Making a SPECIAL Stop on our Way to Sam Rayburn - Bassmaster Opens #3 Travel

Scott Martin

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    The battle wagon is on the road again for the third event of the Bassmaster Opens Series on Sam Rayburn Reservoir
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    1. Walter Kama

      850 in the house

    2. Austin Stewart

      That’s awesome. The spot where Nathan tester it out on the water is where I work. Right up the river from that bridge at the power plant on a tug.

    3. Jacques Reinecke

      When you coming back to south africa. Need to go and fish at the Mokolo dam. Caught some 8,5 pounders last week.

    4. captrock H

      When all else fails, you could always stuff Trash TALKIN James in that Decked bag , nice sleeping bag for him. Good Luck, catch'em up Scotty.

    5. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 💯

    6. Martin Gomez

      sup yall. ,have missed lots of videos. what happended to Brandon

    7. Steven Stacy outdoors

      I watch all you videos. I fished tournament a lot but it got to dangerous with all the wake bouts. I trying to do archery now Can you check out my KGup channel


      “Hey guys!” Had me cracking up! 😂😂😂

    9. Lanny LuckyJ32

      Hope u did well

    10. Crankin Tanks

      Change your plug billy it’s full

    11. Alley32

      Hell, I think I'm excited as they are and I ain't even there! Excited for some cooler weather and fall bass fishing in Oklahoma I guess. Good luck in the Opens, Scott!

    12. Jim Krauss

      Rayburn's the lake to fish at I'm it's waiting to get boat so I can fish it chartreuse spinnerbaits curly tails plastic on the back of them are awesome Shad blue chrome and Fire Tiger is awesome colors have fun do you really 15 lb of bath and 3 days fashion joke efficient sure I catch 20 pounds of bass in 30 minutes thats the problem you're not a Texas boy that's why. The quality of the water is different than Florida's the barometric pressure the oxygen in the water the oxygen in the air is what really makes the difference here in Texas remember that I've been doing at 42 years it's in my head I don't need fish finders except for the depth of the lake .so have a good day. 936-252-6211 if you want to holler at me better luck next tournament I'm praying hard for you I'll put you in our prayer box a church. You need it.

    13. Lucas Evans

      Man, I need that all white hat!!!

    14. Case Parmer

      I just saw you mr Scott I saw you in corrigan

    15. Gennaro Dimartino

      What happened to Brandon

    16. Howard Stout

      Love these vids. Good luck Scott im pulling for ya

    17. Daryl Granger

      Rayburn can be tough at times & then good at times. I’ve fished a few tournaments on that lake & it’s hit or miss sometimes. Looking forward to following you on your way to a Bass Master Classic Win, I know you will do it one day.

    18. Danny Cal

      I remember billy hanging his chatter bait on those trees lol

      1. Scott Martin

        Now that a good memory! 🤙🏻

    19. Jerred Wayne

      Welcome to Texas y'all! Ps not to sound like a boomer but im glad Mccoy took a break from the rap beats lol

    20. John Falasca III

      Best of luck Scott !!!

    21. Vent James

      I caught a big hog a week ago on a red shad old monster ten and a half inch weighed seven thirteen

    22. Vent James

      Hey man enjoying your videos thought i would say hi and best of luck catch us a big moma hog

    23. Jim Warden’ll get ‘em next time.

      1. Scott Martin


    24. Shaun Orchosky

      Im gonna be on the lkae Saturday goood luck scott ill be fishing but not in the tournament i live by sam Rayburn good luke buddy

    25. D W

      Update on Brandon---???

    26. Eric Stowe

      Man....gluck on Rayburn! My daughter and i will be watching! Lovin the content. Got to GO!!!!

    27. T Andrew

      Where. is Brandon??

    28. james Mccardie

      Go get it man your DO FOR A WIN

    29. Richie Voss

      Damn.. I'm still missing Brandon

    30. Chris H

      I'm so excited to see you on tour. What an incredible adventure it must be. Good luck my friend!👊

    31. Bennie Maxwell

      Good luck Scott. I’m seeing Bigs in your future.

