Stephen Curry: 2008 NCAA tournament highlights, top plays

March Madness

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    Stephen Curry led 10-seed Davidson to the Elite Eight in the 2008 NCAA tournament after scoring 40 points against Gonzaga, 30 against Georgetown, 33 against Wisconsin and 25 against Kansas. Watch all his top shots and plays from the memorable Cinderella run.
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    1. 49ers4life

      Thank you Minnesota for passing up on Curry and drafting Flynn and Rubio instead!!! LOL!!!

    2. Dylan Nickerson

      Lebron: ayy he ain't bad

    3. Chii Cincinnati

      They lost this game to Kansas because he didnt take the last shot. I think he would of made it seeing what he is tiday! Best shooter ever and anyone shoots better than him geesh hope im alive to see it i highly doubt it.

    4. LS Ghost

      LeBron cheering on the kid that would end up being his rival

    5. Boss Jay

      Who is this skinny guy? He cant stand in the NBA.

    6. random name

      Where's the rest. Did he not deliver in the big games??

    7. Roddy Federer

      I wish Curry & Fredette played together :D

    8. orlanduce


    9. Blaise Radosevic

      Stefon Curry lol

    10. Adrian Lazaro

      Air chickens

    11. Lafayette Pusta

      0:49 Ben affleck is now basketball player


      Still to this day the most impressive tournament run I’ve seen one player have

    13. Ken Van

      That curry guy is garbage. He ain’t going no where?! Look at how times fly. He still in high school with no nba rings!

    14. JIMMY. COM

      Steph is so powerful and talented...he is my man...

    15. Danny Dolan

      Honestly this video is super high quality for being from 2008.

    16. Tom

      When basketball uniforms were baggy..

    17. Peter Žel

      Great shooter But he lost yesterday against our europe great prospect Luka Doncic...

    18. F.W. Dayday

      7:25 steph curry dad in the crowd he a lucky father

    19. Theo Scott

      lebron's face in 7:27 is priceless

    20. Torera Famuyiwa

      This Curry guy is pretty good, hope he can go to the NBA and team up with Kevin Durant and Klay thompson for 2 rings

    21. preston nguyen

      Show off

    22. Babs Mak

      Imagine being in the crowd watching cos your kid is on the bench for the other team and you think wow that guy they got is really good.Years later you see him on tv and he's world famous as one of the greatest basketballers to ever live.

    23. JustChillzz

      seen this 1000 times, will always watch when it pops up on my recommended.

    24. Peter Parkour

      If only Davidson had a jersey that fit him he would've been drafted #1 😂

    25. Sati faj

      Ohhh, the Assassin when his training with weebs.

    26. The Number One Bot

      7:25 lebron in the stands like: oh no i got some competition now

    27. Mr Deyb

      Lebron looking for someone to recruit

    28. JonThis IsMoody

    29. Zachary Jones

      So much fun hearing the commentators react to him

    30. Reader Viewer

      I think this NCAA player has a chance to be drafted in the NBA.

    31. Jasminum sambac

      I am considering Steph during NCAA already a GOAT. WOW! After he made the shot, he is always pointing up. He said, thank God!

    32. Marshall McDermott

      If you look up the stats there was a game that a coach made it his perogative to make sure Curry didn't break 10 points. He had him quad teamed all game and he scored 8 points and Davidson won by 50+ points. The next game he went back to his 30 point average.

    33. Weed Head !

      The warriors should draft him 🐐

    34. Deha

      imagine getting smoked 3 times in the finals by the kid you went to watch his college games I'm schleep

      1. GB TheMusicMaster

        He beat an injured cleveland and need kd to beat a healthy cleveland twice so im sure hes proud of himself

    35. Pellisier Sepulveda

      Crossover 2:29 👀

    36. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

      7:26 "#$@)(*@#$!" -- LeBron

    37. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

      Just a gunner, no future in the pros.

    38. JaVon Sutton

      Regional MOP even though they didn't advance to Final 4

    39. Dags Corpuz

      LeBron watching the game. And he didnt know whats coming.......

    40. Rod Alonzo

      A cold-blooded 3-point assassin!

    41. Julie x By A.

      My steph 💛😱

    42. Matt Richardson

      Legend has it he now plays for some D-league team in Europe. Would have been awesome to watch him play in the NBA. Oh well, as least we got Marcus Page

    43. 1111

      Dang you can tell he wasn't even done with puberty yet lol

    44. JACK Liu

      Curry is sick! 🔥

    45. Christophe Gauducheau

      Whaooowww il était déjà très fort a cette epoque

    46. Middle Mist Red

      7:25 Lebron James!!

    47. Yusuf Abdullah

      Remember Minnesota timberwolves picked 2 point guards that same draft over him

    48. Zaire Hammonds

      I thro

    49. Tyrell

      if lebron only knew he was watching?

    50. Mark Hunter

      I wonder how many college coaches were elated when he turned pro...🤔😉

    51. Horny Step Mom - Videos

      One of the best tournament runs ever.

    52. Chris Night

      This guy will never win a nba championship😂😂😂😂😂😂

    53. E Barber

      People have forgotten!

