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    We go inside a $20,000 per month Japanese apartment in the heart of Harajuku, Tokyo. But how good can it really be? Let's take a tour!
    🏡 Sharla's $13,000 Apartment Tour: kgup.info/get/mKuHlGbOkaGWaG4/video
    🌟A HUGE thanks to Alex at iHome Real Estate for getting us inside the apartment!🌟
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Take a shot every time someone compares a single room to the size of their apartment. So what's the verdict? Good value for money given the private roof oasis and location in the heart of Harajuku? Or simply overpriced mayhem? A HUGE thanks to Alex for showing us around - if you want to explore the amazing properties on his website check out: i-home.tokyo Feel free to drop him a line if you have any questions about moving to Tokyo! - And as for me, it's back to the ironing board.

      1. Jack West

        Chris you could always find 9 friends to join you in living there and each of you pay $2k or if you think it would work have 19 friends join you in that place at $1k each. of course bathroom use might get a bit complicated(well could always water the shrubs I suppose. lol) but there are two of them so it might be ok with 9 people. still its an idea if they would go for it to have a bigger living space in a nicer part of town with a great view. lol

      2. fanアニメ


      3. Andrew Rae

        @James's Gems yikes sorry bud that sucks! Cause this place in Japan is NOT big!!!

      4. Uki Yud

        Is this place haunted? kgup.info/get/pW9qmWXNm45ljH8/video

      5. Mia Smith

        @Roberto Enduro Chris can't afford to get fried chicken crumbs on fancy clothes.

    2. BlueHippo

      Your videos were more fun before you joined Tokyo creative...-_-

    3. Willz

      Disappointed by the kitchen really, quite small and it looked like it only had two burners

    4. Clio LoRi

      I want a house like that.

    5. domenique triest

      thats amazing lets put the whole family in there……..

    6. Robin Dabank

      At least there’s a lot of space for skeletons in all those closets

    7. Honhyeol

      Well that was disappointing I was thinking it would be more along the lines of that presidential suite you did a tour of with Ryotoro a few years back.

    8. Jaryd

      Tis not everyday you see a pug steal away the limelight from Chris and Sharla!

    9. Marcus Aurelius

      Why long nose tribe own other tribe's caves? Makes Grug think

    10. Valir Heat

      I'm sure $20K in Texas will get you a 35 bedroom mansion.

    11. Nesha Cruz

      He would carry a pug lmao (men in black ref)

    12. Lengoc Khanhbang

      Que Dios nos perdone.

    13. arminayy

      The way they dapped eachother up at 1:09 was unexpected but made me smile LMFAO

    14. Katie Luv

      Ahh...I can afford that. *pinch* right.

    15. Tommy Sands

      lol japan. you can get the same thing in thailand or taiwan for much much less money. a flight risk, he is not wrong

    16. Nikola Jovanovic

      130.000,00$ is nothing for a place in central Tokyo, that's a bargain. Did i miss hear something?

    17. Walter Smetak

      Peanuts......in NYC, for that sum, you can get something decent, but not much else - the Zaha Hadid extravaganza at the High Line starts around US$35K month......

    18. Matthew Hartness

      he looks a little like CaptainSparklez

    19. Hallenor

      Im pretty sure that Alec Shapiro is part of the problem why prices are so high.

    20. Lengoc Cuong

      Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

    21. Anthony Alvarado

      14:32 "Lock Changing Fee" is over $700? I was seriously thinking about renting this place but the Lock Changing Fee is Ridiculous

    22. lalilulelo

      $20k is way to expensive for this bland apartment. I would like to see it furnished though.

    23. Bass Clef Ely

      I was half-expecting them to find the secret space where the maid keeps her husband.

    24. Avihu

      his forehead is so big, it could be used as a landing strip...

    25. HellishFire

      You pay a $1000 Dollars a mouth? Screw that

    26. CyanideSlushie

      What happens if we go over here though?

    27. 3Y3H8N1G63RS

      Owe mai gowd, ah qwoft in mai pants Cindy!

    28. 3Y3H8N1G63RS

      What a waste of money. If you've got it, flush it.

    29. Alayna Jordan

      it's the pug CEO for me XD

    30. Zack Morningstar

      Yo....I think I want that apartment. That place is fucking beautiful, like....holy shit

    31. Amanda Teoh

      Private lift: 😴 40 sq foot room: 😴 80 sq foot living room: 😴 Hidden kitchen: 😴 Outdoor rooftop garden: 😴 Pug snoring and falling asleep on arm: 😲

    32. Kyle Lee

      0:12 Chris: Japan gets a lot of attention for their small apartments... Hong Kong: hold my beer ~

    33. UFC 243

      Iya ya Allah.

