Closing in the container castle

Andrew Camarata

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    Building steel walls and adding windows under the metal roof I built earlier this year. There are videos on the whole project.

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    1. stevo kanevo

      quit showing your dogs legs giving out god damn is this your hous eor what

    2. Jasom Kovac

      Vacuum befor you tighten the bolts. If you have chips under the heads ig won't tighten. Gives it a space to work loose. Nice house, or fortress.

    3. Cruzredeye

      It's a fortress

    4. Cruzredeye

      Hopefully the dog isn't around while he's welding

    5. MrMac5150

      Hard Worker that's for sure.

    6. MrMac5150

      This is real dangerous, and NO architect would pass this.

    7. Timothy Jerry

      Would be great to set up amp in the shop and jam some guitar riffs

    8. Timothy Jerry

      Hey any videos on the plumbing? No hub cast? PVC? Talk to me....

    9. Nuke On Raccoon

      Would definitly be a bad guys gang spot during a zombie apocalypse.

    10. Wojciech Zgodowski

      Decent House. Walls won't fly away like in 2x4 + plywood + siding houses when the wind blows. 🤭🤔

    11. R420Forester

      U have like 15 ads in video,wtf?

    12. Robert Galbraith

      The Lady helping your wife? if not you barter slip a ring on her finger before some one else does😎

    13. US4FREEDOM 0U812

      Levi & Cody are the best dog's for the job Andrew. That's one heck of a mountain you parked

    14. Ronald Albrycht

      what brand paint s prayer is that i know you used it on your trailer when you painted it NICE

      1. Andrew Camarata


    15. Bucks ton Bear

      If you dont have kids itll be the saddest thing in the world get on the ball and stop being a pussy, good men are fruitful and multiply dont be fruity and blow a guy.... fill this house with a wife and kids

    16. あべしんご


    17. John Etienne

      You really do great work!!!!

    18. John Etienne

      Hey Andrew! Just wondering if you’re Going to put out more videos on the container castle. I was wondering if you did your floors yet.

    19. Rapunzel Schmidt


    20. Dave Thompson News Network

      Think y’all could put just maybe like 30 more ads? Not enough here

    21. mike cons

      maybe a question already asked and answered but how much grounding did you have to do for potential lightning strikes ??

    22. Dana hopkinson

      By far the coolest house build I've seen on you tube!!! Great job!!!

      1. Andrew Camarata


    23. Sep Ulchral

      I've been following your work on and off for the past few years, it's been an interesting experience. Can't wait to see the next installment.

    24. Stephan Smith

      Love the bedroom views

    25. Kenneth James

      I'm thinking you should use the everything above the 2nd floor and garage as living space and seal it and make it a home. A real home. A wood burning stove on the top floor and no tools. clear out the decorative door. Everything else dedicated to your business.

    26. Kirk Rogers

      Dang brother, she even paints good too! Wow

    27. Kirk Rogers

      Are you going to try and put a fireplace in there and I can’t wait to see how you do the touch burned entrance from the spiral stairs! I figure you have thought a lot about that, I bet it’s going to be an amazing entrance! Looking awesome Andrew!

    28. hpclan

      Hooked me in on this one!! I watched the whole thing! Awesome build man! You and your lady did a fantastic job.

      1. Kenneth James


    29. Kirk Rogers

      I sure know your parents are so proud of you, if you were my son I’d be so proud! There’s nothing you can’t do and won’t learn to fix, that’s awesome and you’ve taught me a few things my friend! I love the castle and everything you do, your videos are amazing and perfectly edited! NEVER A BORING MOMENT Andrew like some I’ve seen! You’re one amazing guy! Much respect brother, if you ever need any questions about welding just let me know, I’d be honored to help! 👍🏻

    30. Kirk Rogers

      Cody is a maniac! lol I love em! Levi is the best!

    31. Kirk Rogers

      I don’t know her name but tell her I think she’s awesome and a real go getter! 👍🏻

    32. Kirk Rogers

      I think your loft above your shop is so awesome brother! I love Levi, Cody and Sadie, beautiful dogs and really cool!

    33. Kirk Rogers

      You’re so lucky to have such a good help/Welder my friend! She’s amazing

    34. jo coe

      Hey Andrew, love this channel u got going here.. creative, informative, ideas with a view to boot. Was gonna give u one idea and that was maybe near the castle there u can make some kind of retaining wall like right between the driveway and garage entrance and the idea would be so u can do a side load on either of your trucks with whatever machine u like .. jus an idea for ya keep up the great stuff!!!

