Toosii - Stuck Inside Mercedez Love Cycle


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    Music video by Toosii performing Stuck Inside Mercedez Love Cycle. © 2020 South Coast Music Group

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    1. delonte Carter

      Back shots crazy

    2. Diego Maia

      The berserk basket analogically dress because william topically open toward a aware bass. succinct, special spear

    3. Demetri Parrish

      This kiara I like that position

    4. John St. Charles


    5. Toosii 2X

      7:44 R.I.P sneak 🤧🤍

    6. Jet Life

      This shit reminds me of my ex lol

    7. Jerry Hughes

      Detroit fuck wit u hard 2x

    8. Shaquille Hudson

      I’m confused .. it’s a true story about a couple but the way the music video is isn’t the same.. is he referring himself as the guy in the “real life couple” on the music video? Or is he telling the story for the guy but he knows Mercedes personally?? And if it’s the same Mercedes why is it two different stories on why she committed suicide ???

    9. Tareal Washington

      Tootsie 😂😂😂

    10. Shermone Bolling

      Her skin like hersheys my favorite lyrics

    11. Juan Ballejo

      That Redbone he took out for lunch look like a skinnier version of simon richards. G shit. Hahh

    12. i X

      You connected too Casanova 2x?

    13. Amareiah Jackson

      So you like summer walker but now she maddd

    14. M3Productionz


    15. Richard Evins

      the way he lookin at her make me feel the lyrics..she workin it tho.

    16. Nakylah Lashayy

      What is her name on instagram??

    17. SymplyJus Shauna

      😭😭 this gives me goosebumps

    18. Richelle Walker

      Stuck in ur love cycle for more reason than one. Just want give a stuck that’ll make ya be first to say U know we married right. I be like this is so sudden but okay yea I’ll be urs forever. Love ya Baby.💕😘

    19. Laura Burrell

      The last part got mec😂😂

    20. Richelle Walker

      No love cycle I whether be in but with u. Cause in the end I get be in arms forever. 💕

    21. Richelle Walker

      💕♾👑 forever ur Bonnie

    22. yongMakeup Queen

      That's weird what you was doing to her like are you having sex with other girls

    23. Ayat

      This shii sad bru I ain’t kno there was a pt2 bu when I watched it it was sad bc of reasons I been thru😩

    24. chloe Mcintosh


    25. K. Dozier

      I just realized it was you on Queen's live last night..... I was like I knew that cute boy from somewhere 😂😭 and it was YOU 😂😂😂

    26. hassan kainan

      i can only imagine

    27. Nisha

      New favorite song!!! Toosii is the truth. He's gonna BLOW!! Very talented

    28. Jada Freeman

      Yes 🥰 I was crying to this song 😍😭😭😭

    29. Aaryannie Miller

      One. Yard🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

    30. DJShawtySwagVEVO


    31. DJShawtySwagVEVO

      Lit 🔥 AsF 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

    32. Edwina Rivera

      Beautiful chocolate 🍫🍫 Queen 👑

    33. SelenaSecretShow

      Why do guys only truly love a woman after they treat her badly and then she leaves and moves on... Hes like: "Is tHiS l0vE?"

    34. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons

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    35. Sᕼᑘᖶ ᖻᓍᑘᖇ ᘻᓍᘻ

      Can someone tell me the whole story about it and who it happened to?

    36. Allison Francis සම්මුතියක් තිබේද

    37. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons


    38. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons

      Pulll upppp

    39. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons

      Vincent apartments

    40. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons

      Amen copyright issues copyright copyright ©

    41. Oh thats Lauren

      Damn he fine ...

    42. trina8muffin

      Did I miss something? Why is everyone saying this is about the beautiful young lady who commited suicide? Wasn't she in college,on the track team and pregnant when she passed? Or did she strip too? I see another of people are saying this is not about the same young woman

    43. Falis Olad

      Wait did she actually kill her self💔

    44. Kennedi

      He released this a month after the Mercedez music video. The Melanin. I cannot wait to see you blow up. What a solid, intelligent, loyal Nigga.

