Ice Cube Responds To D.L. Hughley Calling Him Unqualified To Work With Trump Administration

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    1. Cultivating The Culture

      Real men build others they don’t work to destroy those who try to build So let us work on the plan

    2. Cultivating The Culture

    3. Viet Le

      It was the timing of cubes conversation with trump. He did it right before the election which just gives trump another positive story. Cube might have the goal of making a deal, but Trumps goal is just to use him.

    4. Nicole Butler

      D. L. Hughley is lost. Sadly, he has MANY followers.

    5. TonyElle

      Trump is too divisive and inhumane to sit and talk with regarding Black/Brown people. He's proven it over and over.

    6. Throne Room

      Wake up people riches are knowledge critical think and it doesn't matter whos gonna make your plan materialize Ice Cube is smart and a Revolutionary.

    7. Vera Alexander

      Boy we always bringing each other down. Thank you ICE CUBE.

    8. Gina Monroe

      Of course you have to engage with which ever party is in office but let us be real, you need to deal with people who are reasonably sane. Trump is a selfish madman, you do not engage with that.

    9. Ringgeneral9

      How you gone tell mr “f the police” he not qualified?

    10. king zulu 13

      DL is right. Only time I hear cubes name is with 3 on 3.

    11. D J

      Thanks cube for giving a voice to the marginalized. Leadership should follow your lead, step up and put constituents above political party affiliation.

    12. Sweet D Willy OG

      Cube cube cube. Wow.

    13. Shelia Roberson

      I agree we need a variety of people. I have no problem with Ice Cube. He’s trying to do what he knows to be right. People at the grassroots help. The educated folks with the money don’t do anything but talk. Someone has to engage. I’m tired of talk period. Don’t say he’s not educated because he may have education. Sometimes life experience and being in the streets is needed as well. There walking with the people.

    14. Candee Jordan

      😂😂 people may get upset but Hugley was right, cube came on roland made a complete idiot out of his self. Hell no trump ain't meeting with a black rapper. No body can make sense of trump he is a wicked trick.

    15. It's D-Money Baby

      DL just another lost soul trapped in the sunken place. Ice Cude said his people met with both parties Democrats And Republicans. Ice Cude said the Demos told them that they would think about making a plan for African Americans after the election which we are at right now and they ain't doing shyt for African Americans as usual for the dozenth time smdh. He then said the Republicans made changes to their format and agenda to make a plan for African Americans which we don't have now because people voted nonsensically. It is what it is.

    16. Adare Thompson

      These rappers that supported trump , didn’t want there day to come regarding taxes, there about to be hit with a high tax bracket. If ice cube or little Wayne the look a like grimlin wasn’t rich would not endorse trump... Cube people do represent Cube that’s just like cube meet with cube,,,my gosh are you trying to get cube on you’ll station,, get up and wake up

    17. Sim W

      RIGHT! Like how Trump was held accountable for the past 4 years. Ok! The way he went about it was wrong! Get a legislator to write a Bill so what he is putting forth can be presented in the House and worked on to become LAW!! LAWS GOVERN PEOPLE NOT PRESIDENTS ON THEIR WAY OUT!! He probably was trying a long time and they finally decided to use him as a political stunt! Sad.

    18. creegal

      Cube is in a group that includes Jon support of anti cube! Next year he'll be joining the kkk...smh

    19. Azkoldazice -

      There's nothin else Cube can do but submit...Looks like history is repeating itself..

    20. Cleopatra Bell

      don't care what D.L. thinks D.L. Hughley Explains His Disdain for (Black) Women D.L. Hughley Trashes Black Rutgers Players

    21. Alhagie Manneh

      Solomon shut f up

    22. begaqincer

      We Salute " Mr. Ice Cube" - RESPECT !!!!

    23. T Love

      DL is wrong as two left shoes

    24. Jacquella Walker

      Im so surprised at Ice Cube.

    25. Winslow Joseph

      Black peoples needs to hold themselves, responsible, even more than they hold over people, responsible.

    26. T Dotson

      Cube just got caught as a black man aint no way im gonna entertain my oppressor,its a con wake up fools they will never let us at the table.

    27. EDZIU W

      All these white leaders using black folks and you all falling for it they playing you all lol

    28. S Crow

      That's like making a deal with the devil. It's all useless.

    29. Young Hannibal

      D.l. is right

    30. J B

      Confusion - It is sad! Please learn to think - the friend of your enemy is not your friend. The friend of KKK, white supremacy and Nazi groups is not your friend. THis is a sad day for black men who can’t think two steps ahead. Thank God for the sisters!!!

