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    Matthew McConaughey is an Academy Award-winning actor you know from films like ‘Magic Mike,’ ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ ‘Interstellar,’ ‘Dazed and Confused,’ ‘The Wedding Planner,’ ‘How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days,’ and countless others. He is also a producer, a college professor, and an author. His latest project is a memoir titled ‘Greenlights,’ available now. How will this Texas Longhorn play defense against the spicy peppers in this hot sauce lineup? Find out how this highwayman fares against the wings of death while answering questions about his writing process, what makes romantic comedies work, how helpful New Yorkers really are, losing a lawsuit against a skin cream company while in high school, and Hank the Cowdog. Will this spiritual life philosopher known for his many McConaughey-isms get through the gauntlet of spice? Alright, alright, alright!
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    1. First We Feast

      Alright, alright, alright! What's your favorite Matthew McConaughey performance?

      1. Roberta Morris

        A time to kill😭💖

      2. biocybernaut

        Matt is a badass.

      3. alexissomas92 this one tops all my fav deff = life

      4. JustMeLauren

        Fools Gold

      5. Dale Wylie


    2. Beanie Buoy

      “I hit every single state except North Dakota” Oh so you hit every state then

    3. rich 570

      This guy is soo fucking cool, in person is exactly how he is in his movies. I love those what you see is what you get kinda people. Watching him on Joe Rogan podcast just solidified my thoughts of him.

    4. Aloe Vera

      One of the best ones I've watched, Matthew's a real cool guy.

    5. Abby Colvin

      God I love this man😂

    6. Virginia Camacho

      Shame this wasn't in person..

    7. Haitian Princess 1031

      One of my favs Matthew McConaughey! I would give my right arm though to see Tom Cruise on here! He performs all his own stunts right??? lol.

    8. sewerslide 1312mg

      get RA the rugged man on ur show

    9. Awkie Awks

      Robert Pattinson is so chaotic in interviews we need him here ASAP.

    10. Steven Corbo

      You should bring president Trump on.

    11. M H

      KGup: how many ads do you want on your videos? Sean: yes

    12. Bo

      He’s definitely in my top 5 best actors of all time.

    13. Jack Lyman

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    14. Bobulousbrapton Scromdringle

      Is Matthew McConaughey still on an interstellar mission in Chicago at the bottom of the Riviera?

      1. Stephen Macuch

        _Run It_ by Logic....a pathetic rap, imho

    15. Y'rrab

      Get Jordan Peterson, or some right wing celebrity like Ben Shapiro. I bet that would be a really interesting interview.

    16. Shiftless Lazycrat

      Can ya touch this?? Nooo noo noo no.

    17. adonis cook

      Alright, alright, alright! What's your favorite Matthew McConaughey performance?

    18. MrTheSilentAssassin

      What did he say about The Bomb? He holds the bottle up around the 22:00 minute mark and says “Hey-“ and then I can’t make out what he says before Sean says “That one is serious and so are the next 3”.

    19. Ira Ford

      Great actor.

    20. Shane Boatright

      When y'all gonna get the mad dog 357 plutonium?

    21. Coyote Duran

      LMAO @ 21:28!!

    22. Gloria Emon

      SO happy were getting episodes but u guys keep bringing on celebs i'd LOVE to have in-studio :( :(

    23. Jasmine McLellan

      He’s got to be the most likeable person. I just love watching him 😂

    24. sean grif

      Such a wise and likable guy. He is every character his has ever played.

    25. Clarence Worley

      Petition to put Dave Grohl on the show!!!

    26. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      At least he didn't pass out.

    27. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      He's got a comfortable nerd look goin'. #Sweet!

    28. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      His charmin' Texan voice, his dulcimer tones.. soothed the cat into not munchin' on his cheerful buttocks. #NowThatsAMovie

    29. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      At the point (27:58) when it (those spicy, hot fumes) start to go into his lungs... that's where the "9th Circle of Hell" starts for him (a la 'Dante's Inferno'). 🤬

    30. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      When Scoville is near 100,'s nuclear time.

    31. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      I like the giant bobble-head on that pic of him (supposedly) teaching his "students" writing, producing, directing in his course. ☺️

    32. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      Poor Woody! What did you DO to him? You Devil-Horned Boy you! 👿 😊 It was dancing??? All the seeming pain and agony on his from DANCING? 😲

    33. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      Hot Sauce #5 - "I have a feeling this one is gonna sneak up a little bit..." It's....a sneaker. 👟 😀

    34. Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl

      Very smart. Very intuitive way to write.

    35. cheezewiz227

      I would love to see david choe as a guest

    36. sine moderamine

      Matthew McConaughey is Valium in human form

    37. FunkNatives

      @20:09 - Matty realized he fucked up lol

    38. Rade Cvijetic

      Get Tenacious D on this show!

    39. Shadow Sovereign

      I watched his NSLS interview this year, I love Matthew McConaughey

    40. Martha Armstrong

      I love how passionate he is about improving the overall culture at UT-Austin ...its actually pretty lit

    41. Castello

      Respect Matthew. Brilliant

    42. Castello

      Best interviewer hands down , it’s all about interest in the subject whereas too many hosts make it about themselves. Graham Norton is the exception. Respect Sean. ✊🏿

    43. Pavel Grikss

      Legend and a gentleman!

    44. Tsk

      Why is Matthew not James Bond yet?

    45. Melanie Davelaar

      When is Keanu Reeves coming on the show!!!???

    46. Jay Kaufman

      Did anyone expect Matthew to come out on the other side like a chump? Of course you didn't. Slayed this like a boss. He didn't even break a sweat.

