I Put This in my NEW BOAT!

Scott Martin

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    Every few years someone comes out with something VERY innovative...and this is one of them. This is something that will make your fishing so much better. How to install a Power Pole Charge

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    1. Mitch Stout


    2. AbouTheFisherman


    3. Scott Gray

      Where's Brandon?..

    4. Scott Martin


    5. Patrick McMahon

      It has been very windy here for a week. We went out on lake George and of course we got on a crazy epic top water early morning bite and I don't have the strength just yet to hold a pole but it was as close to fishing that I can get at this time.

    6. Jon Peterson

      How do I fish with you?

    7. T Fish 24.7

      Fish hard Scott!!!🐟🎣🐟🎣 tight lines. Most expensive line creep it tight😂🐟🎣🐟🎣👍🏻

    8. Capt Spauldo

      Lake lewisville is my home lake!!! Are u gonna do any meet and greets while your here???

    9. Shawn Sands

      What happened to Brandon?

    10. Steve schisler

      This is a dream world... my ‘72 Ranger with ‘04 25 hp Johnson and minKota 65lb trolling motor is worth less than the charger and bank of lithium’s... might be nice but impractical for most of us. Way more practical to change out my 2 - 12v batteries every 3 or 4 years.

    11. chevytechb

      I got request for your next quick tip video Scott. I have seen you use those bobber stops for a while now. I have always used tooth picks to peg my bullet weights and would like to try using bobber stops. Kinda confused by them haha any tip on best ways to install them would be awesome thanks bro

    12. S Lange

      What brand was the old charger that thing was huge lol

    13. K_Sae

      When you said you installed all the electronics, does that mean it was your fault when you caught your boat on fire a couple of years ago?😉 If i remember correctly, there was a jumper cable that caused the fire. Anyway love the videos and hope you do great for many years on all the tournaments you are in.

    14. Gerald C Classic

      Can I charge my phone ? I don’t have a boat 🤪

    15. Kyle Hill

      Can I win that old charger or something lol

    16. hillary clinton

      lithium batteries are terrible.I have 4 huge 12v batteries in my 520 and it last three full days.

    17. Doc Phillips

      Great video, but you scare me a little. Lithium seems to be the power source of the future but please remind viewers to be careful if they install themselves. I've seen those batteries blow if shorted or over-charged, and the fumes are more toxic than standard battery. I always remove the fuse from the charger lead before installing any battery. also as another commented use safety glasses that are wrap around and be aware of the cable markings for which goes to which. Match the charger to the battery or vice versa. Boat US has a couple articles on Lithium power. Power pole has a real good product there. Happy fishing all.

    18. Jim K

      $1400 worth of charger...for the pro...sure. For the weekender...not needed

    19. Jared Pope

      Needing a new charger Scott.....gonna sell me your old one?

    20. Wayne Blackburn

      My question is I just ordered the Garmin 93sv for my boat do you have a video showing how to wire the system in I also have the panoptix transducer and module

    21. Rusty Cannon

      Please do a review on the Garmin trolling motor

    22. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good information! Thanks for sharing! When is the NEW BOAT video coming out?

    23. Friscotxman

      Lake Lewisville???? Stay out of my honey holes.....and no I am not telling..... :-)

    24. Luis’s Outdoor’s Channel

      When are you going to compete in MLF???

    25. perfectionlawn

      American Assembled not made

    26. Fish

      Hi Scotty Scott!

    27. Fishing With Smokey

      Hey man you know when you go fish in Lewisville for the next tour stop the Googan Squad HQ is really close to there you should check it out make a video could be cool.

    28. Sherry Williams

      Thats pretty close to lfg area Lake Lewisville

    29. Zeus Von Rafiel

      If I were still in US I would try to buy ur boat from u when u were finished with it. I bought my Z21 from a man that fishes FLW but do not remember his name. If I move back n readyto purchase a boat I will check with u first. God Bless n good luck.

    30. Rusty Lee

      Sir, you are a true gentleman, a chip off the old block. your father should be proud.

      1. Scott Martin


    31. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      scott would you ever come down to lake charles louisiana to fish

    32. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      scott my ranger holds 3 batteries and there only 12 v they hold up very good

    33. bwahvtecfishtail

      MDJ beat ya to this.

      1. Scott Martin

        I noticed that..👍🏻

    34. SwimminWhiteMan

      What happened to the Trail Boss 1500?

    35. Rusty Wells

      Scott right about those batteries those are the best of the best you get them install them and you never have to touch them again! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    36. Sassy Grsassy

      lol butt boy cheese? the guys name @ 14:40 ??

    37. Jordan Hester

      Whens the new travel truck coming?

    38. James Payne

      And EVERYONE thought all you could do is fish!!!!!

    39. Darrell Medley

      You da man Scott. Looking forwards to the next tournament.

    40. J M

      You blew over that new trolling motor way to fast! Want the review on that bad boy!

