Station Tour: Harmony, Tranquility, Unity

NASA Johnson

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    Expedition 33 Commander Suni Williams starts off her tour of the International Space Station with a look at its nodes -- Harmony, Tranquility and Unity -- which include the crew's sleeping quarters and hygiene station.
    Destiny, Columbus, Kibo:
    Cupola and Leonardo:
    Zarya and Zvezda:

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    1. Ariel Golane

      What if she dies

    2. Eastern YellowJacket

      The ISS definitely needs to have a bathroom remodel.

    3. i am flat earther

      Green screen and hair spray lol

    4. Mariam Al Dhaheri


    5. nhà xưởng chống nóng


    6. New 2016

      My 7 year old daughter asked me about astronauts' life in space when we both discover everything they do there, we were shocked. But her reply was: I just wanna go there to drink water bubbles and eat cereal. 😁❤

    7. Be YouShar

      It attracts me from study

    8. Jane Dughatir

      Astronaut needs to eat more... oh yuck the toothpaste swallowing

    9. Jane Dughatir

      Why is ur channel called Nasa Johnson? Just curious

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    11. Ali Murtaza

      How they do SEX here ....? Infact they are just flying??? 😝

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    13. Riding with Brad

      Question is do you guys see 🛸

    14. Nithish Kumar

      If......S......T......S......... If.....N.....

    15. BayuThuBay*BSS*?

      Wow 👏🤭👏👍 good luck 👏

    16. S Graphics 2

      When IAM kid I want to become astranout But it only dream that not complete 😭😭

    17. leejongssi

      How she can breath??? 😳😳😳

    18. Jonathan Smith

      you mean you sleep in a square... dumbass

    19. Karin Audiyah

      Saya menyadari bahwa hidup dibumi itu nyata(I realised that living on the earth is a real solid privilege)

    20. Dewi Sri

      assalamualaikum , saya mengamati bahwa benda benda disekitar divideo itu tampak tidak mengalami gravitasi karena kontribusi gaya sentrifugal orbit terhadap gaya gravitasi bumi.

    21. BALL ZZ

      where we usually see astronauts hovering, that's actually gravity. They appear as if they are not experiencing gravity because of the contribution of the centrifugal force due to the orbit against the gravitational force of the earth.

    22. Muhammad Rafif

      where we usually see astronauts hovering, that's actually gravity. They appear as if they are not experiencing gravity because of the contribution of the centrifugal force due to the orbit against the gravitational force of the earth.

    23. Donald _trump

      it was extraordinary

    24. Vilas shimpi


    25. Bigwolf Flowerthesun

      you need wifi to do a video i think

    26. Don-Noppadon


    27. hakan kaba

      En çok merak ettiğim nasıl sıçıyorsunuz umarım bir sonraki videoda gösterirsiniz

    28. Helena Brajdic

      im wondering do they have an doctor with them or what if some of them get sick or idk get panic attack or anything.. how they get rid of it

    29. CamJuice Kissy

      why the rattling??

    30. Teja india

      I love space 😍 any job r there

    31. Nss Mss

      i always wanted to be able to float,fly or watever but i appretiate gravity a lot more now

    32. abd alsha

      Do I breathe

    33. Zebina & Madison Tv

      People who wants to go there but to scared to 👇

    34. Zebina & Madison Tv

      That is where you can fly like a bird,you don't have to go to the swimming pool to do that position 🤣👌

    35. Lecelle Villanueva

      How to cleen your tooth brush do all of you use the same tooth brush?

    36. Densi Pro

      But how do poo

    37. Nathalie Valenzuela


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    39. Laís Pinheiro

      I LOVE YOU NASA 🚀🚀🚀

    40. MCHamii

      Love my gravity.

    41. Epco Raw

      how did the took the pic at the beginning?

    42. marcel jimenez ramirez

      Se ve muy real su cabello esponjado, es lo que más convence 🤣

    43. Yeet Meister

      Can the computer run Minecraft?

    44. Tomasz Cisoń


    45. Tomasz Cisoń

      This video wow 🔝 💯 🎵 🚀🛰️👩‍💻👨‍💻👩‍🚀👨‍🚀👍🏼👏🏽❤️☺️

    46. Suhail Khan


    47. 「Yᴀsᴀsʜɪーネコ」

      Ik it's kinda stupid But is really there any wifi or internet in space?

    48. Somthinwrong

      Hnnng I can feel all the blood rushing to your head without gravity... or my vertigo activating..

    49. James Snod

      Wow so good meeting *Starvendor* on Telegram I go my paypal and caahapp transfer flip from him with a very high balance thanks so much man you're legit man


      3:34 ooooo where did that another water ball went which is at left upper corner!!! Haha

    51. Nomaan Khan

      8:02 : sunita is a beef eater !

    52. ziqian

      i literally have to turn my phone 360°

    53. Roblox 123

      uuh what talking abond the space ur has hair fly and the water is to loooks like bubbles

    54. Sgt.Monkol Photakul

      Hi ทอม ทอม รูปมึงนะ ฉันโหลดเก็บไว้ตลอดเวลาเลย ปีนี้ปีที่ 8 เอาติดตัวไปด้วยนะ ไม่ต้องกลัวผีหรือวิณญาญเลย ป้องกันได้ว๊ะ จุ๊บ จุ๊บ Hi

    55. Sandra Ventura

      Thanks for showing us how is live there. Amazing

    56. Sandra Ventura

      Thanks God for his creation and his love in caring for us

    57. Sandra Ventura

      There’s no place like our planet, we have to learn how to treat it well to be preserved

    58. NU formationin reenigne yad

      in old time near babar time i lived in the danger place becoz one old man had ride to horse then he said my malek is very dangerous becoz his mouth is big and open two direction then i had run to hill outside in the ground then one old lady was sading weeping

    59. dale r

      I freak out when someone uses the next stall. I couldn't do this.

