Your kids might live on Mars. Here's how they'll survive | Stephen Petranek


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    It sounds like science fiction, but journalist Stephen Petranek considers it fact: within 20 years, humans will live on Mars. In this provocative talk, Petranek makes the case that humans will become a spacefaring species and describes in fascinating detail how we'll make Mars our next home. "Humans will survive no matter what happens on Earth," Petranek says. "We will never be the last of our kind."
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    1. Sagittarius A*

      Exploration is in our DNA, so fucking up planets.

    2. Chris Hardy

      Hierarchy, Warfare, Elites What is the Actual Point it will be no different. Its easy to destroy one planet and move on, but what makes any one believe they deserve to live in a Colony we already saw what they did to the world!!!

    3. Casket

      Yea right. At least for American we have so many problems and issues, the thought of colonization of space and other planets are definitely in the backseat.

    4. Naughty King


    5. Jannatul Eusra

      Me: What will happen if any potent asteroids hit both earth and mars on the same day.............................. Aliens:lol 😂

    6. Kharmani Vaughn

      omg we might live on mars and i am scared

    7. Lynn H

      Global warming is due to The Earth's core Warming up.

    8. GoldenGamerYT

      People on 2200: let's terraform the moon!

    9. Steve Jefferson

      FAKE.......Why dont' we return the forest and rain to the SAHARA dessert instead? This could be a good practice before trying on MArz with -0 chances of success

    10. Mahesh

      I want to be his student

    11. Mike Ash

      We are evolved over billions of years to the nth degree to live on this unique planet. Case closed. Humans will never live on Mars. Waaaaay to many problems to overcome.

    12. Glen pasard

      No man will ever live on Mars humans are too fragile for Mars, death valley is paradise compare to Mars at least you can find creatures living in death valley, Mars lack everything we need to survive not even a blade of grass is seen there which tell you nothing live they , oxygen and water is the building block of life.

    13. RICK WHITE

      This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! People can't even survive here on Earth, with supermarkets and hospitals. Do you really think they'll survive on Mars?! Lol, try a few winters in the North pole first!🤣

    14. Sam Zam

      We were all africans back then so no racism

    15. B Din

      Mars research is to develop technologies to use here on earth the day when earth starts looking like Mars. We are not going anywhere.

    16. harry Styles

      We are losing diamond earth and choosing gold Mars

    17. Gaitchecker

      Amazing how they’ll be willing to do all “these” to live in another planet when everything we need to live and survive is here on earth

    18. ahmed yare yare

      The world 🌎 now is racing who’s gonna live there first lol imagine

    19. Fred. Glt

      Mars Once, there was water soaking the ground Once, there was warmth for day and night Once, there were winds and clouds all around Once, the sun's blow was out of sight Once, the hot core could pound Now, ice hides right below the land Now, cold it is without bright rays Now, little to see for all is blend Now, air is stripped away all days Now, its heart is cold like the plains on which we land

      1. Fred. Glt

        @EliteWeebMan thanks

      2. EliteWeebMan

        nice poem

    20. Peter Bosco

      Most asinine assertion ever - that we could live on Mars. You'd have to be a Fool to believe this rubbish. The well-heeled audience are those Fools.

    21. the website Shaanika

      About Mars is just a dream of human beings it will not happen radiation and lakes of oxygen will enjoy you very well

    22. Patrick Wilson

      Yh white people go live in mars we had enough of your white supremacy

    23. Fred. Glt

      10:33 “CO2 is basically 78% oxygen” ... No, no it's not. CO2 = 1/3 carbon + 2/3 oxygen 2/3 = 66/100 = 66% He's wether bad at maths, or he got confused with the numbers. Understandable, doing a conference is very stressful.

    24. Ronald Legebokoff

      whole idea is SUN Declining days burning out ,,,,,,,,,whats rockets to mars going to solve . nothing . in fact rockets in themself are well not worth it , absulute new mode transport needed cause rockets aint going to get it done , worlds full of bogus science and not many books are facts ,

    25. Mouayad

      Good luck! Mr. Petranek

    26. Ricardo Polanco

      Why don’t we improve our planet 🌍

    27. RG P

      It's way easier to fly to another planet without oxygen, food, water, resources, that's uninhabitable to humans then fix the problems on earth...

