How I Fish the Toughest Fishery Yet! Bassmaster #2/2020

Scott Martin

93 миӊ. көрүүлөр10

    How to catch fish on this tough river is what this is all matter what I have to figure it out. This is the Practice Video for stop #2 of the Bassmaster Opens on the Arkansas River. Team Scott Martin Challenge
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    1. Dakota Ball

      He ain’t kidding ab that Ohio River! Brutal!

    2. Daniel Bishop

      A wolf? Oklahoma? I'm thinking maybe not lol

    3. wyteboymagik

      scott, the grain barn right across from summers fairy where you launched at.. ned rig around the barge... go north up lock 16 to whats called hwy 10 landing and punch the lilly pads.. they come out in 15' water... also the barge ponds south of summers fairy just north of where i40 goes over is good too this time of year... the flood we had and the pressure the fish are under is a tough bite

    4. BassGeek

      That looks like a tough fishery.

    5. Bassinwith nick

      Hey Scott my dad is 59 his dad died at 60 and he has always dreamed about going to Florida and fishing on okeechobee I wanna take him out there for couple days trying to do all the things he wanted to do before he sees the good lord I was wondering a good cabin to stay at If you can get back me I would really appreciate it

    6. Frankie Turner

      where is B Lat

    7. J Bux

      Brandos a trader lol jk

    8. Johnny B

      Don’t worry about the deer not finding his mother. Another doe will take him in. Loving this channel! It started with TTJ.

    9. creekwatercountryboy tv

      Im looking to get a new baitcaster combo and im on a budget of under $100 so i want to know what you think i should get

    10. Taylor Woods

      Ahh nothing like a few sponsored alcoholics operating a boat under the influence anybody else would be in jail boat towed best part is you catch fish i catch everyday for bait

    11. dmfarmer15

      Scott do you have a link for the new 19 quart Engel cooler and can you get us a discount?

    12. LMB

      Not sure what happened? Didn't get notified for this one!!!

    13. M

      Bad luck to get a bite on first cast. Thanks for the update on Brandon. Not sure how much is true but thanks. 😊💰

    14. VitaminDee TV

      I laughed more in this one than any of your other vids. I like you and your buddy there together! haha -D

      1. Scott Martin


    15. 陆宇铭

      Good to see everything is going back to normal

      1. 陆宇铭

        Scott Martin Can’t wait time to see more of your Vedic. They cancelled the most of the tournaments here in Canada.

      2. Scott Martin

        Im so glad we could get back out on the tournament trail. I hope it lasts!

    16. Eddie Rector

      Scott... I have waited 60 years to catch a bass over 10 lbs and with the help of your bandido bug and your hack I was just able to do that last week... Thank you so much!!!... I have several more that size in my lake, but they just won't take anything.... Any ideas?.... Blessings to you and your family sir

      1. Scott Martin

        Bandido bug is magic! Congrats on that 10lb pig.

    17. Audacity

      Kills a fish saves a fawn. Redemption.

    18. Lumpiest of Coles

      Do you not hook them during practice so they’re be more willing to bite again when you go back on tourney day??? I’m very curious

      1. Scott Martin

        Yup, that is the idea. You want to find the fish with out possibly spooking them out of the area for tournament day.

    19. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      That’s awesome you and billy fishing together

      1. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

        Scott how would it be possible for me and my buddy to go fishing with you in Florida

      2. Scott Martin

        Billy is not only a good practice partner but great entertainment on the water lol

    20. Johnny Jannotti

      I would have thrown the rocks at your shins if you chased me with a tarantula 😂

      1. Scott Martin


    21. Henkle89 Monsterbassin

      Come try canyon or Apache Arizona lol

    22. Bradley Armour

      I saw someone where a face mask and a sun mask in a store the other day and it was a mask just like the curb video

    23. Dead Inside

      It's good to see Billy, now can we get rid of that other kid and get Brandon back.

    24. Eison Lawn care

      Hey Scott I seen where you said something about being a co angler how do you sign up for that

    25. Christian2 comedy rhoados 29

      Scott Martin I love your videos keep it up and have a nice day!!!!

      1. Christian2 comedy rhoados 29

        Scott Martin your welcome and I wish you good luck for your fishing trips and I can’t wait for your next competition coming up soon and happy fishing and I love your new boat!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much!!👍🏼

    26. bcamcam2

      Any updates on how BRP is going to support the Evenrude anglers???

    27. Ryan Spangler

      the start to day two is funny.. What time is it?,, no what time is it? lmao

    28. Jenn DeWitt

      Fish lake Jackson Sebring fl

    29. Ray spann

      When he said are you serious. Just like josh

    30. Dalton Pelham

      Peep the googan bait sticker on the side of the boat!!

