Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement


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    You already know who he is. He's playing mid lane, his handle is Perkz, and he's coming to NA on Cloud9. Watch him.
    Read more: c9.gg/welcome-perkz
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    Welcome Luka "Perkz" Perković | Cloud9 LCS Mid Laner Announcement
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    1. Cloud9

      He's coming to NA. Watch him. Read more: c9.gg/welcome-perkz

      1. Kein Plan

        open.spotify.com/playlist/4JogInFAAXVKJCAddHK0Ca?si=KCcgfF3-TL6Q-dw8QOOp_g rap for OGs

      2. TheLightNovelist

        We'll see how well this ages.

      3. John Smith

        That's a lot of money to spend to wallow in group stage.

      4. MatchFather

        We will

      5. Alberto Haryono

        @Dominic Saenen ohhh i see, thank you for the explanation.

    2. gigo vaxvaxishvili

      Perkz gon smurf in NA

    3. Jonathan Large

      As a TL fan I was shook

    4. HK

      11.75M for Perkz? Bad england sry

      1. alida flus

        poor perkz ending career so early

    5. Papa Stew

      this is like when the 73-9 warriors acquired Kevin Durant wtf is this

    6. Tom Soeun

      11.75m meme inc

    7. doliio volay

      Please take care of him, he is a treasure

    8. Phyx

      That's one motivated lad

      1. doliio volay

        Seriously may be my favorite ever.

    9. Timotius Gunawan

      Finally a non cocky midlaner for c9..

    10. R BC

      I kind of like this Jack guy.

    11. ItsEhGame


      1. bilishu aliss


    12. Reacciones de Twitch

      Subtitle spanish please

      1. bilishu aliss

        Goddammit i never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for this cocky little bastard. Let's go Perkz we're excited to see big things from you

    13. mikea hiooi

      That was the most alpha welcome video I've ever seen. Not a C9 fan, but will be watching closely now, because of Perkz.

      1. mikea hiooi

        Honestly amazing

    14. David Lee

      Great. Another victim for the LCK/LPL

    15. Aitor

      NA is screwed. Expect this guy to change all by himself the whole NA server. Can't wait for Worlds 2021 (btw i fucking hate, new shop)

    16. Jaycon Maning

      Guess he wants to be remembered as a midlaner not a ADC.

    17. Jaycon Maning

      Is this C9's rise or Perkz' downfall?

    18. metalica977

      Good luck Perkz! I can't wait for you dominating the LCS!

    19. Speedwagon

      This is C9’s Golden Era

    20. Marcin Bisaga

      poor perkz ending career so early

    21. Iván L Cas

      Eso si es contratar a un campeón Perkz el mejor

    22. Mihael Doncevic

      He is coming to NA to make NA great but not again 🤣🤣

    23. Karol Małysa


    24. innis free

      Instead of investing in talents they buy Europeans again.. EU > NA

    25. bilishu aliss

      Perkz: Joining C9 Also Perkz: still using G2 chair...


      lmfao what are these expectations

      1. Londer

        @bilishu aliss not again xd 4:37

      2. bilishu aliss

        make NA great again POG!

    27. Melvin The Goat

      Goddammit i never thought I'd see the day where I'd be cheering for this cocky little bastard. Let's go Perkz we're excited to see big things from you

    28. Julio


    29. M God

      Moving to NA is always a step back in anybody's career, also for Perkz.

    30. Perch Pond

      I'd give up on all my competetive aspirations aswell if I got that many millions for it

    31. Ivan C.

      Perkz, that guy is probably thinking of retiring, there is no other way someone is leaving paradise like Europe for a shithole of a country and absolute garbage of lol region like NA.

    32. Advo

      Perkz was a really good player... then he went to NA. 😂

    33. AJ Ewanyk

      As he said Don’t Suck Fudge

    34. Raddy

      I'm a G2 fanboy, but if Perkz takes C9 to worlds and wins, I would NOT be mad for a second. Perkz is G2 family so if he wins worlds 2021 I'll be happy he fulfilled his dream. But G2 is still my #1. So bring it Perkz that trophy is ours :)

    35. AsKicKed

      "The EU plan is progressing, roger. The 'Perkz' unit has managed to infiltrate the NA area. Full control of the area estimated in 365 days. Over"

    36. N vG

      It's time for Perkz to carry 1v5 from NA. Good luck buddy. You're up for the challenge?

    37. Minh Khôi Trần Khải

      C9 welcome to PERKZ

    38. Krycha

      #G2ARMY XDDD

      1. gioyu comi

        Good luck! #G2ARMY

    39. Fabian John

      So now there is atleast one reason to watch LCS ;)

    40. Andreas R.

      EZ MSI for NA

    41. Seven5

      make NA great again POG!

    42. D Montana

      Welcome to end of carreer😀

    43. Fias

      DL so scared of being no longer the king of thrashtalk. He even retired.