    32. Jason Sanders

      Macoy showing his loyalty to SMC rippin’ out to get an early start, showing his own excitement to being apart of Scott’s team! You gotchu a goodin’ there Scott 👍

    33. Clint Fulbright

      Dropped a like for them ripping you.... "listen here guys" lmao

    34. Aaron Granger

      Man I was looking forward to going visit yall. Im still cleaning up after hurricane Laura. Still no power

    35. Tyler Fish

      I love your videos I love how you show your baits

    36. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      The D-bag at the beginning lol.... I was like wait I know what a D-bag is I’ve met plenty of those. Cool bag for your gear though. Hope the event went well, and you did good! Can’t wait to see the video.

    37. Zachary Brown

      So freaking glad the tournament vids are finally back


      Those “scott martin!” Imitations were on point

      1. Scott Martin


    39. Clint Engel

      Good luck Scott, smash it!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Clint!!

    40. Logan Swartz

      Best of luck Scott go rip em’

    41. Tommy Manus

      So glad to see travel and tournament videos again! Best of luck catch um up man!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Tommy!

    42. Roger Diaz

      Welcome to the our home lake, enjoy all your videos and tips. Good luck and watch the white bass on top. They love that meal.

      1. Scott Martin


    43. Jakob Hearn

      Man oh man fishing my town thats awesome good luck and tight lines from friendswood tx.

      1. Scott Martin


    44. Grasshopper

      Weather has cooled down some... actually a lot in North TX, probably not as much there but I bet the fishing will be good this week. Fish be getting out of the deep water to fatten up before cold weather. Fish those shallow grass beds and brush piles! Of course I'll probably be 180 degrees wrong lol

      1. Grasshopper

        @Scott Martin That's a bummer. Was hoping y'all would get some relief down there. Good luck this week!

      2. Scott Martin

        Still crazy hot here!

    45. Eli Saint

      Seaclear power is the man

    46. colten Pusateri

      All they did was hot wire your graphs to the batteries I’m not sure what this harness is?

    47. Josh Drawbaugh

      Me and Billy both can’t stop watching that video😂😂😂

    48. David Chang

      If you would like to donate those old reels ill gladly take them off your hands

      1. Jerred Wayne

        You aint lyin

    49. Dustin Wilburn

      I’ll be there Friday at the weigh in and doing a little fishing!! Hopefully I can meet you!! I really enjoy your videos!!

      1. Dustin Wilburn

        Scott I have to say sir after a tiring and defeated day you didn’t one time hesitate to take a picture with a kid or sign a kids hat ...even though we only spoke in passing today you sir are a true professional and with 3 small kids myself I hope one day you will be back on Rayburn so I can bring them to meet you!! Good luck in your future tournaments and keep posting videos!! God bless!

      2. Scott Martin

        I’ll see you there

    50. Danny Cal

      Missed these!

    51. Phil Richardson

      Hey guy good luck fish hard

    52. Mink mink

      He caught 15 pounds everyone for day 1


      It’s ok you say “guys” all the time... 🤷‍♂️

    54. Adrian Gonzalez

      I live a mile away from Sam Rayburn

      1. Adrian Gonzalez

        Have you made it to Texas yet

    55. shsabres

      You got this Scott. Positive vibes!

    56. Anthony Stinson

      Your gonna kill it Scott!!! Can’t wait for the practice vlogs

    57. Garrett Morrison

      We were at sam Rayburn and my dads friend said he followed yall from Houston to the lake

      1. Grasshopper

        @Garrett Morrison OK gotcha

      2. Garrett Morrison

        My dads friend is fishing in the same tournament as a co angler so he was headed down there anyway

      3. Grasshopper

        That's not weird at all

    58. Patrick McCarl

      Go get them team Martin and good luck!!!

    59. Jim Warden

      Sitting in 28th. Got work to do tomorrow.

      1. Scott Martin

        I do!

    60. Brock Johnson

      Can’t wait to see you kick Ace this season Scott! Get r Done my brotha!

    61. Kenny Sampson

      I work for a company that installs Decked. They have some cool stuff coming up.

      1. Scott Martin


    62. Chris Margarum

      Goodluck buddy, kill em out there....

