NightBite Walleye on NEW Baits - Wekusko Falls, Manitoba

Uncut Angling

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    Yes, I am STILL ice fishing, or at least I was last week when filming at this very cool destination - I will be back for a 30" Walleye clobbering - and have one more video from this trip that I'm now waiting until November to release.
    ►For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:
    ►Equipment used:
    Lure - Acme Hyper Rattle 1.5" -
    Lure- Jackall TN60 Disk Knocker -
    Main Line - 10# Power Pro Ice Tec -
    Leader Line - 12# Sunline Fluorocarbon -
    Reel - Shimano Stradic 1000 -
    Rod - 36" Medium Haat Rod -
    Rod - 13Fishing 42" Medium Widow Maker -
    Fishfinder - Garmin Panoptix Ice Bundle -
    Underwater Camera - Aqua Vu HD7i -
    Toboggan - Otter Medium Sled -
    Ice Auger - Strikemaster Honda Auger 10" -
    Main Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Crappy GoPro Knockoff:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
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    1. Clayton Schick Outdoors

      Beauty!!!! Am I talking about the beard or the show??

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        That beard is fucking horrible

      4. 3 Sticks Outdoors

        lol, looks like pubes. In all seriousness, great video! Love watching videos showcasing the Panoptix!

      5. yugioh boss1978

        Clayton Schick Outdoors both

    2. RC Cowboy

      Your always in the northern region

    3. Logan Becker

      dude im 11 and a 24 inch walleye is jiant and ur over there saying a 27 in walleye is decent i fish on lake kabatogama in Minnesota

    4. Chad Scheider

      I’m a big fan of in-depth outdoors

    5. Chad Scheider

      Love your ice fishing videos

    6. Logan Becker

      Go to lake kabatogama in Minnesota

    7. Playin' Hooky Sportfishing

      The hoosket at 10:47 is siiiiiick. Love it!

    8. Cody Luzaich

      I didn’t even know there was a town called Niagara Falls I only knew about the falls lol

    9. Gene M. Mallick

      Great video, very informative, ThankYou.

    10. Stephen Vanorsdale

      Only videos I can re-watch willingly!!!

    11. Dave Wylie

      Those Eyes are perfect specimens!! Definitely not hungry or sick in that lake!!

    12. caitlyn jenner

      its great that your mom let you ware her coat, enjoyed the show

    13. jason michaud

      What is the type of spot light you use? Thanks

    14. magic

      Thx for the pro videos. The other guys should study the way how u present. Hope seeing more of this. Thx

    15. Рыбалка с Пашком

      *Well done, I recently caught burbot on the donkey on the ocean, but I caught 3.5 kg of bream, who are interested in the video on the channel already, all are good*

    16. Tim K

      Manitoba has some excellent fishing......I'm from Ontario.....

    17. Tim K

      What a beautiful place...

    18. Tyler Jensen

      Anyone ever use these? Thinking about grabbing a pair for tip-ups.

    19. Tom Geihl

      What kind of spotlight is that?

    20. Margaret Van De Putte

      Good catch hoping to catch some walleye next year

    21. William Krejca

      Been there, done that! Only fished it during soft water time. Lots of big fish.

    22. The Blobfish

      Your mustache gives me anxiety

    23. clintboom66

      Since I'm an Uncut Angling addict I'm re-watching all of the videos and noticed on the second viewing the hometown hero Jason Mitchell photo. Pretty cool keep the videos coming!

    24. Osko Outdoors

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    26. Brayden Suess

      I have never seen this one before and I said it was 27 inches he says it is that awesome

    27. MN Angling

      Love it lol. Yes I am looking at old vids. ❤️

    28. King Croc

      you should go to the amazon or some shit man youre like the predator-fish whisperer

    29. NoOb_4502

      Damn if you didnt think there was falls there youd be pretty amazed by Niagara falls 💀💀

    30. David Richardson

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    31. twaldo100

      how did you get that sweeping camera shot around the 15:00 mark by yourself?!?

    32. Guy Serenko13

      love it!

    33. Josh Goes Fishing

      You got this Floridian's subscription. Awesome video all around; great shots of the falls and lures, useful information, and some great Walleye. I've yet to catch one, but it's on the bucket list. Nice job!