    31. Tiffany Fane

      Cube....Be True to The Game!

    32. Jack Vann

      White media with a black face telling you vote and wait till they get in and then hold them accountable.You didn’t ask for anything you just voted what makes you think they’re going to do something when they get what they want?

    33. Adrian X

      DL is no good, he's a black KKK.

    34. Brenden Killough

      They don’t want an independent thinking black man

    35. waynejohnson830

      Tell D.L he alright but chill with the mediocre ass jokes..cube been stepping for his has he did but tell us ight the man n stfu

    36. Grammar Police -

      He put the middle finger to people criticising his FINANCIALLY EXUBERANT PLAN .Okay wounds about Trump

    37. Grammar Police -

      Now that Trump lost the elections let's see if the Trump and Proud boys will finance ICE CUBE's project. Since you weren't happy with Biden saying the electorate ie the taxpayers have to sign off on this deal..Let's see how long the Donald Cube relationship will run. The Kanye Trump relationship has been so successful Kanye actually ran himself and got 60000 IDIOTS to dilute Biden's vote. You should he worried that the first female VP is not a black woman. All what Rosa Park and Candolice Rice and many others stood for is going to someone of Indian descent. Black woman are too focussed on WAP and defending Mr Asian Chris Brown

    38. deborah anderson

      I don’t care who Ice Cube spoke with! Every election year has come and gone...we’ve seen a historic event seeing a black president in the United States of America! Now, there’s a make America great again slogan or whatever you want to call it...why didn’t Ice Cube sit with the other administrations too talk about our people? What’s so special about this administration? I’m doing my own researching and not letting people speak or say anything to me anymore unless I do my researching and that’s a fact!

    39. SilentGhilly

      Imagine being a race traitor to a guy that lost the election, Cube shouldn't have conceded with trump. Everyone knows he was going to lose he is a white supremacist. Even if what cube claims is true to get the ball rolling he is highly sus after that stunt. If i was African American i would be keeping close eye on him, an after watching his video about lebron james it is clear the mans a republican. He is not looking out for the black community he is looking out for his pockets. Would explain why he was working with trump, must of thought he was gonna win lol sucker

    40. Lisa O'Reggio

      That's right! Hold whoever is in office accountable. It seems like the Democratic party hasn't worked for the people in the four years Trump has been in office. They were focusing on getting him out of office, so hard. It is sad.

    41. Anton Lara

      I agree that working to better a community is noble, but to look at working with Trump as a reliable or trustworthy source for support is just plain ignorant and to be associated with Trump /Admin at Election time reflects in eyes of the people an act of support for Trump. Now that Trump has lost , see how far things go with Cube's projects?

    42. Da Silent Few

      We need to stop thinking that there’s rationale when dealing with the Republicans Party. Look Donald Trump has fried their brains, nothing they say or do make sense anymore. The last time you possibly could have had a conversation with the Republican Party was maybe George W. Bush but how far was an Black Agenda was going to go with Dick Cheney as VP. Hell Mitch McConnell said we got reparation when President Obama got elected.

    43. G Mell Talk

      Cube is not doing this by himself he has people he's working with and advisor's that's more knowledgeable then him he is the face for it

    44. Darnell Horton

      DL is a Terrible Comedian anyway!!! Not funny at all. He should be a Hood preacher

    45. M Atkins


    46. Patrick Mcneill

      It sickens me that Blacks are so political immature that they won’t engage or demand things from the republicans!!! if your taxes only go to democrats!!...

    47. Brigette Lander

      Thank you DL. You are not afraid to speak the real truth. You are always on point. Than you for sticking up for us. Cube is a joke

    48. J Hill

      DL checks from the enemy. Look it up!

    49. Luke Trujillo

      Ice cube for president!!!

    50. H Knight

      I agree with DL Hughley, you need people at the table from that knows what's going on, not just his people, because Ice Cube's people nor him don't represent me. He's a rapper/actor that has made money and now thinks he can speak for the black communities. I don't let anyone speak for me, I try to research my candidates and the issues, then I vote.


      DL is a paid Democrat

    52. shakiyra lucas

      DL Hughley has a point

    53. Dianne Harris

      people want them too do the right thing point blank!!!

    54. Dianne Harris

      wow fool!

    55. Emerald Archer

      Luciferian Jared Kushner is preparing a throne for Satan at 666 Fifth Avenue, NYC.


