Kevin Gates - Weeks [Official Music Video]


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    Kevin Gates - Weeks
    "Power" w/ Dermot Kennedy OUT NOW!
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    1. kevingatesTV

      Stream "WEEKS" 💪:

      1. Yes I Said It

        Dree' got a blessing❤

      2. the year is 138 my age is 995

        my name is trae tha truth and my name is she hulk and my name is dmx and my name is machine gun kelly

      3. Janairia Allen

        ⁰0ppp@Daughter Of the most high

      4. KingzMen

        I like this song but could we have more like rbs intro where the beat drops alot big fan.

      5. Fergy Slays

        Living legend

    2. Brian Glenney

      Anybody else get mo3 vibes from that one guy?

    3. Mack Brunson

      I need that curly

    4. Terrell Martin

      What's up homeboy


      I pray you don't sell your soul like everybody in the music industry has done, please your talent is too good to paid off by some people that don't care about you or your people, ijs, please stay safe from the devil he always busy. I love Kevin Gates but if i find out he going that route, i would have to cut him off like i did everybody else, he the only one i am thinking is not involved with the devil and his deals. 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💪🏿💪🏿‼️‼️

    6. A1 reader

      oooowwww, I don't know why more dangerous in your hand a mic or a pistol, Much love brother.

    7. Tony Alvis

      Alvis from the gate way to the south I just wanna say Kevin Gates on this new video weeks 110%

    8. wardawg swag

      Did the produce use the sound from "the warmth" by "incubus" at the very beginning 🤔

    9. Taiwan Sanders

      That's a deep video and song. I love it. Keep doing your thang kevin.

    10. Princeton vlogs And gaming

      I haven’t took my chains off in weeks🎶

    11. Edgar Rodríguez

      This song was worth the listen and the music video went well with the lyrics. Kevin gates

    12. Catrina DaGreatest


    13. Yes I Said It

      ❤. Keep it the good work bro. BLESSINGS!

    14. 5tardom's Adequate

      Kevin gates soul was deep from the start still getting better very passionate BWA

    15. LOONY TUNE

    16. the year is 138 my age is 995

      my name is trae tha truth and my name is she hulk and my name is dmx

    17. Kane Life

      This is so real they’re gonna hate anyway you do it.

    18. Gavin Clements

      this slaps

    19. Oshay Brown

      He jus caped on yb say he broke in his own 🚗#DAMN YB

    20. Tess Cooper

      He not know I'm physic and glow in the dark🌞🌝⭐💪💪💪💪💪

    21. Numair Aman

      But his posture not like this BITCH 🔥🔥🔥

    22. Justin Sims

      $JustinCase334 I'm going through hard time and need stuff for my son the 17th was his birthday but I couldnt get him anything due to funds and his party is tomorrow and its his first and i tried this but it didnt work

    23. Stephan Ward

      Knew this shit was gone be dope when i heard the snippet....

    24. king Bink


    25. Marcus Collier


    26. Marcus Collier

      Let em know...

    27. Marcus Collier

      I got power

    28. Marcus Collier

      Way to big to be descreet

    29. Paige Parkins

      Why don't they play Gates on the radio like they do all the other artist that ARE PLAYED OUT! KEVIN GATES IS THAT MF'N NIGGA. All his shit go the fuck in. He's a real street nigga and raps about real shit, real pain, real struggle, and he bout that life. Oh btw, I CAN'T STAND A FAKE ASS KEVIN GATES FAN.

    30. Rello Rell

      GATES BACK!!!!!

    31. Jarius Smith

      Man I haven't seen people use pay phone at the end of 04

    32. Jay Miracle

      When all the bullshi going on in the rap game. Kevingates always stand strong alone👑🕊️

    33. Ashton Winters

      Dude is a natural at this

    34. Puerto Rico Bandz

      y’all should check out this new up and comin Minnesota artist new song Cut Throat (Produced By. 96) by Puerto Rico Bandz on #SoundCloud🔥

    35. Henry Dube

      Im still banging to Gates in the deep of Africa. Satelites, Kno One, Pride. Even my 4 year daughter sings along. Go Hard bro.

    36. Alif Alif

      If you’re reading this, I hope you have the best life ever!

    37. Fly Eagles

      00:51 get me everytime 😤😂 ad lib hard as hell

    38. Tabitha Rix

      No matter what you know exactly what is a little fun how how far to go. believe in yourself like no one else will it is your inner self that keeps one person sane and strong. there you will find doors that will never shut. One of your true fans.

    39. Z Rated

      Most underrated rapper ever

    40. jordan sanchez

      The reason I love Kevin Gates is you can hear the pain and the passion in his voice ....