    34. Trucker ManJr

      I need to get fishing again..I am making my life too busy... I need to enjoy life.. not just watching vids...I love the videos. Excellent 👍👍 and a great host.. thanks for explaining the progress in detail.. I greatly appreciate it..

    35. mike Lazembie

      "Is there falls in Niagara Falls?" Ummmm yes yes there is.

    36. Eric Eller

      oof.nice walley

    37. Donald Scott Waller

      Great video. Thanks for posting it.

    38. shecter81

      Dude I grew up watching old school ESPN outdoors and debra Johansson up in Canada. I was glued to the tv while it was on!! Now that I'm older I put you in the same category as all the fisherman I've grown up watching that I seriously enjoy. You are the man!!!

    39. Dominic Brandt Outdoors

      What was with the exclamation point? Livewell?

    40. Jacob C.

      I need to find where you get those shades lol

    41. Mario M

      Nice catch ! Wowww,very nice walley that second one. May i know what exact real and rod you are using? I am having problem choosing the right gear ( rod and real) Thanks Mario,from Ont. Canada

    42. Jason R

      I'm a convicted felon in the United States of America. Can I travel to Canada to go fishing?

    43. heavyearly

      So Aaron,what has been your favourite snowmobile to date?

    44. Osama Binfaq’n

      You should really re-think your facial hair. Pretty sparse and weak. Hopefully it’s come in more in the last year.

    45. Amyas Elzen-Hoskyn

      When I watch these videos I think to myself, "this is the life that I want to live"

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        @Osko Outdoors like @bass king said...

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    46. Steven J Wesley

      What kind of flashlight down the hole is that? Just an ordinary flashlight? Always wanted to try night time ice fishing was thinking a flashlight would work

    47. K Vandy

      Sitting here in Tennessee where 1/2" ice is rare, wondering how in the heck do people go out on it and even more how in the heck do guys reach in ice cold water and fish for hours with no gloves on? Friggin awesome video...thumbs up.

    48. Ken Camp

      I love catching 30 + inch walleye here an West Michigan through the ice! There's nothing like it !! Fish on Brother!

    49. Jin Jin

      why does canada have the best fishing spots ? are those fish safe to eat ?

    50. Corndog Fishing

      Ice fishing videos are the best 👍

    51. Steve Guziejka

      Wait... you never heard of Niagara Falls? Or seen the falls? Some of the best fishing in the world is above and below Niagara Falls dude!!!

      1. Steve Guziejka

        Andrew S. Maybe!! Lol!!! I’m a newest fan. So I have only see Manitoba videos

      2. Andrew Shambrock

        Think it was a joke lol

    52. Mario Valente Yee

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    53. Star Gazer

      I can’t stand fishing so I sit at home and watch other people do it on KGup lol...

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      Falls?🤔 looks like a small rapid there bud 🤣

    55. Thankful Life

      Awesome video and hope to make it out to get in in the Manitoba Walleye this winter. You might be better gluing on a fake handlebar moustache haha

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      5:56 "oh he tried to eat it right when I was jerking it"

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    59. Tom Crawford

      What's so bad about shaving?

    60. Rensvind1

      Question: Dont your sonar suffer when you drag it up and put it beside the hole? Im led to belive that they dont do good while above water? Like they "overheat" or "burnout"? Not that it matters if you catch THAT fish!!! ;)

    61. Kyle Crans

      Love the videos, great ambassador for the sport. One quick note on fish care, a blanket or something similar to prevent the fish touching the ice drastically improves catch and release survival rates across all species. Any contact with the ice can be damaging.

    62. Anna Morgan

      Talking about the line what do I do with the fish just drops the fish starts talking about line again

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      Niagra Falls is a huge misnomer. There are casinos there though.

    67. Sanch Arino

      I live on the Niagara river. There most definitely is a falls.

    68. little b

      Ive found when site fishing on the ice that when you make the jig seem as though its hurt but also yet scared of the fish you are tying to catch. Fish love intimidation.

    69. Boaz Ooijman

      Are you sponsored by Shimano? It's my favorite brand :)

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      Subbed from southeast Michigan. Great video.

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    78. Imabadb You can't kill me

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