    31. Wesley Mitchell

      Well Billy’s name just changed from Billy’s got a bass, to billy just killed a bass!😂🤣 lol

    32. Fishing Mayhem

      Hey man I noticed you don’t have a hot foot on this boat. Why no hot foot?

    33. DillonBashrum

      I love Billy😂

      1. Scott Martin

        Who doesn’t!?!😂

    34. Josh Keith

      Oklahoma lakes don’t “hold water” for LMB like FL or TX! You guys definitely grinded it out during practice and I know had to be frustrating. Hope you all did good during game time !

      1. Nicholas Hawkins

        Look up lake of the arbuckles biggest 5 bass stringer

    35. Tim Oldenburg

      😂😂😂 "you killed him dude!" 😂😂😂

    36. Tim Fontenot

      Love the hanging out and cutting up.

    37. Joseph Costa

      A Biden ad in a Scott Martín video.....

    38. Whistling Dixie Outdoor Co

      Also should have stayed in Muskogee that’s the best pool on the lake I run up there every chance I get

    39. Whistling Dixie Outdoor Co

      Okay Scott is not that kerr is over fished it’s just so weird it’s not that good. The damn is always lowering and rising water levels. I live in spiro and I fish that lake all the time. 2 weeks ago water was 3 foot high now it’s 2 foot low. It’s crazy. I won a tournament out there last week with 16 pounds and that cause I fosh that lake every day.

    40. MegaMeme

      Jigs on rocks is all I have been bitten on. Was at grand lake last weekend

    41. J Pickle

      why is he getting mad over a fish dying grow up

    42. Tom Baldwin

      THAT AIN'T FUNNY!...FYI, I was LMAO!...😂😂😂

    43. Karlena Cornett

      So good to have these videos back! 👍

    44. Joe No thanks.

      We don’t need to watch y’all feeling each other’s poles. 😂🤪😂

    45. Mike Bailey

      Happy Fathers Day Scott! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your trip to fish the Arkansas river. 🎣🐟

    46. living the outdoors

      Would you mind if I put bfc you're name on my custom jersey since I have a few spots open and I'm going thru fusion are they pretty good to use?

    47. Check Mate

      I know it's too late for this round, and you are The Best, but PLEASE, for the Love of God and Your Daddy... Be Quiet. And No this is not the time to prove a point... You already know OK fish are shy and the big ones are smart. Your voice is yelling/vibtating Right down your line. I'll shut up, but it is true. Silence for Game Days. I'm looking up standings now if I can find them... And maybe watch you chase ppl with tarantulas again. That was funny.💪❤

    48. Brock Johnson

      Great tips man!

    49. Ryan Perkowski

      Throw a wacky lunker log !!!!

    50. Alexandre Schnupp

      Billy is hilarious!

    51. DGTrees2005

      Kraft Mayo?! That’s indicator number one of questionable decisions!

    52. Devin Fant

      My favorite lure for river fishing in the summer is mostly deep diving crankbait. What's your favorite?

    53. Phil Williams

      Great video thanks for sharing

    54. JTBassing17

      We need billy to make a alarm clock that says what time is it oh time to go fishing lol

    55. 12oz sprite

      Gotta love billy, billy makes me laugh all the time.

    56. Fi Dang Yang

      Hearing Scott complain about that fish dying just reminded me of when he complained about his fishing spot n how he was fishing there first lol

    57. Hunter Shane

      Hey I live in Cookson On Tenkiller Lake. Just outside of gore!

    58. Robert Moss

      Scott, thank you for the Aftco discount! Save me some $$$

    59. Christopher Hutsen

      Man it’s so nice to see the house videos again and tourney videos again!!

    60. Dizzy Outdoors

      Rivers are always rough

    61. Ace

      Thanks for the update on spinner worm and thanks for a gr8 show. All the way from South Africa

    62. DL- Bassin

      Lmao I lost it when he said quit I don’t feel like runnin 😂

    63. WarriorX Fishing

      It's been a grinder everywhere. Had a kayak tournament yesterday and it was brutal. Best of luck.

    64. Randy Creason

      That deer was swimming faster after he saw what Billy did to that bass.

      1. Scott Martin


    65. Daniel Platt

      Another great vid!! Always learning so thing from you.. thanks for all that you do for the fishing community. Also are _ you using a Zoom ultra vibe speed craw

    66. Howard Stout

      Dam that was alot of fun to watch lmao 🤣🤣

    67. yourneck2

      Carp,Wolf you mean coyote.