    41. Mr Nuthatch

      That one's not old, it's brand new! I think.

    42. Bryce Fritsch Fishing

      I don't think I've ever went from being that happy to hear "Bryce" to disappointed that quick 😂

      1. Scott Martin


    43. Danny Hernandez

      $3600 for a battery 😨 man my boat is as much as two of your Batteries

    44. Danny Hernandez

      Just saw mark Daniels jr video installing that too

    45. James Sciascia

      Scott love your videos, and understand you have sponsors, but that charger is not priced for non tournament fisherman. How can a charger cost as much as a trolling motor, or a graph.... Would love to have one, but common.... Who is pricing this thing...

      1. Scott Martin

        It is more but it does so much more..it also charges your trolling motor batteries when your driving the big motor..so long runs will top them off. Big advantage for sure

    46. Cameron Koble

      Hey Scott love the channel. Was hoping to catch you in miami at the boat show when i was in the keys but didnt make it. Hopin to meet you sometime, from Dayton Ohio and do a lot of fishing in the great lakes......wondering what you would prefer for small mouth in the spring around that area?

    47. Dustin Stegmaier

      This may be a stupid question, but couldn’t you just rig a solar charging system on the boat so you can be charging your battery as you use it sight fishing?

      1. Dustin Stegmaier

        Ya my minn kota only has 45 or 50 lbs thrust not sure how much it pulls honestly. I’m also just using a 14ft v bottom aluminum boat so I don’t use near as much battery as the big motors.

      2. Another Somebody

        The bigger minn kotas pull 50 amps at full power. I assume you have a harbor freight 12"x12" panel which I believe puts out 1/2 amp. I was hoping to do all of this to my salmon boat too. The math just didn't work out. A house boat might work though 😎

      3. Dustin Stegmaier

        Just thought I’d ask because I have a solar battery charger that I use to charge one battery for my trolling motor while using another for the motor I keep it at the front of the boat charging and will almost put a full charge to the battery by the time the first one is dead but my motor isn’t near the size of yours either Scott

      4. Another Somebody

        Also as scott mentioned, the amps are low. Without considering losses in the conversion process 12v / 100watt = 8.5amps... 3'x4' panel 12v / 300watt = 24amps... 9'x4'

      5. Another Somebody

        You would probably need a panel 3'x4' and you don't want them shaded or the shaded part will pull down the other half that's producing. You'd also need a charge controller, and they typically put out 12volt so you'd need a converter. You're up around $4-500 for something that depends on sunny days and can't have shadows on it. The van camper guys do 3-400 watts and cover their entire roof for around $1,000.

    48. Wes Hall Fishing

      I have the stealth 1 system on my ranger and it is amazing, it is the exact same thing is the power pole charge, turn the motor on and it chargers the the cranking battery through the alternator like normal but when the cranking battery is fully charged it forces all the charge into the trolling batteries but only on a 24-36 volt system and it’s a lot cheaper then the power pole charge

    49. Dennis Bahr II

      When can i fish with you

    50. Person Person

      oh and when are you going to have Brandon back on?

    51. Person Person

      Scott: takes a lot to be a professional fisher man Brandon: are you sure about that? Scott: "Vietnam flash back"

    52. Eric Rittmueller

      Scott! Is there a way to send you info on Lewisville? I’m sure you’ll get a rundown from the Googans obv but I know of a few brushpiles and sneak holes that that don’t especially for that time of year

    53. G King

      Don’t forget about the give away Scott! Love your Power pole CHARGE!

    54. Bill Lindner

      Scott... Anytime you work on batteries wear safety glasses. I once saw a battery explode and battery acid went everywhere, including the eyes of the person working on them.

    55. Jason Mausteller

      What was your charging set up before the power pole charge?

      1. Jason Mausteller

        Scott Martin interesting, so you weren’t even using the 4 bank charger you removed?

      2. Scott Martin

        On board minnkota and a separate 36v box charger

    56. TheBlindkiller85407

      I install all this stuff myself guys. Insert flashback to boat catching fire with Brandon. Haha sorry Scott I know that wasn’t your fault! Professional install and great video

    57. jack weisz

      Should give me an old boat since all we hear about are new boats

    58. Dbars19

      scott why dont you do what Wheeler did with his electronics? Is the Garmon sponsorship worth not having an advantage of having all brands of electronics? question might not make sense sry.

      1. Scott Martin

        Garmin is way good for me

    59. RANGER2livE

      He Scott did you give the lures away or will you announce the winners in another video if you didn’t I left a comment on the giveaway video

    60. Devious Keith

      what happened to Brandon

    61. Scott Clark

      Yea it's nice but its 1400 dollars,plus the batteries,my boat not worth mu h more than that,lmao

    62. ChrisGnarley

      The goat installed this too.

    63. Phil Williams

      Great video hopefully I can up grade and and do the same

    64. Bill Oldham

      Good jod scott big help

    65. RIPPER334

      Should have done a boat tour...