    35. Steven M

      1:20.26 nice ,

    36. maik schimanski

      Great Job Guys!!

      1. maik schimanski

        And Good

    37. jerry g

      Haha, what a piece of shit truck!

    38. John Snuh

      That is one hell of a woman!

    39. David Griffith

      You are asking too much of the much older dog !

    40. Roberto Tapia

      Hello, greetings from the south of Chile, we followed you in your videos. Of the last, the best thing is to finish building your house in the castle. Excuse the consultation, but it would be good if you introduce the girl who accompanied you. Saludos de Chile.

    41. Larry Torres

      The acidic anger increasingly bump because cylinder surgically curve atop a fretful fine. wakeful, tacit supermarket

    42. Xaltotun Great

      Hi Andrew. Great video! I've been thinking about this 3rd-floor project and I'd like to ask you. Steel is very durable. It is easy to work with because these sheets are flat (compared to wood for example) and the sizes are usually OK. But also steel is kinda cold :-(. Its thermal conductivity is very high. This 3rd floor will be very cold in the winter. Have you considered any thermal insulation? Or do you like it cold?

    43. Royce Hartman

      Talk about anxiety! When you were apping the windows frame to mount the trim was stressful to watch as if I were going to have to deal with the aftermath if it broke... haha. By the way that window is awesome, nevertheless good work as usual!

    44. Nick Henton

      its awesome what you are are doing with your life

    45. Mr. Plumber

      I’m here from a Tik Tok post.

      1. Andrew Camarata


    46. Warner Wells

      Great seeing your wife working with you to complete y'all's home, THANK YOU.

    47. Soukup Klaus

      Diese Frau kann ihren Mann sehr gut beim Arbeiten helfen

    48. what ever


    49. desepticon4

      No insulation?

    50. Larry M

      What type of welding do you consider the best for a beginner to try learning? Thanks!

      1. Andrew Camarata


    51. david foos

      I'm familiar with a Camarata family here in NW Ohio. Any relation?

    52. Danette Bear-Ett

      Man that place is gonna be freezing in the winter and hell hot, in the summer. The entire place is one giant thermal bridge. Good luck with that. I love the durability and low maintenance, but i think i’d of had do the metal like a shell on the outside and a wood/drywall with spray foam, shell on the inside. Maybe you plan to, idk. Sure hope so.

    53. chris hagerty

      if we ever have another great flood at least you can float that ship out of there

    54. mikem mikem

      And to have your wife right beside you building your castle you are a lucky man. My wife is also right behind me on big projects:)

    55. bob cat

      you should start walking behind ur older dog going up the stairs ... i would hate to see him trip ... it happen to my dog on a rag staircase and he broke his leg... please watch out for him

    56. Canal R. Macário


    57. Ugh Why

      Damn yo girl boutta loose her pretty head a buncha times.

    58. Jim Craig

      I bet the place that U buy your steel from loves you. He's going to be unhappy when you get done closing in your castle

    59. Tea Cup


    60. Garth G.

      First time seeing this house. I know a guy that built another unusual house but it was made of concrete mostly under ground. It is amazing. Neat seeing houses that are not the norm.

    61. Gabriel Ståhl

      Why do you need a lock on the outside of the door in the end? Wouldn't no handle on the outside be the same result but easier and cheaper?

    62. Rich Scott

      What do you think I welded three 20 foot shipping containers together with plate steel at the corners lifting points where they meet up high and low so that would be 4 points of attachment on the front end and 4 on the backend eight plates total to those big square blocks with the holes in them was planning on lifting From the outside four corners, I forgot to mention there’s a truss roof on it i’m guessing each container weighs 5000 pounds which would be 15,000+ the roof 5000 20,000 pounds total The crane guy scratched his head said he give it a try but if it falls apart that’s that , I say go for it it’s a 70 ton crane ,The plates I used are half inch thick , decent weld job

    63. Wales U.K.

      Looks Amazing!

    64. Miles Bishop

      It ain't your typical log cabin build.

