I'm Addicted To Garbage Trucks


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    This is the greatest garbage day of All Time

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Sclumsy

      I can never look at garbage trucks the same anymore. I heard one outside this morning so I ran to the window and saw a glorious automated front loader. That made my morning.

    2. Katz

      The last truck shown was the final form of garbage truck, No side loader, Nothing, it evolved into something that can summon people and their trash whenever it wants too, Somehow using them as its loader, All hail the garbage truck OverLords. 🚛

    3. R0AD R0II3R

      I haven’t watched this video in a while, but oh god, the Lorax is trembling in a fear in sight of The Beast, it’s begging it for mercy

    4. Kking

      anyone else trying to find the anime and busses guy

    5. Jack Gaul

      Bert Kreischer mode at 6:38

    6. Leiiajwjagisksnsbshs DjsiiaisgUiIIjsjdhzhh

      I like ur truck wanna see mine?

    7. Edward

      I didn't like garbage trucks, but my nephew is obsessed with them. He's 6

    8. PokE_Cactus Hobby

      the 80s truck would be helping the world more with pollution if it was not operating anymore.

    9. Cuda

      Ohhh man, our neighbor drives an asl and leaves it out front sometimes. You cant help but jerk one out while watching it across the street.

    10. Shadow Pheonix

      more trucks

    11. Apple Drogseth

      bus at 3:13 is a gillig low floor 30ft, they are tiny and weird

    12. Avengel Azrael

      Why did I actually enjoy this? What kind of black magic is this?

    13. Big Jim933

      "Well, that's a pretty boring garbage truck" Charlie says, as the siren is playing a song.

    14. Marwan Abd El-Ghany

      and i thought i have the weirdest fetish

    15. Dark FJ3

      wait until he discovers the tornado siren community

    16. WankersCramp69

      Can we get Charlie a ride in the Beast?

    17. mysterious gt86

      Im fucking devastated my town dosent have ASL's. How could they commit such a crime

    18. crazy2720

      It's low key satisfying to watch tho

    19. elloy garcia

      how bout’ milk trucks?

    20. The Punisher

      As a child i'd see the garbage men in the morning holding onto the side of the trucks racing down the street and thought it looked really fun.

    21. The Punisher

      It's nice to know bus drivers and garbage men are appreciated, never would have thought they'd have fans though

    22. bomby

      Fire trucks were awesome to me as a kid because a big metal arm? Sick! Transformer!

    23. Jwizzy74

      this is the best video on youtube Im actually starting to like garbage trucks

    24. Kellan Yee

      I’m addicted

    25. H168 -

      3:49 listen with your eyes closed

    26. H168 -

      at this point at least 70% of my youtube subscriptions are garbage channels

    27. snapboy130

      Wach the compactor view lol

    28. Cadence The sweet skunk

      I used to have the highest respect for waste management and you have helped me rekindle the flame.

    29. Bifocal Productions


    30. NTDKgaming

      where were you when he became addicted

      1. JackT

        driving my Sidewinder XTR Automated Side Loader.

    31. Esther Kang

      this is my favorite deep dive. Charlie is also so cool to the people who just love garbage or anime and buses

    32. First Last

      I loved garbage trucks as a kid, I wanted to be a garbage man. I am a garbage man now but not in the way I hoped.

    33. Rifqi Maulana Jati - Reamuji

      Don't worry charlie, we all have been there before

    34. Mike Frausto

      i work at a watering hole ill get you some raw footage

    35. Tea & Clickbait

      If you're reading this, I hope you'll become rich! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

    36. Shed MX

      you should check out the big rig pov community

    37. Yagrel

      as we can see the best garbage loader is god's hands

    38. Stephen

      i wonder if there's a waste management simulator

    39. Meme Doggo

      Same here

    40. Harvey Birdman

      as someone who worked on garbage trucks for years, it's not a pleasant job, but if you need to crush something for fun the rear loaders are great. we crushed weigh benches, doors, huge stacks of pallets, huge piles of broken garbage cans

    41. J. Vinton

      This is like my buddy’s dad, except he has this odd fetish for mega towing trucks. Even had magazines dedicated to massive rig towers.

    42. ProphetDev

      4:05 My girl: "wtf are you watching???"

    43. Walter White

      This is making me want to be a garbage truck driver

    44. Jonny Wytenus

      Everyone in the garbage community should be put on a government watch list, not to look for criminal activity, but so that in a mere 100 years from now we can document over a century of the most cringe content ever created. Its in the publics best interest.

