Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! (All 5 Combo Meals)

Matt Stonie

8 млн көрүүлөр903

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    Morgan & I asked for 50k Likes & 20k Comments, and you guys delivered! So, as promised (as if I wasn't going to do it anyways...) we are doing the Raising Cane's Full Menu Challenge!! All 5 Combo Meals in one sitting & finish as fast as I can!

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    1. Jamison Castle

      this made me jelous because i LOVE Raising Canes

    2. SuperDude123 Hensem

      Someone give this guy a medal he asked for a DIET coke. What a legend

    3. ishaan kulkarni

      yep mommy i just found the guy in my math book

    4. xXxYaBoiProPlayzDwayneBroxXx

      Matt you might be fat like me but I still love the food challenges love ya😍😍😍😍

    5. inaes

      730g of cholestrol.

    6. rangges mujiono

      Jake Paul?

    7. Amad Bakr


    8. Gaming Beast

      If you're like turns into my Subscribers ❤️ That's a lot to me🔥🔥 He is the real beast😈

    9. xXARandomGirlXx

      How much calories does he burn a day to eat this much and not gain weight? Pretty sure he workouts

    10. Evan Yip

      Just worked out and I’m jealous

    11. Moe ASMR

      For the first time I’m not impressed with the amount of food, some Korean mukbangers would eat more. and if you don’t speed your video, will be more realistic 🙂 don’t get me wrong I’m not a hater I love to watch your videos but I had this feeling recently

      1. MateItsGaile

        What you're saying is he should've eaten more right? Please, read the title It says FULL MENU WHICH MEANS HE IS EATING EVERYTHING THAT IS AVAILABLE IN RAISING CANE. YOU IDIOT

      2. cool chris

        He's going for time. He eats faster than you do.

      3. Shreyaas

        He is doing a time attack dude. He is not focusing on eating a lot. If he eats slowly then he can do three times the amount he hasn’t eaten. He wants to do it in a short period of time. He is a competitive eater not a mukbanger. I love your videos and I watch almost every single one of them btw.

    12. BenHass Daily

      When I’m hungry on Friday’s:

    13. extremerpg

      Stonie = 2:21 "No lie I am absolutely starving" Food = "Why do I hear boss music"

    14. Itscarter Rodriguez

      I have been watching him from the beginning I’m still not subscribed how

    15. AkselDaGOD

      Did yall hear the android just saying

      1. alyson x


    16. Kübra Aydın

      hey you need to stop drinking this much coke seriously food is ok mahbe but not cokee

    17. Marcus Butters

      Worst place to do a food challenge food is disgusting bland as hell

    18. The Hentai Boy

      Bruh I'm legit drooling

    19. A_villa__510 Villa torres

      Bro this sucks I loves Caines but we don’t have caines where I live

    20. YT Dreamxl

      Y ki uniforms cuteeeeee

    21. Isaac Longen

      He didn’t drink the sauce

    22. Joshua Jean-Baptiste

      Believe in JESUS, we are all sinners deserving the wrath of GOD, because we sin against a holy and just and perfect GOD. Therefore we all deserve the punishment hell, but GOD in his rich grace and mercy by which he loved us sent JESUS to die for us on the cross to leave his throne and suffer for us. To be the perfect sacrifice for us because he himself was sinless and perfect. That if we would have a repentant heart and believe in JESUS and place our faith in him,we will be saved from the eternal punishment and be given eternal life.

    23. Xavier Meza

      I came to the comments when I heard the doo doo doo doo doo

      1. alyson x

        same here

    24. Owen Swaney

      U should’ve asked for no ice my g lol

    25. Ruel Sorsona

      Sana all may pagkain nagayan

    26. P83 944NA

      Their sauce is so damn good. I could drink that stuff.

    27. KareFree OW

      Canes sauce is crack

    28. cassius 220

      No problem my guy

    29. cassius 220


    30. Dump Account

      this made me hungry and wanna vomit at the same time

    31. Luuhcurt 2x

      Yeeeer your video’s are 🔥🔥

    32. Learning Hub

      he missed a french frie in the 3 finger combo meal... dun dun dunnnnn


      The Droid sound in the back 😭😭😭

    34. Majed Alahmed

      a question... how can you hold your self in the street if you need to go to the toilet . ??

    35. Majed Alahmed

      what in the world is going on ... how is that possible

    36. Brenden Eichert

      I have a question when you eat this. Is this the only thing you eat for the week then you go on so many runs?