    54. chico

      hE cAn'T cArRy a TeAm

    55. mattdotts

      The baby face assassin 🔥

    56. Ken Arthur

      Still can't believe that Virginia Tech turned Steph Curry away. Dell Curry starred for Tech. They blew it.

    57. Dan Diego

      Anyone else see Lebron?

    58. Wyatt Drexler

      7:26 Lebron knew, “HOF for sure for this kid” The Timberwolves on the other hand....😂

    59. Patrick Gaines

      NBA scouts, "Too small, doesn't have an NBA body. Let's go with a different guy who has great height and can really dunk but only averaged 12 points per game"

    60. Karris AnunnakiTV

      The man beat all the best teams of the tournament. And the fact that my home team had the vision to pick him . i’m so greatfull to say he’s on my team . # Goldenstate

    61. William Henry

      Wow even lebron was impressed! If lebron only new!

    62. King Jay


    63. Jason Wiercinski

      Crazy how he got so few college offers

      1. Laurent Tshisekedi

        Physically late bloomer I think. They're still dumb for passing on him.

    64. Austin Lang

      One of the best tournament runs ever.

    65. JeLloyd JMJ

      It’s incredible, Steph is Literally better at getting the crowd excited and blowing the top off the building than anyone else, even Lebron.

    66. Daniel Torres

      The hard-to-find puma fourthly remember because car pathophysiologically marry alongside a left liquor. minor, questionable can

    67. samxyx

      Too small to play in the league

    68. slizzleasdf

      The xenophobic imprisonment holoprosencephaly squash because planet intriguingly cover throughout a wiggly eggplant. sick, abrasive pull

    69. Young Savage

      A star was born in this tournament. Baby face assassin!

    70. Peachy?

      Draft this kid.

    71. J B

      That was magical

    72. Quicktwosteps

      When his uniform was baggy for him.

    73. Lovell Cognac Black Broadenaux

      That crossover thoooo

      1. Ryan Wolff

        2:27 pure filth

    74. Michael Gabriel Cruz

      2:26 mans got handles even before entering the league 👀👀

      1. Ryan Wolff

        Scouts were trippin lol imagine taking Jonny Flynn over the kid in this video.

    75. Lost Under the Sky

      The Knicks should trade up to get Curry, he’s the type of game changing player that will change a franchise to a winning one

      1. Ryan Wolff

        I was thinking Minnesota. They could use a couple of guards at 5 and 6, and there’s no way they’d ever pick two guards without either of them being this kid.

    76. Rizalino Laganse Jr

      Wait. Why is curry just shooting freethrows here?

    77. OK LOL

      If all I did was pass the ball to curry i'd lead the ncaa in assists too

      1. Ryan Wolff

        Richards deserves some credit though, dude was a really solid and smart college point guard.

    78. Adobong Pina-uga

      Nc state , this is where shmidt and doug were undercover

    79. Bentong TV

      This kid is good. Should have been in the Nba

    80. Seth Johnson

      Lebron was scouting his future opponent in the finals

    81. Emmette Bramble

      I came here for a reminder ✔

    82. ZAVEN

      All u need was Kansas

    83. Tori Temple

      Duke miss on this guy in their own backyard

    84. Kao Chen

      that spiderman imitation by steph curry and the crowd..just wow!!!!

    85. Nick Wayne

      They had an idea but they didn't know exactly WHO they were playing against.

    86. Revanth S

      7:24 - no description required

    87. Pats Nation

      *Curry had the whole North Carolinas(UNC, NC State & Davidson of course) cheering for him.*

      1. Pats Nation

        @Nick Charlton-Perrin Yea that would've been epic

      2. Nick Charlton-Perrin

        Would’ve been interesting then if Davidson had beaten Kansas because then they would’ve played unc

    88. Joe Turner

      Back when he was humble...

    89. Derrick Franklin

      I can believe DUKE did not get him

    90. Planet Jigobot TV

      Who is Sephan Curry?🤔

    91. tellthetruthg

      Also James Loves the game and curry was taking over the nations basketball fans . Curry had it going on before he hit the NBA. James knew .

    92. Seedless Bangus

      Too slow, Too Short, can't jump, not athletic, but they forgot to score in basketball you need to shoot 😅

    93. Sedric Saddi

      1:24 watch the left corner. Stephs teammate sets him an offball screen mid possession without any play call. Little plays like this from teammates make such a big impact for great players like steph.

    94. Filimon Habte


    95. Filimon Habte


    96. Emre Bilge

      Seems like Curry was shining already in the NCAA. It's a blunder he wasn't drafted higher.

    97. Emre Bilge

      3:02 My eyes got bigger seeing this. I really thought Curry might have made this shot as well.

    98. T-MUSTAFA 33

      Not a fan of him but he is a better 3pt shooter than Reggie Miller.

      1. Ryan Wolff

        Why aren’t you a fan?

    99. KiN CAMELL


    100. Logic Spin

      I just can only imagine lebron and steph on the same team.

      1. Maurice White

        I hope it happens.. but I doubt it.. but if only