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    Going for the World RECORD! One of the most prestigious RECORDS in FISHING is what we are after today. We assembled the A Team and we are prepared for this MOMENT in HISTORY.
    Location: Islamorada, Florida
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    World Record Sailfish Catch Florida Keys
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hey y’all do me a huge solid and share this video a bunch..I wanna get these boys the views they deserve..🤙🏻

      1. Chad Hensley


      2. Dalton Talbot

        Epic scott keep it up! 👍

    2. jmvmike

      The guys that gave this video a 👎🏻 are butt hurt because they didn’t get to go.

    3. Steven Mcgehee

      Scott you need a salt water fishing show!!!

    4. Hookin’ Hogs With Henry

      What sized ol’ salty reel were you using Scott?

    5. The Bali Unicorn

      (Roland is the best fisherman out there) Scott: hold my bass

    6. Rick Lovall

      That boat got a workout! I'm impressed with the driver keeping y'all on em and positioned correctly. Great job to all!

    7. Kevin Caldwell

      Great job guys woo-hoo.

    8. Jesse Bonilla

      Bad ass video!!!

    9. Lourens Louwies

      That was fun to watch . Great interaction with the kid . He will never forget this day . You mnr Martin ....You're a true ambassador for this.... sport

    10. jerry Cole

      Scott let the record bears go there own way please treat these fish with respect keep with conservation thak you

    11. Robert-T-Stud

      What would you guys recommend for extreme motion sickness prone people like me that love to fish?

    12. Adam Halstead

      Is brandon still around? I hope so.

    13. Capt. Zach Truong

      Dick Jagger always bringing the heat

    14. Brock Johnson

      Catching up Scott, man your videos have stepped it up last couple months man! ESPN ain’t got bleeeeeep! Godbless man

    15. Cole Gerz

      I’m not sure what the barracuda record is in the keys but when I was down in February we caught 105 in one day! Good stuff Scott love the videos 👍🏻

    16. wilderness hiking and fishing

      You guys must be wizards because that was some migical s**t!!

    17. Nicholas F.

      It's great to chase em down because it keeps em Green and gives them a good chance of survival!

    18. Taylor Harris

      Sorry but that background beat was freakin annoying, too harsh to listen to for that long

    19. Stickbo

      Dude that boat is amazing. Of course congrats on the so many sails lol, nutty

    20. robert richardson

      Scott's out here making it look easy 😎. the only I caught when I went to Florida was about a two and a half foot alligator on a top water frog 😂😂

    21. Robert Brown

      Great result. I'd have liked to know bit more about conditions on the day, tactics, baits, etc.

    22. Rowdy Broomstick

      Just recently watched a you tube channel about a place called haulover inlet and seen quite a few Freeman 42's coming through the narrows where the channel gets pinched and the waves get huge and gotta say that boat can seriously handle some crazy waves at near wide open speed!

    23. M.E. Smith

      It must be nice to fish for a living to the point you can buy a Million dollar boat inclusive of the Evinrudes. Happy for you!

    24. Sulaiman Alsaibani

      What is the brand of the fishing rod used in the video?

    25. AL B

      Freaking Epic

    26. dadsduce

      What is wrong with this picture you are out fishing in a 40 footer and your pops is out crushing the bass in his trusty old canoe?

    27. Livonia Outlaws

      Catching one would be a dream for me

    28. eFISHent


    29. Crankin’ With Carter

      Flipping and pitching for sailfish

    30. Jett Durham

      Amazing content

    31. Chase Vestal

      Big 🐠

    32. Forrest 850

      Who made that song for the end, you can tell he's a white boy and that song is trash LOL. Cool ass video though, that was awesome

    33. Sothernbass08

      Hey Scott you inspired me to want to go pro some day

    34. Laoboy 1

      What rod and reel setup was y’all using ? Great job on the video and fishing! 👍🏼

    35. Trevor Whitman

      You didn't break the record the guy who set the record was by his self and caught 84

