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24 миӊ. көрүүлөр17

    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has added a new free mode, River Raids. Located at a dedicated dock in Ravensthorpe, River Raids take you to three new maps to raid riverside targets on a new longship, recruit and customize more Jomsvikings, and acquire new abilities and gear. Your raiding party will be composed entirely of Jomsvikings, who can be upgraded from the Jomsviking Hall, a new unlockable building at your settlement. The stakes for raids have never been higher as downed crewmembers can now be lost if you don’t revive them fast enough.
    Join the Ubisoft News team as they raid all-new locations, build up their Jomsviking crew, upgrade their longship, and hunt down new skills and gear.
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    1. J. Benjamin

      I really think that every piece of gear should be available to ALL players... we literally pay a fortune just to get told half of the sets of the entire game have to be bought with real money. How fuxken' greedy can they get???

    2. I am fat

      I can't talk to sigurd when I am about to go to England. There is no point making these updates of you can't progress through the game

    3. Carlito Noid1


    4. Seda Bur

      Ezioooooo :( :(

    5. Laureano López Orozco

      The way how we want to see Eivor in AC Valhalla when he fights with enemies, is with a lot of blood in the face and the complete body... if you can do that it would be great!

    6. BUGmouth ready

      Ubisoft SUC

    7. BUGmouth ready

      I am done with this game! All the bugs, glitches and crashes! Not an enjoyable experience! I want my money back! Ubisoft... NEVER AGAIN!!!!

    8. Vatos Locos

      Add some one hand sword ASAP and simple gear

    9. Михаил Войтик

      Why is the Russian prince black? Make Napoleon black..?!! after that you have the right to change white Russia.

    10. Cyber Fang

      Ubisoft: releases river raids Me: immersion degree increases rapidly Ubisoft: more content coming Me: Skald!!! Me: To Quote Roberto from Futurama - "stand back, I gotta practice my stabbin" Ubisoft I need more knifes and daggers to use on river raids and channel my inner roberto

    11. 안녕하세요

      I just want the demonic sword gram

    12. Данила Ефанов

      I love this is game, why you do black man in older Russia? In older Russia people never see black men and prince vladimir dont be black he be white. I am offended, this histories mastake.

    13. Kiki Mina

      I think they should BRING BACK ODYSSEY NAVAL GAMEPLAY AND MORE VIKIN ON THE SHIP, something compare to for Honor, like I want to RAID CASTLES instead of A CAMP, those mini camp is not doing it for me👎

    14. Ya Maha

      Der größte Scheiss. Brauche 450 Teile um mein Schiff aufzurüsten kann aber nur 200 lagern. Was soll der Mist. Und immer das gleiche mit Euch

    15. Karel Tesař

      How about One Handed Swords?

      1. J. Benjamin

        The most basic weapon that Vikings used... And there's not even ONE. Completely dissapointed, you didn't see Vikings with huge longswords at all, they just had normal broadswords.

    16. Fraser Thomson

      This game looks boring and repetative

      1. uKu

        It is..

    17. kenshi

      We need new multiplayer.

    18. Geo Skan

      So disappointing, Ubisoft!! You did yourselves proud with Odyssey but this venture has been a bit of a let-down to say the least. So many bugs in the beginning (and not just tiny ones either - I don't recall any bugs in any other AC game as annoying and numerous as the ones in Valhalla), STILL no NG+, and now this lame attempt at a DLC. What happened? Did all your creative staff leave or something?

      1. uKu

        They didn't do themselves proud with odyssey lmao..

    19. Geeky Bros

      Can you stop with micro transactions??

    20. ꧁quarintine Nuggets ꧂

      Hey V sauce

    21. Mystic FL1

      Hey there

    22. Mystic FL1

      Will there be another Christmas theme again cause I missed the first one

    23. Sabrina Scroggins

      Can I ask a question

      1. Sabrina Scroggins

        @Nicolas why

      2. Nicolas


    24. Paul derosa

      Are there any plans to add one handed swords?

    25. dmv90

      All that raiding and they got 1 ration and they played it off like it was okay... what the hell, garbage ubi

    26. THE DRIVER

      Ur ubisoft support sucks!

    27. ACU GAMERZ 'H'


    28. Birdy

      Started these late last night lol was busy get other stuff on the map. They are fun. But i have no raids i do have river raids and I'm done with the story and I'm still a level 5

    29. Alex Cloyd

      Rinse repeat though. Played it this morning and it’s farm, military, monastery, repeat.

    30. Ronald Means

      UBISOFT I just want you to make michael jackson the experience 2

      1. Birdy

        Google is friend use it🙄 there where black vikings they are called celts

      2. Brandon Malone

        It'll come out when it's ready

    31. Jason Mann

      Can you save armor and weapon load-outs like Odyssey? I have been sticking and upgrading same gear. Can't bother unless I can save loadouts.

