebeka Cha

      Did u see that follower at 59:40

    28. Nick Ice

      Anybody see that giant at 59:44

    29. Andrew Marshall

      The defiant plane opportunely pump because calendar notably spark worth a uptight whistle. observant, adjoining mint

    30. Damien Nicholson

      Wow I use to live on the ranch house here like 4 years ago

    31. B Johnson

      That river is a lifetime bucket list item.

    32. Wicked Fishing

      Anyone know the song at 20:18?

    33. Daniel Vigil

      This was a great movie, I felt like I was out there fishing.

    34. DakAttack 4

      This should be on Netflix the quality is next level


      Fish 🎣 next to MDLR fishing KGup

    36. Brad Brescia

      Anyone else notice the monster at 59:41 follow it up and not eat??

    37. Tanner Steubing

      We need Rotten Tomatoes to rate this🍅🍅

    38. Tanner Steubing

      Spiral staircase💀💀😂😂

    39. Carter Cole

      Big Baits = Big Fish

    40. Carter Cole

      That river looks so cool

    41. Hollow BoneBaer

      I used to fish the devil's river when I was a kid. With my grandparents. It is the best of my memories

    42. Juan Veruete Fishing

      Nice video! Captures the uniqueness of the river nicely! I travelled from PA in 2012 with three of my buddies to do the same float you did on the Devils. That spot where you caught your first fish... we got a 7lb largemouth in that spot. It’s a unique and fun place to fish but it’s also not to be taken lightly because of how remote it its.

    43. Chris Tran

      That big follow up at 59:40 though!! Gotta get John some new smallie spotters lol

    44. mot buoc rat

      The truthful tanker rheologically explode because man respectively squeeze between a auspicious boy. grouchy, craven spot

    45. Epic Catfish

      Anyone who thumbed this down must be a full on grinch Good stuff jon b 👍

    46. destans outdoors

      Cool video

    47. Jason Evens

      59:40 nice fish right below him as he cast

      1. Matt Watters

        I was just coming to make that comment...

    48. David Johnson

      Thanks and Welcome back Jon B. I use to be a HUGE Fan of all of you guys, even before you got together. Peric and Flair and You were my favorites. I learned with you using all lures, baits and techniques. I needed to tell you that I stopped watching All of You about 4 years ago. You All lost your focus against your customer and against Fishing for Fun. Glad to see you back to fishing, instead of Money Grabbing. The Money Grab has its place, but doesn't come across so well. Congrats on all the money though. This Energy is how I fell in love with your videos. I use to watch them Everyday...Haven't seen 1 in years. Nice Submission, Nice way back to what We Do...Fish Fish Fish

      1. Johnboy70

        try Jon B vids again, especially his Maine sends. really down to earth stuff. I enjoyed every episode.

    49. Kurtis Cloutier

      Hey Jon b that blue downrigger Weight or blue wight do you use it as and anchor and if so how many lbs or oz is it I need to fine something for mine

    50. Clayton Kennedy

      You would have a hell of a time in anything that has actual rapids

    51. Chris H

      go to a chinese market look for Self-heating food u will get shock haha

    52. LeonRFpoa

      Been a long time since I visited the channel, I can remember when you were just a kid. I have been loving your content man that aussie movie was cool. Stay cool man

      1. LeonRFpoa

        @Johnboy70 yeah I saw that one too and the format is outstanding. I remember when this guy was like 14 fishing in ponds

      2. Johnboy70

        watch the movie, of the bull reds out of Louisianna and his first australia series called "on the Rocks" . Its in his playlist. Both to me were really surprises. loved em

    53. Jay Bird

      This is the second time I have watched this video......I am going to take this trip one day....the river and country is breath taking for that reason alone, but to catch fish and camp along this is a once in a life time experience... I got to do it....

    54. Murph Roberts

      I'm 20 minutes in and there's no way I can stand much more of this crap. You need to shut up. Your running commentary is monotonous. Are you under a deadline? You're passing over the best fish in the river and haven't got a clue. Hint: every rock you go over/around/by creates an eddy. Fish avoid current to save energy. They lay in eddies to capitalize on current bringing food to them. If you parked your ass and fished the eddies, you would catch more and better fish. I think your overall bass knowledge is pretty limited. You know shit about why the fish are where they are.

    55. Kyle Golladay

      At 59:40 bass follows swim bate to the kayak I don’t know if anyone else saw this but I’m rewatched this again lol!!