    34. Leo JRC

      Are Alex Shapiro and Ben Shapiro are related? They even look similar. 🤔

    35. Lactobacillus Probiotic

      Such a cute pug that Alex owns. 1:20

    36. JAV X.X.X LOVE


    37. vambo13257

      Sorry, the view of a bunch of roofs is not very appealing

    38. trentazamo

      9:21 I WON WON

    39. Indian Girl

      I need boy friend

    40. Frank

      Sweet deal !

    41. GUI KJRL

      20k gets you a 4b4ba house where i live XD

    42. Keith Whitty

      So you get 4 couples and pay 2.5K a month's each and live like Kings. Great party home. That sounds a whole.lot better idea.

    43. Todd Atkins

      Why not just buy a house?

    44. Norwegian Blue

      Out of curiosity, I checked to see if they even had $20k apartment rentals in San Diego. They actually do. But they are huge penthouses overlooking the ballpark and city waterfront. www.apartments.com/park-12-san-diego-ca/w6spt3h/

    45. darnedmallard 0

      its economically quite unsustainable to invest in apartments that go for 20.000 a month. its more of a market niche

    46. Milton Waddams

      It's not that expensive considering the location. Seems in NYC you'd only get a much smaller complete sh!thole for that amount of money.

    47. Lumpy Stilskin

      Me living in a $20 per month apartment: *phew*

    48. Yamato Tenzou God

      Time to become a rich drug dealer and move to japan and live there

    49. Christian Andersson

      15:50 Interesting that racism is more or less defend and accepted just because its in Japan. If I would act like that in Sweden, you know changing rates for foreigners, openly denying them contracts etc, I would be lynched. On the other hand - its their country, their culture and they have the right to make their own decisions. Good for you, Japan! (Yeah, the west, esp Europe could learn a thing or two from this, hence all of the multiculti bs going where other cultures are valued more than the native ones....)

      1. Ivan Luiz de Freitas

        Good evening, Christian! Nice point of view, man! I guess that, once it's their lands, they can make their rules. You don't have to agree with them, but they don't have to agree with either. In Brazil, it's totally different. It's common to be way more friendly towards foreigners....

    50. X Gen


    51. Catthief 99

      I'm Clak Kent and live in a phone booth for only 80,000 yen a month.

    52. Stephen

      Given the housing shortage in Tokyo, I can't imagine why this place is vacant.

    53. William Grand

      Its very clean but its too square and boring.

    54. heyjeySigma

      pfffft... i can afford this apartment.. For a single month! then i'd have to escape

    55. demonikgambino

      How you gonna lie about the size of the kitchen? This drying rack is the kitchen, don't look at the stove in the next shot...

    56. FistSaidToTheFace

      no redeeming qualities about this apartment, its for capitalists that think they are going to reach the stars on the back of a unicorn. i got a 2130sq/ft house on an acre in the mountains for $75k. i take a 40 minute drive to a major city and have fun for a couple of nights. im set for life.

      1. ZappyZ4p

        @Piroclanidis Exactly, people here dont seem to be using their brains, I mean even in the U.S; in Manhattan the price per square feet is 1,400 dollars, the apartment shown in this video is easily 200sqm which is about 2100 sqft.....you can do the math lol !

      2. Piroclanidis

        Good luck finding a house like that in japan. You're massively ignorant if you think that this apartment isnt impressive for central tokyo, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Its compareable to new york apartments.

    57. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel

      Damn, guess most of the price is due to location, cause the apartement itself doesn't look all that impressive except for the big living room area.

    58. Ellis Thomas

      This is probably just because I'm British and different countries have different styles and likes, but I'm not a fan of this apartment. Sure it's big for a city apartment but there's nothing about it that jumps out and makes me think wow. Still very interesting to see though and an excellent vid.

    59. nikolai502

      Well, it's huge, but looks a bit too huge

    60. Avarua59

      Hey Chris - you could afford if all your subscribers kicked in 25 cents a year!

    61. _ TheBlaiZe

      Is it weird that I actually prefer smaller living spaces? These huge mansions don't really feel that "cozy" if you know what I mean. (I swear I'm not just coping)


      I wouldn't pay $20,000/year for that ugly box.


      radioactive wasteland

    64. rst


    65. Yellowish Green Dragon .-.

      20,000 in Yen or Dollars?. There is a big difference. Edit: if it's yen it's $200.