    32. Helmy

      I love this game but is there a way of fixing the codex page in Lunden, it won’t let me take it and it is the last one I need!

    33. Ghost Echo1-1

      I found the boots of saint Jorge and hood already

    34. IIRangerII

      I thought Ubisoft could be creative but no.... Why are we always getting reskins? Like they same with that yule festival another reskin always getting that instead of new good looking armors.... I'm getting really disappointed in Ubisoft lately.....

    35. RosendalTV

      This "DLC" is made by the most lazy people you have. Plus that it just came out too late. We are all already top level and bored.... stop reskinning and stop feeding us BS

      1. Small Fry

        I’m only power level 90.

      2. IIRangerII

        @Quatro Bajeena yup totally creeping out stop pretending you fanboy

      3. Quatro Bajeena

        @IIRangerII With that type of logic and grammar I think you're the only 10 year old here kiddo. But hey your unoriginal troll almost worked. Imagine being so hurt by a game and developer you creep around their videos and comment sections.😬

      4. IIRangerII

        @Quatro Bajeena they are lazy, stop defending Ubisoft, probably you're a 10 yr old who doesn't had to pay for this game and got this from your daddy and mommy, just accept the facts that this game is lazy made

      5. Quatro Bajeena

        The world doesn't revolve around no lifers sorry. Imagine spending 100s of hours playing a game game calling the people who made the game lazy. 🤣🤣🤣 Same whining every new release.

    36. ShadowSniper852

      Plz add Connor's tomahawk

      1. Birdy


    37. Yigit Bolcan

      this game mode needs to be become more harder and challenging

      1. Yigit Bolcan

        @Patrick Hennig I'm playing at hardest mod on every settings(stealth and combat) beside exploration (that's on standard) still easly you can one or two shot most of is fun tho but... I dunno ...could be more somehow harder or chalenging in everyway

      2. Patrick Hennig

        arent there difficulty settings? or are those too easy as well?

      3. Johann Royale


    38. The Silent Come up

      Worse Assassin's creed i've ever played. It was so poorly put together I couldn't finish it. I've never played an Assassin's Creed only to not be able to finish beating the game before. Big red flag. I've been here since AC II as well

      1. Nihil_HD

        @Joose ah yes also. It isn't good if a main story takes 80 hours. If u know it takes 80 hors then u know for sure it'smostly boring

      2. Tishyo Saha

        AC Odyssey was the worst. After that comes this. I hated it as well. It's just a grind fest with a mediocre (poor) storyline.

      3. Carson Jones

        Lol what about Unity or Syndicate or brotherhood those were definitely worse.

      4. Birdy

        No sweetie ac3 was the worst one

      5. Kai Marusteri

        @Joose I totally agree with you, I love this game.

    39. Dabin sSs

      We want one handed sword ubisoft.

      1. Bill Hubbard

        @Birdy you ok.. DO you want to talk about what the mean people opinions are

      2. Bill Hubbard

        @Dabin sSs awww look.. looks like we got some people butt hurt.. maybe even a little offended..

      3. Birdy

        Anything else you want to whine a about? 🙄

      4. ben hales

        What are you playing on?

      5. Dabin sSs

        @Bill Hubbard true

    40. Bill Hubbard

      Sorry but this River Raid stuff is just boring.. I'm ready for some REAL Expansion DLC.. When will we get a good expansive Story DLC from the season pass and One handed swords.. Also somebody please tell me why we have a Viking game an NO ULFBERHT SWORD..

      1. Yaba Kain

        @Steven P he is right, its so boring after 1-2 hours.

      2. Steven P

        Next month. Patience young padawan... your sounding like a bored Destiny player... one handed sword would be great too. Hope we get one

    41. MotorSugar

      Yet the new armour award is just another re-skin.

    42. Autistic Helicopter

      Fix your bugged Pig of Prophecy quest ffs.....

      1. ben hales

        Worked for me 🤷🏻‍♂️

    43. Max

      FPS boost feature coming soon for Xbox series X/S 🤗🤗

    44. Blue Yoshi Gamer

      Bad game

      1. Bill Hubbard

        @Birdy damn bud this personal for you isn't it

      2. Birdy

        But yet here you are fishing for likes and boo hooing about it🙄

      3. Bill Hubbard

        @Steven P I think this game is just way too big for Call of Duty players.. but I did figure that they would like these raid DLCs.. it's right up their alley of doing the same exact thing over and over and over and over again except they don't have to keep paying for it

      4. Steven P

        Spoiled, ungrateful player!

      5. Bill Hubbard

        No just boring DLC so far.. But the game itself is top notch..