      1. Philip Kennedy

        Actually, if you paid attention to what was said in the beginning of the video you would know what record they broke. Scott corrected his self and said they were going after the Florida keys record of 70. Which they did break with 76. He also brought up the 84 record, but said they were after the keys record

      2. Trevor Whitman

        @Nicholas F. he didn't break the record is my point it's a lot of sailfish but he didn't break it

      3. Nicholas F.

        Record is BOAT RECORD! 84 IS STATE

    36. Dirty Grey Fishing Team

      This was absolutely nuts and loved every second of it. Super FREAKIN jelly..that outro song tho🤟😂

    37. CrispyChris

      Are those g2s as quiet as they are said to be? I have a 1st gen etec and it’s not as loud as other 2 strokes but it’s loud enough. The four strokes are nice because they are quiet but the maintenance is more. The evinrudes, just add oil and so little maintenance it’s nice

    38. Chloe Gervais

      Gloating and grandeur.. pure sportys

    39. peterk814

      As far as records go this is the dumbest. Also it’s not even a real record.

    40. Shawn Ward

      That’s awesome guys, congratulations!!!

    41. justin ferrill

      🎣🍺 congrats!! 🎉 That was epic

    42. way 20k

      I just lost a 12lb bass while fixing to lip it

    43. way 20k

      I saw this on your insta

    44. Ericka Daniels

      Have you used Favorite's Ol Salty yet? If so, how'd it do?

      1. Scott Martin

        Lol..I was like 🤷🏻‍♂️

      2. Ericka Daniels

        I should have been a bit more patient.....awesome! gonna be my next purchase from Favorite! I love their products!!!

    45. RichiEtheGREAT127

      Awesome video guys. I wouod love to just catch one!

    46. Jcanady33

      Awesome! Congrats!

    47. jasontheryan

      This is what "ballin'" looks like. Nice job fellas.

    48. FishingT.V


    49. Murky Water Central

      Awesome stuff!! Congradulations


      That was awesome thanks for the great video and congratulations on breaking the record.

    51. Hunter Pearson

      It’s like crappie fishing for sailfish or something 😯 insane!

    52. Jerome Torrez

      That was sic great job wow

    53. Thomas Gansen

      You smashed it... Great job.. 👍👍

    54. codfishing180

      Congrats awesome job guys, I have only fish in salt water 2 times in my life Scott dude that look like a lot of fun. I will share it out for you to Scott, it suck big time for me here in Victoria Australia we can not hunt or fish. It's been 40 days I have not fished I'm having a hard time with it all. My PTSD and all my mental heath is not good at the moment, fishing was every thing to me!! And not fishing is so hard for me, I know they is people worst off then me. But I love fishing so much that's all I have in my life I know it' sounds dumb. But thank you so much for sharing this video with us Scott I hope you see this to it would make my year thanks again Scott.

    55. Randy Moss

      Been binge watching videos made me buy $600 worth of bass gear and I dont even bass fish

      1. Adam Halstead

        Now's the perfect Time to begin your adventures in bass fishing then right?

    56. Rick Walter

      Epic day epic video McCoy doing awesome work keep it up

    57. yankeesfan1964

      That was awesome congratulations Mr.Martin

    58. AFCOP13

      Man oh man that’s a nice rental. I haven’t been to the keys since before I joined the military back in the 90’s. I’d love to visit again. The furthest south I’ve been in the last few years is good ol Clewiston. I’m ready for that again, especially a night with the wife at the Tiki! Be safe everyone.

    59. Dbars19

      Where is the SMC boat rap for the freeman?

    60. Dbars19

      does the charter money even enough to make the monthly payment on that bad boy lol ;p

    61. Braden 17Remington

      Man I can only dream of catching one 😂

    62. Brogan Hollinger

      Congratulations on the record and the offer stands I will take you and daughter fishing in Venice Florida

      1. Scott Martin


    63. Micah Hobensack

      You need another KGup channel now. One for just saltwater fishing. I'd rather watch bass fishing videos, just saying.

