Jeezy - Me OK (Explicit) (Official Music Video)


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    1. Rodrigo Cárdenas

      Yoo this track is fire ! Jeezy's tracks are full of bars regard other modern rappers.

    2. Huey Freeman

      Jeezy is the Godfather of Trap. His bangaz are godly

    3. Rest. N.

      Didn't know big homie got down like this. Gs up!.. We watchin'

    4. shaban shone

      Really dope track I'm playing it in my nissan qashqai tekena+

    5. Thirtys✔

      🔥 🔥2021???🔥 🔥

    6. Sumer Joshua

      january 2021 here we go!

    7. Ryan Landes

      2021......Lets Get It.

    8. brent savard

      im a white boy from Cambridge Ontario Canada and this is my shit!!!!!!!!!!! id love to meett you Jizzle

    9. Amir Harris

      "I don't eat sleep or shit without my mufuckin pistol"🔥🔥🔥💯

    10. Kieko Tipekis

      2021 never gets old #Jeezy

    11. Erin Greenwood

      January 6 2021💎 im wit JEEZY

    12. ŇBÃ ÝÕŮÑĞ BÕÝ 69

      En tant que je suis en vie je n'arrête jamais à t'écouter Mon idiot parmi tous les rappeur américain 💪💪💪💪 tu est le meilleur

    13. Trinity Cain

      Trinity Cain - Yesterday Shout Out Jeezy!!!

    14. Raul Garcia

      2021 me still ok 😅

    15. Telaya Jackson 1.0

      Comments are being disabled because of sick commentors.

    16. Hect Rodriguez

      G I n er heart is ready give me a gid in church right now I am working on innervation swipe it away I'm four five decals straight waiting supposed in eyes from a decision dee williams sonoma cold country sight's score oopss possible in side call wh pop s mind see work I do what I just found an apartment rewriting rolls like my who guessing that ok Pop a is always good it's just the way

    17. Hect Rodriguez


    18. Hect Rodriguez


    19. Jamie Simmons

      Stay dwn until u come up

    20. Jamie Simmons


    21. Jamie Simmons

      Neva put a 6itch be4 my avoin to the head. Yeah that's me ok💲👌

    22. Justin Matherly

      Jeezy been a fuckin legend since...forver. okkkkkkk

    23. Justin Ruthenberg

      Who saw lil baby

    24. Fabrice De L’Orient

      I’m loading 2021 and another me I swear to God. Just me ok! 🔥👌🏾

    25. Curtis Washington

      Jeezy will always be better then Gucci Big snow

    26. Curtis Washington


    27. Joe 419

      2020 in the 419

    28. Shawn Cole


    29. Alan sampson

      Jeezy vs gucci this is gonna be an argument for years to come fan of both but jeezy is the king of trap music gucci is the God of trap music

    30. Mike Kouadio

      oldschool in the game.respect dawg

    31. Nick Peterson


    32. Melvin Bundrage

      had a 1992 white 4 door accord 🚫🧢 it paid for it self🤐🤙🏾

    33. Byron Perkins

      Thatz Me Ok!!!

    34. Mina Eiselstein

      When the heck did Jeezy get so fine 😋😋

    35. Audrey Simmons


    36. Zaire Hammonds

      I'm from the A-town SoringSpringfield.@

      1. Zaire Hammonds

        Gap vatie

    37. Hihi Hihi

      Who seen rich homie quan👀

    38. Gio Valentino

      Yo. Who produces this beat 🗣

    39. what nah

      4:10 OOOOOOOUH SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. what nah

      THATS A BANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. FyiGucciShiasia ButterCream

      Jeezy I will always love u. I appreciate your time and talent for this is you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers for life

    42. Jay Tee

      I'm Boppin

    43. Bimota VDue

      "Never put a bitch before my bread" Original version from 500 years ago "Men, steel, money and bread, are the sinews of war; but of these four, the first two are more necessary, for men and steel find money and bread, but money and bread do not find men and steel."-Niccolo Machiavelli Same message ;)

      1. Darrell Robinson

        I agree with that ancient decree. Well written and well said. Commendations.

