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    In Mark’s third comedy hour he covers it all: Drinking, anxiety, gays, naughty words, trans, race & the ladies. I don’t know if he’s right about any of it but he is completely out to lunch.
    Mark has plenty of other stuff on the KGups, feel free to take a deep dive on his kooky content.
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    His podcast: Tuesdays with Stories
    Twitter: @marknorm
    instagram: @marknormand
    Venmo: @mark-Normand
    Mark Normand Full Special Don't Be Yourself
    Praise Allah
    Mark Normand is a fun-loving, New York comedian. Ok, I’m gonna brag a little here but hey, you’re on the site so that must mean you’re somewhat interested. I don’t know, I’ve just seen other comics do this. Ah screw you, I’m proud of these credits! Sorry, I got worked up there. (I just wanna be liked)
    So far, Mark has done a One-Hour Comedy Central special “Don’t Be Yourself”, a Comedy Central HALF HOUR special, has appeared on TBS’s CONAN 6 times, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Showtime’s “Live at SXSW”, INSIDE AMY SCHUMER, TruTv, Best Week Ever, MTv, Last Comic Standing, @Midnight and released an album with Comedy Central records titled “Still Got It” (it’s not bad). This year, Mark took first place at the Great American Comedy Festival competition. In 2013 won Caroline’s March Madness competition, beating out 63 other comedians. And this is a real shocker for all of us, but he was also voted Village Voice’s “Best Comedian of 2013”, I know, right? In 2012, Mark appeared on “John Oliver’s New York Standup Show” on Comedy Central, and in 2011 was picked as one of Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch.”
    Mark was born and raised in New Orleans, LA surprisingly to two normal parents. As a kid he spent most of his time shooting short films and wetting the bed. He started doing comedy right after college and quickly moved to New York. Mark now does comedy clubs and colleges across the country and has been involved in many festivals including Portland, Seattle, DC, Boston, Vancouver, Melbourne and in 2013 was featured as a New Face at the Montreal Comedy Festival.
    More annoying accolades that no one really cares about: Mark was named one of Comedy Central’s Comics To Watch for the 2011 New York Comedy Festival. Mark was also named Esquire’s “Best New Comedians 2012”, Splitsider’s “Top 10 Up and Coming Comedians on Each Coast”, and Time Out New York’s “21 New York Comedy Scene Linchpins”. Whew, sorry about all that.

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    1. raw backwards

      i clicked this to just check it out because i’ve never heard of him, next thing i know i’m 49 minutes in lmfao

    2. Jaya Peou

      One of my favorite comic!!

    3. loawtf

      I understand the ads completely, well-deserved for monetary purposes...get that paper. but is there a way to get a copy of this without the ads? dvd, digital download? this is one of my favorite albums, ever. going back to bill hicks, carlin, pryor.... I know those are huge names, but what made them so amazing was their dedication to their craft. that's what Mark here has done...shown a level of devotion and uniqueness towards the english language and train of thought that puts him up there with the few and far between. thank you for this Mark Normand!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Sold Out Copy

      Love Mark Normand. Amazing comedian!

    5. Don sprash

      This is best comedy i ever watched

    6. Creepy Chris


    7. lunar Jedi

      lame croud

    8. marlymarz

      Tyso brought me here 👌🏾 hilarious 😂

    9. Boi Nhi


    10. rascal1717

      Listening to stand up comedy usually helps me sleep, but I couldn’t stop laughing with this one.

    11. Paul Palmer

      So funny, no dead air.. pro comedy. If you're offended that's on you 😘

    12. Daryl Christie

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 amazing

    13. Mario’s Actual Father

      One of the first jokes Tiny Asian lady with a surgical mask.

    14. abdulla hussien

      This man is very good at his craft who put a I lot of thinking into his jokes that makes you really laugh!!!

    15. Michael Chevrette

      a qweef in the night made me cum heer!