    66. Jacob Roberts

      Not true senor your father told us all about it about a month ago so yea i assume u watch his vids.... so shame on u hahah jk

    67. Kevin Sandells

      Dont think that charger would fit to well in my kayak.

    68. Nate Smith

      Scott is the OG!!

      1. Scott Martin


    69. Kissmybass

      When Scott mentions you home lake😍 lake Lanier boys

    70. Tyler Babbitt

      Scott u the man fish on brotha

      1. Tyler Babbitt

        Scott seriously just made my night thanks

      2. Scott Martin


    71. CT ranch Videos

      Just started a KGup channel it is CT Ranch Videos. Love the videos keep it up.

    72. Brad Krueger

      Awesome video Scott! Happened to notice you said you're heading to lake Lewisville, I live here on the lake in Little Elm. Hopefully you'll video your trip, I'll be looking forward to it.

      1. Scott Martin

        We will be filming

    73. walldog


    74. elsa glitter girl cutie

      Up here in palatka it was cold and the wind was crazy bad for two straight days. Patrick went out with his buddy today on lake George, he hasn't gained enough strength to actually fish but he said he needed to get out on the water. The top water bite was going off this morning but tapered off about 10am.

    75. Billy Noles

      Battle Born batteries are cheaper and have 7 or 8 year warranty just trying to let you all no and their is pros running them like Swindle I'm a working man and I try to find the best bang for the buck

    76. txman201

      While the fuction is cool, the product is rather expensive for what it is. It also adds a few more pounds to the boat. The typical serious bass fisherman would be better off to put the funds toward the purchase of lithium batteries for the TM. Do that, and TM battery capacity will be so high you won't need to worry about charging them from the outboard during the day. In addition, you'd be removing significant weight. This engineer votes the Charge as an expensive obsolete product.

    77. Roland Mcclendon

      Scott my friend I want to go fishing with you please sir

    78. Dustin DeSimone

      6000$ dollars in batteries yea I’m good lol give me some optima blue tops and I’m good to go

      1. Grant Hinton Outdoors

        I have ran blue tops in my boat for years and love em

    79. Shawn Seabaugh


    80. Megamatt Outdoors

      Might I suggest wire loom instead of zip ties. Easy to install. More organized and less likely to cut a wire by accident if you have to remove a zip tie

    81. James Yuska

      When’s the boat tour vid coming out?!

    82. 06triton06

      Is there a reason you don't use the lithium batteries for your cranking batteries also

    83. David Leblanc


    84. Chase Lott

      Scott I wouldn't mind seeing a video of how u installed the electronics man love to know-how u do it

    85. Your Comment Is Invalid

      Does anyone know if he announced the winners for the $500 giveaway?

      1. Andrew DeBey

        I have been wonder this also

    86. brian gentry

      Must be the thing to have now. I saw MDJ Put one on also. Me likey

    87. Jonathan Kemp

      Ill take your odd changer lol no for real

      1. Cmbtvet outdoors

        Jonathan Kemp lol that’s a $500 charger

    88. Derrick Bullock

      Waiting on the zap lol

    89. Trenton Williams

      Hi I’m 12 years old and love fishing and are you still doing that giveaway cause I was hopping that I could win to continue passion

    90. Joesph Aldrich

      Are you fishing Guntersville???

    91. Justin wagg Fishing

      Good vid scott

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Justin 👊🏼

    92. Ty Pearman

      Should do a new boat tour. Love your videos!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks 👊🏼 filming a boat tour for you guys soon

    93. Chapman Enterprises

      Scott: look at this, the wind is blowing like 40. Me: literally every day in Oklahoma lol

      1. Chapman Enterprises

        @Okie Outdoor Adventures yes it does, I love kayaking!

      2. Russell Wittie

        ...and we only get about one hour of sunlight per day. Whoopee

      3. James Sciascia

        Windy and cold in Oklahoma

      4. Okie Outdoor Adventures

        EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! Makes it really fun kayaking though :D

    94. Dave Rasnake

      Awesome vid Scott. Always look forward to your posts.

      1. Dave Rasnake

        @Scott Martin anytime my friend

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support 👊🏼

    95. Cape Nelson

      Will this get rid of the jumper cables? Prevent more boat fires?

    96. Gage Gardner

      Are you coming back to Banbridge

      1. Scott Martin

        It is not on the schedule this year sadly! May go back to fun fish though

    97. NNYFamilyGuy


    98. Chef Outdoors

      Nice Scott

      1. Scott Martin


    99. GOT'EM!!!

      Scott let me get 1 of your old boat with your signature on it for a cheap price or even free... lol... Let's win these up coming tournament Scott...

    100. Taylor Marcel

      Hey Scott what’s up

      1. Taylor Marcel

        Scott Martin can’t wait to see you in bass. 😀 just wanted to let you know I look up to you a lot and hope to become a pro one day just like you. 😁

      2. Scott Martin

        What up 👊🏼