BLACKPINK tells us what they really think of each other | Who, Me? [ENG SUB]

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    With over 4 years of training and living together, BLACKPINK showcases their next-level knowledge of each member's personalities and habits. We find out that Lisa’s friendliness and Rosé’s adaptability make them the best potential time-travelers, and Jisoo and Jennie share some personal tips on how to get the best deals when shopping overseas.
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    1. K- DA

      Jisoo is so wrong to think that smart students don’t ask questions. Asking questions is one of the smartest traits but then again she herself is uneducated so I wouldn’t expect her to know this.

    2. KXR Duo

      Hey please watch this Lovesick Girls cover-

    3. walktamu sky

      My love for Rosé's eloquence and wit on Western interviews just continues to grow 😍 this woman never fails to express and convey her thoughts with ease and grace.

    4. jerick caballero

      Jenlisa is realllll kahit lubog

    5. Poushita Reddy

      Jisso is amazing

    6. Nethravathy Reddy

      Hi, Lisa ❤️❤️

    7. Nethravathy Reddy

      Hi, Rosé

    8. Nethravathy Reddy

      Hi, Jennie

    9. Nethravathy Reddy

      Hi, Jisoo

    10. Nethravathy Reddy

      I am a big fan of black pink ❤️❤️😘😘

    11. Faith Bastistiana


    12. Perlita Sapallo

      I love black pink there are so beautiful

    13. Knight savior yt

      This four's cuteness will end my no nut november courier

    14. janelle ally

      Rose is very cute

    15. Kwang LeeMak

      you can see so much of Rosé 's personality through her answers. Rosé is so lovely. Like a big smile.

    16. Tea

      Jennie: “Ahh it’s too expensive.... I’m a student” LMAO!!

    17. Anonymously Me

      Poster of who, Lisa? Who? 😂😭

    18. وهج السبيعي

      I love you love you

    19. وهج السبيعي


    20. jainyu wuiajn

      When Rosé speaks in aussie English She seems like so mannered woman that shows a real respect to everyone, also its so elegant when she talks omg.. I am so curious who will take this angel..?

    21. Dee George

      I wonder if they put extensions in jisoo’s hair or if it’s just long and healthy cuz she never has to dye it

    22. flipp graff

      1:51 here jennie said to lisa "she's the strongest among us"

    23. Anisa Kh. official

      5:00 lisa laknat...hahaahaa

    24. Jyrain leanne Hilada

      Jennie:hi this is Jennie Rosé:hi this is Rosé Lisa:hi this is Lisa Jisoo: hi I'm jisoo

    25. dwi rv v

      Love3 BP

    26. gordon fpres

      I can literally listen to Rosé speak english all day and wouldn't even complain.

    27. Alycia Wilson

      Me sitting on my bed watching this while eating flaming hot Cheetos and drinking a cherry coke and the question about who snacks the most comes up, and the reason rose chose jisoo was because she drank 3 bottles of milk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just love them all... they’re precious together!!

    28. SK Channel


    29. mafeli hmar

      Please next jenny prank

    30. Jovanka Krstic

      Od da nasuuzdrp H lmnvcxhjjooojj

    31. Afshan Farheen


    32. Heromby

      Love them..

    33. i you

      Mamamoo is better than blackpink

    34. Shehara Nawaratne

      I watched Netflix- light up the sky I literally watched it hundred million times, i loved it!!!!!!🥰

    35. Eryati Yati

      I like them. Thanks Netflix

    36. Boktanpink Forever

      this is not true liars

    37. Ankita Pradhan

      Lisaaaaa Is so cute

    38. Manasvi

      “I can live in my bed for a week if someone feeds me” jisoo is a mood

    39. Darwis Darwis

      Halo blackpik aku cinta tapi aku cinta sama ❤️😘🤗 jisso

    40. Aisha Alenazi

      ILove Jisoo

    41. Aisha Alenazi

      Black Pink Black Pink💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗🖤

    42. Aisha Alenazi

      I am Aisha

    43. Aisha Alenazi

      Jennie Jisoo Rose Lisa Black Pink🖤🖤💗💗🖤🖤💗💗🖤🖤💗💗🖤🖤💗💗

    44. Alfet Woyo

      Ruwet cah bahasane yo

    45. Shaama Hosain

      I wonder who Lisa fangirled over..........