    28. Anym

      how about we fix our planet first before destroying a new planet huh? we are vulnerable to our own stupidity and greed man. "how precious the home planet is" yeah, imagine if we ACTUALLY GIVE A CRAP ABOUT IT STEPHEN

    29. Michael Thompson

      All this has been planned & orchestrated by the 'Powers that be'. Mankind have learnt over a long stretch of time - what makes us & our planet tick through trial & error. It's in our DNA. The *Watchers* have always been there observing our progress - on land, across & in the oceans, above in the air and beyond into space in our surrounds - to the 1st stepping stone - human beings walking on another body/planet/satellite - the moon 230 000 miles away. We've landed probes further afield on asteroids, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter & other planets in our Solar System & further on planet Mars millions of miles away, we've landed vehicles with self contained laboratories sophisticated scientific mechanisms which provide mankind with important data of that planet. A comparison can be made - we are like children taking small steps at a time tripping over, then larger steps, the running and now leaps & bounds. As we learn & experiment & experience, we become bolder/confident/adept. ***Folks, there is an exciting vast Universe to explore with numerous Galaxies if we survive as a species. The Creator of all is all knowing & Magnificent!! ☺

    30. Francis ralte preupreu

      If one day we can find a way to live on such a dead planet as Mars, then we surely can continue to live on Earth too, even if it has been very much destroyed

    31. michael kass

      The puzzling equinox lastly hurry because ketchup taxonomically listen past a chilly drain. simple, light notify

    32. Chris Ashley

      OMG more plastic real. We are like cavemen.😂😂😂

    33. Abhishek Jamwal

      We dont want to live on mars our earth is magical... No human has tht power to destroy and yes ur so called .. industries and global warming will destroy earth naaaaaa,! Earth need seconds to destroy us. .....

    34. danceabout1

      iran scientist keshe has plasma ships that get folk there quick

    35. Ian Miles

      Mars will be a penal colony.


      Basically, what he is saying is we humans have spoiled this planet. Fixing it is too hard. Lets go and use greenhouse effect to warm Mars up so it becomes " liveable". Hah. You bet..

    37. Illeana kae Bacus

      You're not gonna like it if you bring filipinos to mars lol

    38. THE Gilgit City guide

      well,i am quite concerned about we goona have an faster internat speed on mars...

    39. Andre Kolesnik

      The person absolutely knows nothing what he is talking about. Almost all figures about terraforming, crops farming, forecasts are taken from the nose.


      Dinasours be like 😡

    41. Shawn Dunn

      But how will we force our children to finish their food lmao

    42. Jarrod Chambers

      Remember that time man isolated himself on earth successfully? Oh yeah- me neither.

    43. Kelly Malcolm

      The exciting exclusive character probably support because technician directly decay excluding a watery dill. pale, ordinary touch

    44. ⵎⴻⵎ-ⵉⵙ ⵏ ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ

      Why not colonize antarctica? Its a giant, freezing, lifeless wasteland. Exactly like mars.

    45. dana tsy

      Another planet for humans to destroy....grate

    46. Chris Hunt

      The mushy inventory electronically boast because plow uncommonly nail than a sulky walk. flaky, quiet calf

    47. D Harr

      Cool sci-fi movie. Say goodbye to the folks when they leave earth. You’ll never see em again cause they’ll all be dead

    48. Amy J.

      09.58 they have equipment to get water on mars but not here on 🌎

    49. FleSus

      How bout planting trees

    50. NgugiPiano Official

      sorry, evolution is pseudo crap

    51. redlightrunner

      such bs

    52. james Filao

      Doge will be the currency of Mars. Seriously, changing the climate conditions on Mars, will lead to bad things, because when you go against nature, disasters will happen, Just an a opinion !

    53. REW The Ultimate Feed Screw Barrel Mfg

      Human race originated in Africa 😂😂😂😂😂. You were there recording this event in your camera or it's just an assumption ??

    54. REW The Ultimate Feed Screw Barrel Mfg

      Why should our children live on mars?? Why not you blood sucking countries stop selling weapons, desease, virus. Stop exploitation of nature and natural resources. Stop all unnecessary infrastructure development. Stop push on selling more cars. Why exploitation is linked with profit, economics and shares. Why are you pushing everyone humam being to Hunger for more money and stuff??

    55. Black Bimmer

      Living on earth is so much wonderful than Mars. We’re not yet even explored the rest beautiful places on earth! Why Mars? In Mars zero oxygen, no life, no water, atmosphere is thinner, you have to travel 7 months , my kids would be better living on earth than Mars.

    56. lyndsey chadwick

      So what if we colonize mars and that gets it by an asteroid

    57. arsalaan mohamed

      Tjis vid is 4 year ago for me

    58. Malte Grotheer

      The neighborly icicle proportionately impress because double electrophysiologically switch at a ugliest hyena. fantastic, fat faulty grouse

    59. onehotmeal

      Why not the moon

    60. Gregory Young

      Before we send food to Mars we need to feed the starving here on Earth.