    47. Ann Moore

      Someone FARTS at 10:02 and you can hear Sean laugh at it LOL

      1. Alif T


    48. chad windham

      this show is unwatchable during covid

    49. shane dempsey

      not the same u need the table

    50. Tomas Jr Borromeo

      My favorite Matthew McConaughey Performance was from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    51. Dutch Van Der Linde

      Frailty is one of the more underrated Matthew McConaughey films

    52. robert garza

      Why do Sean eat his wings like that. Look like he’s trying to tell the wing a secret 🤣

      1. Unreleased Tracks

        AYOOOOOOO 😭😭😭😭

    53. Astrid Li

      Matthew mcconaughey plays Matthew mcconaughey

    54. Isaiah Taylor

      He turned from actor to post game football player real quick after Da Bomb

    55. Imre H

      Robert Pattinson is so chaotic in interviews we need him here ASAP.

    56. Witkowski Voltz

      Petition to put Ryan Reynolds on the show starts here. Edit: Of course it has to be in person. Actually we should get a Ryan Reynolds episode and a Deadpool episode

    57. Ty Croll

      There's that signature "mmm hmmm" from Wall Street.

    58. Linnett Dutton


    59. MST720

      Easily the coolest cool guy to ever be on here

    60. Mr. Chapel

      Sean, as many amazing, well done, hats off to you interviews you did, I think getting MM on the show is one of the peek ones. I salute you, I have many friends who grown their own different kind of chillis and I got a really nice collection, mainly bc of You. Thank you and keep up, YT don' have you, you have it. Amazing job, cheers mate!

    61. Vinay Keerthi

      All spice, all spice, all spice, all spice!

    62. Spectre Designs

      I was really hoping he’d get him to talk about his role in Texas Chainsaw the Next Generation, but regardless, a great interview

    63. rockey rocket

      I know we are meant to adore such carismatic charm but there is something offputting about guys like this who are so far up their own asshole they never see reality.

    64. Arturo Arambula

      Great interview from a fellow Texan. Though I'm a hardcore Aggie although my dumbass son graduated from ut.

    65. Sweettooth187

      "Say man..." *Drools in himself*

    66. BIG WILLY 831

      Matthew is awesome thats all I have to say.

    67. Bernardo Barcenas


    68. Michael

      Covid makes the show suck, and the intro music doesn't help.

    69. 303PartyMan

      21:26 EPIC DROOL LMAO

    70. Robert Carr

      I hate Covid. This would have been so cool if McConaughey was in the studio.

    71. tyler dockery

      Thumbs down. Love your show, love McConaughey. I’ve already gone through seven ads and I’m not even halfway through this video. Ridiculous. Not watching anymore of this. Four ads is my limit from now on Removing my subscription

    72. Brian Lopez

      Who else wants to see Maynard from T00L on Hot Ones?

    73. Josten S

      (Is from North Dakota) I see how it is McConaughey.😅🤣

    74. martin coomber

      Watched the Texas chainsaw massacre the sequel 1994 quite possibly the worst film ever made. lol thankfully he's gonna on to better things lol

    75. jonki leshi

      Any show that tortures celebrities is alright alright alright with me.

    76. The Great Mr. Roo

      McConaughey is a national treasure, protect him at all costs. When the aliens come, i nominate him to represent human kind. 👽

    77. Sunloki D

      I love how the guest wings you can tell are hot. They are all red but Sean Evans wings look like plain wings. I mean I get he has to do this so many times but still it would be more entertaining to see his response too. I've tried da bomb and there is no way you can eat that and have absolutely NO reaction.

    78. Mimi Perez

      Love u Matthew

    79. Mimi Perez

      When is the book out

    80. L CT

      I love how passionate he is about improving the overall culture at UT-Austin ...its actually pretty lit

    81. Back Door

      I used to be a fan, after watching this im a WHOLE airconditioner

    82. Qi

      Sean's immunity towards these spicy sauces seems to have decreased 🤔

    83. Megan Landers

      Eating wings in a white sweatshirt...I'd be a mess!

    84. Gerard Ligonde

      I'm just gonna pretend I am not here 👀

    85. Johnny Juarez

      Sean just get a 6 foot long table for social distancing while still doing amazing interviews.

    86. Davey leelou

      Martha Stewart

    87. Albertina Karima

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    88. njs2

      why do all these mulitmillionaire celebrities using the shittiest webcams ever. Its like 100$ for a high quality webcam.

    89. kolin nitruc

      Wait were the books he was talking about just journals and diaries or an actual book? Cause I’m trying to buy it😂

      1. kolin nitruc

        Oh nvm didn’t see the end yet😅

    90. just kidding

      “Don’t do false drama, real drama is common, let it slide, a lot of times it ain’t a crisis if you just don’t give it credit” I like that.

      1. Waffle

        Sure just copy someone else’s comment and paste

    91. Too And

    92. Patti Fahling

      Ewww he drooling 🤤 😋 😍

    93. ENVYDADDY ****

      We gotta get eminem on the show, that'd be crazy

    94. Don Johnson

      1.4K Down’s! F##king Trolls!

    95. Ashantay Lumpkins

      Why do Sean eat his wings like that. Look like he’s trying to tell the wing a secret 🤣

    96. Victorix

      What bugs me the most in this show is the size of Da Bomb bottle

    97. Zhen Shops

      Sean deserves an award for being a FANTASTIC interviewer. His questions are the most well researched questions of All time.

    98. A D

      Whats crazy is that he lives 1 hour away from me

    99. Ricardo J Virrueta

      his video quality is trash, what kind of potato is he using to record?

    100. Kevin Knight

      Mississippi Burning was one ☝️ of the best movies ever made. Almost had a documentary feel. Great cast but Mathew topped the list.