    45. Bernadette Phillips සිතුවිල්ල නැතහොත් මේ වන විට ගල් බවට හැරී ඇත නමුත් ඔබ ඉන්නවා කොහොම වුනත්ඇය විතරයි

    46. Lovely Losja

      I loved the entire 10mins & 33 secs of this. It made me cry, smile, laugh go through every emotion. He told a real story and showed real black love in this video! Toosii is special, he is someone’s GREAT!💯💯 🔥 🔥 🔥 💪🏾

    47. Shavonne Mckenzie කැමරාවේ ඩ්‍රෝන් යානය පටිගත කර ඇති බව බයර් විසින් සොයාගෙන එය පිස දැමීය

    48. PWR_ Shadow20

      song so underrated champ💪

    49. Sybil Lester කාලය සඳහා නිවැරදි වීමට තරම් විශාල හා සාමාන්‍යයෙන් සෞඛ්‍ය සම්පන්නයි ඇත්තටම නැහැ

    50. Candace Charles මනසනැවතත් එහි විශාල තරලවල ඒකාකාරී බව හා වෙනස්වීම එක් කරයි

    51. Arlene Maultsby

      True story that's my story you made the song from me

    52. Shar Akaysia

      The director calling him tootsie 😂😂

    53. Hannah Thomas

      Ain’t no reason for Toosii to be this damn fine like🥺🤪😘

    54. Leah Massiah

      This is straight fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    55. desha nurse

      He better Wife her

    56. Florishhbx

      Can’t take this of replay

    57. Florishhbx

      This song is really a story 💔💔

    58. Jean Watts මට විශ්වාසයි අපි හැමෝම උත්සවය එනකම් බලාගෙන ඉන්නවාසීයාමම ඔහුට කීවෙමි

    59. Jordan Staines

      I need me a girl like Mercedes ❤️🇯🇲

    60. Tamsin Dixon එහෙම නේද ෂිට්මම කරනවා

    61. xo.zaria_

      dis nigga said sum tussie ITS TOOSII pronounced (TOO-SEE)

    62. xo.zaria_

      tha only emojis that explain his looks is : 😍🥵🥺✨

    63. xo.zaria_

      who is mercedez bae ????😭


      Why a commercial pop up when she rey shoot her self and say capow

    65. Naissa's World

      This is like a modern day Lottery ticket 🥴

    66. chan chan Coleman

      Omg y u put a gun to yo head tho

    67. Rauni Tutoriais

      Que Musica Maravilhosa 🇧🇷

    68. Dawn Cherry


    69. Ace Capone

      Rest in Love Jessica Gigi Carson💙💙

    70. Erica Conley


    71. Lorin Russell හොඳයිඔබ දිනය වේලාව ක්‍රියා විරහිත කර නොතිබුනේ නම් ඩ්‍රෝන යානය විකෘති කළේය

    72. MercedesYoloLiveYourDream Shorty Simmons

      Let’s Gooooo We Gunna Be Fucking The Sheets Up... Toos Man, when I tell You, You Gunna Have The Change The Sheets every time we have sex..Ima Soaker..

    73. Kami'Yah Monett

      Everyone who disliked this is HEARTLESS

    74. SoleFood 850

      This man is a musical Genius.

    75. Samantha Marie

      This song does something to me

    76. Royal Dess

      I seen what the hype was about 😭🥺

    77. tasha browns


    78. China Lynnae

      I joke not when I say this is the most underrated rapper deadass I can’t em think of anybody that deserves more hype cause wtf

    79. alissa kash

      This hits home bc my bf never understand why i play dis song on ft everyday

    80. LifeWithKaylaMarie


    81. Leyah c

      I wish I was Mercedes 😩

    82. s M

      This sums up my 2 year relationship but with one lil twist ... damn

    83. D Swervo

      I love this song sm 😻💋.

    84. Michael Linkin

      He has the album of the year so far

    85. Twenty FoShiii

      Oh yea this shit gotta be a true story , it’s too deep. Toosii you 🔥 boy, s/o to the real street niggas bro

    86. jadaathamaniac

      can’t lie like ts ain deep af

    87. imserious2187

      I been fucking off this song every since I discovered it 👅👅

    88. baddie. d0ll_

      what’s the song about ?

    89. THE MF QUEEN

      nau’jour . how dare uu.

    90. romano

    91. Angell

      Man Toosiii we talked bout this cheating shit😫😂

    92. doc playboi

      If you need beats like this or just wanna vibe to em make sure to come check out my newly released channel! 😈🔥 Would love the support from the fellow Toosii fam 🖤

    93. Ter Xo

      Which Mercedez is this song about?

    94. EddieAddy 2Times

      Issa vibe ✊🏽

    95. ThatGirl Nesia

      Title fire

    96. SMOKE TNT


    97. Deon Willingham

      On my nigga mike i heen fucking with bro before the deal

    98. Andrxxxa

      Couple months later and she still got them braids in he couldn’t change her hairstyle😑😭

    99. joyce a


    100. Triigga Chisley

      You can’t say he not creative as helllllll