Our DOG Peanut is MISSING! Best Friends get Emotional!

Matt and Rebecca

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    First, Rebecca Zamolo created Giant AMONG US in Real life But at a MASQUERADE BALL! Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded Real Food Vs Mini Brands Challenge But in Real Life! Finally the Game Master network made a 5 Ways to Sneak Spy Gadgets into the Movie Theater! Now our enemy has taken all of the giveaway prizes for the zamfam along with Matt's best friend Peanut. Our dog Peanut is Missing. Matt gets emotional because Peanut is his best friend. Maddie was able to hack into the system to find out where they might have taken him. Rebecca and Matt along with cousin Maddie and Robbie Rob all start searching for Peanut. It looks like he is with our enemy who is throwing an exchange party. They might be trading the super computer for the stolen charity money. Can we get Peanut back or will he stay missing forever? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      Can we get Peanut back?

      1. Abegail Bester


      2. Abegail Bester


      3. Kaye Valdez


      4. Clifton Downing

        I hope you guys can

      5. Faith-Mae Gordon

        Yes I hope so

    2. Khalipai

      bunker cod is 4312

    3. Elexus Mae

      Rebecca and Peanut 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

    4. Juliette Hernandez

      The code is 4342

    5. Aneela Zafran

      Peanut is cute and Blackjack

    6. Aneela Zafran

      Peanut is cute and Blackjack

    7. Karen Pasaol

      Poor Peanut

    8. Cameron Denley


    9. Claire Benson

      56127 is the code

    10. Nyomi Yates

      When the give-a-way happens can i get the Iphone 12

    11. Maseeha Ali


    12. Unicorn Jazz

      Rebecca when the holloween hacker or Mr nice guy was talking to the prupel power ranger the game matster was trying to tell you something through the tv i could not make out what he was trying to say

    13. Chelcee Breyette

      They still peanut hopefully you get him back 😓😯😨😞

    14. Chelcee Breyette

      I subscribed

    15. Piper Rockelle

      Yes you can find panut

    16. Ariana Perry


    17. Silvia Reyes


    18. Silvia Reyes


    19. Alice Coull

      Me while whacking:omg I should be quite Rubecca and Mat :OH IT IS THE RHS WITH THE MONEY

    20. Aryah Healey

      they broke into your house and they took the gems and why do they hate you

    21. Emily Hudson


    22. Brianna Diego

      I think you don’t put other prices are I think the code is 4342

    23. Brianna Diego


    24. Brogan Morrison

      Mr nice guy took penut

    25. Pinkish bluey Queen

      It’s blurry

    26. Alexis Mitchell

      Aww poor peanut I hope he is ok

    27. Yirenesi Devora-Aguayo

      4249 was the coude

    28. Void Mellow

      Where was the last time you seen Mr. nice guy but we know we saw him Or we Know That they Stoll Peanut

    29. Brina Yuan

      the bunker code is 4342

    30. Luz Salazar


    31. Grace McKeag


    32. Dina Hussain

      It’s the code 17

    33. anwar ghazala


    34. Sophia Becerra

      No i di

    35. Ella Thompson


    36. nyla's channel with you guys nyla's gaming channel

      No I don't like angry birds cuz it's for babies

    37. Demi Leonard


    38. thogai vani

      and guys i saw one member of rhs and found out tht its a girl because of the body language like if u did!!

    39. thogai vani

      guys if matt took the rhs clothes and mask thn he would have had a face reveal of the member right!!

    40. Mina Stockmar


    41. Zaneta Patricia Aurora Siahaan

      hi im from indonesia but i love all ur vidieo hope have a nice day and stay safe and i hope peanut back

    42. Mistykal Polanco

      They want peanut because she's so cute and pretty.

    43. Ellie Dutro

      The code is 4342

    44. Gladys World


    45. Julia Tillman

      I saw peanut in the begging wen i pause

    46. Haley Naranjo


    47. Unknown ???


    48. Carolina Cubides

      Noooooooooooo peabutt

    49. Alexa Neuhauser

      I hope you get peanut back soon

    50. Deanna Oaten

      The code is 4342

    51. Amber Rae Lin

      I don’t play angry birds

    52. beyrod123

      Please please play amgo us with me rebeacca yes or no rebeacca

    53. Summer Schlimm

      You are my favorite KGupr

    54. Gyan Seow

      I didn't know that mat has a friend on paenut

    55. Melanie Koger


    56. Alyssa Miranda

      When Matt said that the give away prize was not important Me: 😵😯😮😲😶

    57. Emilia Koops

      The code is 4342 or 4243

    58. Emilia Koops

      I think one code is 1520

    59. Emilia Koops

      I mean kingpin

    60. Emilia Koops

      Peanut is with kingpen

    61. Karrington Knowlton


    62. Emilia Koops

      Peanut and black jack they are both awesome

    63. Missy Trame


    64. Prema Kishore

      If you're so bad for you guys that you lost paynet I love paynet so much I also feel bad for lost peanut I love him 🥺🥺😔😔


      you need to get peanut back


      rhs took the gems

    67. Rita Jain


    68. Joan Krammer

      I am my grandmas grand datghter

    69. Joan Krammer

      hi this is Avery I love your videos

    70. Shemia Jones

      Did everyone just forget about black jack???

    71. Anne Owolabi


    72. Jezebel Gisu


    73. Katherine Akers

      Matt i thot that rickNoah was your best friend 😑😑

    74. Katerina Neuhauser

      I love peanut is my favorite dog I can’t believe they got peanut

    75. Uini LOLOHEA


    76. Adalyn Weber

      Matt what the heck you needed to do face reveal I mean you must have seen the face if you took his mask

    77. Night sky Gacha Sun

      And mr nice guy also said he’s gonna take peanut home and pretend peanut got traded

    78. Night sky Gacha Sun

      mr nice guy in your other video mr nice guy said he’s gonna trade peanut

    79. van ly


    80. Bryce Cabrera

      There is a angry birds VR

    81. Bryce Cabrera

      I play angry birds

    82. brenda miller

      Yours dog

    83. brenda miller


    84. brenda miller

      The mask is the key to the win

    85. brenda miller


    86. brenda miller


    87. Peyton Ayres

      I just get emotional when it comes to missing animals.

    88. donna hobbs


    89. Chloe Low


    90. Sreyoun Meng

      They took peanut bc to get you out of the house so they can go to your house and take the gems

    91. Dorothee Coldiron

      1. if y'all take the RHS outfit what are they wearing And 2nd can't you do a face reveal if y'all Took there outfit??

    92. Daisy Ruck

      Mr Nice guy said you have such a nice. Coat Im going to take you to the Gamemaster

    93. Bell Paulo

      I think I remember it was 4342

    94. XIZ Pumpz

      Free peanut 🥜

    95. Irma Rizo

      Matt is right they took all four jams

    96. Katherine Pruitt

      56127 is the code

    97. Katherine Pruitt

      The Kingpin has peanut

    98. Taelor Pohl

      Poor peanut he probably is being tortured right now🥺🥺

      1. XIZ Pumpz

        Free peanut 🥜

    99. Taelor Pohl

      LOL the rhs was trying to get up but he couldn’t

    100. Jaidyn Barbre

      I can’t believe that peanut is missing not to be rude but peanut is my favorite sorry blackjack