#Maradona - Why His Death Matters

Russell Brand

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    Today marks the death of the football legend Maradona.
    Here are my thoughts.
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    1. Martin Leguizamon

      Russell sos un tipo despierto !!!gracias por tus palabras muchas gracias 👏

    2. Francisco Hrn

      As Argentinian , gotta say thank you for throwing some light on this ... im done watching mfeer out on national television talking bullshit for money . Poor suckers ... they know nothing about. A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU MAN...

    3. Juan Martín Sigales

      From Argentina, almost two months later, your words had made me cry again. Diego is eternal 🇦🇷


      Maradona, 100% mala persona, degenerado y sádico . Que en paz descanse

      1. Antonin Artaud

        Cerrá la boca troll al servicio del poder financiero esclavista!!

    5. gonzalo verde

      We miss him every Day Diego became a Legend

    6. Natalia Turcewicz

      Subtítulos en español por favor!!

    7. Carlos Gustavo Merolla

      I'm from Argentina, and I am wondering how two genius like Diego and Ayrton Senna (F1) were so big that, as you say, you can see some ... different touch. Now, you can also see the importance of education and wealth. While Maradona's personal life was a disaster, Ayrton's personal life was full of greatness too. Senna was a strong believer of god, he was from a rich family from Brazil and many times he said that at some point he felt he was out of himself and driving in Monaco was as easy as going through a light tunnel. I don't believe in god, what I do believe is that when you reach such a level of perfection you get the full potential of your energy and senses, we are all humans however not everyone is determined to reach and pass its own potential.

      1. soy delRojo

        @Carlos Gustavo Merolla Not only in his country, F1 is less popular than football in 90% of the planet (and maybe more). That does not mean that Senna was not spectacular or that it was not at the same level in his discipline

      2. Carlos Gustavo Merolla

        @Priscilla Raj It does not change my point.... Both of them where .... outstanding, if F1 is less popular in your country that's another story. People who understand F1 know that Senna was almost a super human, the same as Maradona. Ask a Japanese about Senna... My point is how education helps people to have such an impact without doing what Maradona has done outside the football field.

      3. Priscilla Raj

        I can't just agree with you here. Maradona's name has gone to the farthest corner of earth. We in Bangladesh grew up with Maradona on our lips. But Sena was merely known to the professional circle and fans, which was big but never comparable to Maradona's. The whole earth for at least two generations have put itself on the head of this great Argentine lion. He carried the burden and yes, sometimes it felt too too heavy on him that he just drifted away.

    8. Rusul Raysan

      RIP Diego .. It’s almost one month since you’ve left us but it’s seems like today 💔

    9. Amy

      Beautiful video. Love from Argentina

    10. George Farrows

      Nice opinion :)

    11. Guillermo Oscar Iglesias

      Russell, hermoso resumen de quien fue Diego Armando Maradona. Saludos desde La Pampa Arg. Russell, a beautiful summary of who Diego Armando Maradona was. Greetings from La Pampa Arg.

    12. juan jose cedeño caraballo

      maradona vivirá por siempre

    13. B Thomas

      Thank you Russell for sharing your inspiring thoughts on Maradona with us all.

    14. Ismael Funes

      Te entendí la mitad, pero te quiero

    15. Ioannis Foutsitzis

      Thank u Russell

    16. Andres Lazardi

      Amazing analysis!

    17. amadeo bassi

      Amazing speech. Wonderful

    18. 123

      England were crap in 86

    19. Nancy Salguero

      We are still in a terrible pain, mouring, aching... Amazing tribute. THANKS, Thank You very much 💙🇦🇷💙

    20. Agustin Block

      you are more intelligent than I believed

    21. Scarlet R. Díaz C.

      El más grande futbolista del mundo! Excelente ejemplo para las próximas generaciones! Que en paz descanse!! Siempre lo recordaremos!.

    22. Evita Tv!

      Gracias chabon x tus palabras ! Saludos dsd Bs As.

    23. Gaston Aiuto

      Respect! Love your words!

    24. Ari Goldfeld

      Great commentary, I didn't think of all the things you say, it makes me understand better why he was so loved, thank you!!!

    25. Ignacio Veiga

      Gracias totales Russell!!!

    26. Bonjour a tous

      Maradona = passionate man. Thats why we love him

    27. emanuel alcaraz

      This man is a genius. And im not talking about maradona

    28. Gaspar Avansatti

      No entendí nada, pero aguante el Diego

    29. Verona Garda California

      There's something special in him special that clearly goes beyond the football. Champion among normal people, brave among non brave people, paladin of poors against rich people, the weakest and the strongest ever at same time, coherent until his end in good and in bad. I hope to meet him in my next life

    30. Aurelio

      Grazie ❤️

    31. Victor Belgrano

      Y ya lo ves y ya lo ves el que no salta es un INGLÉS 🎶🎵

      1. Victor Belgrano


      2. Julio Argentino Roca

        Pero este chabon es ingles bobo

    32. Luisa Montes

      Amo el olor a pasto. Quiero sentirlo de nuevo... de sus ultimas entrevistas.

