Denali and Rosé’s “If U Seek Amy” Lip Sync | S13 E3 | RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul's Drag Race

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    Denali and Rosé get lip sync Rudemption with a performance to Britney Spears’ iconic song “If U Seek Amy".
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    1. dhelle quinto

      can we talk about this transition tho 😍 1:03 - 1:05

    2. Sarah Katherine

      THE SYNC

    3. Sne Dhlamini

      But Denali though🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    4. Emerald

      Denali needs to have a Ru-demption because I feel like she was cheated. Denali is that queen and that’s on Mary had a little lamb honey!

    5. Kevin Sánchez

      Utica's reaction is giving me life

    6. Īlena Īreyøn

      Forgot how much Rosé got murdered here.

    7. Tuttie Charlie

      Can I just say that Utica sounded like a Shiba Inu while she's screaming at 2:47 ?

    8. José Miguel TV

      Can y’all imagine a lip sync Denali vs Yvie

    9. Zeynep Yağan

      I am Utica's scream in the end...

    10. kunma nuri

      This best lipsync on season

    11. Juan Gonzales

      usually when they’ve done a two group premiere a queen from group two has won for example... rpdr s6: bianca del rio & rpdr s12: jaida essence hall so considering everyone else but rosé in group two has sashayed away, rosé will pull out the win.

    12. deeyablo

      Denali should be in the finals with Rosé.

    13. Tripp Hazard

      0:50 lip sync starts :)

    14. Insulin Dependent Skank

      Rose is awkward. To say the least. That dip needs to not be done ever again.

    15. RLR

      Okay, Denali already had the win for this lip sync in the bag... then everything after 2:36 happened which was just extra nails in Rose's coffin.

    16. Dee Vegas

      Denali ate her up.

    17. Oliver Fenelon Chee

      2:27 did i leave it in the bathroom

    18. Carl Abarca

      Utica: While Rosé is giving you a comedy special Me: Where is the JOKE?😅 Anyway, I love both Queens. Kudos😊

    19. melony

      I love them so much😭

    20. Ty_Inferno

      You can tell even in Rosé’s lip syncing now much she’s grown and learned to let go

    21. Byron Misa

      I love how Tamisha is looking to Denali all the time! ♥.♥

    22. Romie Beauregard

      OMG Denali is FIERCE

    23. nathan

      denali had so much potential

    24. j B

      I hope both of them come back for allstars cuz they need to redeem themselves after a season of horrible looks

    25. M Jz

      this song made me realize I'm gay and this lipsync helped me confirm it lmao

    26. Pete Zoof

      Denali ALWAYS understood the fucking assignment

    27. João Paulo Ovidio

      Denali serviu tudo!!! Não chegou no TOP 5, mas já é um grande destaque da temporada.

    28. charliesxz

      My very very top 2

    29. Isaac Johnson

      Denalis musicality is fucking SUPERB

    30. Hoang Tung

      I'm Utica screaming in the back LOL

    31. Allison Janey Medina Esquivel

      Aún no entiendo porque sacaron a Denali, ella debía estar en la final

    32. Alexa Perez

      I miss you Denali 😭

    33. SSSsss189

      Denali mi Reina!! Te amamos

    34. My Blood

      ok but Denali's kick to the stratosphere at 1:26 is so underrated

    35. Giovanna Hernández

      I love Denali so much

    36. Audry Nishi

      Ok but Rose's lil smile at the end. I died so GORG!!!

    37. sellxa liqlsbbqkaba

      Who won?

    38. anaisabel leite

      In my fantsay, this 2 are in the top 4

    39. Literatim

      I love how Ms. Utica is living in the back 😂🙇

    40. John Botero

      The campy queens who are fashion forward like rosé need to know when to filter their goofyiness in accordance w the energy y of the song. Denali did it right here. All love tho 🤍

    41. Dannyraisin4

      I kinda wanna know what move made Denali lose her earrings

    42. XHOTICAS


    43. via rob

      ugh denali is so nice to let that drunk girl dance with her while she was performing! that's my miss congeniality ❤️

    44. Diego DeLa Creme

      Rosé- aw jesus, gross.

    45. Carl Abarca

      I live.. and die.. and LIVE again.

    46. Water P

      The worst dancers for this masterpiece of a song

    47. Sammi Lush

      Oh baby baby, have you seen 🙄🖐 Amy tonight?

    48. Amazing Jade Papio

      I dont understand when they always pin point that shes forgetable. Everytime i play her lipsynchs in spotify... i dance like her in mind.

    49. Mamta Praveen

      Top 4 should’ve been Rosé, Symone, Gottmik and Denali! 🥺

      1. Diego DeLa Creme

        Gottmik, Utica, Symone & ✨Denali✨ for me

      2. ipanemarie

        Totally agree! This is also my top 4

    50. Marina

      I always love the competition face Denali gives before her lip syncs.