    37. Benny Lauzon

      Im watching this on my second day of fasting

    38. Club Sillyness

      His thumbnail looks like hes nikovado avocado

    39. CoryXkenshin fan21


    40. Wade Gordillo

      I’ve only watched 2 videos and I’m freaking hungry as freak

    41. jailobreak squad

      i am soooooooo hungry right now

    42. Lisa Nowakowski

      I like how he did in the epic sound “apple juice DUNDUN” lol

    43. Юлиан Набиуллин

      this made me hungry

    44. Micah Ash

      Is this healthy

    45. Mr. Evil#1

      when is my guy gonna body build he would be jacked from all that food

    46. Brian Aucoin

      4:00 the android notification😂😂😂

    47. T

      Me: 1 Year of Quarantine- half pound gained- I think I should loose some weight plus be carful what I eat. Him: yesterday 10.000 calories, today 8.000 calories tomorrow 30.0000 just because it’s Weekend and still is thinner. Me: 😐 how ? Just HOW ?

    48. Adam Johnson

      Man, those sauces are the worst thing for you on the menu!

    49. angel gonzalez


    50. Andhika Citra Buana, MD

      org yg ga menikmati makanannya,. jd ga nafsu

    51. xiuchai chen

      Ball spray whatttttttttttttt

    52. Bora Bora

      You should do the 100 cheesy roll up challenge from Taco Bell.

    53. GyspyDanger07

      Drive-Thru Employee: what would you like today? Matt Stonier: Yes

    54. sana butt

      You eat a lot and still fit how?

    55. RenLillien

      His gummy bear shirt. Looks so 💫epic💫

    56. Josiah Flores

      He starts talking about ball cream then just starts eating raising canes😂

    57. henchmangamer and tech head

      Kids be like: he ate it in .....

    58. Eyad Yousef

      The most thing he cares about the apple juice

    59. AC 130

      I’m salty. I want canes;_;

    60. VİTAE

      this is not caniac combo this is maniac combo

    61. A A

      I am sure your grandma loves you

    62. A A

      Good I am full now

    63. Lovro Kladnik

      Im hungry

    64. omar ahmed

      the end of the challenge 7:32

    65. omar ahmed

      the starting of the challenge 3:21

    66. omar ahmed

      my fav combo 0:17

      1. omar ahmed

        i mean 0:18

    67. nafeesa eissa

      سحس احسن منك

    68. Capt_ Cashew

      I can’t even imagine how big the dump is after this.

    69. Top Gamer

      The sidemen definitly need to watch this vedio

    70. Mousa Mia


    71. Albin Jose

      4:04 i saw one last fry in that box 😂

    72. Lenny_Face 2.o

      Bread is the best part

    73. Anquan Lewis

      keep up the good work

    74. Cashappme Kobecs

      Dammmnn nigga pass the box 🤤

    75. underwood212 6

      How does he stay so small

    76. IceXLIV

      Box No Slaw Extra Toast Thank me later

    77. Skywalkin21

      I know I can’t be the only one wondering if his girl gets jealous when he eats all this food😂?

    78. H W

      How is he not fat? Gosh.... I gain 10lbs just from breathing

    79. Jey_da God

      POV: your here watching him eating all this really good food while your over eating your saliva. 🤤

    80. Gerarudo

      A p p l e j u i c e

    81. Southern Cali

      A challenge i can do except for ll the drink and fries

    82. Noah Gee

      With *APPLE JUICE*

    83. Ayylmao

      definitely ate the coleslaw wrong

    84. Nimar Sidhu


    85. Pomo Grenade

      why is he screaming tho?

    86. The real cheese Productions

      This is the definition of you didnt even taste it

    87. Baldomero Alejandro

      Is it just me or did I hear a android at 3:59

    88. Olivia Wise

      What if they had something you don’t like do you just not order it or do you order it and just eat it and deal with it

    89. T K

      I'm surprised he doesnt have diabetes yet😬🤯😳

    90. Jack Lou

      a p p l e j u i c e

    91. Neosp 14

      He should have gotten the lemonade

    92. Enhance Thechance

      How? How can someone consume that much?

    93. Anime Vxbxs

      Toilet go burr burrrr

    94. That one Dude

      Food tastes better when you don’t eat it. Said no one ever

    95. Virtual XD

      There is only one raising canes in indiana and its in my town

    96. Black Crystal Dragoon

      Should've opted in for one box combo to have double texas toast instead of cole slaw. Btw why do u look like Chandler (from Mr. Beast's channel's) brother?

    97. Erick Rivas

      the most impressive thing about this is the fact he ate the coleslaws

    98. ty Howard

      There food hella good only have it when I went to Vegas

    99. Gabele_007

      Who gets a brain freeze in their collar bone? Lmaooo