    16. Juan Ignacio Caino

      You're the updated Norm MacDonald. (That's a praise, or intended as one).

    17. Charismatic Nerd

      This is phenomenal

    18. Augusto de Oliveira

      loved the show, Mark Normand is so funny

    19. Jason Steve

      On this week's Bill Bert Podcast, journalist Tim Livingston of the 'Whistleblower' talks about referee's gambling in the NBA. @Bill Burr @Bert Kreischer @All Things Comedy

    20. randy brandon

      Learn how to wipe your own ass

    21. Bu Than

      Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.

    22. Vannarsdall Scale

      This was hands-down one of the BEST comedy shows I've ever witnessed. Fuckin' A

    23. Logan thtdude

      I've watched this special over 10 times now an still noticing new jokes! Comedy.

    24. Nhi Ngu

      I love u girl

    25. romeo george

      Mark is a new breed & a comadian genius 💯😅👌OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    26. Baleur

      Wow he is SO running on-script that it comes off as completely unnatural.. This is just rehearsed in front of the mirror to death. Every hand gesture, every move. I dont like that.

    27. loawtf

      I came here to find out what a standup thats taken three years to cut all the fat off of looks like..and I got exactly what I wanted. its fucking beautiful.

    28. Stephen Figura

      This guys got some Seinfeld influence for sure. Love it

    29. magna vox

      sharp af

    30. clayton davidson

      Anti white comedy 🤣 my favorite. Hack

    31. Brett Williams

      Lil racist lol


      He's incredible!

    33. Lyall Wormald

      The adams apple on this guy, holy

    34. Chuck Farley

      Sooo good!

    35. Jason Steve

      This Saturday headlining @ Pinstripes in Norwalk, CT (Literally 1 ticket left for 7:45 & 22 tickets left for 6pm) socially distanced, quarter capacity. Featuring Caitlin Reese!

    36. Tomahawk 1889

      Entire show gold

    37. Aussie Jay

      I think you are brilliant..

    38. Whattobecalled

      There are a lot of people forgetting to give one up, 4 mill views only 140k thumbs up. Great show!

    39. Ryder60

      Very funny!

    40. Anamaria Orasan

      Loved it! Thank you ! 😘

    41. 2liter8valveABA

      I have to watch this special in increments so I can give my face a rest 😂 mark is a legend.

    42. Dorin Cristian Alexandrescu

      0.75x speed is the best of whatching you. You should talk slower

    43. kazekage kope

      its just jokes after jokes with this dude. definitely in my top 15

    44. rajinbin

      I saw the good morning Cleveland and it was so funny I had to look this guy up. He's funny.

    45. Jeff Cannon

      He ejokulated on the whole crowd... the whole thing. Amazing.

    46. Johnny Alistair


    47. Pride

      I've been catcalled alot when walking by a group of girls I think they become way more aggressive when in packs.

    48. ChalktahWarrior

      This dude's a hero.

    49. Squirrel Cat Assassin

      This randomly came on for me and it's been fire I like this guy.

    50. Bretzky

      Why was the crowd so dead? Did Brendan Schaub open up?

    51. KHR Silvercharms

      Lmfaoooo ima so dead the skid mark

    52. Nathan Mateer

      Rick sent me

    53. Ilbroun Pourdavood

      Anthony jeselnik, bill burr, Chappelle, Louis ck... wth you talking about? Mark is good but he's definitely not the best either

    54. John Dallas

      The pace of this is so fast! It’s amazing! Haha joke after joke.

    55. Ron Doe

      Now this was the Kevin Hart special I was looking for. 👍 Hahaha!

      1. Josiah Adams

        I know, Kevin really brought it this time! Quality humour right here

    56. Miguel Macias

      I love Kevin Hart!

    57. electrojones

      I'm not a super sensitive type of person, but this guy has one joke and he just beats it to death. This felt like a 20-year-old set.