    51. Kenny Newbury

      unpopular opinion but this lip sync is better than 100% pure love

    52. Dee Thompson

      I just wanna be best friends with Denali 🥺

    53. João Pedro Pierret de Souza

      Denali wore that bad, yet good to perform in look because she knew no matter what she was in the top

    54. Megs Million

      The best lip sync of this season! Rosé for the win.

    55. sloopy hotdog

      Denali really murdered rosé during this lip sync. Shes so enigmatic and her movements were just sooo fluid

    56. Maxi Henriquez


    57. Lorena Inga

      I could see Denali dance over and over and over again 😍 shes hypnotizing

    58. Lesbowo

      1:50 makes me question EVERYTHING 😍

    59. Neny La tóxica

      Denali deserved to stay longer she’s so good and pretty.

    60. Jerry Da'silva

      Denaly win

      1. Gay Confusion

        It’s Denali not denaly

    61. Mashed Potato

      1:54 - 1:58 GAVE ME LIFEEE

    62. tmsterr

      rosé at the beginning of the song 🥺

    63. MySunshineLou

      I love them so much

    64. J4 RU

      I can't get this lip sync out of my head!!

    65. sneekypanda

      When they march in sync

      1. ipanemarie

        I’m living for this too!

    66. Emma New

      I could not take my eyes off Denali. Sorry Rose.

    67. E C

      There was so much foreshadowing of Rosénali from the very beginning 😌

    68. E C

      I love that, at least once, Denali and Rosé shared the stage together as winners 🤩

    69. i l

      I wonder how Rosé will do in the lipsync for the crown haha 🤔

      1. Diego DeLa Creme

        FR- she has like four movements and weird faces

    70. Hunter Wolfe

      I miss denali lip syncing

    71. Ali Fuentes

      I can’t believe Rose is the last remaining queen from this group :(

      1. Bandamani

        I didn't even realise, wow

    72. chartreauseraf

      Rosenali ughh❤️❤️❤️

    73. Alvaro Ibacache S.

      1:50 the moment I knew Denali was the lipsync assassin of the season

    74. Litalici0us

      why other Queens in the back were unimpressed by denali's moves in the last verse ?? I mean how is it possible to not hyping her up, making faces and noises

      1. Hau

        @Zalba Utica was the only one hyping them up!!

      2. Zalba

        Didn’t you hear Utica literally screaming? Lol

    75. Jéssica Delabari

      The way they ended the lipsync doing the exact same pose at the exact same time 😭😭😭😭😭

    76. Merdapostagem

      We love Rosé serving 2016 fidget spinner realness... It gives me LIFE

    77. Shanaynai HoHayHay

      Denali is the queen of lip syncs!!!

    78. Summer Mage94

      I love that this was the way I was introduced to this song and now I love it!

    79. Julian Rivera

      Looking back on this it wasn't that bad of a lip sync on rosè's part. I actually.enjoyed her part abit more after rewatching it. Just my own opinion

    80. Ron Weasly

      Most of the chopped girl can dance better than winner team.

    81. Owen McKinney

      I love Rose but she's really cringe in lip syncs

    82. Cesar Piña

      My two favorite queens this season

    83. Renzo repo

      Las.amo.. denali y rose mis favoritas de esta temporada...

    84. Maximillian Leon

      1:50 Perfect timing

    85. Katrīna Āķīte

      I love Denali's look, it's simple yet so elegant and fresh and I live for it. Also, am I the only one who finds her drag incredibly refreshing? icy, spicy - yes, very that. maybe it has something to do with her being a figure skater. and that personality? seeing her makes me feel warm inside

    86. Jen M

      Olivia should of went home instead of Denali THERE I SAID IT 😞 lol

    87. M Jz

      100% pure love gets all the hype but this is my favorite lipsync from Denali

    88. Mackenzie Shoop

      Denali getting excited to lip sync is so adorable.!

    89. Bill Felix Coulava

      I've been listening to if you seek amy everyday since denali murderer rosé in this lipsync 🔥🔥🔥

    90. Simon Faddoul

      Rosénali Rights!

    91. Chris Pacman

      Denali is amazing in lipsync

    92. Shane Anthony

      1:27 how can her leg bend like that WTF

    93. Naomi

      denali gonna be the lip sync assassin in all stars

    94. Ak Pyrooww

      Denali 🥰

    95. Claudia Branch

      I was not ready for Denali to leave. She and Symone are my absolute favorites. I was anticipating them lip synching against each other. I was very disappointed with her departure...

    96. Pedro Salguero

      Queen Denali forever ☹️💕

    97. Audino

      the way all of denali’s lip syncs are top tier drag race herstory moments...

    98. Oh Boi Lin

      This has become a daily ritual to watch

    99. Smoky Shake

      YaSs Denali!!💖

    100. marielena

      WOW what a difference still can't believe Denali went home you can tell that the clothing made a difference