    60. Cameron Stennett

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    61. Rashida badri

      I really want to go to space right now

    62. Cricket diaries

      Aesa lag raha hai sea ke andar saaf saaf dekh raha hu

    63. Debendu Ghose

      You are Sunita Williams.Your space station is amazing.

    64. Prince KUSHWAHA

      Kalpana Chavala & Sunita Williams 🙏🙏🙏✔️🙏🙏🙏

    65. Adam Adoom

      I’m wondering how they take a shower when the water flys like that

      1. Stacey O'Brien

        They cant

      2. Deadly Desai

        There's no dust in station, moreover you don't sweat either...

    66. It's me Peekaboo

      This is so confusing

    67. Olipp ia

      Darah rendah aku menangis melihat ini 🙂💔

    68. rajesh patil

      राष्ट्रीभाषा मराठीत बोला.

    69. Gaming Zone

      Sunita williams is a great astronaut India zindabaad

    70. Biswajit Barai

      Very nice❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏

    71. Aurora Desire

      Her hair be like: 👹👹👹

    72. Elaine Araujo

      Aren't you on the moon?

    73. George Garcia

      are you realy in space?

    74. William Smith

      Such a smart lady she swallows toothpaste!

    75. William Smith

      How do you people believe this garbage?? 23 billion a year

      1. Sebastian Nolte

        Well, every sane person believes this. It is very stupid to think it is fake, because it would not make any sense. Because it is easier to actually do it instead of fake it.

    76. Mr. V

      I Want to go to space!!!

    77. Shah Fahad Khan


    78. Eleanor Scipio

      This video feels like I'm in space but I never saw space before but I was taking pictures last night of space I think I saw asteroid

    79. TürkTroller _LP

      Is fake

      1. Doggo Doggo

        no, you're fake

    80. mysterious shadow

      They are upside down and not in the same time

    81. Igor Kurzawski

      You re King of the poo

    82. • Kxminxru •

      I was quite concerned about how to use the bathroom in space, but now I'm relieved that it's not that bad

    83. Abdouallah Universe

      But what are yoy doing up there exactelly? Attempting to know what the sky is mad of, what is important that cant be experimemted on ground lap, and can be experimented only on space amd it is really beneficiant to human?

      1. ann onn

        Looking at the weather on Earth, and the polution, and the ice-caps. Trying to grow plants, to see what crops will work. Testing robotic arms, spacesuits, materials, and other technologies which will get us to Mars. Monitoring hundreds of science experiments - calibrating and adjusting them, recording data, analysing results. Doing 2.5 hours of exercise every day, and recording thier biological data. Fixing and upgrading the equipment. And then there's the routine work - like putting out trash, making beds, cooking, washing up, cleaning... all of which is much more complicated in space. The most important experiments which cannot be done on the ground are all about learning how to live in space. So we can explore further - going back to the Moon, then going to Mars and beyond. The benefit to humans is, that'll make us a multiplanet society. That will be the biggest change to humanity since we stopped being hunter-gatherers, a hundred thousand years ago. Along the way, there are lots of benefits that have come from space exploration - like, for example, the internet that you are using right now. NASA invented camera phones, and laptops, and lots of other things you use every day. Freeze-dried food, space blankets, smoke detectors, artificial limbs, fire-proof clothing, hearing aids, and many, many more things.

    84. Priyankesh sinha

    85. गाउ बेसि


    86. Melissa Perez

      Thaers a port

    87. Melissa Perez

      I do not want to sleep in space

    88. Mohammed Abubakar

      No use of brushing teeth in space 🤷‍♂️

    89. Sgt.Monkol Photakul

      ภาพใหม่ ทอม มีที่นอนแล้ว 24/02/2021😁🙋 มันมีที่นอน2คนไม่ได้งัย เห็นพี่ใหญ่ พี่รอง issให้ดูนะ นอนได้คนเดียวเหมือนกันนะ ทอม นอนคนเดี๋ยว นอน2คนไม่ได้งัย😁 ฉันนะ นอนคนเดียวไม่ได้หลอกต้องนอน2คน ฉันกลัวผีหรือวิญญาณนะ




      You cannot speak hindi

    92. DINKI


    93. Radhika Kanoujiya

      Isnt it is harmful to swallow toothpaste

      1. ann onn

        No. It'd be pretty stupid if toothpaste was toxic, wouldn't it? Some toothpaste contains fluorine, which could cause problms if you have too much. But you'd have to eat more than a tubefull. A regular pea-sized blob is never an issue, especially in adults. Young children are more delicate, so they are told not to swallow. But unless they are eating the whole tube, it's extremely unlikely to cause problems.

    94. Sneha Tandel

      I hate how the guy is pissed whilr saying u knw its u atleast respect this man for his work 🥺

    95. carmen bermeo

      whaaaaaat i want to do this

    96. Rachael Wooldridge

      i sleep out of the shuteel cause gangsta :p

    97. Horacio Cancinos

      ai es peligroso el agua y ella dejo ir una gotas.... mas faso todo el video

    98. amandeep singh

      I know I'm pretty late to tell her that she lost a drop of water at 3:36 left

      1. ann onn

        That's OK. It'll end up being sucked in by their air-conditioning system, and get recycled. The same for their sweat, and everything else.

    99. Chesta Siddhu

      Where you kept your water