    64. George Methot


    65. Zac Pearson

      Are you going around with the boat for content while the captains for the charter refine the water around the area? Either way sick vid🤙

    66. dwayne morrow

      Congratulations, hell of a job guys!

    67. Jesse Harris

      I have never seen fishing like that! Way to go guys!

    68. Bass4Ever

      Congrats ya all. That was awesome. You are a Legend Scott.

    69. john conley

      Congrats guys,that should hold for a while.

    70. Whereiskortor3

      This is the best fishing channel hands down. I’ve always loved Roland Martin as a kid now, I’m always waiting for Scott to release another video. He actually is usually fishing on his channel which is what I like, none of that Flair farming crap and LunkersTV bragging about all the new crap he’s buying. Great video as always Scott.

    71. Josh Holden

      Why did you always snap the line and leave the hook in.

    72. Fishing_Chaos

      Fishing Chaos at its finest!

    73. Guitar Girl

      I love your videos I'm a big fan. And Hilary inspires me so much because I'm a girl that loves to fish bout the same age(13) as her and I get made fun of for fishing so thank you guys!

    74. Jim Snyder

      OMG! That was totally wicked!

    75. LB7 Wade

      I shared 9 times!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank LB7 Wade!! 😎

    76. LB7 Wade

      Congratulations!! What a day!! Hillary needs to be in a world record battle!!

    77. Mark Fulwood

      Awesome video! Sayin' the Smack Down! Bam!!

    78. Derwin Gordon

      good job guys

    79. Aaron Daniel

      this is the best vid yet, great footage boys

    80. Lee Ashworth


    81. Rad Reeling Fishing

      Wow 21 minutes of chaotic action. Those things look so fast, NICE!

    82. Coleman Henke

      You make great videos and this one was great, but can you do more bass videos?

      1. Scott Martin

        Soon very soon

    83. Logan Keith

      Have you ever fished any lakes in PA

    84. Stanley Shelby

      Congrats Scott and the A-Team...kinda like organized chaos there at times.

    85. David Evans

      I’ve haven’t been fishing in FL yet but can’t wait to! Is it common practice to purposely break off? I know the hooks don’t hurt the fish but just wondering for the nay sayers.

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s the way to do the sails for sure

    86. Dave Rasnake

      What a video that was incredible. So happy for all Y'all. The sailfish action was intense. 76 Thumbs up.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!

    87. dillon hocutt

      That was Bad Ass. Dreams do come true!!! 💪💪💪

    88. Adam Smith

      Unbelievable !!! Sickest fishing vid ever. 76 sails. Whaaaat ??? Thanks Scott !!!

      1. Scott Martin


    89. Bass fishing NYC

      Bass !! Plz

      1. Scott Martin


    90. Peter Savarino


    91. Smoke Fumar

      The tip of your favorite rod was doing break dancing bro!!! Loved this!!!

      1. Scott Martin


    92. Steven Rochon

      Congratulations BROTHER on the new RECORD 👊👊👊

    93. Double Down Fishing

      Editing is 🔥🔥🔥

    94. Smoke Fumar

      Love that hat Scott!!!

    95. Linda Smith


    96. Smoke Fumar

      This is your Freeman though correct?? Why don’t you get your captains?

      1. Scott Martin


      2. Smoke Fumar

        Scott Martin Man, I have to get some of my veteran guys together and book us a trip!!! If not I will and get work fellas to go!!! Been a dream and finally now stable to be able to afford it!

      3. Scott Martin

        I have it

    97. walldog

      Great job Captains of the KEYS,Ouestion how does the record get posted or recorded and by what sanction????

    98. Alex C.

      Whadddup big worm

    99. Josh Edwards

      Great day on the water craziness on the water.

    100. Mike N

      Wow that's crazy! Loving the salt water vids man.