    33. CROCOP 1312

      D10S EXISTE🇦🇷❤⚽️🇭🇷

    34. Apis Abdul

      The god now return to the Real God..Rest in Power Diego..Thank You for the love,art,the history and the passion..Love from Malaysia.

    35. Fausto Rodriguez


    36. Gabriela Alexandra Ramos Martinez

      Fontanarrosa :i dont care what you did whith your live Diego i care what you did whith mine

    37. Ivan Dinesen jensen

      great words bro ,grettings from argentina

    38. TORK ALPHA

      Maradona a cheater

    39. Tarith Lawrence

      What a beautiful tribute to an amazing individual. A very very fitting tribute. I remember watching the final of Mexico 86 in Italy and he had something that transcended boundaries. He influenced me to learn and speak the Spanish language from being a child. He impacted people in the biggest and smallest of ways, but nevertheless he impacted on people. A true true great and I for one will miss him tremendously. His personality, his energy, his passion, his rage, and his love. An absolute tragedy to go so soon, but I think his work was done on this earth. I hope he now finds peace, and gets the help he needs in the arms of God, and I hope he lives every single day from now on as he did that day back in 86. And he died CLEAN!! That is a testament in itself!! Everyone is human and everyone makes mistakes. El pago un precio muy alto por todos sus errores, pero..al fin del dia...LA PELOTA NO SE MANCHA!! Y murio LIMPIO, y finalmente esta liberado de todas los adicciones. Estoy segura q va a dar dos dedos a la gente q le hacian mal, y la gentuza q siempre queria ver lo peor de el. Ahora es la hora pa recordar lo MEJOR. QEPD Diego ❤❤

    40. javier Carpinacci


    41. Blast Fromthepast

      2:32 "sepia-coloured"? Are you mental? That's from only 34 years ago, not 2 centuries ago!

    42. Octavio Caruso Guitarra


    43. elrevelde3

      mk-ultra, pobre

    44. Emanuele Sozzi

      "we should celebrate those moments of greatness that he alone gave us. A person from an impoverish - basically peasant background - attaining such heights through God-given talent, a talent that ultimately was too big for him to hold"

    45. Lorraine Gray

      There was Maradona and Georgie Best. The 2 best players to ever lace up a pair of boots.

    46. Joaquín

      There Maradona has it, he is scored by two, Maradona steps on the ball, the genius of world football starts from the right, leaves the third and goes to play for Burruchaga ... Always Maradona! Genius! Genius! Genius! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ... Goal ... Goal ... I want to cry! Good God, long live football! Golaaazooo! Diegoooool! Maradona! It is to cry, forgive me ... Maradona, in a memorable run, in the play of all time ... Cosmic kite ... What planet did you come from to leave so many English on the road, so that the country is a clenched fist screaming for Argentina

    47. Ret Lenz

      Great perspective. Great video!

    48. Gustavo A. Caceres

      Good summary of his life and what people feel about him.

    49. ELPLAK

      Very well expressed, an eloquent point of view that many of us agreed with, but no many can explain it that well. Thank you!.

    50. Martu Avalos

      Desde acá bs as Argentina... Gracias.. Para nosotros era mucho más q un jugador..

    51. Viejo Hombre Blanco

      Beautiful words, thanks for this

    52. Andy Loren

      Love this video ❤️❤️

    53. Alejandro Cirigliano

      Take a look to de que planeta viniste

    54. Nick Pendragon

      Same with George Best , maradonna said they were the same sort of player

    55. rublaj

      sorry, but the best fotballer of all time is Brazilian PELE - also a much better man.

    56. Carlos De Santis

      You ask why it matters: kgup.info/get/mIWlqZTDc6ifdqU/video So, a famous football comentator die and then Diego walks through the street to arrive to his funeral... There were conflictiv times, like allways, and in Argentina the economic troubles and crisis in the last 80s produce inflation, so unemployment, and cuts to the senior people, the old retired workers. Like everywhere. The well known comentator dies alone with no money because that... So Maradona tires to get there and in his way, people try to touch him like a god, and all this stuff, and some old people tell him to support seniors... But someone stole his hat... and a confusión appears. He tires to find the hat asking who stole to him, bit nothing happends... He is angry ( because allways people takes things from him, he allways males presents to everyone, but this time he was stolen. and that hat was a personal gift... So someone tells 'why are u get mad Maradona?? That s just a hat, make it for the seniors...' So he really get mad and punch with his head to that Man ( he realized that one was the thief ..). Later that, he told one of his mate: 'Coco, didn't you told me it was only 2 blocks..??? Told you we better arrive with car... Before that and interview explaining what happends, telling he is supporting to death to argentinian seniors, and finally arrives to the funeral. In just a few meters he fought for his personal hat, he fight por the limits le his public life, he fight with a no respect guy, literally, fight for seniors people, and fight for a forgotten one... That s why is important. Who didn t betray is not forgotten. RIP Diego.

    57. Luciano Gug

      Maradona was a great football player and thats it.