    68. Rehmey

      Lol for some reason i assumed you were ganna be fishing lake Eufala and the Canadian river. Its interesting to see you guys fish the kerr reservoir and the arkansas river. Cause the Arkansas river goes right through my town but its completely dried up. So its sweet to see.

    69. way 20k

      Where can I find where the weigh in is and wut time

    70. dreads_fishing_outdoors

      Billy was Gone!!! With that tarantula hahahahahaahahaha

    71. Hunter Fraser

      Glad to hear Brandon is coming back. Billy getting fat tho. lol. Good to see y’all guys back together! Great videos

    72. Christian Tew

      Billy was singing Nirvana - Something In The Way when he killed the fish 😂 “It's okay to eat fish 'Cause they don't have any feelings”

    73. Hunter Reschick

      I live in Tulsa so if u ever want to go fishing u should HMU

    74. Twitchstar Happy

      Try a red lipless crank that's what I catch them on here in ks on the river

    75. Jake Bryan

      Imagine what the other boats saw😂😂 19:13


      So sorry Scott! Much respect and love!

    77. Zack LaMoore

      But McCoy is doing amazing

    78. johnny saechao

      Oooo it’s time to go fishing! Lmao

    79. Zack LaMoore


    80. Chase Vestal

      Man that river is chocolate milk.

    81. Chase Vestal

      My theory in Oklahoma is since corona broke out everyone has been fishing like crazy. Never seen the fishing aisle at all of the stores empty. All of the lakes and rivers have been pressured. Just my stupid opinion.

      1. It’s Chives

        i live in oklahoma and everyone’s fishing right now

      2. Johnny B

        Chase Vestal Same here in Alabama. Jeez I’m glad I’ve got plenty of soft plastics! The isles in Field and Stream, Academy and Dicks are empty! They say it’s because maybe Chyna, or the Chyna virus. Who knows. If your left handed there’s plenty of reel options for you!

      3. Torres Fishing

        It is CRAZY here in florida, literally almost every aisle, empty, now that the Corona had been here for quite a it, the fishing aisle isn't as empty as before, and all the lakes around me are also getting highly pressured except for my home lake because it is nearly impossible to fish it unless you have a kayak, which is why im lucky, I've fished there recently and I've caught some giants out of there!

      4. Rotos

        Same in Ala. Overheard some tourney guys talking while they were out practicing last weekend, they were saying they caught 1 or 2 smallies,hours apart then I watched one catch a monster cat on a top water super shallow. Be kinda weird lately. Even the honey holes seem pressured.

      5. M

        Makes sense. One of the reasons I quit. To much pressure on ALL lakes. Unless you live in Florida.

    82. David Eades

      Funny that Andrew was talking how bad the Ohio river is. I had a tournament last weekend and caught 1 9 inch bass.

    83. Dbars19

      these are the best kind of videos. Good luck the rest of the year scott!!!

    84. Andrew Phoa

      Scott! It's alive! Scott! It's moving! Run away! Lol! That was awesome!

    85. Pond Fishing With dylan

      Scott u are my favorite pro fisherman can u please follow my instagram it would really make me happy

    86. Dbars19

      i like how the tournament directors pick the worst fisheries

    87. Lucas Damario

      Billy killed a bass but it’s alright because he saved a deer

    88. Jpfishing 24

      Hey Scott I’m looking for a new rod and reel. I’m looking a nice med hvy from favorite. Also what reel should I get for it

    89. Tim Newby

      Yeah Billy is back! Where is Billy's cowboy boots? Good video Scott

    90. Douglas Enzor

      It made your day to save the deer & that's great,I love it.but what about the poor wolf,he needs food should have thrown him the fish you murdered I guess!!

    91. Bruce Bierman

      Didn't know you were so mean (chasing folks with that tarantula). Were you a bully in school?

    92. Douglas Enzor

      Put dat darn tarantular on your dag gum hook cod sack

    93. Douglas Enzor

      What test # mono do you use like normal conditions like in this video?

    94. Landon Bragg

      I’ve fished my home lake a bunch biggest bass is barely five, normally catch 2 a day I went to Arkansas River once caugh three 4.5

    95. roger harvey

      Missed these vids.

    96. MuahMan

      Arkansas river is the color of diarrhea.

    97. Cameron Carter

      Wish all of y'all good luck big dawg go getem

    98. Brian Patrick

      Welcome back!!

    99. brian gentry

      Hooray Brandon

    100. Micro Crawling USA

      McCoy is doing a good job but really loved Brandon's edits and shooting style. The comic relief was just a bonus