Trying to get 0 Points in Geoguessr 😳


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    1. George Washington

      I can't wait for the kids in the comments thinking they're so smart because they know French people are in Canada and they don't understand jokes

      1. Federal bureau of investigation

        Because if you i was born 🌚

      2. hamzah dragh


      3. Professional Fangster

        "If you disagree with me, you're a kid.".

      4. AngryELTrucker

        Actually that's a left hand drive HD chevy. They have zero in Europe. You see French names and a left-hand drive chevy... its Canada of course.

      5. Matti Perroud


    2. Perkins2k19

      Content fake asf

    3. Erwin Smith

      I liked the video only because of his hat

    4. kit kat

      i’m part french-canadian 🤠

    5. Tablox YT

      I live in that city and i just learn that no one care about us tabarnak de calise 😭

    6. ZhaurX MC

      Nice, now i will see the other kids confiused on the comments. They Never Know

    7. Da broke Skater

      Quebec is one of the main places thats speaks French

    8. Lazy Code

      I'm sorry but people know and speak french in Canada (mostly in Québec the province which is the french province basically). I live in that province and I'm offended by your lack of knowledge about our country's history.

      1. Hemang Keswani


    9. H Quesenberry

      Almost half of Canada speaks French or just certain parts like wdym this guy an isiot

      1. Hemang Keswani


    10. Tim Murray

      I feel so old

    11. Crumbs


    12. Jenaya vision

      I live in Canada and I'm French but the only one in my family that's speaks French is my brother

    13. QQ Bro 22

      French Canadians

    14. jack rhea

      But they speak French in canada

      1. Hemang Keswani


    15. Peanutzuz

      I thought he was going to say there's no French people in france

    16. Midwest Fishing

      Ohhh shittttt big brain he fooled my ass it was there the whole time lol

    17. Midwest Fishing

      Umm actually French is a huge language in Canada my guy lol

    18. Tv Sharp

      I love you because you have the attack on titan cap

    19. YesL

      What u mean Canada don't speak french. Its their secondary language

      1. Hemang Keswani


    20. Zach Bill

      Most people in Canada speak french

      1. Hemang Keswani


    21. Bella Scarlet

      Canada second language is French

    22. {Ťøğä•Ťhë•Ķìllĕŕ せんぴ}

      But a whole quarter of Canada speaks French though

      1. Hemang Keswani


    23. Tobey Jones


    24. Lars Hassing

      What about the canadisk sign below the streetname.?

    25. AngryELTrucker

      That's an HD chevy....either that's not common in Europe or they have zero. You see the French names and saw a chevy that's left-hand drive. You know that's Canada. Can't believe people make money off bogus videos.

    26. Sora

      This a joke right

    27. Zedthejoker

      This guy were obviously in France me who doesn't play geogusser: that black trucks a Silverado you're probably in Quebec Being a car guy has its uses

    28. AngelzAnthem

      xqc watching this

    29. Norah Paumier

      one thing it’s not using real pictures coz stop signed always say stop even if u are in france and I know coz I live there for 2 months a year

    30. Stoned

      I already don’t like y

    31. Logan Byrd

      Fall in a hole plz no more shit content

    32. Kali

      All people in Quebec speak French

    33. Swapna Latha

      I live there

    34. Swapna Latha

      Also India🇮🇳

    35. Juan El Risitas Joya

      I’m French and recognized Quebec instantly since they translate everything in French there, so their stop signs use the word "Arrêt". In France we simply use "Stop"

    36. Erdi Duel links

      What is this app called

    37. solagrin 1212

      Canada speaks French lol

      1. solagrin 1212

        @MikeTheBeanoh OK I'm dumb

      2. MikeTheBean

        He’s joking

    38. zenmain jjonakidle

      Dude in quebec they speak french you dumbass you are not purposely trying to fail you could have picked america, africa, china, ect. Shut up you are doing it purposely

    39. Fuzzy Shady

      Ngl if he really did want to get 0 points in geo guesser he could have just placed it in the Philippines or Russia or something

    40. Wolfspirit Gaming

      Every body gangster till they realize northern canada speaks french, especially Quebec

    41. Fuzzy Shady


    42. Lunatic Frost

      Guess he's never heard of French Canadians

      1. MikeTheBean

        He’s joking

    43. Pavel Uchitel

      I decided to try GeoGuessr and I got dropped in basically in the middle of nowhere 5 times in a row and my best guess was by Route 66 I’m Arizona based of the terrain and a blurred sign

    44. ThrillMint

      Damn bro you got the whole squad laughing

    45. Inigo Diaz

      Task failed successfully

    46. zicraftian


    47. Zed gato Villalas

      Wait are you an AOT fan?!