    58. Kevin Harris

      The concentration of jokes here is impressive. Cadence, word choice and timing are so important. He just keeps it going.....really fast.

    59. sadharshan boodoo


    60. sadharshan boodoo


    61. CodPast

      53:53 haha glad the Jews got the much deserved recognition!

    62. Richard Sorenson

      Anyone else click because the thought it said Norm McDonald? Pretty good though!

    63. Sgtcaco


    64. Kenneth Maese

      Man this guy is so incredibly good looking and hilarious too.

    65. Alex Avila

      "pro midge" Lol got me dead

    66. Cosmic Love

      the way he tells jokes reminds me of eric foreman lol

    67. Blythe Saunders

      One of my fave stand up comedians!

    68. oscar salazar

      The Day in the Life video is officially LIVE over on The Detail Geek 2....go check it out if you’ve ever wondered what I do when I’m not detailing! Mike says you guys are gonna love it! 😄

    69. Naltddesha

      he is the absolute best right now. no debating if you ask me...hes been my #1 comic ever since i discovered him.

    70. AdamDrakeDidIt

      "...but, you can dance, man"

    71. Barriga Nineveh

      I'm a fan

    72. dbassir87

      At first I thought this was the dude from the Punisher

    73. Jocelyn Johnston

      This guy is a machine gun!

    74. delusional illusion

      Holy shit a white man can still successfully joke about these topics while being white if its done super classy...theres still hope

    75. Mohamed majeed

      So simple, realistic and funnnny

    76. Oberonas

      i honestly cant remember when was the last time ive laughed so much (and i mean literal laugh, not the usual blow out the nose sigh kinda laugh) at a stand up show. this is amazing!

    77. sterling fury

      He always closes...ok, I'm kevin hart...

    78. Squid Pincher

      4 million

    79. The RA

      If you're reading this, you can read.

    80. McGheeOH

      you killed a kid thats so funny

    81. Adaptive Blur

      Did not laugh like this since I discovered George Carlin. You are awsome!

    82. Brian Bertram

      "Thanks a lot I'm kevin hart"

    83. Blanks Haliburton

      Jesus Christ he murdered this. How in the hell is this free on KGup?

      1. AdamDrakeDidIt

        Jesus Christ he murdered this. How in the hell is this free on KGup?

    84. keuliseu sagwa

      why this remind me of seinfeld

    85. Michael Gibbs

      I hope he’s getting paid well for this material! Good stuff !

    86. Amina Shah

      His jokes about women and orgasm is so true its crazy. The most aware man I've witness and jokes on point while stating facts. Definitely on my top list 🙌

    87. William Pope III

      This guys entire stand up is geniously crafted, fits together perfectly, and solidly constructed. He's the carpenter of comedy.

      1. skye wolf

        He's legendary. So manny subtle jokes sprinkled in between too. The cool part is how he talks real life issues with comedy and on top of that makes a good argument about it while still being fuken hilarious. He's just amazing.

      2. William Pope III

        @Miguel Macias "Nailed it" Nice job, Bro. 👍🏼

      3. Miguel Macias

        Yep, he nailed it

    88. Volvo doto

      I want more of this guy god damn it

    89. Jay Strock

      I made a women have 3 orgasms in one night. I do not think it was so much me or what I did. I think it was that she was horny.

    90. River Reeves

      Can someone explain the don’t say how bit ??

    91. Blackbird 76


    92. Judith Booth

      At the end he said "Thanks a lot I'm Kevin hart"

    93. Rich Flow

      Any one heard that covid cough repeatedly lol.

    94. graffist1

      Must not be from America. Gay gangs exist....

    95. Rajkumar Karnati

      Fun stuff...

    96. Lazy River Drifter

      You are really out to lunch

    97. Volvo doto

      One of the best stand ups ive seen in a couple of years. 4million views yet still underrated.

    98. FoodforThought

      4 million views!!!! Well deserved


      nyc sir