      1. Jonathan Ozuna

        @Nikki Campbella well I’ll lyk him

      2. Casey Kelly


      3. Casey Kelly


      4. Nikki Campbell

        Exactly... He be 💯bout his!!!!! 💪🏾🥰

      5. Lj Caulfield


    41. T Lo

      Wonder why this my son favorite song 🤦‍♂️

    42. Hidee

      Ok so I’m pretty sure Gates is THE MOST beautiful man out there. His heart, his mind. His voice, that body, face and hair Wowee! I Have always loved Gates’ music but he just keeps getting better and better So impressive 🥰

    43. Damian Petrak

      All my homies fly on my arms 🙏 yisiiiir

    44. karltrell taylor

    45. Joe Cash

      Can X. Nap11

    46. Aaron Luck

      Y'all ain't hearing gates but this is a shot at nba young boy

      1. VultureByHeart

        Shooting shots at brassi but his posture not like this

    47. Melanin Speakz Out

      “They don’t know that I’m psychic, and I glow in the dark” - Kevin Gates Kevin Gates, just know I have been a fan of yours and will always be!! You DONT G.A.F about how people view you. You know the ones that get it - get it!!! I love how you raising your daughter to tap in too 😉 >> that’s gangsta! Salute to you god, for remaining ten toes down!!

    48. courtney griesheimer


    49. Connor Richie

      This track deserves 100Mill views !!! Bully

    50. Spencer Tlougan

      I met you like 3 years ago at one of your concerts the VIP was lit like no other I'll never forget that me an my cousin had an awesome time

    51. noah salev

      Good work

    52. Andrew Cappin

      This beat sounds like it’s pop smoke

    53. I Sweater God

      i thought this was the mrs. officer beat at first

    54. White sneacha

      Why this nigga songs make me Wanna Grind even harder

    55. thatbihh candy land

      Still the shit!!!!#

    56. Lutheran Sense

      We appreciate

    57. mia lopez

      Love this remind me of the old songs 💗

    58. EastCoastKongSmoke /Back mo

      No idols 8 look up yo man but respect The big B an Big Gangstas 💯 free my ole head @#Ar-Ab n @#Darklo, @#SkinnyMe and support steppers like lil Johnnie cuz all of us white boys ain't foo foo . Play if u want to but I die behind Gates name this man's music saved my life an got me out trenches been following him since before Brasi 1 an he means more to me then the Prezident @#OgTrappo im @#KongSmoke an my yung bulls so bad they be taxing cities on them loads deliver yea u lil ones @#EvilGang

    59. Rico East


    60. Kaleb Williams


    61. Jay Nelson

      You pray to the God of the streets I pray to the most high of all the earth we are not the same 💪🤠🤙

    62. Lsucountryboyz225

      Shits sick gates. Love the videos too. Keep it up for tha BR!

    63. Summerjg123

      We need the album. Bwa forever baby

    64. Marvin Lockhart

      Gates most consistent in the game hands down

    65. Dj Noname Rhomas_Rement92

    66. Lakers Official Page

      Kevin Gates Just Signed Yung Allstar to BWA 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    67. Hound Gang Ent. Mac_lar8

      Praying to the GOD Of the Streets If I tuck it they gone kill me anyway.

    68. Nicole Greene

      These chains too big to be discreet, FUCK what a hater think 🅿️

    69. Santino Johnson

      They try to set me up in Dallas broke into his own car hahaha

    70. Aysia Robinson

      Ig my chain ain't coming off

    71. DJ hitz 1977

    72. BIG DRIZ

      This the original gates i remeber banger 😢😢cryin on the beat though but its cool 👀😂😂

    73. Seth Fauber

      R.I.P Mazi 💯 gang

    74. Andrew Cappin

      You can only like this if you watched both commercials before the song

    75. Tifanie Lizarraga

      He so slept on ! 🔥🔥

    76. Johnathan Mendiola


    77. Mark Black

      Mrs. Officer sample

    78. Coolest belloVEVO

      Vision clear heart cold💔🤐

    79. Lacarsha Houston

      Love Kevin Gates One of favorite artist I workout on!!🔥🔥

    80. Coach Killem

      His posture not like dis Bitch😂😂🔥🔥

    81. Amoni Studgions

      I love the “turn up by myself” 🥰🥰Kevin gates always throw in some shit that make u dance on any song

    82. Jimmy Perc

      I ain't took my chains off in weeeeks, if I tuck it they gon kill me anyway..

    83. Stevie Carroll Jr

      Been stream ing

    84. Brandon Peterson

      Damb this shit hard

    85. Felicia For Real

      I like that Mr Officer sample

    86. trae boof

      that drum break intro sounds just like Lil Wayne - mrs. officer Lmao

    87. dark intruder private

      Speak the truth

    88. umznor

      bobby valentino

    89. Marcus Lane

      I wanna see all of the Louisiana hard hitters collab...the ones free and the ones that's behind bars....these brothers need to do that for music one time...imagine that...

    90. Beastmode beastmode

      Prying to the gods of the streets santa mertea

    91. Robert Helder 777


    92. Daisy Garcia

      “He ain’t kno I was psychic”😈😈


      Hold up! Pour up! RIP Mazi that's how he started off every song

    94. Lartenece Graves

      wonder why heart cold nigga soul got the shivers 🥶

    95. Sophira Wells

      My favorite rapper all time this song is 🔥 🔥

    96. Amirah Burford


    97. Hakk Gol

      I aint label my food in weeks.... If i do, they gone try to eat it anyway 😒

      1. Trunkssg2 ssg

        College vibe

    98. Smell Good

      Out of his new stuff this is prolly the best song I've heard from him in a year or two

    99. HerbGrowingLegal

      “Sending shots at brasi, but his posture not like this.. bitch” Hardest part of the song

    100. Felicia Harris

      I just love kevin 💕 Gates