    48. Cedrick

      Why not antartica?

    49. GamerChillz

      my hats off to you the easiest way to get interactions on your shorts is actually pretty simple but not many people do it praise the algorythm

    50. Aghast

      Okay but the Wings of Freedom hat 😩🖤

    51. Alexander Eymann

      Bro everyone knows they speak French in Canada tf

    52. Cøøkie_ Çrûmbles

      Everybody: Focusing and listening to the vid Me: AOT DRIP LEZ GUUUUUU

    53. Araya

      Nice hat, where'd you get it

    54. Graham King

      He is dumb as hell and I bet you he dropped out of school and skipped all of his geography classes

    55. Miana Sarroza


    56. Miana Sarroza

      What is the points for

    57. TrisGarr Gaming

      I get it is a 100 percent joke but still lol

    58. GLoryNs

      I like ur hat

    59. Edgar's World

      I canada im forced to learn French

    60. SuperBrutus


    61. Layne Rider

      um a lot of french people live in candy in Montreal most people speak french my dad went there on buisness

    62. AH - 04ST 838022 Dolson PS

      I live in Canada and people here learn it if they don’t know it. Oh and it’s the 2nd largest country speaking French.

    63. Game Ranger

      But.. one of canadas languages is French?

    64. ShadowArcher

      I can't wait for people that didn't know that people in Canada speak French to be confused on how he got it right

    65. HTRCS

      Canada is partially colonized by France and Quebec is one of the cities from Canada with the most French speakers in Canada

    66. Sean Thompson

      U idiot French is spoken in Canada

    67. Vium

      "French sign" actually no it wasn't 😂

    68. Mason Ward

      Why such weird music can you change it pls

    69. Tri Vlogz

      He says no one speaks French in Canada and then puts the marker to in a place that mainly speaks French 😂😂😂

    70. Olly Iverson

      Solid joke 9/10.

    71. Taken

      He says nobody in Canada speaks french and all the streets in the map are in French

    72. esey michael

      Candace has French people dummy

      1. Jordin Fredericks

        that's the joke

    73. Brandon Lanford

      Comeon could have been 1

    74. Brandon Lanford


    75. Luka Drmaž

      "Nobody speaks french in canada" he said

    76. F1 news

      I live in Canada and French is one of our official languages lol

    77. yourbad sama

      You could have just gussed somewhere in america

    78. Avery

      That is literally where maradi gras came from, Frenchmen coming down from Canada

    79. Tom Merry

      Why is this guy so boring

    80. Kermis

      I realized that this is an absolute joke when you said "literally nobody there speaks french" :D

    81. Mario1611

      Right up until he said Canada I was totally oblivious.

    82. EndermanZ2Fan

      as soon as i heard canada i knew he was joking

    83. Tofuu

      Btw I live in Canada and there is French

    84. XxDragonYT

      Why do u even fake ur vids man its not funny

    85. idiot boi

      Tap you know Canada is one of the most known country for immigration we have an entire part of the country half of our f****** country is French

    86. EXCIS

      There literally called the French Canadians

    87. Paraxys

      WW3 just started

    88. Piero

      If u see english go to chile or spain :)

    89. Cyrex 666_

      Ehats the geo guesser that hebplays

    90. Eliot Gustafsson

      Canada is the please were most French people go lol

    91. Mustafa Fouda

      Kid did not listen in history canda was first found by France and most of the streets are in fresh you idit

    92. BonnieGirlLil• Gacha Horror•Diversity Squad

      Ive gorten 0 before...i felt embarrassed since it was near where i lived...

    93. Boony Bwa

      When Québec use more french the french people.

    94. Julian Nijssen

      Could you pleaaase for once make a legit vid tnx

    95. Yumeko Jabami

      Me: **stares at his hat** Me: **proud aot fangirl noises**

    96. Myst Svan


    97. Diego Thompson

      You “try to fail” almost every single video

    98. Zbeckzy -_-

      Quebec is bilingual i live there especially Montréal

    99. Iroo

      Canada isnt real tho

    100. Yolo Man