    66. Nguyenduc Sang

      Ingat.... Ada allah....

    67. Ben

      That’s like $240,000 a year apartment meanwhile I live in the middle of no where with the same sized house that was bought for the price of a years rent for whoever buys that, I still do not see the appeal of city’s

    68. KISS LOVE X.X.X


    69. Googleplus Isterrible

      20k pm... why not buy a house? Who would pay 20k for a 4 bedroom APARTMENT. It's not flex, it's foolish. And it ugly af.

    70. Rus Royce

      is that ben shapiro's cousin

    71. Richard Vasquez

      The interior is not in the least bit impressive. However the views and garden 👌

    72. Anderson Silva CLUB

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    73. NewOldObsession

      ok but the pug is SO CUTE

      1. Lactobacillus Probiotic

        I want to give it a hug.

    74. Seth Wright

      Anyone else think this apartment is shit for the amount you pay

    75. Ted The American

      Very nice but hardly what I would call luxury.

    76. Cjxtreme66

      I'd never pay that much for renting anything. But I am going to use some of those design ideas when I decide to build

    77. Hayden Nicholas

      damn! "Foreigner friendly". so racist

      1. Hayden Nicholas

        @Yellowish Green Dragon .-. I stand by my statement

      2. Yellowish Green Dragon .-.

        It means they accept Foreigners to rent this place. A lot of real estates will deny applications to rent in Japan, if the person is a foreigner. Because they're worried the person will just leave Japan without paying rent. It's not being racist. It's mentioning that they acomodate to a wider group of people.

    78. UFC 249 FULL FIGHT

      ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this.

    79. Lekhanh Danh


    80. kristian

      I think i will rob this soon after a rich peron moves in

    81. Love Night


    82. xXDESTINYMBXx kappa

      That salesman looks like a villain with the dog in his arm.

    83. Altair H.J.

      But, if you want to buy apartment like this. How much money you need? Of course I don’t have so much money for this, because I’m poor student(^~^). But it’s very interesting(*-*)

    84. Lollie Dolly

      The movie acrimony i think has an apartment or something with that long closet thing maybe. It's been so long idk

    85. Nanni Giovannetti

      I would put a hotspring in the garden and just never leave home again...hehe

    86. ★ ilivill ★

      the catch is... you have to live in japan. LUL

    87. HH

      The closet space looks like bookshelf of library. A ladder is needed.

    88. Franziska Klaiber

      I was so disappointed with the "lush rooftop paradise Garden" I mean wow..depressing.ok, Japan is not a tropical paradise...but this had nothing luxurious...not even a nice seating area/nothing cute. But I did Love the dog foot shower!!! Every apartment should have that!!!! I wonder what happens if your dog pees on the street in Japan? Or if you don't pick up the poop? Will you get deported?🤣

    89. nonstopjoliver

      15 years in Japan and still living in an apartments only the size of that garden? Yeahhh, no thanks. I want a house, not a shack.

    90. nonstopjoliver

      And if this weren't Japan, or even Tokyo, with its ridiculous property costs, this would maybe be several thousand dollars, with amenities, grounds, and cleaning services included.

    91. LOVE X.X.X


    92. ScapularBore

      Lol my 1,200 dollar appartment is nicer than this one.

    93. 4akat

      "i think your the only [don't say gaijin!] foreign business owner..."

    94. Yume no Genjitsu

      *I'm gonna join the yakuzas now and own an apartment with bathrooms bigger than my house*

    95. AnneBerkheij

      Feels like a refurbished office space.. I don't like it at all.

    96. Puissant Powernapper

      I feel bad for the guy - everyone who sees his last name in the U.S. will probably be reminded of "Ben Shapiro". Traveling abroad really was one of only two choices between that and changing his last name.

      1. robin brobjer

        Shapiro is a very common Hebrew name, I doubt he faces problems from it

    97. King Loso23

      Small af for $20,000 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️ I rather pay that in America

    98. Screw The Net

      I sitll dont get why more people in small cramped cities dont use modular furniture. IT takes up less space when not being used, and when folded out it can be super effective at using the space its made for. *smfh * Not worth 20k . BUt that country is not going to be around in the same form in the next 60 years. *shrugs *

    99. KISS LOVE X.X.X


    100. BLee Jr

      How to waste $20,000 a month... rent (INSERT ANYTHING HERE). Even if you are rich enough to afford that, what a waste. Just invest in owning land.