    63. Case Parmer

      When you coming I fish that lake all the time

    64. tyler varnell

      Welcome back to Texas wish I could meet you

    65. Johnathan Prater

      Good luck man! We have a tournament on Rayburn Saturday morning as well.

    66. Southern Hunt and Fish

      Got the yellow Japanese brand frog tied on I see.

    67. Jim Snyder

      Crazy day at work, RV sales are through the roof. Words can’t even describe how busy we are. Got home at 8, finally got to sit down and found this. Thank you, awesome as always. Did I say thank you? Go get um, good luck!!

    68. John White

      Scott becafeful i10 is crazy after the hurricane, traffic is back up. I'm working on restoring power to the people here in Louisiana and Texas, wish I had time to shake ur hand.

    69. Richie _k_68

      Good luck SCOTT I’m praying for you catch a huge bass !! 🙏🏼✌🏼🎣

    70. George blanchet

      Gots to go man!!!!!!

    71. cz gunman

      Guys quit wearing the Fuckin mask you don't have to refuse Quit being sheep

    72. Tim Newby

      Love the travel vlogs

    73. GOON

      Congrats Scott, in the top 20.. good luck and much respect

    74. Mike Gabel

      I hope you kill it Scott, it was super awesome being able to meet you. Go SMC

    75. Lip rippin 29

      Man have I missed these tourney videos

    76. Fishing MW

      I just put a Decked system in my 2019 2500 Silverado. Have fishing gear in one box and work tools in the other.

    77. Brandon Castanon

      Fishinng challenge you against me, im not a professional but definitely my goal to be. 2 hour challenge, mpst weight, but if you catch a 5 pound Nd up automatic win. Beaver lake, hickory creek side. Im hear to listen and fix my technique to be a better angaler.

    78. Hartley Daniel

      Update on the Yamaha, please!!!!

    79. Don Hanson

      Scott you need a submersible thermometer. So you can see what your different thermo layers are and where they are and you know why, bass are finicky.

    80. Herby Brooks

      Sexy shad will be the one good for Raybern

    81. cody wilson

      Im calling it scotts gonna catch 17lbs first weigh in

      1. Hank Williams

        You was wrong

    82. Andrew Kim

      Good luck in the tournament!! Go catch some HUGE bags!

      1. Andrew Kim

        No wayyy I was just watching your dropshot tips video! You are the MAN!! Thanks for everything you do dude

    83. Steve Smith

      Fishing any time is the whats it's all about. Fun fun fun

    84. Tim Wheaton

      Catch a heavy bag Scott !! Sending luck and prayers my friend!

    85. Southern Life Forever™️

      Good luck! #tightlines

    86. Jeffrey Bates

      Love the tournament videos are back! Good luck Scott!

    87. Garett Grosser

      I still can’t believe I have your dad’s autograph

    88. jo sh

      hey scott are you putting the xtos on the freeman?

    89. sevenbrick07

      This is probably random, but thanks for flying spirit man! I work on those planes and keep them flying. Spirit doesnt have the best rep but they take care of the techs. Cool to see the travel vlogs and tournament vids back! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🤘

    90. John m

      Spoiled scott! cant even drive his boat anymore to tourneys anymore ! maybe you could grease some palms and have someone fish the derby for ya too ! Unreal

    91. Preston Kelley

      You need make a video about your fishing combo

    92. chris unruh

      good luck man. whoop em

    93. lroyson

      Ain't no half step in... 🤣

    94. William Thompson

      Kill it Scott! Always praying for a good turn out in your tourneys. Such a great, God fearing, man! We love you here in KY.

    95. cosmicpugog

      Yo u need to come to Louisiana and fish down here I been catching 5 pound bass on top water and more

    96. Michael Uwich

      Hey Scott good luck man Go out there in bring home the W 👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏

    97. Chris Jones

      Gettem bud!!!

    98. Bradley Lampman

      Best of luck at rayburn and yeah the winner will most likely have a upper 20 lb. Sack at least one day and maintain maintain a lower 20 lb. average the other days.

    99. mark Roper

      Good luck!!! Yank some!

    100. Robert Fuller

      Scott before you leave you HAVE to sneak over to lake Naconiche !!! Your so close to a hidden honey hole you have no idea 🐟