    44. abso96


    45. PiniF

      stfu perkz G2 better

    46. Sebastian Zhao

      LPL = LCK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> na

    47. Khabib Time

      c9 return to his glory

    48. Illest V

      Eagerly wating for Allstar

    49. Rey Panda

      How to end your Career. Join *NA*

    50. Pedro Teixeira

      I want to make NA great...not again...just great. It has never been great before honestly AHAHAHAHAH

    51. Wojtek 1

      i want to see perkz taking na to another level, and rocking world with his new team, lets go perkz!!!!!!! WOOOOOO

    52. Diana Hernández

      Mi baby Perkz

    53. Marcin Skrzek


    54. Jakub Chalupniczak

      Good luck! #G2ARMY

    55. Chad Westcott

      Lol subbed 👋🤙

    56. Maria Elena Solis

      Looks like I’m c9 fan now! Wherever perkz go ill support from far away👉🏻👈🏻💙 show those haters !

    57. K0sic

      why the fuck would he join a dead region on a dead team this is a fuck up

    58. Matt Dombrova

      Perkz/Zven/Vulcan is absolutely disgusting, my only question is can the top side of the map be dominant enough? Guess we'll see. I have faith in them, and IF they can.. watch the F*CK out.

    59. juan fernando

      i got money in my f pocket

    60. Wes Collins

      Europe will miss him. Farewell and ofc we will be C9 fans now.

    61. chadbrochill19

      Perkz: **Listens to LEC Mediocre Rap Battles** - NA pension plan? Hmmm. Interesting.

    62. Marius

      RemindMe! 1 year

    63. Michael

      Noooo Perkz stay in EU, team swap with Caps in Fnatic! NA is so bad...

    64. Jumpin Jesus

      FFS, now I'll have to watch LCS as well

    65. Magariz

      Man LCS is going to be hype this year. HUGE roster changes. Someone finally lit a fire under the LCS and I cannot wait to see it take off. Perkz is definitely going to make all of NA midlane step their game way up.

    66. NocturnTTV Tg

      NA is that bad that they have to buy europe players

      1. Seven

        Powerofevil for tsm ,Perkz for Cloud9 to funny right :D shit region but players goes to Na for retiring even if he tryhard he wont win much in this shitty region is all about the money ^^

    67. Leon Sixt

      Well I have high hopes for him now

    68. Penuer

      el video este parece que lo ha grabado mi abuela con el movil

    69. Yinnie Sins

      I never liked C9..... until now

    70. sokin jon

      "Everytime I see that smug midlaner's face...."

    71. NibyTak

      Thanks for everythink what you did for G2 ang GL in new club !

      1. sokin jon

        he is not just a player he is a leader as well

    72. Visual Error

      @Cloud9 Just released Perkz Salary isn’t that confidential

    73. A M

      NA: we will make our own American teams, with all European players.

    74. Michael Averett


    75. Michael Averett

      Let’s go!

    76. Lukasz Sz

      Why TSM couldn't buy him. REGI BOUGHT WORSE MIDLANE

    77. IDONTKNW

      The story in this video was so bad.

    78. Paul Jack

      That means Fnatic vs G2 is out, in 2021 it will be G2 vs. C9, respect NA, respect.

      1. Seven

        nope it will be c9 and Fnc not exist cuz perkz take the money from Na and chill / and we swap Perkz for Rekkles so G2 is still a op team

    79. DJ MANOX


    80. eatcheesekobe

      Hmm coming to play mid, I wonder who he's going to do since he hasn't played mid competitively in a hot minute.

      1. SophineSophont

        He was playing it competitively in Spring 2020.

    81. Zenvadois

      I think a lot of people have forgotten that Perkz is an incredibly good mid laner, because he has played adc in recent years, because he is flexible. You will all be amazed.

    82. CrazyUncleJamal

      Tbh if they ever lose a game I'm literally calling this dude a clown

    83. bajner L9

      Perdera su nivel en NA :v

    84. its

      im c9 fan form beta

    85. Esdras

      Watching lcs only because of perkz

    86. Alaskan Malamute

      Lane Kingdom is coming 5:15 Poor Jack spent all that money on Perkz he cant afford a decent jacket..

    87. Dr. benatia

      he is not just a player he is a leader as well

    88. CrowdTzy


    89. drowsydrip

      C9 Perkz!!

    90. Marcus Hübner

      i hope he doesn´t retire, when he´s not making it out of the playin´s at worlds 2021 :(

    91. J Xue

      Best CEO dude.

    92. XA

      one of two things happens: he threw away his career by playing NA or c9 can finally do something once again

    93. Simeon Petrov

      I believe in his words, we gotta watch him. This guys is crazy af. Good luck Luka!

    94. Huntress

      Just give us sneaky back

    95. leel

      imagin perkz roleswaps to top now

    96. iSustain

      I feel like his talking with regrets. Just saying.

    97. Fran Divjak

      4:35 he tried his best to not quote Trump KEKW Sretno buraz

    98. Alexander Heim

      Elevating NA from a wildcard to a main region again by getting out of groups :D

    99. Jake Morand the Momoz

      I wanna see g2 vs c9 in worlds or msi finals

    100. velvet Hands

      I want to make NA great not again it's never been great honestly