He helped me get my girl back

Young Don The Sauce God

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    Love, it's complicated.
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    The Team:
    Guedi Absiyeh - Animator
    Bea Battista - Background Artist
    Samantha Duckworth - Animator
    Eduardo 'Fez' Escalante - Animation Director
    Madison Neal-Hertz - Lead Animator
    Melodie Lapot - Storyboard Artist
    Tanja Hass Nielsen - Background Art Director
    Miriam Salib - Background Artist
    Kate Vaughn - Storyboard Artist & Thumbnail Artist
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    1. Young Don The Sauce God

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      1. yo po the chiken master

        @diana I mean hi

      2. yo po the chiken master


      3. yo po the chiken master

        Yo whats up don

      4. Ivan Doria

        Brooooo what happened to your hair😭😭

      5. Jamil Rivera

        “Yeah you single “🤣🤣🤣💀💀

    2. set printers

      the rock

    3. Andrew Thomas

      haha, that was sold dating advice! great video

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      Gimme my money😂😂 Current

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      more animations with david he seems like a real one

    6. Xhya

      I always skip sponsor ads but don always be making everything funny 😂

    7. king Ish

      that ending hit the spot thanks G

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      Man and his sponsors man so clean

    9. Legendary gamer Racks

      This man is consistently the slickest KGupr with these sponsership shout outs

    10. minhhoanglazy

      I don't know why and I can't describe it well but I feel like there's this weird homophobic sexual tension in the video.

    11. Faith Rose

      Honestly David’s advice was pretty accurate 🤔

    12. Elias Wallman

      I like you cut G

    13. Thajaray

      Lmao we’ve all met a David 😭😭

    14. Shelton Harrow

      Songs stay hittin

    15. Rey game

      Young don reminds me of a PG-14 version of coryxkenshin

    16. MRocks

      I wonder if she watched these

    17. Brownmatt Films

      Been watching your videos nonstop for a few days and this is the realist message out of all of them I’ve heard so far by far!

    18. Buster D Wolf

      Opa locks in the building!!! XD

    19. The Legacy of Gaming

      This is lowkey the best video you put out. Both you and David gave some solid advice.

    20. The Legacy of Gaming

      13:31 Coldest part of the vid right here

      1. Flame Shinobe

        Mans turned into mufasa

    21. Quiet Kirito

      Young don the sauce god is the only person I know who can make me watch a paid promotion

    22. Jane Henderson

      you are the first youtube who’s ad i didn’t skip. tf.

    23. Cheerio

      0:51 teach me how you did it

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      Re mindd of coryxkenshin kinda🤦‍♂️

    25. Sharingantwist

      Words of a wise man and I will take that knowledge

    26. Ice Heart

      13:38 Real Talk

    27. Ravioli-Senpai

      bro....thanks for the advice I felt that lol

    28. Spongebob

      good ass advice bro... I’m tryin to learn to focus on my self and love my self

    29. ken kaneki

      thats some dam good advice at the end

    30. Israel Anthony

      Could you make a playlist of all your stories in chronological order

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      Bro was a real one

    32. Goku

      best 2021 ending

    33. Ghust

      The intro is litterly 3 minutes long

    34. Rafael Monteiro


    35. Nicki Rodrigues

      damn Don I love your advice

    36. Eesa Patel

      first dont get a mind diger

    37. Landon Doan

      POV: 0:20 You thought you got a text message


      All jamaicans spam me

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      The best advice you can ever give a young man.


      I be doin that shii lol

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      I know you might never see this but I just wanted to say thanks Don this for once actually open my eyes you truly are wise

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      m jjl

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      Thanks don really needed this story

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      The end speech hits different

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      AYE I grew up near the football stadium in Miami Gardens

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    56. anime god

      this guy got so many girlfriends if u watch my girl is half white u know what i mean

    57. rusty key1


    58. J A C K

      "And she don't gotta know, that you're a broke boy" HIS FACE AFTER HE SAID THAT LMFAOO

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      The Intro is Killing😂🔥🔐

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      It not that serious he was doing a skit chill whoever wrote 1mil sentences

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    69. crxzyspxde 11d7

      That sponsorship was beautiful. That’s the first sponsorship thing I’ve ever enjoyed and watched all the way through. 10/10

    70. Aggrozap

      i thought that this video was made today it said Jan 23, 2021 it is 23 2021 but when i checked it was feb

    71. MrNarfh

      Don finna bring out a baseball bat. Remember kneecaps are a privilege kids dont go in debt

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      whats david up too rn


      I’m a simp for David

    74. SnipazX

      this nigga made my high ass think that the whole video was the current commercial

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      This is why don is the g don tells us the sauce is something you get not something your born with and tries to give us the best advice he is what his name is that’s why people call him young don the sauce god

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      3:15 is when the animation starts

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      1. The Legacy of Gaming

        Mans is a G

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