    44. Bryce Clinkingbeard

      young b-GOD MADE

    45. Zaire Hammonds


    46. Bardia Feizollahzade

      Mr. Imma tell you what

    47. Zaire Hammonds

      I ain't the tuffwst. In HSV

    48. Steve Singleton

      Masterfully written 50% playback #primo

    49. Antonio Wood

      Jeezy is like this gens Pop Smoke, he’s in my top 5

    50. Misti Blu

      The Goat PERIOD ‼️ 2020

    51. Tess Cooper


    52. ŇBÃ ÝÕŮÑĞ BÕÝ 69

      2020/2021 jusqu'à l'infini 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪🧘‍♂️💪💪🤺🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️💪💪💪💪💪🇬🇳

    53. Lroy Sam

      Listening to this one early at work that real motivation I need all money in 💯

    54. Larry Sampson

      Lay Flat

    55. King Boss

      I kinda miss living in Atlanta

    56. 20jallow

      Jeezy always had one of the best beats in his songs and you know he is Mr kill the beat!

    57. Jr Cash

      Jeezy and Gucci can co exist because I bump em both frequently

    58. Sherry Lewis

      Mr...U Undastand Me????

    59. superRBG

      BIG SNO ⛄ ☃️ ⛄

    60. George Jungle

      What drought ?!!! ..Frisco bb!!

    61. Worlds Next Business Man

      Jeezy should have played this at the verzus

    62. Martín Andrés Rosas sandria

      😂tedigo ablas y qres es juego entucabesa o mierda unjues de califas noes juego

    63. isiah rouse

      Rich homie quan

    64. The R Renee


    65. roo Koo

      i think every guy in america can sing songs like this or any gucci song .. no style no rhymes ... easy songs only beat makes sens

    66. sam30296


    67. Deskpop Risk

      Certified. jeezy shits on every beat he touches

    68. Onaje 100


    69. Salito Suavy

      It me

    70. Carlton J


    71. Chad Tucker

      A young Rich Homie Quan in the video too. Had to listen to this one before and after the Verzuz

    72. Turok Makto

      another 1....shoulda played on the versus

    73. TheRealGlass 202

      Should've played this shit at the vs

    74. Cain

      If you ever thought Gucci was better than jeezy then you a damn fool. But Gucci gets more love from the streets tho



    76. Landry Mab

      those Three verses are lit

    77. Al Mac

      Since the VERZUS battle,my love for Jeezy just went from 100-10000000000000000000000👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾,it's Me OK!!!!!!

    78. Mack Valentine

      Me ok I 👌 the haven

    79. James Nichols


    80. missy09317

      Gucci sounds like he sat next to the teacher when he was a child.

    81. Marcos Ramirez

      It’s GUCCI !!!

    82. lost-Angel

      The best... Period

    83. Natasha Carter

      2020 the snowman

    84. Kameron Green

      Why didn’t he play this in the versus!!!!!??????!!!!

      1. Allabove

        He has way too many hits😂 he didn’t do I luv it , or my hood

      2. Wilber Buruca

        Cuz he has so many hits he could of been there all night with hits... that’s why Gucci called it quits early.... wats gucci biggest hits lemonade and brick or some shit 😂😂😂😂 Jeezy has another 30 songs he could of played

    85. Susan Locklear


    86. Susan Locklear

      Shit with a gun 🤩 wow

    87. Susan Locklear

      Ghost town man snow ⛄️ man

    88. Susan Locklear

      North Carolina Robinson country USA 🇺🇸 red spring

    89. Susan Locklear

      Ready babe let go

    90. Susan Locklear

      Doing good okay 👌

    91. Susan Locklear

      Okay 👌

    92. Susan Locklear

      I am okay not crying 😢 no more

    93. Dee Smith

      Say man Istg when the beat drops to any of Jeezy hits they go hard af. And imma old head Rap music Lover 4 life.

      1. Everett Hairston

        Same here

    94. Lil Home State

      One of my all time favorite songs by the Snowman ⛄

    95. Evelyn Elle

      Should of drop this joint in verzus

    96. Tëtšuo

      this the hardest shit

    97. flymingo the fittest

      Who back here now after the battle

    98. Derrion Pryor

      Jeezy should have played this on Verzuztv!! #Verzuztv #jeezy

    99. Gemstones Mommy

      “APPROACH ME IF YOU WANT TO I WILL SMOKE YOU LIKE A SWISHER.” Grammy worthy. Best Trap 🪤 rapper. 11/19/2020 VERZUZ. Beat the socks 🧦 off Gucci.

    100. Scott Rincon

      He didn’t play this on the Verzus battle 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. You lost the debate

        And been around 20 plus as well

      2. You lost the debate

        This man got too many

      3. BLACK CEO


      4. meredith0192

        He did! That’s the only reason why I am listening to this song now!

      5. Meaghan Ellis

        Right! And people swear Jeezy didnt have hits after The Recession. All lies!