    58. Matias Hz

      Beautiful words. Cheers from Argentina!

    59. gatourmundialero

      This guy had and is having a consciousness awakening very good Russell

    60. donna shone

      Wow Russell, i am so thrilled I found your channel. You're like a balm to an anxious heart. Thank you. Merry Christmas, and let's make 2021 filled with so much love for our neighbors, the dickheads can't touch us!

    61. Griselda de Nerval

      Respect! You are are a wise man Russell! May the universe send infinite blessings to you

    62. AnneDreux

      Me gustaría que conocieras a Charly García antes de su muerte. Es otro de los gigantes que va a desgarrar el corazón de los argentinos cuando le llegue su hora. Es una de los grandes referentes del rock nacional argentino. Un genio.

    63. AnneDreux

      Diego fantaseaba con sus goles, que es básicamente lo que Freud dice que hace un creador literario, un poeta, para sublimar su producción artística

    64. Jorge DJ

      I just saw your video and the truth is exciting as you describe in words ... what Diego Maradona was ... I'm from Argentina ... and the truth is there is a love hate towards the English after the war we are not a warlike country we never were ... but Diego Maradona was a unique talent as Lennon said in an interview he was born out of nowhere to conquer the world ... Diego Armando Maradona the best player in history

    65. Rafael Pedroso

      Subtitulos por favor

    66. Maria Armas

      Just perfect!! Nothing else to add. Thank you From ARGENTINA

    67. Ale Pepe

      A good player, no more. Football Is only a game....he achieve nothing for human kind... He was bad to himself. Grown up people!!!!

    68. Edge

      He had the playing style of messi and zidane in him. But he was a warrior and leader and fearless on the pitch. He Used to get fouled 20 times a game. Carried Argentina and napoli on his back.came back from a broken ankle ankle and won the world cup while haveing addictions. That is not easy respect to the best ever to play the game.

    69. Juan Rosero

      Well put up thoughts about Diego, he in fact was not the saint that his football playing portrayed, but just another human being trying to get out of normalness and into greatness, and that's what people like me love about him. RIP Maradona.

    70. ninio rata

      love u 4ever Diego!

    71. Roberto Torres Guerra

      R.I.P Diego

    72. Erik Armando

      Una palabra: D10S Just one word: God

    73. Jimmy Page

      We love him for being a human who loved the poors before we loved him as a footballer Diego will be missed. Thanks Russel for the report from libya🖐️

    74. Bravo Johnny

      Dreams are unstoppable

    75. Bravo Johnny

      You can’t buy Diego

    76. Heimdall Lichtbringer

    77. loco pirata

      Russell, thank you very much for your words, it is true we have to remember the greats for their virtues, it has been a complicated year and this broke Argentina's heart, you know how fanatic we are of football, in this country we were born with football and we died with football, have a better year 2021 a hug.

    78. Lucia Estrada

      Oh hell nah

    79. Sol Seg

      Gracias por tus palabras Russell ❤ saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷🙏

    80. Mr. Carpincho

      Que mal, no sé Ingles 😢😢😢

    81. Willie Desmond

      Loved Maradona he was a pure legand

    82. Judith Cáceres

      Acá el comentario 🇦🇷 que estabas esperando

    83. CAFAYA1

      Very nice your comments ☺️ thank you ! 💙🇦🇷

    84. Chris Jenkins

      Boo hoo you little talker

    85. Dai Bauzá


    86. x_enomotoFigs

      Wow-beautiful words from an English man of the Genious of Maradona.

    87. Pao Cuenca

      Thank you in behalf of all Argentinians. He died alone, and calling his death parents... I think he found out at the very end what really matters, until was a bit late... He gave his life to fùtbol but was so lost at personal level. We will mourning him forever.

    88. Nicolas Gagliardi

      lo que lo hizo mas grande no solo fue su juego, sino que de la pobreza absoluta paso a ternerlo todo. Pero en ese pase nunca perdió la humildad, ni olvido sus orígenes, y siempre estuvo del lado de los mas necesitados. Regalo esperanza y eso es lo que nunca le van a perdonar.-

    89. Agustín Orquera

      thank for your speech tribute to Diego, Russell. Saludos desde Rosario, Argentina

    90. Pablo Alvarez

      Say no More!

    91. Guty


    92. Nico Daglio

      Man... Love the accent. It's sublime.

    93. TOOR

      You give an opinion from someone you clearly don't know. For something, he has accusations of pedophilia, mistreatment of women and links with corruption and drug trafficking. Honestly, what you want is likes and views ... Eat.

    94. MrChuchixxx

      I'm from Argentina and this is Diego, people from all over the world, from all walks of life, knew him. Thank you.

    95. Bob Bobbin

      Respecting and loving cheats has put this shithole of a world where it is ! Carry on lovey's 👍👌

    96. sebastian Leguizamon

      Maradona is GOD

    97. Ingrid Beatriz Arias Kropff

      este es el mejor comentario ever sobre Maradona .

    98. funnytop

      Lindas palabras para recordar al Diego, Gracias Russell

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