      How you going to go ask a mother f***** that hate you for help really you thought really for real come on now

    57. Be Humble

      I have to question the timing, had Cube done this a long time ago it would not seem like it was a game to get Cube more money in his pocket and Trump black votes.

    58. Sonya Williams

      Entertainment icons receive an undeserving door open for them in politics, even when most are not qualified to speak for black America. There’s a reason for this, mainly for photo opts and no substance. Otherwise; studied entrepreneurs would have a seat at the table. Those in power do not want those who intimidate and know what the hell they are talking about around! They are insignificantly being used to take the focus off the real issues! Educate up and study before you speak!

    59. Addis Seyoum

      Former drug dealers

    60. T.J. Son of Jonas Love

      D.L. is an idiot

    61. ColetteLinnen

      DL Hugley need to shut up. Ice Cube is doing something what are you doing besides running ya mouth

    62. Kenneth Brown

      Uncle cube sellout.

    63. Diane Lassiter

      Dear whoever you need to go somewhere to sit down.They don’t bring up other celebrity has been talking with Joe Biden. Of course you’re not gonna do that because that’s what liberals do. I don’t think about the communities. They don’t think about how babies being aborted from the black community every day. They don’t think about young little boys and young little girls are not making it in their 20s dying on the streets every day. And I don’t think about education in the black communities they don’t think about black men and women incarcerated. I think about their pockets and where you can put your two cents. I grew up in the hood And I look at it every day. Certain Democrat didn’t help communities 47 years. What do you say about that!!!!!!

    64. Patricia Ijames

      Thank You Ice cube, when asked for help ,he did nothing ,so these so called people now have everything to say

    65. Kevin Polin

      Charlemagne you lost. go join trump now.

    66. JackedMumin

      We complain about everybody that stands up, but say we need representation. No plan is ever going to be good enough at the rate we're going. Regardless of whose in office, we need to know what they bringing to the table. We could've gotten reparations and a hate crime bill during Obama's 8 years. Did they even make it to the table?

    67. Catharsis the Antidote

      Ice Cube is a REAL one. He’s sick of the Democrats EMPTY promises and said he’s willing to work with ANYONE who is willing to put some momentum behind OUR Black agenda

    68. T Rooks

      Trump lost so now what is Oshea gonna do huh, huh, wit his stupid ass!!!

    69. marlowhazel2

      DL is a good comedian but ignorant of anything else.

    70. nafelos

      First of all #1, d.trump has no integrity in regards to responding to any meaningful or serious black agenda request. He's just not going to do anything. He doesn't care about or respect black peoples political or social needs. His past actions and language makes that clear. Number 2. You would think Ice Cube is more tapped into the social and political nuances of d.trump and his agenda. Which is to say anything and use anybody to get what he wants. Why deal with a polarizing figure such as this man weeks before an election, (that he has lost) we're you gonna endorse him? Probably not, so why meet with him and allow him and his people to propagandize you. Everything you need to know about d.trump and how he feels about black people is in the full page ad's he took out in news papers totaling ($85,000 ) calling for the execution of five teenagers a.k.a "The Central Park 5" After being exonerated and receiving a settlement for false convictions and spending six years in prison for a crime they did not commit he still has refuses to apologize to them for his actions ... This is who you deal with in good faith??

    71. M J

      Ice cube met with a party that suppressed black voters...that 's why he's full of crap.

    72. Lisa Burnette

      I have never been a D L. Hugely fan. He needs to stop hating on Ice Cube. At least Ice Cube is caring about the black communities and trying to find a solution to fix the USA.

    73. Deki Fuulin

      This dude can't even speak on Cube like that man. If I remember you correctly.. all i remember you for is that shitty toilet scene in soulplane helping man take doodoos n that gtoh

    74. tcoleman124

      Why is Angela not working from the office?

    75. tcoleman124

      That made 3 Friday’s and banging albums 🤣

    76. Hollywood Stacks

      D.L .h is 100% correct

    77. Bebe lee

      Well at least CUBE was doing some things for the black community in other words ACTION 🎬 NOT JUST TALK !!!

    78. Beast N Tha Paint

      At the end of the day Cube wanted that tax break.

    79. Pat Lambert

      DL aint nobody thinkin bout u!!!!!!!!!!!

    80. ear4funk

      DL is right ... My opinion is Ice Cube made his money bringing down young black men. A lot have criminal records now trying to emulate that fake "gangster rap". You ain't no OG murdering your own people. Real OG's protect their people. Mister gangster Ice Cube went on to make the bourgeois movie "Are We There Yet" to line his pockets further. Then to top it off, tried to be a last second influence sucking up to Trump. He was just trying to be HNIC (Head * In Charge ... just refer to NWA to see what * means).