    45. Noble_ Crusader

      Me but with trains

    46. RadReefs

      Loved watching garbage trucks and cement trucks as a kid lol

    47. Tony

      holy shit garbage trucks in america are wayyyy cooler than the ones in Switzerland

    48. Louis

      “Ouff thank god”😭😭😭

    49. timmytron6000

      this is the greates video of All Time

    50. Andy

      Mordecai joins the Miniature Garbage Community

    51. Make a Wish Kid

      I was addicted to garbage trucks when I was a kid

    52. Daniel Cruz


    53. Mr. Chad

      As a kid i wanted to be a garbage truck driver. I might switch careers

    54. fallinegg

      wtf am i watching?

    55. Owen Bertrand

      the beast blows soot not smog loll

    56. Christopher Loveland

      I drive an automated side load for a living Nd it sucks its fun till you have to drive them

    57. Potsticker

      No joke, My dream job is a Garbage Truck Driver...

    58. - spudman 2.0

      Don't Americans seperate rubbish and recyclables?

    59. KCN

      Not going to lie, this video made me unironically interested in the inner workings of garbage trucks.

    60. rifles75

      Love them so much I drive one.

    61. Max Payne

      To be honest and this is not me trying to sound edgy or cool or anything, if I was stranded on an Island but I had to take either this or hours of TikTok videos I would easily take garbage truck video.

    62. Ryan Hutchinson

      8:09 “Keep the change you filthy animal!”

    63. condensed milk

      10:45 I

    64. Herooo

      Haha i used to fix garbage trucks, interesting machines to work on.

    65. Zx0_0xZ

      0:48 is no one gonna talk about him doing the meme

    66. • chippy82577 •

      1) I never thought there to be different colored garbage trucks. We have green ones where I live so I just assumed they were all green. 2) I never thought I'd be so interest in garbage trucks. I want a mini one. A mini remote-controlled trash truck that I can lift soda cans or somethin' with.

    67. Panda Express


    68. Ozone

      4:04 Indians when their girl send them ankle pics

    69. daftnut

      When I was little I would wait out side for the garbage man and talk to him

    70. Jacorn

      you know that there is light in the world when jesus is getting excited about garbage trucks

    71. Jedi Knight buckley

      Charlie’s would be an awesome garbage man he would love it so much

    72. Joseph Helms

      This content in garbage.

    73. Sam Central

      You merely adopted the garbage truck. I was born with it

    74. zuwaniie

      What if trash was fuel for Garbage Trucks that would be sexy

    75. DoesAnyoneHaveGum?

      Everytime he compares things to females i fuckin lose it

    76. baga

      i like fried corndogs

    77. Jedi Knight buckley

      How cool are garbage trucks and they make decent money now it’s not great but not pitiful

    78. Taco Truck

      4:03 what dirty girl

    79. Daniel Helton

      Man wish I could get that excited about them😂 I’m a mechanic for Rumpke mostly dealing in roll off and front load or the fancy curotto can aka resi front load as we know them. Not a big rear load guy tho

    80. HCjuntti

      Next start watch cow hoof trimming

    81. Nate kleinpeter

      i would run out to the road and give tgem sodas on garbage day

    82. dethmaul

      Age sex location? *Drake denial* Automatic side loader? *Warm Drake approval*

    83. Doomer

      When I was a kid I fucken loved garbage trucks... I don’t know why

    84. Joshua Silva


    85. Goku14635

      Finally, a video made for me.

    86. ThrillFlyNumber

      I love garbage trucks

    87. Bobert

      Garbage content

    88. A Andrews

      Why is everyone making quotes and poems and sayings and bs ? They’re just garbage trucks ?? Idk even know why there’s a video on them.

    89. North Central Refuse

      More please

    90. DawnOfTheOzz

      Pah! Keep your garbage trucks. Trainspotting from the 90s is where it's at.

    91. Kyle Hayden

      Do these guys know they can become garbage men with basically no credentials?

    92. Interceptor101010

      how people who never grew up deal with mess

    93. Jules Stevenin

      Garbage truck tier list pleeeeease

    94. Garbage Man One Day

      I love garbage trucks! You showed my friend ( StarkArtifact24's video on this video)

    95. Ryan CRANKZ

      I'm addicted to Garbage trucks I've had a passion since I was 4 and my channel is @Garbage Man One Day

    96. Logan 999999999999999

      Kid "Daddy, I know what I want to be when I grow up!" Dad "Oh and what is that son?" KId "I want to be a garbage truck driver!" Dad *Angry parent noises*

    97. Archist Labels

      He Protec He Attac And most importantly... He Impac -7:21

    98. Callum Kelly

      This is making my cheeks hurt, wow so good.

    99. Callum Kelly

      This is hilarious

    100. Azid Dude

      The beast