    46. Zainab Murshid

      Blackpink fans like here 👇👇👇👇

    47. Christalyn Boteng

      It's not 11:11 but I wish all of us achieve our dreams and always safe this time of pandemic💖

    48. Andrea Clark

      Does Jisoo know how to speak English not trying to be mean

    49. Zubair Haq

      Waho actually jussu are very shy and confident and she dance perfoming well when jussu try to English then she is cute

    50. kangsu mei

      Rosé can be a good KGupr. As she has a charm while talking & she attracts people while talking especially English

      1. Riley Sutton


    51. Daia Lawai

      Waw you are great 💓💓💓

    52. just a bhutni haha

      Jisoo is me.sleeps all day long can sleep on bed for 1 week

    53. Dzakiyah Noura

      chaeyoung:she kept drinking banana milk and coffe milk me:😳😳 me again:WHAT?!?! other me:🤯 what the-

    54. Ganesh Bk

      Rose is looking cute

    55. Bless Me Achoo

      Lisa is definitely upset that Rose doesn't share her snacks. Just look at that face🤣

    56. zera


    57. zera


    58. zera


    59. Joan Badal


    60. 케ryy

      odijji ? nae sprite

    61. V Mateo

      Lisa destroying me with her sole existence.

    62. disgustaed ;-;

      Wtf jisoo unnie so cuteee

    63. Playlist Beats

    64. joanfabi fabian

      Grupo de dinámicas para blink latinxs!

    65. Lemuel Casasos

      naeentindean niyo ba ako mahal kita

    66. screamingnoodles

      Ahh that was so cute

    67. Derrick corry


    68. K-pop Luv

    69. Blinks in your area

      Jisoo: I feel like Lisa would make friends with everyone in stone age Lisa: yeah Me on my way to build a time machine to take me stone age and be friends w lisa

    70. Roma Thapa Magar

      I love Rose then Jennie then jisso then in last lisa😊❤

    71. Esther fagbemi

      Blackpink in you're area!!!

    72. Blackpink Fan

      i have a youtube channel and i upload daily and i love blackpink

    73. Cyrus W

      6:14 "You're like Snorlax" LMAO so savage

    74. SpiriTz.AnantOP

      0:10 " I am jisoo " Cutiepie 💞💞

    75. Jeremy Grubbs

      they are so so so cute!!!

    76. Brian Williams

      They are Cute and Savage.

    77. Johanna Laus

      0:37 bloopers be like: Others: Join in! Jennie: Jongin! HAHAHAHAHHAHA idk if anyone commented this yet but commenting ir just in case

    78. Sara Luciana Morales Ruiz


    79. Zetsuke4

      Wow jennie and rose making fire just made my day a ton better

    80. Zetsuke4

      Lol loved it when rose was “making fire”

    81. DyNaMiTe army


    82. Michael Pescador

      LISA is the baddest B. I'm in love..

    83. ernesto pascua

      ohh naglalaro din pala si lisa ng among us

    84. Jouleee Almutairi

      Wow jisoo is the most beautiful human in earth wow

    85. simpan kenangan

      She jichu not snorlax

    86. Salma bee Sheikh

      I hate them😫🤢🤮

    87. PreThviraj AppU

      Why Lisa is sad😥

    88. Raindel Demey KT Yape


    89. Riley Sutton

      0:11 "I'm Jisoo." 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    90. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ MissMochi ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Imagine being part blackpink band

    91. Wade Reardon

      Jisoo is so dam cute

    92. Aiesha Mae Cayabyab

      Isn't Jisoo tall for Blinks she is tall enough cause we just see her in beauty and nice

    93. Aiesha Mae Cayabyab

      I remember when Jennie visited Lisa on Thailand they gone shopping

    94. M A R BON

      Im in love with Black pink ❤️

    95. Peace

      Jisoo saying “hey not yet” at 5:01 is the happiness of my life

    96. Hariprasad Kairamkonda

      Rose u looking gorgeous

    97. DESI PUTRI

      Woooow jisoo

    98. Sherin Rimal

      I like Rose 🌹 alot

    99. Sadia Noor Rahman

      cuties 😘😘🧡

    100. jennie and v biased