    65. Ick Villiams

      Not criticising at all but it seems like its over engineered. Obviously not an expert but if you use steel instead of wood you dont require as much of it. It kinda looks like you could half the amount of joists in the floating roof and the columns holding it all up? As for over engineering, well some people like to do that and theres nothing wrong with it. There is a lot of satisfaction for some in building something that is absolutely indestructible but Im just trying to get my head around whether the structure actually requires the amount of steel that is used.

      1. Ick Villiams

        @Andrew Camarata It definitely is very cool my friend, kudos!

      2. Andrew Camarata

        Yeah, I just thought it was cool

    66. TheHipocrit

      08:13 I like ya cut G

    67. The Texas Bandit

      Build a castle and clone dogs, quite the week.

    68. Andrew Friedl

      Love the location and +10 for craftsmanship and fabrication skills but seriously why? That diamond plate steel has to be 3X the expense of any other building material you could choose from and much harder to work with. I get the welded framework and roof but scratching my head on the steel and concrete block exterior.

    69. Anh Tuấn Channel

      Why build a house in this wild forest?

    70. wes cox

      SHE kicks ass dude!

    71. Samuel Huff

      What type of blade do you use to cut the steel with that milwaukee? And model milwaukee saw is that?

      1. Andrew Camarata its the whole saw, not a wood saw.

    72. Maximus -

      You are crazy bro :D Very nice build, prepare some bars for the windows in case of a zombie apocalypse!

    73. Bradley Roe

      Next step; armory.

    74. aaah tex


    75. Nando Landaeta

      So nice, congrats!

    76. CFM

      tremendous project congratulations, Valdivia-Chile

    77. Mark D Simpson

      Love watching your videos. Things don't have to be complicated. If they are find something simple. You get a massive amount of work done. Should be inspirational to many. Is to me.

    78. Dharri

      Your place is really coming together a lot of work for sure, are you going to insulate the new enclosed area and what heat source are you thinking about using?

    79. Steven Johnson

      That is just bad ass!!!

    80. Ondrej Keller

      Man, you are crazy, RESPECT. I am watchig your videos all the time, and each time you surprise me.

    81. Kritikopedo

      I feel bad for Levi, I know he is old but it’s sad to watch sometimes :-/

      1. extremegamer807

        At least he isn’t deaf and blind and is missing a leg so yeah that’s an upside or two

    82. Lethargic Delinquency 2K

      OSHA shitting themselves watching this video

      1. dzdonce

        nah. OSHA dogs keeping an eye on this. and they say its OK.

    83. banmadabon

      Your complete lack of aesthetic sense make me question your Italian origin....(maybe it was the milkman)

    84. geckoztom

      Holy energy bill to keep that warm lol

    85. thewillofme

      Your family has a beautiful home. You have a mass craft...

    86. Christopher Barney

      Damn man, it took me 2 days to assemble an entertainment center! You think you're better than me?!?

      1. theBuilder99

        they as a team are better then us all....

    87. Joseph Böhme

      So did you zombie test the escape route and water cannons? We know it can't be burn't, torched perhaps. I would still get a walk-in Safe to keep my stuff in when I leave for a day or two. Damn thieves. They got all the tech tools w Li batteries,

    88. Daniel Swanson

      So happy for you! It was great to see all that steel painting and all that glass go in!

    89. R6pilot

      Very cool

    90. SaSaUrmULi1

      I started from watching you clear a new driveway now I’m subscribed and here I am on my 3rd video frikn AMAZING WORK BRO!!!...

    91. Mo Mon

      waiting for world war 3

    92. tbonesteakchops

      Andrew I’m from NYS can I asked what part are you from love all your videos watch many many of them love your work hard worker there are so many things you can do keep up the great work always looking for more of your videos I learn lots

    93. Mason Greenwood

      Best zombie proof house build I've ever seen !

    94. Markela Frantzi

      gave a new meaning to the word "earthship"

    95. Ricks Jordan

      I wonder if it does have structural column from the base itself?

    96. David Dean

      Is this gonna be a free DLC map? Lol GJ

    97. Tim M

      Looks good. Any inspiration from the lighthouse?

    98. Michał Roman

      This construction is windproof, sunproof, fireproof, iceproof and even bulletproof

    99. Tiellos

      I just didn't understand about the thermal insulation, this roof will get too hot, or I'm wrong.

    100. Marc Argento

      You really dont want your caulking around the outside of your windows to get hard the metal will expand ans contract want an elastomeric caulking