    81. Jackie Austin

      If you don’t know by now D Trump was openly trying to divide and conquer the black voting base you are lost and out of reality. Bring people together forget the DT mirroring behavior of Cube by giving the middle finger. Now what Cube? Exactly GTHOH.

      1. TimeForSomeAction Now

        @Jackie Austin True dat!! Now that Trump lost I wonder if he will invite Cube back so that he can still push the "Platinum Plan?" Cube got played and that's the messed up part.

    82. GullyBop

      Man don't ever disrespect or go against the Cube!!! Quiet down DL!!

    83. Todd Milhouse

      LMAOOOOOOO spinning rims plan 😂😂🤣😭🤣🤣🤣

    84. Rolling Up To: Sway's View

      And the winner is Deez nuts

    85. Rozelyn Parker

      This is just my perspective. I follow Twitter and what was going on during the time this was streaming. I don't believe it had much to do with the party. My first thoughts on Ice Cube was who asked you to represent the masses, hell, I haven't read the proposal. Where is it? I don't always agree with DL, but I don't believe DL was referring to "education" when he said unqualified. Now, this is just DL's perspective on the matter. I wouldn't get too upset about his opinion either, but I do believe before anyone goes to the president and says, I got a proposal that will change the lives of black people, can black people get the memo? Could we get a heads up and read it. The masses might not agree with one person's idea of the right direction.

    86. Olmeca A'Liiq

      D.L.Ugly sucks & is sold out...

    87. S McGowan

      So let me get this straight, a self made millionaire, who created multiple streams of revenue, made his own movies instead of waiting on someone else isn’t qualified to help in suffering communities, DL should slap himself silly and mind his own business.

    88. Jeffrey Ambrosia

      We need someone to do things differently.... Joe Biden..fifty years as a stagnant politician,and Kamala Harris..who put thousands of people in jail......good luck America

    89. Reese Goldess

      Ice cube is not a qualified politician. Ice cube is a comedian. A comedian make us laugh like a clown make us laugh. With Over 200,000 thousands American People dead from the conravirus Pandemic. And American People being shot down and killed by police. This is not the time for a sellout comedian to meet with trump or any other president. This is a time for serious business and serious people.

    90. John Richardson

      What the hell has DL hughley done besides tell a bunch of stale ass jokes

    91. paneesnatcher

      Mr Wendy 'Charlamagne' Williams did say hypothetically, but I saw a (Big banana in his tail pipe) when he said the words "Engaging with Trump and the administration" ... soon after that, I Then saw (The Whole Banana Tree sticking out of his other tail pipe) when he said the words "Hold them accountable" whereas after 4 Years and even prior to that "That Super Spreading Serial Swindling Squatter in the White House " has Never been held accountable for anything... but that could just be due to him having to use 2 hands to hold a glass of water, and the accountant is in Jail.

    92. Jose Valentin

      I don't blame Cube for checking it out and seeing what's up, but to happen so close to the election? Old boy got played by the administration because they wanted to use his black power to sway votes in Trump's favor. The Platinum Plan wasn't going to work because it was too vague and not in black people's interest.

    93. 2004mojo


    94. The Situation Room

      I very much dislike D L

    95. Nigrum Culturae

      The real truth is we don't know how to be unified we just know how to criticize. I read Cube's doc and there were some points I agreed with and some I didn't. The point is he is doing something. It may not be the final answer but it could be a jumping off point. But to criticize without an alternative is counterproductive and plays into the hands of those who believe we are where we are for a reason.

    96. justjayinoc

      Didn’t need Cube. #Biden

    97. Sharron

      What the Fu%K is he DOING he a comedian what are YOU doing DL😳

    98. John Figaro

      For 1 Ice Cube is well qualified judging his only problem is the timing cause during the voting trumpnwill tell you whateva for the vote..hell he stl havent built thay wall Mexico was supposed to pay for..see what im geting at? So whateve plan yes he will listen to get votes..Now that he is out the way ..Now Cube bring it out and hold whoever accountable or put our feet in their necks to get whats ours..Now afyer the elections its time

    99. Michelle Green

      D.L. is FULL of shit, and jealous that Cube had meetings with political influencers about his ideas. Success, or fail, at least Cube tried to do something, more than compain, or criticize about someone else efforts.

    100. TG G

      Accountability no matter what!🤘🏾💕