    56. TheReal Sensei

      Dude just the quality of your videos are fire godlike fishing 🥺💞

    57. Sean Richmond

      Right before you cast at 59:40 your bait is sitting in the water a big fish was just sitting under it. Check it out

    58. Jesse Paredes

      Very interested in that map. Where could I get one?

      1. Murph Roberts

        geological survey office.

    59. Home Truck

      Pull your hooks out lan inch so the hook actually can hook a fish

    60. Chase Gibson

      Anyone know what kayak they are using in this I see the ss27 on the side but can’t find them

    61. Colin Dunleavy

      59:41 Anyone else see that fish swim up at jon's swimbait?

    62. Faceless Covers

      Going there with some friends in a few months.

    63. Gustave Francois

      please do less talk and more actions

    64. Going Fishin

      52:00 I was just thinking is he gonna catch a small mouth

    65. Hunter Dahnke

      Anyone else notice the absolutely giant shadow at 59:41?!?

    66. Blake Gibson

      Did anyone notice the monster that swam buy at 59:40 when he pulled his bait outta the water and he didn’t even see it 😨

      1. Blake Gibson

        Huge fish

    67. Jason Waite

      Chill on the adds.

    68. river ward

      awesome job man well produced,made me feel like i was on the trip with ya

    69. Sunday View Fishing

      This is an Awesome movie!!!

    70. lv42daze

      are you always nervous? pls fish like your not gonna die

    71. Leroy sosa

      What an amazing video John thank you so much really appreciate it beautiful water so peaceful enjoying the fruits of the Earth God bless you man enjoy your life can't get no better all the way from Spain peace out

    72. steve O

      That river is crazy it gets big then it goes to nothing

    73. Chez Londo


    74. Caleb Walser

      This isn’t any different than you regular videos. Literally the same thing just an hour longer.

    75. The Gillbilly

      Absolutely love the movies/films you’ve been doing. Perfect for an after work movie night with some brews 🤟🏼

    76. The Fisher

      Water in a bag what in the world 😜

    77. Johnboy70

      am I the only one stoked that this movie got 1000,000 views? Yippee

    78. Reagan Overstreet

      I was just in del rio hunting

    79. Jakes Kilian

      How do you get such good sound quality?

    80. Cole Wyatt

      Loved the movie. Just dont know how a man can see so many rocks and not throw a single crankbait. Then again I've got a bit of a crankbait addiction

    81. Tyler Denning

      56:28 "We've got 2 bigs rods in the rear" That's what she said😂💀

    82. Midhat Hasanic

      Beautiful movie, thanks for sharing, you are an great friend, and fisherman.

    83. Sam Viscomi

      Nothing like blowing up a “hidden gem” on the internet

    84. Troy Harper

      That was an Amazing adventure JonB 💯💯👍 Great video buddy 💯💪

    85. Roy Gianola

      jon: how did he come unbuttoned! me: bruh

    86. Tan Voi

      MY SЕХ LOVE.

    87. Rick Valley

      Awesome video!!

    88. The Chamburgler

      Why does he do that little thing where he smacks the fish a little bit when taking out the hook? At first I thought he was stunning it a little to get the hook out easier, but it doesn’t seem stunned at all when he puts it back in the water

      1. Jon B.

        it knocks out the hook

    89. Julian Zucchelli

      Am I the only one that saw that huge fish following his bait in at 59:42

      1. Jon B.

        you mean the gar

    90. บุญพิทักษ์ ปทุมชาติ


    91. AL Kincer

      Sick!!! Awesome fishing. Gotta get some of that

    92. yuo gut

      when you catching bass you shouldnt talk the sound waves made it not want to bite >.

    93. Lam Cay

      I love u girl

    94. HTX_ Carlos

      I watched the one on amazon and watched the australia one and know im here

    95. Christian Lozano

      What size kayak is that

      1. Jon B.

        12' 7"

    96. Marc Menet

      8:48 funny somehow

    97. Geo Gee

      So what do you think about the Movie Format? Thinking about doing these for ALL MY SERIES! Which one should we release next? NS1? On The Rocks? Australia?

      1. Jon B.

        yup - I did say this

    98. DistinctiveBlend

      Why do you cast and then change hands? I see so many people do it and it really doesn't make sense? why not hold the rod in your dominant hand the whole time?

    99. Chronic Gamer

      That was dope! Best one yet

      1. Jon B.

        stay tuned for a post tomorrow! Gunna need to break out the popcorn again

    100. Paulette H

      Morning, 4th Quarter, take a left!!!! Haha👵🏼