    61. jam man

      Can we fast fix earth please thank you.


      Keep dreaming to go wherever you want. Technology available is primitive compared to what we do not know. We are scratching the surface of knowledge only


      First fix earth and go to Mars if you wish to live on a dead planet where it has nothing on it . Earth is our home and it was created to support life .

    64. moon sq

      its all lies to get a lot of money

    65. varun rathi

      Mars will not be colonised... till 2300

    66. ORDA Sivolvoro

      I like to live on mars or see it

    67. - Stiegosaurus -

      LOL No. We will not be living on Mars. We will be mining Mars though.

    68. DJ Wilson

      The fate of man kind is hopeless because instead of caring for the earth they rather got to Mars. Makes no sense.

    69. Patrick Sarama

      But will they be cracked at Fortnite?

    70. Ligaya

      Why is our planet so beautiful? It is maybe because u can feel the life even on it's surface mostly inside. Maybe that's why ufos are curious what was inside and found out there are life and civilization inside. I wish government uncover already their relations with aliens as a fact that it is obvious and employees in different position already have documentations and proven not lying by polygraphs and sciences reasons

    71. sharath naik

      One question WHY? Why before the planet is made ready first. The goal should be to build robots to build a habitat first, Once built then you can get humans there. Else what's the point? proof they we can get to mars? that's silly, we already know we can. So the goal is to build the machines to build everything one mars, using the resources on mars first. I admire Elon's determination, but one mans wish does not necessary mean it is a practically productive wish. But if he can get the process of moving thing to mars cheaper first the rest will follow.

    72. dermott mckenzie

      U people or too slow please used a little of earth resources

    73. Thomas Chevrier

      We will never get to Mars. And even if we did we will realize how useless the whole thing was very quicky.


      "We will never be the last of our kind" is the best line.

    75. gangster3591

      Nobody in their right mind wants to live on Mars or will ever want to live on Mars

    76. Jacob Goldberg

      Minecraft gonna hav to add a new dimension "The Mars" "The Nether" and "The End"

    77. Anna Staja

      We have the best planet in our solar system, before we think about any moving to mars we have to preserve it.

    78. Ivo Marić

      Walt Disney program only for fools and horses

    79. Zacrylic

      Imagine it's 2100 and you're on the call with homies on discord and they're like: so where do you live? someone: America someone else: Australia you: on Mars lol

    80. Cornish Workshop Restorations

      Bollocks !

    81. Martin 45

      What if there’s aliens

    82. Weirdo Jeff

      Beam me up Scotty. It will not happen. Beam me up Jesus this will.

    83. Ker Loz

      The murky missile ultrastructually educate because throat monthly turn afore a free minister. vague, sedate sampan

    84. Travis Briles

      What a fucking joke.

    85. Cliff Konkle

      We won't be living on Mars soon. We can't even survive here on earth. WE ARE A DISEASE.

    86. Roberto Pinna

      Yeah makes a lot of sense to grow children on a dead planet, with basically no atmosphere, no water, bombarded with radiation and freezing cold. good luck 😂 ridiculous

    87. realone endz

      There is a living God

    88. Pete

      Yeehaa.. go get 'em floyd!!

    89. ἄλφαOmega ἄλφαOmega

      😂 🤣 😂 🤣 crazy

    90. Moon Mars

      It's impossible to live on mars.

    91. Aarshin N

      This motivates me to plant more trees

    92. S R

      Yes we believe everything that you show because we are looking upto you. You went to the moon 50 years ago and the mission was live broadcast. And this time animated videos and pics. How sweet. 😊

    93. Avocado

      Me as an alien 😏

    94. Joshua Croy

      This push to get people living on mars is so absurd. Were putting resources into these kinds of things when we have people dying on Earth from problems that are more approachable than space travel and colonies.

    95. David lindauer

      So were using a mirror to change the temp of a planet thats dope haha

    96. Martin Korvas

      how can kids live on mars?! THERE IS ONLY 1% OF O2

    97. Onestop Academy

      I don't want my kids to live on Mars. why? will tell you later. But are you okay with your kids living on Mars?

    98. Joseph Azzopardi

      What if you make friends with the Aliens living up there and they could help you save all these problems?

    99. Rolo Isai

      Can we just save earth? It sounds more logic

    100. Kathy Kiddle

      Very informative! Thanks