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    ℗ Epitaph
    Released on: 2019-11-20
    Producer: Ronnie Radke
    Producer: Tyler Smyth
    Music Publisher: Cody Quistad Music (ASCAP)
    Music Publisher: Mothership Music Publishing
    Music Publisher: Mothership Music Publishing
    Composer Lyricist: Ronnie Radke
    Composer Lyricist: Tyler Smyth
    Composer Lyricist: Cody Quistad
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    1. Muhammed Albayrak

      Rip derek jones 🖤


      I'm searching for way out

      1. the orange guy but im not orange or a guy

        Im a liar I’m a cheater I’m a non believer

    3. Micz

      I heard this song about 2 months ago, heard the rapping part and was like nah, im all about metal; i didnt even pay attention to the words. Then i just clicked on some random metal song whilst writing a book and this came on and i was like hold up, ctrl+ s, switch screens, like wow!

    4. ShadowGamer

      If you are reading this, welcome home metalheads!

      1. Velin Sevven

        This isn't metal. It's like RapRock or smth

    5. Chill Music

      sombody i love showed me this song, i havent listened to F.I.R in so long but we both can relate to this song

      1. ShadowGamer

        welcome home, fellow metalhead!

    6. The Nahul

      This is my new favorite song

    7. Falcon2wins

      This is sooo good bro 🔥🔥🤟🏻

    8. ღ•ʀᴏxᴀ•ღ

      Amo esta canción 💕

    9. Lauren Hagler

      He mite be my favorite rapper

    10. Gracie

      probably their best song yet

    11. Rafaella Iacovidou

      2:25 tho holly shit I love it

    12. Rafaella Iacovidou

      These hits so fucking hard

    13. CrescentMoon The Monster

      I just saw this in my recommendation and was questioning why another was posted just 2 hours ago. I was so confused but happy since I was looking for it.

      1. SÄIKØ

        Because it's a "topic" and it's kinda hard to control it :D

    14. Ricardo Edno

      Viciado nessa música ❤

    15. Brian 'Dodd' Kachelman

      I was hoping this was reimagined.... But I'll take anything right now! Can't wait for some new tunes!

    16. Lcr Uribe


    17. Lindsay Fulcher